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– from elitepreps.com “Top 10 Strangest High School Rivalries”

Coming in at number 3 on our list is the rivalry between the Harpersville Broncos and the Cedar Hill Indians
of North Dakota.

The story goes that in 1937 a group of Harpersville Cheerleaders attacked and cut the hair of Indian Cheerleader
Gretchen Collins. Now this kind of hazing was not unheard of in the run up to this heated rivalry between two neighboring
communities but this believed to be the first time a female student was the target. In response a group Cedar Hill football players cornered the Harpersville cheerleaders and returned the favor.

By 1948 this tradition had been formalised where female volunteers from each school wager there hair during each
annual meeting between the two schools. Football players from the winning team then take turns cutting handfuls of
the girls hair similar to a way a basketball team might cut down a net after winning a major tournament.

“It’s all in good fun” says Tiffany Hackett a Harpersville senior, last years volunteer who ended up on the losing side
(the Indians won 28-10) “I would have prefered if we had won of course, but it’s only hair it will grow back.” Others
however disagree and say the tradition should be ended as soon as possible. We spoke with a former losing participant
who didn’t want to be named. She describes her experience as “humiliating” and says she was pressured into volunteering.
“If I could make that decision over I definitely wouldn’t have done it again…no way”. Whatever your opinion this is ¬†one hair raising football rivalry.

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