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Zooey and Katy’s Excellent Shaving Adventure

Our Reader Score [Total: 70   Average: 3.1/5]Zooey was quite surprised by the invitation to Katy Perry’s house. The two got along but were not exactly friends. Zooey opened the door and was greeted by her smiling friend, dressed surprisingly concretively – at least for Katy. That still...
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Charlene’s Angels

Our Reader Score [Total: 10   Average: 2.4/5]“Good morning, Angels!” “Good morning Charlene!” Kris Monroe, Kelly Garrett, and Sabrina Duncan sat on the white sofa awaiting orders from Charlene, who sat behind a desk. She was a slender girl in her 40s with short blond hair who looked...
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Velma And Daphne

Our Reader Score [Total: 11   Average: 3.5/5] It was late in the evening when the large panel van, decorated with a psychedelic pattern and large letters reading MYSTERY MACHINE, pulled into the motel parking lot. Out of the doors came five figures, two males, two females, and...
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Her Apprentice

Our Reader Score [Total: 2   Average: 5/5]“Donald Trump doesn’t want to deal with you anymore. Carolyn wants to see you in her office now,” the receptionist said flatly. Steve pulled his roller luggage to where the receptionist was pointing, which was a strong wooden door with “324B”...
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