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The experimental robot part 3

Our Reader Score [Total: 62   Average: 3.1/5]The Experimental Robot Part 3 After their wild night with Karen’s boyfriend, Anna and Karen decided to rock their new styles until Spring Break.  Anna loved her bald head, and surprisingly, the guys on campus loved it too.  She had what...
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The experimental robot part 2

Our Reader Score [Total: 47   Average: 3.2/5]The Experimental Robot, Part 2 When Karen got home that night, her boyfriend was shocked at what she had done with her gorgeous long blonde locks.  In their place was a neon pink undercut bob.  He seemed to be mad at...
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The experimental robot

Our Reader Score [Total: 51   Average: 3.5/5]The Experimental Robot Karen was a college student working with Professor Thomas Hardison.  He was a genius engineer and a great scientist, and Karen was very passionate about him and his interests.  Hardison for years had felt that people in the...
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Betting the Wrong Way

Our Reader Score [Total: 138   Average: 3.5/5]Back when I was at school, I had a bit of a crush on this girl. Her name was Alison and man did I have a thing for her. She used to hang around with me and a group of my...
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