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Date Night

Our Reader Score [Total: 115   Average: 3.1/5]We were kissing passionately hands roaming familiar paths in each other’s naked bodies. I tugged at his thick hair as he fondled me. I was becoming increasingly wet by the second. I wanted nothing but to take him inside me. Just...
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The Barber.

Our Reader Score [Total: 132   Average: 2.5/5]The bell rang as I pushed the door open. I was greeted with the sensual smell of sandalwood and aftershave. The barber beckoned me over to the chair with a titillating smirk, I sat on the cool vinyl chair and he...
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Our Reader Score [Total: 26   Average: 3/5]Het was al eeuwen geleden dat ik La Grande Maison had bezocht. Het klinkt misschien gek, maar in tijden van crisis of van hartzeer biedt betaalde liefde soms troost. Je weet dat je bedrogen wordt. Want alle aandacht is gespeeld. Niets...
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