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This site is all about haircutting. Any stories that are not dealing with this subject will not be posted.

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Also, by submitting a story to 1hss.com you a certifying that the story is: 1) an original work or 2) you have obtained permission from the original author to modify for resubmission the story.

Please send all stories in a standard text format or a format that Microsoft Word can read. Please include the name which you want them published under. Also, if you want people to be able to email you also include that.

To make reading easier please use paragraphs and a spell checker.

To submit please include the following information:

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    • If you want a link to a website include it as well
    • About you – if you want a paragraph to appear on your author page (where it lists all the stories by you) then please include it as well.
      You only need to include this if you have never submitted under this author name before
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  • Category for story
    • Bets and Dares, Consensual, Forced, Men’s, Punishment, Revenge, Self, Surprise, Time for a change, What if?
  • Location of haircut
    • Barbershop, Home, Other, Salon, School, Army or Prison
  • Story type
    • Fantasy, Parody, Poem, Sexual fantasy, Fiction, True
  • Rating
    • PG = no adult content, R = some mild adult content (nothing graphic), X = adult content
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Nothing that would be considered child molestation or child porn!

In order for this site to work, we need stories. Please submit your story using the button below.

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8 thoughts on “Add your story

  1. Girl Haircut says:

    hey, i was an old writter, so when i publish new story here, will it mearge with them? i mean the collection of stories i had written earlier.

    1. Alex K says:

      If they are on HairCuttingStories with this user name then yes.

  2. Adan_Jay_Mueller says:

    Hey I’ve a story for you guys to post. Check out my work on Literotica.

  3. Frank says:

    Twins boy and girl given a prem

  4. dan says:

    Thought you might like this . So you want to be humiliated and get your hair cut .
    So on Saturday noon I take you to Joey’s Barber shop, it’s crowded . Your a Tall girl long legs wearing a short skirt , maybe a little too short, not tight , You have long blond hair to your waist, and you look nervous. Your getting your punishment today. I walk over to the barber and whisper something , but all eyes are on you. He said it will be awhile maybe a half an hour, I said no problem ,take your time . I sit , but you have to stand next to me.While I sit there I slide my hand up the inside of your thigh and you push my hand away and your face turns beat red from emmbaresment .
    Finnaly it’s your turn in the chair , and you can feel all the guys looking at you. As you step to the chair you feel a tug on the back of your skirt , the button coming undone and the sipper being pulled down and your skirt falling to the floor, revealing your french cut panties and your legs. You try to bend over to pull up your skirt , but I smake your butt You straighten up and turn aroun and I push you backwards into the barber chair . You start to cry from embarrassment as everyone laughs , and you say please not like this ! The barber starts to cape you , but I tell him no ,so now you sit there trying to cover you bare leggs . He starts combing your long hair, slowly for the last time. Hands me the scissors , on th right side I take a long thick tress by your ear I place the scissors close to to your temple and cut it close to the scalp and placeit in your lape .You quietly start to cry, as the barber begins to section off tour hair and begins to gut off the length of your crowning glory. The you jump and you hear the clippers come to life reducing your nape to a stubble . When done you have a short little boys haircut. You look in to the mirroe and sob, and ask for your skirt back. I say ,no It’s going to be a long walk homein those panties and I laugh. You bring your hand to your hair and cry a little. Then I say well pay the barber , Ypu say “ I don’t have any money.” I said , who said anything about money? You turn to look at the grinning barber and notice the bulge in his pants.

  5. Sheri says:

    Hey there! I would like to publish my haircut experience

  6. dean says:

    Hey mate, I’ve written a story and want to publish it here on your website. I’ll mail it to the given e-mail address so help me out to publish it.

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