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Trivial Pursuit

Our Reader Score [Total: 9    Average: 2.1/5] It had started out so simple. A Trivial Pursuit game that got serious. We’d been playing against everybody at the party, and when they had all gone down to defeat, you challenged me to a game. It...
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Our Reader Score [Total: 9    Average: 2.3/5] It was my birthday today and Julie promised something very special. She had been very busy the last days, running around in the afternoons, making telephone calls. And she had a kind of very special grin on...
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Truth or Dare

Our Reader Score [Total: 9    Average: 3.2/5] The place is empty and quieter than any place you have ever been. You think to yourself that can’t be, but struggle to remember. The fluorescent lights washes out the colors of the furniture and floor. A...
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