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Temptation Island

Our Reader Score [Total: 21   Average: 2.6/5]I finally decided to take a long overdue vacation and took my wife on a romantic getaway to Hawaii. I had been really busy with work , and it had begun to cause a bit of a strain on not only...
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The Joys of High School

Our Reader Score [Total: 24   Average: 2.8/5]I don’t exactly know when it happened, but I have always liked short, or long, being cut, hair. The times where I can recall it most frequent and strong are about my freshman through junior year of High School. It started...
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The Tenth Day

Our Reader Score [Total: 17   Average: 3.5/5]She knew the routine well by now, in the 240 hours since she lost her now infamous bet, “slave Jujou” knew both Safe Words, had memorized five Command Positions, and knew without looking at the clock that Mistress Jennifer would be...
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