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Introduction: Jujou, the main character in this story is a college student in Seattle. Jujou was living the life of a typical college student until recently when she let the best of her gambling addiction get the best of her and she made a bet with her ex boyfriend Brian. The bet was over the World Series of all things. Jujou took the heavily favored New York Yankees, and of course, they lost. The bet was that the loser would be the winners slave for a month. Jujou and Brian parted on very poor terms. Jujou however just cannot pass up a bet. She has gotten herself in many a bind over the years, but nothing quite as serious as this. Brian was quite abusive to Jujou and she was terrified when the Yankees blew the Series. So terrified in fact that she thought it was necessary to disappear. She has left Seattle and gone to Portland, Oregon to stay with the parents of her dear friend Carrie. She feels it necessary to lay low for quite a while, she is fearful of her safety.

Tonight, Jujou and Carrie have made plans to go out on the town. Jujou also loves to party. It is her birthday and she has made plans to meet Carrie at a place called The Rusty Scupper for drinks and dancing, maybe they will even meet a couple guys and get laid, you see, Jujou is also a nymphomaniac, some have even called her a slut, and it has been far too long without some action.

With this in mind, Jujou has gotten herself all decked out in her sexiest duds, a very low-cut tight fitting top that hugs her bra free breasts, her nipples standing erect freely seen through the top. She has on a bright red micro mini-skirt and platform high heeled boots that add significant height to her petite 5′ 1″ frame. Her make-up tonight is particularly bold. Her prized possession is her long red hair, styled with loose curls flowing down the back tonight the waves slicked sleekly back around her face. Jujou as always projected an attitude of pure sex appeal, one that said- `here it is boys, come and get it if you dare’. As she got out of her car to walk the final two blocks to the bar, she noticed that this wasn’t the nicest part of Portland. Along the way she passed Dream Girls and a couple other local strip clubs. Some of the men along the way seemed to confuse her with the hookers who would be hanging out on these very streets later in the evening. None of this seemed to bother Jujou, a prick tease at heart. As she crossed the street to 852 Main Street she became a little concerned when she saw the name `Ingas Scandinavian Paradise’ on the door instead of Rusty Scupper. Not knowing the town, she feared she may have ended up at the wrong location.

As she opened the door and entered Ingas she was struck by the darkness, squinting for several seconds before her eyes adjusted. She noticed that there was someone sitting at the desk in the lobby. As she approached it she could see it was a woman with long blond hair and a very low cut top, barely covering the nipples of her very large breasts. As Jujou neared her, the woman looked up and smiled at her.

JJ: Excuse me, I am looking for The Rusty Scupper and I seem to have gotten lost, do you have any idea where that is? I am supposed to be meeting a friend there/

Woman: I’m sorry, The Rusty Scupper went out of business about six months ago, we have been here since.

Jujou is very surprised at this because Carrie has lived here all her life and was here all summer, she should have known it was out of business by now.

JJ: Do you have a phone I could use to call my friend Carrie?

Woman: Are you Jujou?

JJ: Yes, how did you know?

Woman: Your friend called a bit ago and said she would be a little late. She also said to tell you that your visit here tonight was a surprise birthday present for you. Jujou, it’s your night of beauty. She said it was ok for you to start , she will catch up with you later.

Jujou was very surprised, she had heard of these nights and looked forward to being pampered.

Woman: Jujou, why don’t you sit over there for a second and relax, one of our therapists will be ready for you shortly, can I get you something to drink? We have beer, soft drinks, bottled water, and most types of alcohol.

JJ: That would be really great, could I please get a rum and coke?

Woman: Absolutely, 1 rum and coke coming up.

She leaves to get the drink, returning with it in a couple minutes.

JJ: Thank you very much, it is so hot today, this is just what I need.

Jujou begins sipping the drink and is almost finished when the woman calls her and escorts her to another part of the building. The door is opened and the two of them walk through it and down a hall into a small room, a restroom with sinks, and lockers.

Woman: Jujou, today you will get a complete makeover, we ask that you remove all of your make-up so we can begin the cleansing process.

At the sink Jujou notices make-up pads and other supplies necessary for make-up removal. She wipes off her face, cleansing her forehead, cheeks, lips, neck, until she feels clean, refreshed, face glowing and pale as she removes every trace of make-up.

Woman: Ready, Jujou? Lets proceed to the massage room and meet Tiffany, your therapist this evening.

Just around the corner in the message room, the pair meet Tiffany, a 5′ 10″ goddess. Jujou is taken aback by several aspects of her appearance- 1) she has no clothes on other than a pair of 8″ platform heels, 2) her tits are the biggest that Jujou has ever seen, atleast 44HH, 3) her hair is cut very short, a perfect 1″ flattop with the sides and back shaved to the skin, and 4) her make-up is very bold and vibrant- bright red lips, heavy blue eye shadow, with several small rings running up the sides of each ear. The sight of Tiffany immediately began to arouse Jujou, her panties quickly becoming moist.

Tiffany : Glad to meet you Jujou, we really have something special planned for you tonight. Please remove all your clothes and place them in that locker over there so we may begin with your massage.

JJ: Do I have to remove all my clothes?

T: Oh, is this your first massage? That is really the best way to get a massage, all the clothes please.

JJ: Yes, it is my first time, well I guess, if that is the rule it would be ok, can I keep my underclothes on?

T: Sorry, everything has got to go, house rules

Jujou begins to strip to the skin, becoming more aroused as each article is removed. After the last article is removed Jujou stands a bit sheepishly hands covering up what she can of her front.

T: Looks like your ready for that massage. May I help you up onto the table?

Jujou nods, slips up onto the table and lies on her back, head on the pillow

T: Jujou, usually we begin by working on the back.

Jujou rolls over on her stomach, hands folded beneath her chin. Tiffany begins to work on the back, massaging the warm oil into Jujous skin. Jujou is enjoying the experience immensely, and continuing to a high level of arousal, soon she closes her eyes. Tiffinys hands are firm, kneading her back, pressing and relaxing the muscles entirely.

Softly Tiffiny inquires:

T: How are you doing Jujou?

Jujou moans, totally relaxed now, her voice is weak as she responds:

JJ: Doing fabulous…

Jujou suddenly becomes more alert as her voice trails off, she realizes that she can’t generate more than a squeek, she figures this is due to the relaxation from the massage. Her eyes flutter wildly from mild confusion.

T: don’t worry Jujou, just be still, your voice has been lost from the spiked rum and coke you had earlier. The loss of your voice is just temporary, it should return in just a few weeks.

Jujou tries to reason this out, finally appreciating the gravity of the situation, that her voice has been stolen from her. She gives an unintelligible soft pout, trying in vain to speak.

T: Over on your back now honey

Jujou rolls over, trying again to speak, not understanding why she can’t, her voice distant and weak as she stares up at the
ceiling. Quickly, a large man appears and grabs Jujous feet. Just as quickly, Tiffany grabs her hands and she is quickly and efficiently shackled to the table by all four appendages. She struggles mightily, but it is too late.

T: Don’t worry Honey- this is just standard procedure. Most people find this thrilling as a matter of fact.

Tiffany again pours some warm oil onto her hands and begins to massage Jujou. She kneads it into her shoulders and neck and begins to traverse down to her tits. Rubbing the nipples between her fingers causing them to stand even more erect. The love juices begin flowing in earnest in Jujous precious love box. Just when Jujou is whipped up into a state of near ecstasy, Tiffany stands back to pour even more oil into the palms of her hands. Hands filled, she takes them and begins to massage her own massive mammories. Nipples quickly stand erect, atleast 2″ erect. She raises herself to the table, straddling across Jujous waist, looking directly at her face. She bends down and begins massaging Jujou with her breasts, sending Jujou over the top, juices begin freely flowing from her box. Tit to tit, the massage continues. Soon the massive melons make their way to Jujous face, she is almost smothered from the thrill of having her face buried in the twin peaks. Eventually, one of the nipples finds her open mouth and she begins gently sucking, trying to reciprocate some of the ecstasy she is feeling back to Tiffany. She is thoroughly enjoying her evening thus far. Eventually, Tiffany works her way down to Jujous bottom. She places her warm hands onto the pubic hair and begins massaging in earnest, frequently inserting her fingers into Jujous juicy love box. By the time this phase of the massage has been completed (all too quickly for Jujou) she has cum 3 times. The sheet beneath her is soaked from her juices. Tiffany release one of the leg shackles, this time there is no resistance from Jujou, she gently roles the leg over the other, exposing her ass. Tiffany begins massaging the ass, placing a finger deep into the cavity, in and out, again and again, sending Jujou on a trip she hadn’t imagined. Suddenly, without warning, Tiffany takes her right hand and sharply slaps the Jujous right cheek, the noise, the physical contact and before long the pain startle Jujou and plant a red handprint on her ass. It sends a sharp pain through Jujou, like always it is part of the thrill for her.

Jujou, now more alert, looks up to see another figure near the table. She looks again, it is Carrie finally arriving upon the scene.

Carrie: Happy Birthday Jujou, I hope you are enjoying this. Sorry I am late.

Jujou looks up, tries to respond, but of course can only squeak her acknowledgement. She smiles at Carrie appreciatively.

Jujou hears the rattle of wheels coming from outside the room. She looks to the doorway and in enters a sleek, buff, male figure decked out in leather, a hood covering his face. He is a powerful figure with bulging muscles that are readily apparent even beneath the leather. He is pushing a cart with some sort of container on it, it looks like a container a caterer would use to keep food warm- all metal with a flame underneath. Jujou can tell from the steam that it is very hot. Some sort of utensil is inside the container, a rod sticking out of the side. The gentleman stops the cart, inches from the table and reaches up and begins to remove his hood. He turns his back, flips it off and turns toward Jujou, sending her into an immediate panic, thrashing, gasping, trying unsuccessfully to scream. The joy and passion of a few moments ago have turned into the worst moment of her life as Brian opens his mouth and begins to speak to her.

Brian: Happy Birthday Jujou, bet you’re surprised to see me here. You little bitch, trying to skip out on your bet again?

Jujou continues thrashing, trying in vain to escape. Carrie walks over to Brian. They hug each other and Brian begins passionately French kissing her, much more passionately than at any time in the 13 months he had dated Jujou. Sure, at the beginning it was passionate, perhaps even animalistic for a short period. That period turned out to be short lived however, Brian was just not able to satisfy the primal passions that were usually at the front and center of Jujous mind. Between her gambling addiction and her nymphomania it was more than Brian could handle. As his abilities to satisfy her desires were found lacking, he became disinterested and abusive. To Jujou, sex is not a hobby, it is the main reason to live! Having to lay on the table and watch Brian fondle Carrie drove her absolutely nuts, the nerve of him.

Brian: Jujou, you always wanted to be my slave, well you lost another stupid bet, and you will pay dearly this time- you will get MORE than you ever imagined. We will see how much you really enjoy it!

Brian draws himself closer to Carrie places his arm around her, fondling her breast.

Brian: Oh, by the way Jujou, Carrie has something to tell you. Carrie: Yes Jujou, I probably should have mentioned this before, but.. oh, well, Jujou, the truth is, uh, I’ve been sleeping with Brian for six months. It’s been great, and now it’s even better that I don’t have to share him with you.

Jujou is shocked and devastated, angry and humiliated, how could such a good friend have done this to her? Tears begin to well in her eyes. Just as she begins to compose herself, Brian moves closer to the table and begins to speak.

Brian: Well Jujou, you have always been an animal, what do you say we get on with things, for the next few weeks, you will be an animal. What do you say, lets get started.

He nods to Tiffany, she comes forward toward Jujou as he goes toward the cart. Tiffany grabs hold of Jujous free leg and holds it over the other exposing her right cheek. Brian goes to the cart and takes the singeing, smoking poker out from the flaming vessel. Jujou starts fighting and thrashing as she realizes it is a branding iron. Tiffany is too strong, its no use, Jujou tries again to scream, to attract some reasonable persons attention. Brian moves forward with the branding iron and plunges it into her ass. Pain wrings through her whole body, intense pain like she has never felt before. The smell of burning flesh begins to fill the room. Jujou gasps form the enormous pain, finally passing out.

When she regains consciousness, she feels the pain more than before, the stench of burning flesh is still in the air. How could anyone have done this to her? She is hurt, outraged, and in major pain all at the same time. It is so confusing to her. Tiffany approaches Jujou. In her hand is a mirror. She places the mirror such that Jujou will be able to see her ass. Jujou looks into the mirror and amidst the still burning bloody flesh is able to make out the message branded permanently into her ass- “Property of Brian”. Again she is outraged and hurt, tears of anger and pain begin pouring down her face. Tiffany again grabs her free leg and shackles it to the table, it hurts enormously the tender, charred flesh of her buttocks.

B: Tiffany, why don’t you continue with the plans I laid out for you. Carrie and I are going in the next room and watch through the two-way glass with all the other folks. This will be thoroughly enjoyable. I noticed there is a side room with a bed- I think watching this will be so erotic, we just might have to put it to use before you’re done. I will give you instructions over the microphone if I want anything changed. Oh, and speaking of changes, I’ve decided to change Jujous name, from now on, her new name is The Pet, I only want you referring to her by that name.

T: Sure Brian, no problem, from what you’ve told me she is a slutty bitch, an animal, and now your pet. I think the name is very appropriate. I will see you two later, have a great fuck.

To this Jujou reels and thrashes, how humiliating, now she is not thought of as human- merely an object to be ridiculed. Not someones pet in a good sense to be cuddled and played with, but THE Pet- like an inanimate object to b
e ridiculed and kicked around, a common animal. Brian is trying to strip her of her pride, her dignity. As The Pet is grits her teeth she is determined not to let that happen, she is a proud person and has always held her head high and carried herself with a cocky attitude. As Brian and Carrie leave, a muscular man arrives on the scene. He is naked except for his many tattoos which adorn nearly every square inch of his body. His head, and the rest of his body is free of hair. He is about the same height as Tiffany in her heels. His most notable feature is his large dick, floating freely as he walks hitting his legs about half way to his knees.

T: The Pet, I would like to introduce you to someone. This is Bruno, he is here to work with you for a bit. Bruno, please meet The Pet.

Bruno: The Pet? That’s a unique name. Well, well, we have a lot of work to do. You look a bit uncomfortable, this table is awfully large for someone so small, it must hurt a lot being shackled the way you are, your arms and legs having to be extended and stretched so far. There are far more comfortable ways to be restrained, don’t you think?

The Pet looks at the mammoth specimen in front of her for a glimmer of hope and nods her agreement. Her eyes even have a tad bit of hope in them for the first time in a while.

The Pet: nnngh! mmmmgh!

The Pet whimpers, shaking and lifting her head to look down on her restrained body. She moans, and cries softly for release, buckling in the tight straps, completely unable to move now.

Bruno: Well then, ok- you’ve talked me into it, lets get onto the installation of the passive restraint system.

Bruno has brought with him some sort of leather case that he lays on the table and opens. Slutty Bitch cannot see what is in the case but watches intently. As Bruno rummages through his bag he looks at The Pet and asks-

Bruno: Did Tiffany tell you what I specialize in?

The Pet looks intently at Bruno, shaking her head and whimpering once more.

Bruno: I am a master piercer. The passive restraint system I have in mind consists of several piercings, shall we get started?

TP: mmngh! aaanngh!

The Pet groans and frantically fights her straps, fingers and toes curling as she tries to break free. She closes her eyes, squeezing back hot tears, head back as she shakes it, moaning, wondering what is about to happen to her and her beautiful looks. She begins to sob softly.

Bruno removes the tools from his bag and approaches The Pet

Bruno: The Pet, this is going to happen, it will be a whole lot easier on you if you hold real still.

Her head, physically tired from thrashing falls back on the table, she pants for breath, trying to stay calm, heart racing.

Bruno: The first piercing is a 1″ ring..

Bruno: for the septum of your nose. Please hold real still.

Tiffany moves behind The Pet holding her head as Bruno prepares for the piercing. The Pets eyes go wide in terror as she snorts panicked breath from her nose. Her eyes wince as she hears the pop and feels the sharp burst of pain, making her eyes water. Brunos deep husky voice bursts out.

Bruno: Would you like to see?

The Pet nods, sniffling tears streaking down each cheek.

Bruno: Here, look in the mirror.

Tiffanys hands hold up her head as Bruno holds the mirror. Tiffany adds,

T: Kind of sexy, don’t you think?

The Pets eyes go wide, she shakes her head, not believing what she sees. A silver hoop, a ring, bound now between each nostril of her unassuming nose. She moans as her head is released, falling back to rest on the table. Bruno motions for Tiffany to come over and talk with him. The Pet watches intently trying to discover what horror awaits her. They keep pointing toward her, Tiffany kneading her own right nipple as they talk. Bruno goes over to the two way window and motions to someone inside. In a matter of seconds it seems Brian and Carrie appear to join the discussion. Brian points to Tiffanys nipples, finally grabbing one and making a small circle with his thumb and index finger. The instructions seemingly clear, Brian and Carrie return to there perch in the next room. Now- back at the table with the tools Bruno places his hand on The Pets right tit. He takes an alcohol pad and wipes the nipple. The Pet, restrained by all appendages and still smarting from the nose piercing realizes she can do nothing to prevent what is about to happen, she bites her lip, feeling the weight of the nose ring jostle.

Bruno: Hold still again

The Pet begs with worried eyes as Tiffany again restrains her head. She feels something cold on one of her nipples. POP! So cold, so steady..PUNCH!

SB: annnnnngh!

She grits her teeth, her eyes shut tight.

B: Now, that wasn’t so bad? Lets get right to that second nip, shall we?

The Pets chest heaves a bit, feeling Brunos fingers pinch her tender nipple, holding it, then.. POP! She gasps, again feeling a sharp momentary sting punch her nipple, burning, mind racing, she struggles to speak, to beg him not to do this! Not to ruin her body, she would gladly double whatever John paid if only this pain and torture will stop.

Tiffany removes one of her hands from its shackle and places a bracelet tightly to her wrist, it is clasped and locked, feeling cool to the touch of her skin. This bracelet has a short chain attached to it with a small hoop at the end of it. The small hoop is attached to one of the nipple rings, binding The Pets wrist to her breast. Any large or sudden movement will cause send intense pain shooting through The Pet. Tiffany then removes The Pets other wrist from its shackle and repeats the procedure. She can feel the short chains dangling as she tries to move. She winces as she moves, feeling now the harsh tug at each nipple, forcing her to remain still, hands and arms up. She moans again realizing that these restraints are even worse than the drugs or the shackles that she just was released from.The Pet can hear and feel a much more condescending attitude from Tiffany now. Tiffany is even beginning to mock her as the process continues.

T: You look like a fucking disaster; and you can’t do a damn thing about it now. What a disgrace to the animal kingdom.

To add insult to injury, she even spits in the Pets face. The Pet winces, but is powerless to even wipe the slime from her cheek and nose, how humiliating it feels as the moisture runs down her face. Suddenly, the speaker system fires up and Brians voice is heard booming loudly.

Brian: Bruno, I think the ears on that animal look a little bland, could you do something about them?

Bruno: Sure boss, you are right as usual, I’ll take care of that right away.

The Pet begins shaking her head, eyes again pleading with Bruno not to do this to her.

Bruno: The Pet must hold very still for this part.. Tiffany, why don’t you get out that last part of the restraining system?

Tiffany goes over to get something out from Brunos tool box. She quickly returns with some more chains. This time she attaches two chains to The Pets nose ring. The other end of the chains are attached to the nipple rings, The Pet feels the pull as Tiffany struggles to attach the taut chains to the nipple rings. As the chains are locked in place she notices that any movement of her head in any direction hurts, at both ends of the chain. She winces, and gives another groan, her eyes moisten, she is deeply hurt.

Bruno seems to have new energy, he begins moving at rapid speed quickly placing 10 small hoops up the sides and tops of The Pets ears. The Pet gasps, barely having time to react as she feels a constant pop and sting, pop and sting- sharp little stings that she recognizes as needle punches. She lies on the table so immobile now, discouraged, unable to move, knowing that it will only hurt worse if she does. Her ears are feeling weighty now with the 20 heavy rings in place.

Bruno: Tiffany, release the chains from The Pets nose ring.

Tiffany efficiently removes the chains between The Pets nose and nipples. The
Pet begins to move her head around, enjoying the brief freedom. Tiffany produces a mirror to show The Pet what she looks like. Looking in the mirror, The Pet gasps, her pristine looks ruined.

Tiffany: We have some more treats in store for you The Pet, for the next step we must go to another room.

Tiffany produces a leash and attaches it to The Pets nose ring, this in place, the shackles are removed from her legs. The Pet is able to stretch her legs for the first time in a long while. Stretching too far, the brand on her ass begins to throb. She is helped off the table and is led down the hall by the leash to another room. This room is different, brighter, it looks like it could be a Beauty Shop. The Pet is curious as she looks around. She is led over to a manicure table.

T: The Pet may sit on the chair now, sit!

The Pet is seated as another figure approaches her. She hears something behind her and realizes the place is filling up with other people, they are bringing their dogs with them. The Pet looks around the room and sees a sign on the wall, it reads- “Ingas Dog Grooming and Obedience School”

The Pet takes a seat on the chair and nervously looks around- she is so embarrassed, all of the other customers are dogs! Several of their owners are present. They look toward The Pet and snicker, point, and sometimes openly laugh at her. Tiffany sits beside her on her right, a poodle to her left. The Pets leash is attached to a pole on the table and her arms are released, so she is bound only from her nose to the pole. The manicurist enters, she looks at The Pets beautifully manicured nails. Tiffany says:

T : These are definitely going to have to go, this one isn’t trained yet, these are far too dangerous. No telling who she is going to scratch and injure. We sure don’t need another lawsuit.

The Pet looks up trying to protest once more. She looks imploring, not my beautiful nails. No! No! shaking her head violently as there is some slack in her chain. The manicurist looks into The Pets eyes.

M: Pet- you are really lucky to have such a great guy like Brian for an owner, a lot of owners completely de-claw their pet, Brian has only instructed a trim.

She takes out a large pair of nail clippers reaching for The Pets right front paw. She jams the clipper as far under the first nail as physically possible and Snap! Snap! Snap!… Snap! The Pet looks- oh! So short, her beautiful nails, ruined. A feeling of sad hopelessness begins to overcome her, tears again begin to flow. She hears the laughter, the conversation in the shop, feeling humiliated as some of the other customers look at her naked, defeated body. Tiffany places an arm around her- apparently in consolation, saying:

T: Pet, you’ve had a long afternoon so far, you must be hungry. Its time for your evening meal.

The Pet feels comforted for the first time in a while. She looks into Tiffanys eyes with gratitude. The Pet is so hungry and thirsty, she can’t wait for the treat. Tiffany removes the leash form the pole and The Pet steps down from the chair and onto the floor.

T: What are you doing?!!! Who told you to stand!

The Pet is startled, looking with fright at Tiffany. She begins shaking her head, trying to say.. I am doing what you said- you told me to get off the chair- what have I done wrong? As if Tiffany can read her mind she responds:

T: I told you, off the chair- I didn’t say anything about standing! Get down Bitch, and get down now.

SLAP!!!! Tiffany takes her hand and whacks the pet hard on the ass, leaving a red handprint. The noise of the slap so loud that everyone in the room hears it and is now looking at The Pet and laughing. Quickly, The Pet drops to all fours.

T: There- now that’s more like it.

Tiffany leads The Pet by her leash to a corner of the room. There are some dishes on the floor with food and water, three sets. The Pet is joined by two other dogs. She looks in the dish only to find it filled with dog food. By this time she knows it is best to co-operate and dips her head to the dish, trying as best she can to endure. She laps up some of the food, trying not to gag. She enjoys the cool water, sucking it in as best she can from the bowl on the floor, it feels comforting to her system. Meal time done, Tiffany tells her it’s time to move on.

T: Next stop for you Pet is a visit to the vet.

The Pet groans in anguish, trying to avoid thinking about what might be in store for her there. Tiffany leads her out of the room and into the next. The Pet has to hurry to keep up, knowing that if she doesn’t the tug on her piercings will be excruciating. They arrive at the exam room and Tiffany leads her over to the exam table and tells her to hop up. She lifts her tired, worn body up to the padded table, lying on her back. She rests comfortably for a couple minutes until the doctor arrives wearing a white lab coat over his surgical scrubs. He looks at The Pet on the table and then to Tiffany.

Vet: What have we here? Is the owner here as well? We should discuss this with them before we proceed.

Tiffany leaves and returns shortly with Brian and Carrie. They join the Vet in a discussion. During the discussion, they keep glancing over at The Pet. The Vet is very animated and uses his hands and arms a lot when talking.

Vet: Since this one is a stray, you never know where she’s been. I would recommend a good cleaning and complete exam. By doing this we will be able to identify any diseases or infections before they become too large of a problem. I will check her teeth really good as well. If there are any problems it is pretty easy to just pull them now. Oh yea, do you happen to have a record of her shots?

Brian: Thanks Doctor, yes we are very concerned about this one, we would like to have her checked over thoroughly. I do have some previous experience with her and she has been a lot of places, no telling what she’s picked up. We don’t have her shot record, what would you recommend?

Vet: Well, usually if we don’t have records we recommend the full array of shots, it really is the safest way to go.

Brian: Well that sounds like a plan.

As Brian says that you can here the excitement in his voice, that southern twang hard for him to hide.

Vet: I will let you know if anything turns up and we need to do anything different. You two can have a seat right over there.

Brian and Carrie proceed to a corner of the room and are seated. The Vet approaches the exam table with Tiffany and they begin to shackle The Pet. All four of her paws are placed in shackles, this time she provides little resistance. Her legs spread far apart the Doctor approaches and looks at her firry bush. He places a hand on it and gently strokes it for a bit. Looking up to Tiffany he says:

Vet: My, this is a firry one, almost impossible to see anything, Nurse, why don’t you clean it up for me.

Tiffany goes over to a cabinet on one side of the room and places some items from it on a small pushcart, returning quickly to the table. She fills a bowl with warm water from the sink next to the cabinet and places it on the cart, finally rolling it to the side of the table. Tiffany begins by taking out a comb and combing the thick bush. Each careful stroke removes more and more tangles, the dark fir several inches long. After several minutes the comb can move through the fir with ease. Tiffany next produces a shearing clippers as is standard equipment for shearing animals such as sheep. Seeing her approach The Pet begins to wriggle helplessly, she moans, her eyes pleading with Tiffany as she shakes her head, trying to close her legs. More tears appear as Tiffany again begins to stroke the thick tuft of fir between her legs. CLICK! The shears are activated, The Pet hears them hum to life, for effect, Tiffany places them in close proximity to The Pets ear. She closes her eyes and winces. The shears are brought down to her mound and The Pet feels them press down. From top to bottom Tiffany quickly and efficiently mows the clippers through the bushy fir. It feels coo
l to The Pet as the shears pull at the fir as they catch. She feels a swathe of cool air hit her hide below. In just a matter of seconds, the long fir is removed, leaving a short dark stubble barely visible, white hide showing through. Tiffany shuts the shears off and places them on her cart. The Pet looks down and sees what is about to happen, thinking, “Oh my God! She’s going to take it all off, making me look like a little girl again, innocent and humiliated. She can see that Tiffany is an expert in this matter, her own love box smooth as a baby. Tiffany begins to scrape away the lather. The Pet puts her head back, groaning, feeling now the constant rasp of the blade shaving away at her tender hide, leaving a cooling feeling where the air begins to meet the smoothness. Shaving completed, Tiffany wipes down the area and applies some baby oil- seems however that The Pet is already manufacturing her own lubrication for this area. Tiffany gently applies the oil, stroking it in gently, massaging the area. The Pets hide is glistening, her love juices begin flowing freely. Tiffany locates her clitoris and begins gently rubbing. Quickly, the organ becomes engorged and erect, sending The Pet to a state of ecstasy. The Pet begins to moan and purr in pleasure as Tiffany continues to work on her clit, palm of her hand over the area continuing the massage. Love juices freely flow from The Pet, soaking the sheet beneath. All too quickly this state of exhilaration ends for The Pet and she is returned to her new state of reality.

Vet: Ok Tiffany, I think you have soothed this beast enough, lets continue with the exam. Please hand me the speculum.

Tiffany hands the vet the speculum and he inserts the cold metal into The Pets vagina and spreads it open. He peers in and inserts his gloves fingers and begins to crudely probe around.

Vet: Well, she’s in better shape than I thought for one who’s slept everywhere. Tiffany, are the syringes ready?

T: Yes Doctor, they are right here.

Tiffany produces three large syringes for the necessary shots. Seeing the large needles, The Pet begins to thrash as much as she can, knowing that an escape is out of the question.

Vet: Tiffany, this one still has a lot of life left in her. I think I should prescribe a week at our Obedience School for her. Would you please remind me to write the prescription when we are through?

Next he asks Tiffany to release one of the leg shackles and turn The Pets leg over and hold her down. Tiffany does as instructed, The Pet trying again to struggle free, not able to overcome the chains or Tiffanys strength. The Vet examines the branding and places an antibiotic on it. He grabs the first syringe and wipes some alcohol on The Pets ass.

Vet: Relax and hold still now Pet.

Of course, this makes The Pet do the opposite, she stiffens her muscles as he jabs the needle in. He pushes down forcing the liquid into her hide. She cringes and moans in pain. Again, moving efficiently, the doctor repeats the process a couple more times with the other two syringes, causing The Pet severe discomfort throughout the process. This being completed he asks Tiffany to reshackle The Pet. The Doctor takes something else from the cart and comes forward to The Pets face. He inserts the bite block and begins to probe around in The Pets mouth. Picking and probing at the teeth, the gums, and her tongue with its piercing acquired a couple years ago the outcome of another lost wager. Satisfied, he removes the bite block.

Vet: Could we have the owners of this one over here?

The Pet looks over and to her horror sees a room full of people with their pets observing her examination. The Pet is feels the devastation and humiliation of having 20 people, some of whom she recognizes from the street outside the building where she first entered, watch her undergo this treatment. These folks seem to be enjoying the spectacle of this cocky, brash, proud specimen who just a short time earlier oozed pure sex appeal, torn down, deprecated, and well on her way to complete defeat and humiliation. Brian and to The Pets disgust, Carrie step forward to talk with the vet.

Vet: Well, you’ve got a live one here. She is in excellent shape. She is just a pup and that can sometimes be a real problem. She has a couple of teeth that could be problematic. One right in the front that we could pull now if you like.

The Pet hearing this begins to thrash wildly, looking into her former friend Carries eyes, pleading for mercy. This time, the pleading works, Carrie tugs on Brians shoulder and says-

Carrie: Brian honey, she’s been through a lot already, you need her strong for your period as her master, why screw with this and put her down for a day or two. You can bring her back the day before the bet is over and get all her teeth pulled if you like.

This sends The Pet from a state of momentary comfort into one of pure panic, how could her dear friend Carrie do this to her? Such a combination of anger and panic she had never felt.

Brian: Carrie you have an excellent point, Tiffany, can you put us in your appointment book for a couple weeks, I think having all those teeth pulled is an excellent idea, until then we will just muzzle her. The Pet again is sent to a state of panic. No, no, not her beautiful, perfectly white, and perfectly straight teeth. She’s never even had a cavity in her whole life. The tears flow and flow.

Vet: Tiffany, I think we are done with this one. She is just a pup though, we really don’t know if she is house broken. It has been awhile since she ate that laxative laced snack to clean out her system. She had better be diapered before she makes a mess.

The Pet closes her eyes, clenching her teeth, now she understands the rumblings she is feeling in her stomach. If only she could free herself, she’d love to shit all over Brian and Carrie. Tiffany brings a cloth diaper for her. She places it underneath The Pet, applies some powder and pins the diaper snuggly to her. Around her The Pet can here the snickers, the chuckles, and most hurtful, the brash mocking from the crowd that surrounds her. Diapered like an infant and being treated like an animal, she gasps for breath through the steady flow of tears. Finished here she is released from the shackles, the leash being reattached to her nose ring. Tiffany looks at her and commands:

T: Down girl!

The Pet, learning from her past mistakes, slides down from the table onto the floor on all fours at the heels of Tiffany awaiting her next command. Tiffany leads her out of the room and back down the hall to another room. This room is decorated to look like an old fashioned Barber Shop. It contains three barber chairs as well as a waiting area that holds five others. Among the people waiting are Brian and Carrie, her owners. The Pet notices that at the front of the shop is a large plate glass window looking out to a busy, crowded street, filled with happy boisterous people enjoying their evening, the type of evening The Pet imagined for herself just a few hours earlier. When they arrive at the shop there is one open chair. Tiffany leads The Pet to the chair and sternly instructs:

T: Up Girl! Quickly, we don’t have time to waste.

The Pet picks herself up and plants her diapered ass into the chair, looking toward the crowded street outside, people beginning to stop and peer through the window as they notice the sight of The Pet. As she is seated a barber approaches, The Pet notices that this is a human Barber Shop, there are no other animals in it, a refreshing difference from her previous stops. As the barber nears, Brian and Carrie also stand and approach. Addressing them the barber speaks to them:

Barber: Hello, may I help you? What will it be today?

Brian: Our Pet here needs a haircut, she’s had all that long unruly hair forever. Its very hard to care for and we were thinking of something shorter.

Carrie: Yes, a lot shorter.

Barber: Well, you folks have come to the right place. I specialize in short haircuts.

The Pet looks again around t
he room toward the gallery of pictures on the wall and is horrified at what she sees, all of the pictures contain people with shaved heads. Seeing this, every muscle in her body contracts, releasing a massive amount of shit into her diaper. The noise it makes can be heard by all. Brian turns to her angrily:

Brian: Now see what you’ve done? How inconsiderate you Bitch, couldn’t you have told us so we could have taken you outside to a tree? I think we should just let you sit in your own shit for a while to teach you a lesson.

He looks at the Barber and says:

Brian: As much as I would like to do that, I don’t think it would be fair to you or your other customers, would you happen to have a place we can change her?

Barber: Yes, I would appreciate that, there is a table you can use right over there if you like.

Carrie, taking the leash, sternly scolding The Pet, leads her over to the table.

Carrie: You think this is funny don’t you Bitch, well, you just wait til later, you will get everything you have coming to you, and more. Now, up on the table!

The Pet compliantly obeys her former friend and places her on the table knowing with some small amount of satisfaction that Carrie is going to have to clean up all of the shitty mess. Carrie unpins the diaper and begins cleaning the enormous amount of shit dropped by The Pet, the smell making her gag. Carrie coarsely wipes The Pets ass with a wet towel and replaces her diaper. Carrie is not as gentle as Tiffany and slaps The Pets ass sharply before placing the final pin.

Carrie: ok- finished, off the table!

The Pet slides carefully down from the table and takes her place on all fours beside Carrie.

Carrie: Pet, stand up!

The Pet is surprised at this, the first time in hours she has been allowed to stand. She obeys. Carrie places a hand at the back of The Pets head and forces it downward, her face only stopping with a thud when it contacts the table and the soiled diaper. Carrie rubs her face around in the shit for a few seconds, The Pet gasping for air, gagging from the smell.

Carrie: Maybe that will teach you to be so inconsiderate.

As she raises her head, she struggles for breath, angrily spitting some shit into Carries face and rubbing her face on Carries top. Quickly, Brian races over and slaps The Pet on the ass, startling her, allowing Carrie to retreat, cursing, crying and spitting shit as she leaves.

Carrie: You FUCKING BITCH, you’ll regret doing this.

The Pet feels some satisfaction knowing she has given back some small part of what she has received so far. Brian grabs her leash and pulls it tightly, pulling hard at the tender nose, The Pet having to step double time to keep up. She is led back to the barber chair and quickly cleaned up. The barber attaches a cape around her neck and begins combing her hair. Long strokes through that luxurious mane, the pride of The Pet. She remembers just a few hours ago walking down the street after parking her car past the many people on the street and tossing her hair proudly from one side to the next, head held high. Her gorgeous hair was the essence of femininity to The Pet. Having the barber slowly comb through it was almost orgasmic, even after all she had been through tonight. She looked in the mirror at her lovely hair and a small tight smile pursed her lips.

The barber looks over to Brian and says:

Barber: What will it be tonight for this one?

Brian: You’ve seen what she just did to my girlfriend. Take it all, take it all off. When you’re through with her, I don’t want to see a spec of hair on her.

The Pet reels, no, no, not her beautiful hair too? She begs, pleads with Brian not to do this to her, she will do anything to avoid this fate.

All the pleading is to no use as Brian instructs the barber:

Brian: Lets get on with this, I have other things to do.

At this command, the barber steps to action grabbing his clippers from the stand. He tells The Pet that he is attaching the 00000 blade. He tells her this will leave .010″ of hair or about 8 hours of growth on a human. Panic strikes The Pet as she realizes she is about to lose her most prized possession. She looks around the shop, everyone is staring at her, she thinks she recognizes some of them from the street where she entered to begin this hell. The window to the outside is becoming packed with gauckers anxious to see what will happen next. The barber fires up the clippers and they hum to life. The Pet clenches her teeth and stiffens for this ultimate humiliation. The barber places the clippers on the top middle part of her forehead and begins to mow a inch and a half wide path toward the back of her head. Slowly he proceeds, the thickness of her hair nearly stalling the powerful clippers. The Pet looks in the mirror and sees a path of white skin replace her gorgeous red curls. The barber plows methodically to the back as if he is on a mission. First one row and then the next. The tears streaming down The Pets cheeks, she gasps choking as she looks in the mirror and sees what is happening to her lovely, lovely hair. Although the shearing is quick, it seems like an eternity to The Pet. Quickly, one entire side of her head is cleared of hair, the contrasting look quite comical to the audience. The clippers keeps up its steady, annoying humming. Massive amounts of hair are piling up on The Pets lap as well as the floor, tickling her face as it makes its exit. The clippers is shut off, and a hush falls over the shop. She glances to the mirror seeing the deed that has been done, she looks and sees not a single hair left on her head. Sitting there in just a diaper, her stubbly head makes her look like an infant.

The barber springs back to action, producing a bowl of shaving cream and a straight razor. He takes a palm full of hot lather and places it on The Pets head smoothing it around until it covers the almost microscopic stubble spared by the clippers. It feels warm and soothing to The Pet as it is rubbed gently in. The whiteness of the lather is in contrast to her skin. Lather applied, the barber picks up the straight razor and moves it back and forth across the strap, making sure it is very sharp. Once again, he begins at the middle of the forehead and works his way back. As the lather is removed it is replaced by barren skin, stubble now gone. Efficiently, the barber continues to completion. He feels The Pets head and decides that it isn’t smooth enough. He reapplies the shaving cream and begins the process anew. This time upon completion he feels her smooth head and is satisfied. He places the razor in its stand and grabs a bottle of oil. He places some oil in the palm of his hand and begins rubbing it gently into The Pets smooth scalp. This oil produces a shimmering shine. Job completed, he steps back and looks at The Pet- Shiney and Smooth, the lights of the shop brilliantly reflect off her head. The Pet looks in the mirror and cannot believe the brilliance of the reflection. As people laugh at her reaction she is humiliated once more. The barber having done his work calls over Brian to reclaim his Pet. With Tiffanys assistance, The Brian takes a hold of the leash, and orders his bald Pet to the floor.

Brian: Heel Pet.

The Pet is very compliant, quickly finding all fours and taking her place behind him. Seeing this pathetic display, it drives the place into a momentary state of hilarity. The total and complete defeat felt by The Pet cannot be properly described. Losing her crowning glory is but the cap in a long evening for this once proud, self confident and sexy woman. A few hours later she is defeated and humiliated, she has become an animal to be ridiculed and scorned by the same folks who were whistling at her as she paused outside that strip club pretending to enter.

Brian looks toward the barber:

Brian: I really like the haircut you gave her, I can see where it will be a lot of maintenance though. Is there anyway to make this style permanent?

Barber: Well, there is one way, pretty extreme though. You could get e
lectrolysis treatments for her.

Brian: How do those work?

Barber: Don’t know a whole lot about them other than it is permanent. The hair will never be back if you do that.

Brian: Sounds like just the thing she needs, where do I get that done?

Barber: It is really classified as a medical procedure, you would have to go back and talk to the Vet about that. I believe it takes many treatments to lose a head of hair.

Tiffany: Brian, if you are interested in electrolysis, I can speak with the doctor and schedule the first treatment the same time you come back to get all her teeth pulled.

Brian: Tiffany, that sounds like an excellent idea, lets go ahead with the electrolysis at that time.

Tiffany: Well Brian, what do you think, had enough for an evening? There is one more place to stop if you’re interested.

Brian: It has been quite a night Tiffany. What stop is left?

Tiffany: It’s the Tattoo Parlor

Brian: Tiffany- the Tattoo Parlor sounds like a really good idea, how long will that take?

Tiffany: It really depends what all you have done to her, it could take as little as an hour or up to several hours.

Brian: I know that my Pet despises Tattoos, so what the hell, lets get her a couple.

The Pet reels in disgust at the thought of having her gorgeous body permanently disfigured on this manner. When all this is done, the piercings can be removed and the holes eventually close, the hair will eventually grow back and be gorgeous again. She is hoping that Brian really won’t go through with the teeth pulling or the electrolysis, but the tattoos are an immediate danger, those will happen now while he is in this crazy sadistic mood. He grabs the leash and leads The Pet swiftly into the next room as Tiffany has instructed.

This room has the appearance of the typical tattoo parlor, the room is quite dark, lit by black light and other similar apparatus, the smell of sweet incense burning, the room facing the street outside, large plate glass window. The Pet observes again the activity on the adjacent street, which despite this late hour remains quite busy, the appearance of the people changed somewhat now, instead of seeing a mixture of people, couples on their way to or from dinner or shopping, it is a seedier group now, likely the inhabitants of the surrounding strip clubs and hidden neighborhood brothels, out for a night of exploiting the fairer sex. She looks around the room at the clientele, some of whom she thinks she recognizes from hours before, perhaps some of them were among those who propositioned her earlier in the evening as she confidently jaunted down the street with that cocky confident attitude, challenging them to find the key to her love machine. Sadly, all that is changed now as she is a broken, sad house pet for her owner and his bitchy girlfriend. The Pet tries to suck it up as best she can, knowing there is little she can do but wait and accept what is to happen. She sits there patiently waiting, the black light shimmering off her shiney, smooth scalp. In a short time one of the tattoo artists completes his work and calls Brian over to see what is planned. At first The Pet didn’t recognize the artist, but now he is unmistakable, it is Bruno, the man who massaged and pierced her earlier in the evening.

Bruno: Gee Brian, she looks fantastic, I like the new haircut.

Brian: Yes, so do I, we are considering electrolysis so that we don’t have to worry about maintenance.

Bruno: Wise man Brian.

Bruno says this while rubbing his own head.

Bruno: I had it done myself several years ago and don’t regret it at all.

Brian: Yes, I think we are going to begin the treatments in a few days.

Hearing this, The Pet winces and closes her eyes in defeat, giving no more of a reaction, ready to accept whatever happens knowing that for all practical purposes, she is an animal, soon to be incapable of the life she had been planning just a few hours earlier. A cold calm comes over her, her emotions totally drained, she slumps down in the chair.

Brian: Bruno, what would you suggest in the way of artistry for this animal?

Bruno: Well, there are a couple of standards that a lot of people seem to like.

Bruno leaves briefly to retrieve a book of art.

Bruno: The first one I recommend is some slave wings spanning her back. Black, red, and covering the entire back, a good reminder of whose Pet she is.

Bruno: The next is a pussy tattoo in the shape of a target. This will remind her of that one of the reasons she got in this predicament is because she is such a slut, thinking only of her own sexual needs. Are you going to do electrolysis to the pussy too? If you are we should probably wait until that is completed. The third one will definitely have to wait for the electrolysis to be done because it is to her head. I have a collage of gambling art that I can do, includes cards, slot machines, things like that. This will show the whole world how this girl thinks. It is a bright and vibrant collage, sure to attract a lot of attention and ridicule.

Brian: Bruno, I definitely think the first two are excellent choices, the pussy one will have to wait until the electrolysis treatments are done. The third one I will consider and let you know after her treatments are done. I really like the target idea for her cunt. Do you think it would also be possible to tattoo both of her tits with targets? I think that would look pretty cool.

Bruno: Sure Brian, no problem, you’re the boss. I can do the slave wings and the tits right now and the pussy when the treatment are complete.

Brian: oh, Bruno, another request.

Bruno: Sure, what is it?

Brian: Could you tattoo the word SLUT across her forehead?

The Pet, reaching into what reserves she has left, moans and groans her disapproval at the hideous spectacle her beautiful body will become. Resigned, she begins to sniffle quietly, it seems she is all alone in this world, all too suddenly turned very cruel.

Bruno: Oh no problem, that’s a piece of cake, we can take care of that tonight as well. This is a fair amount of work, it will take several hours, would you like to stop back?

Brian: Yes, that would be great. Carrie should be all cleaned up by now, I think we will go out for a nice dinner.

Bruno: Hold on a second before you leave, I will get you a claim check. Did you park in the parking lot? I can validate your parking ticket as well if you’re driving somewhere.

Brian: Thanks a lot Bruno, everyone here is so accommodating.

Hearing this The Pet manages to gag. Brian gets his claim check and proceeds out the door, leaving his Pet to the mercy of Bruno. Bruno, again assisted by the multi-talented Tiffany begins his work. The Pet is once again shackled to a table, this time face downward. Being face down of course she cannot see what is taking place. Bruno carefully works on The Pets back, she can feel the needles as they penetrate her skin, delivering their ink. This process goes on for what seems an eternity. The tattoo must be enormous, it seems as if no spot on her back is left untouched. Obnoxious music is playing in the background, the aroma of the incense fills the air. At one point The Pet lifts her head as best she can. Peering around she sees people both inside and outside the building peering back. At this point The Pet is beyond humiliation, the proceedings having no effect. With a smart slap on her diapered ass Bruno pronounces this art complete. The pain from the needles continuing to sting. Tiffany produces a pair of mirrors this time to show The Pet her back. The Pet looks into the mirror and is mortified, her beautiful skin, previously blemish free is ruined by the hideous pair of slave wings permanently plastered all over her back. She whimpers, wondering how something this horrible was possible.

Bruno: So Pet, what do you think of the new you?

The Pet just buries her face in the pillow

Bruno: Tiffany, time to turn this Bitch over.

Tiffany and Bruno temporarily unshackle The Pet who
in turn offers no resistance, her body limp. She is placed on her back and reshackled, though at this time that is hardly necessary. Bruno begins the work to her tits, making them spectacles as well. Making her pierced nipples bright red bulls-eyes. Placing rings around them 1″ wide, alternating between black and red until the entire tit is covered.

Bruno: Well well Pet, you were a little on the small side, but these jugs will stand out with the best of them now.

Tiffany again produces a mirror to apply even more humiliation on The Pet, that hardly being necessary anymore.

Bruno: Tiffany, we had better restrain that head better for this last one. Tiffany produces the chains that will be used to attach all the new earrings and nose ring to the table, preventing any movement whatsoever from her head. Bruno begins placing bold black letters onto her forehead. First the S, followed by the L, next the U, T and finishing with an exclamation point. The Pet is numb to any kind of pain, beaten and exhausted. The job finished, The Pet humiliated, it is no longer necessary for Tiffany to produce the mirror.

Bruno wipes his hands and begins cleaning up his supplies.

The Pet is unshackled by Tiffany and placed on her leash. She is paraded around the room and led past the window for all to see before leaving the room. She is led into another room. Assuming she was finally done with the ordeal she assumes she will be leaving. Arriving at the room she sees Brian and Carrie, arm and arm. There are many other people in this room as well as their dogs.

Brian: Lets take a look at the Bitch.

Brian examines her back, tits and forehead, seeming very pleased.

Carrie: That will teach you Bitch, you deserve what you get. We’ve got one final treat for you Slut!

Brian leads The Pet over to a pole and attaches her leash to it, this time leaving a fair amount of slack. In comes a couple of the ugliest guys The Pet has ever seen.

Carrie: Slut, (Carrie refusing to refer to her by Pet) these guys are going to take turns banging your ass doggie style, while you…

Tiffany arrives with a Doberman

Carrie: ..suck this dog off. Once you get this dog to cum twice, we go home for the night.

The Pet, defeated awaits the final punishment, her diaper removed, the mammoth men approach as well as the Doberman, the crowd sensing excitement begins to build, her ass is stuffed with a massive dick, the Dobermans organ shoved down her throat…

#@@$#@@ The noise of the clock radio blaring in her ear to a Wallflowers tune awakens Jujou, she turns the volume down and feels her beautiful luxurious hair. She notices that her nude body is laying in a wet sticky pool of cum. She breathes a huge sigh of relief. The song finishes and the man on the radio says, ” Its eight o clock Seattle, Good morning this is Andy Savage with Steve and Jodi waking you up today on KNDD “The End”

Andy continues, “did anyone stay up late last night to watch the World Series? How about that one. The upstart Arizona Diamondbacks in perhaps the greatest comeback in World Series history, knock off the heavily favored four time champion Yankees behind former Mariner Randy Johnson who won both of the last two games. That achievement winning him MVP honors. Lots of sad folks around today who had their money on the heavily favored Yanks”. Jujou reels as she remembers the bet she made. Oh well, its her birthday, what could possibly go wrong. She snickers to herself, an evil grin covers her face as she remembers her plans to meet Carrie for an evening out.

“This is Andy Savage and the morning crew, we’ll be right back on KNDD 107.7 “THE END”

The End

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