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This was the happiest day in NIKKI s life . Today she was getting married. She was such in a rush that when started walking down the isle she realized she had forgotten her shoes but no one was paying attention to her bare feet they were looking at her long braid as it dragged long the floor. She had just turned 32 a few days before and had never had her hair cut not even a t rim she had taken so much care of it she used the most expensive product to keep the dead ends off so now it was 15 inches past her ankles .

The wedding went as planned. NIKKI and STEVE was now husband and wife They went to local motel for a honeymoon. When they had checked and a had a candle light dinner. STEVE suggested they out for a few drinks. The hours began to pass and STEVE was getting pretty drunk. He was toasting shot after shot of tequila. The bar finally closed and NIKKI and STEVE returned to their room NIKKI went to the bathroom and changed when she came out she had on a short see-through nightie, her hair was in a braid draped over her shoulder hang down past her ankles. She approached STEVE to put her arms around him. He grabbed her and threw on the bed and said ‘YOU ARE MIND NOW YOU WILL DO AS SAY WHEN I SAY’ NIKKI looked at him as if was listening to a stranger .She so horrified that she barely get the words out of her mouth’ STEVE ,YOUR JUST DRUNK YOU DON’T MEAN THAT!!

STEVE grabbed her and slapped her cross the face and put fingers around her throat and began to choke her. NIKKI reached for the lamp on the night stand but could not reach it. She then took her braid and wrapped it around STEVES throat and pulled with all her strength. STEVE fell off her onto the floor.

She jumped up grabbed her coat and ran out the door got in the car rushed to her MOMS house. She to told her MOM what happen and they got back in the car and drove back to the motel . When they arrived the police were there and motel owner yelled that’s her Two officer approached NIKKI and said ”PUT YOUR HANDS BEHIND YOUR BACK Y0URE UNDER ARREST FOR MURDER” and read her rights.



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