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Nicki had just gotten married when her new husband Steve got over drunk on their wedding night and became violent and she got him off her by wrapping long braid around his neck then fled to her mothers house. They returned to find the police there where Nicki was placed under arrest for murder

Nicki was taken to the police. The police began to question her….

Johnson: “Nicki why dont just tell what happen. Do you mind if I tape this?” [ Nicki shakes her head no]

NIicki: “We got married at 3:oo and went to the motel we changed clothes and out to dinner everything was perfect after. Steve wanted to go out and celebrate so I went he kept drinking shots of tequila until the bar closed at midnight. We went back to our room and I got dressed for bed. Steve just went crazy he threw me on bed and began telling me that was his slave I thought he was just drunk but he then grabbed me by the throat and took my braid and I threw him off me with it.”

Johnson: “excuse me, your braid?”

Nicki: “YES then I got in the car and went to my mothers house we came back to the motel and the police arrested me.”

Johnson: “So you didn’t know he was dead?” [Nicki shakes head no] “Why not call the police?”

Nicki: “I thought he had passed out from being drunk.”

Johnson: “Did you even check?”

Nicki: “I just want to get out of there before he woke up”

Johnson: “SO YOU WRAPPED your BRAID AROUND HIS NECK? Stand up please” [ [Nicki stands up her braid hangs down to the floor] “WOW Do you mind if I measure it?”

Nicki agrees to let him he leaves and returns with a tape measure and another officer they hold up the braid and pull as far as they can across the room put the tape measure to it.

Johnson: “YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING THIS THING IS 38 FEET. Thank you” He leaves with the other officer.

Then Johnson comes to get Nicki, she then booked and finger printed and lead to a cell with other inmates they began to mock her how the prison barber is going to love getting her in his chair. Finally a girl with blonde shoulder length hair tells everyone t o shut-up. They listen. Don’t pay them no mind. Nicki asks her what did they mean about the prison barber. The girl tells her in the joint your hair cant be below your chin. Nicki reaches up and grabs her braid holds it all night.

The next day she is led into the court room where tall man motions for her to sit down.

“Hello” he says and smiles. “Okay let me tell you what we got the evidence they have on you. It is pretty good. You just got married to man that has 500 hundred thousand dollar life insurance policy with you named as the beneficiary. There were no marks on your body to back your confession plus you fled the scene so I made a deal if pled to 2nd degree murder you can probably get off with 20 years and get out in 10 years on probation, otherwise you could take this court and get DEATH. They have strong case and your not going win you have no defense.”

Nicki began saying she was going to have live the fact she had killed the love of her life and she didn’t want to die and he was right she didn’t have any defense to keep from dying. She would take the deal not only for herself but for mommy too. She told her lawyer she would take the deal he told her to have seat and went a room behind the judges bench. He returned a short time later with older man he went over to other table and sat down.

Biggens came and sat down beside NICKI he told her every thing was set but it be up to the judge on how much time she got.


Judge: “You may be seated. Will the defendant please rise. You have been charged with 2nd degree murder. How do you plea?”

NICKI looks at her lawyer who nods at her with a smile. “I plead guilty”

Judge: “Having pled guilty to the charges I hereby sentence you to 40 years in the Alabama prison for women. Case dismissed.”

Two officers put hand cuffs on Nicki and she is lead out of the court to a van marked ALABAMA PRISON FOR WOMEN. She is put on the front seat. She remembers what the girl had told her about hair in prison she reaches up to touch her hair know 32 years of growth was to be cut off.

The ride was not long. The van was meet by 2 females guards who ushered everyone off like drill sergeants in the Army. They were lead to a locker area and were told to strip. They were given a pair jeans, a white t-shirt a bra and pair black socks and tennis shoes The guards then ran their fingers each girls hair. When they came to Nicki they just stared at the long braid hanging on the floor. One guard spoke “The barber is going to love you alright.”

Three at a time through the door on your right. The guard told Nicki to stop. “You’re going last, after all have went and received their mandatory chin length cuts.”

Nicki was lead and told to sit down The guard went up to to man behind the barber chair and the judge called and said she committed murder with her braid so the warden wants you give her a crew cut. The barber tells Nicki to stand up starts to take the braid out which takes several minutes. He then takes shears and begins shearing Nicki’s long beautiful hair. After he has cut it to just above the ears he takes clippers with 1/ 4 guard and makes several passes from front to back until nothing is left and so now her killer braids had died.

But Nicki would live.

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