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The following is a story which involves female head shaving, and pubic shaving, if you are offended by such, do not read this!! This is intended to be read by adults, 21 years of age and over, who have interest in this subject. Others should read no further

Like the announcer used to say on T.V. (here I go dating myself), the following is a true story, only the names have been changed to protect the innocent.

I don’t recall exactly how old I was when I first came across the idea of a woman shaving her head. I was somewhere in my early to mid teen years. My mother and father were great about shipping myself, my two younger sisters, and my older brother off to our grandmothers for about a month each summer. Grandma and Grandpa both were retired and had moved to a small farm about 80 miles from where we lived. Grandpa kept busy by running around looking at his small herd of cows, and Grandma occupied her time watching T.V. and listening to radio. At that time, some of the radio dramas were still being aired on radio. Grandma listened to several Radio soap operas religiously every day, and I listened with her. Because of a schedule conflict, Grandma did not watch Art Linkletter’s House Party on television, but she always listened to the radio version. One day Art did an interview with an actress who was starring in the movie, “Five Branded Women”. I believe Sarah Miles was the actress in question. They were talking about the movie and the fact that Sarah and several other actresses in this movie get their heads shaved for consorting with the enemy somewhere during WWII. They proceeded to talk about Sarah’s shaved head, whether or not she wore a hat or wig in public, what it was like to be bald, etc. The interview was quite short, but fascinated me. Radio is called the theater of the mind, and what went through my mind while listening to that interview proves it. I could envision this lovely actress (I had never seen Sarah Miles in any movie that I recalled at that time) having her long hair cut off and a razor being used to shave away all that remained until she was completely bald. I could see how beautiful she was with a bald head, and how very feminine she looked going about her daily routine, to the grocery store, to the post office, and how all turned and looked at her lovely bald head. It became quite a fantasy for me for several weeks following. My parents would have never let me go see this picture at the theater, even if it ever did play in our town. I really don’t remember if it did. And years later when I finally saw the movie on T.V. I remember being very disappointed that they actually only cut their hair very short with scissors, and actually didn’t take a razor and shave them completely bald. After several weeks the fantasy changed from envisioning a single lovely actress, to many actresses, especially ones that were my favorites. Then I began to fantasize about women that I knew, and thought were lovely, and how beautiful they would be with bald heads. Several of my teachers, women I knew at Church, my parents friends, and women in our neighborhood. It became that whenever I saw a woman that I thought was particularly beautiful, I would begin to imagine her with a bald head. Eventually, this turned to myself as well. I would look in the mirror and hold my hand over my hair line and imagine how I’d look with a bald head. I would wonder what it would be like to have all my hair cut off, to have a razor shave my head clean and smooth. What would it feel like to walk in the sun, or in the wind with no hair? What would my pillow feel like? How would people react to me? What would boys think of me with a bald head? The daydreams grew into a few night time dreams as well, I found myself more and more occupied in my daydreams with seeing myself and others I knew being bald. I can’t say at first that I actually associated the idea with sex in any way. It was more of a fairy tale escape. But, as my fantasies turned to myself more, I became aware that when I had these day dreams I became very sexually aroused. I remember how wet my vagina was one day after a particularly long fantasy, how my heart was pounding, how flush I felt, and how really funny I felt. It was something I had never experienced before. I liked it. At night, I would fall asleep fantasizing about being bald and having my head shaved. I would be married, and my husband would come home and shave my head every day. We would be romantic, and he very much thought I was the most beautiful and exciting woman in the world because of my bald head. I would masturbate, orgasm, and start all over again until I fell asleep. As I got older, the fantasies did not go away, but became more defined, less frequent, and certainly more under my control. Some of it probably had to do with just getting older, and part was due to an embarrassing situation that happened to me. I was sitting in class at school, the subject was boring, and in a few moments I found myself escaped into fantasy, suddenly I was aware I was rubbing myself between my legs, and beginning to breathe heavily, and my teacher was looking at me in a very disapproving fashion. I don’t think anyone else in the class had noticed yet, because there were no snickers or jeers, and I sat on the back of the row. After that I was a lot more careful about when and where I escaped into fantasy land. Baldness became a topic that I was eager to discuss with anyone who would listen without looking critical. But, most people that I breached the subject to became critical. When I was out with my girlfriends and one would talk about getting her hair cut, I almost always popped in with, “Why don’t you shave it all off?” This generally was met with disapproval, or “yeah, sure, ha, ha, very funny.” Occasionally someone would say, “Would you shave your’s off?”, and I would answer, “Sure, why not? It would be cool, you wouldn’t have to wash it and roll it. I think it would be neat.” Most of the time, the other girls would laugh it off and change the subject. Yet, from time to time, I would find a girl who would be willing to pursue the conversation farther, who showed a similar fascination or interest in shaving their heads or seeing some other woman with a shaved head. Over time I became quite adept at gracefully breaching the subject in the course of a conversation, and equally gracefully backing away if it was not met with interest. I began to develop an almost 6th sense for being able to identify women who would talk about the topic and those who were turned off by it. Yet, I still felt all alone, because none of those who showed any interest or were willing to discuss the subject ever seemed to be more interested in it than just a passing fancy in an idle conversation. I did have an English teacher in my junior year who I engaged in conversation on the topic one day after school for nearly an hour. She seemed to share a lot of the same ideas I did about how different and exciting it might be to have a shaved head. I thought I had found a comrade at last, but I never was able to engage her in conversation on the topic again. College was a complete change of life for me. I lived in a dormitory away from home for the first time, and there were so many new friends and acquaintances. While it was the age of “free love”, that had not really captured our upper Midwest campus yet, it was still pretty much a west coast phenomenon. But, talk about sex was very much in. It was the beginning of the hippie years, and avant garde hair styles for both men and women were very much a part of the culture. But instead of bald, hair was mostly long. I found a lot more people willing to talk about women with shaved heads in those days, both men and women. I soon realized that it was something that excited a lot of the guys I knew. Body painting became almost a standard ritual at every party I went to in those years. Guys and girls would take off their clothes, and some hippie artist would give them a total body mural. I was at an end of term / C
hristmas party at one of my friends off campus house, and it was a typical flower child party. Lots of booze, a lot of people stoned, and people getting body painted. I wandered over to view the body painting activities, and a girl was taking off her clothes for a painting. Almost everyone watching suddenly communally gasped as she took off her panties. Her pubic hair was all shaven off. It was completely smooth. All the guys expressed approval, and the body painting artist of the evening went crazy at the prospect of a new smooth surface to illustrate. I was wild with fascination. I so badly wanted to feel her pubic area and see how smooth it was. I wanted to ask her a million questions. How long have you been shaving? How often do you have to shave? What does it feel like? and on and on. But, it didn’t seem the time or place. When they finished her, there was a little commotion as the next girl reclined for painting. I went back over and found the artist using a pair of scissors to clip away the pubic hair of the next girl to serve as his canvas. There was a can of shaving cream, and a razor there too. They were going to shave her, right there at the party. I couldn’t take my eyes off of the artist’s hands and the girls rapidly balding pubic region. Several other girls and a couple of guys had already lined up for the same treatment. I wanted to join them so badly, but was afraid of what others might think. Why I don’t really know. No one seemed to be ridiculing the ones getting shaved or lined up to get shaved. But, I stood and watched in total fascination. I was on the swim team at college, and through it met a girl who was a resident in our affiliated medical school. She was a former team member from her undergraduate years, and now assisted the team doctor and trainers. We became very close friends that lasted after my college years and her going into practice. I married during my last year at college and she was my matron of honor. My husband was a great guy, four years older than me, who had finished college and his graduate program and was just beginning his career. We met on a vacation I took during my Sophomore year, and had dated fairly regularly after that. He came from a very conservative and strongly religious family. He was Mr. Nice Guy and Mr. Straight Arrow all the way. I did not give up my shaving fantasy, but being married to Don made me place it into the realm of fantasy alone, never to be a reality. Our sex life was very good, and very loving, but very conventional. Nothing that could be called kinky. He never asked for anything out of the ordinary, and never seemed interested in talking about such things either. After a year and a half of marriage, one night we were watching an old movie on T.V. It was one of those late at night, Black and White movies coming over a distant independent station on the cable. The movie was a complete bore. Poor characters, poor story, I was only about half paying attention to it and half reading a novel. Don was on the couch varying between dozing and watching the movie. The movie was called “The Girl in the Kremlin” and stared Zaza Gabor. I really don’t remember all the plot, but it had something with Zaza having a twin sister who was behind the Iron Curtain during Stalin’s reign, and she was trying to get her out or something like that. I looked up at one point, again bored with the novel, and saw that Stalin was about to have plastic surgery, fake his death, and escape an internal revolt in the party. Zaza was now playing the twin sister and she was the nurse to the plastic surgeon. For some reason a young woman was brought in by two guards. She was dressed in peasant dress, and had her hair in two pigtail type braids. A commercial came on at that point and I went into the kitchen to get something to drink. When I came back the guards where holding the girl in a chair, holding her hair by the pigtails, and a barber was turning on a pair of electric clippers. Stalin, Zaza, and the doctor were watching. The barber began to clip all the girls hair off in a close crew cut. She was obviously upset by the incident. In a few seconds she was sitting there with her head in a crew cut, and the barber was building up a lather in a cup with a shaving brush. He began to lather up the girls head with the lather, then took out a straight razor, gave it a good strapping, and began to shave her head. There was continued strapping and shaving until the girl was completely bald. The last scene showed the girl sitting in the chair alone in the middle of the room, her hair scattered around on the floor and her head completely and beautifully bald. I was back in fantasy land, just like back in school, breathing hard and rubbing myself. Suddenly I realized what I was doing and looked over quickly to see if my husband had noticed what

I was doing. While he wasn’t masturbating like I had been, I could tell that he had been intently watching the head shave scene. That night I wanted my head shaved so badly, I almost told him about it, but chickened out. I was very aroused, and when he came to bed, so was he, and we had sex much more physically than we had ever had it before. It was the first time after the first few months of our marriage that we had sex several times in the same night. Both of us were very hot. About a week later while we were out for a late night walk, in a period of silence between our passing conversation I asked him, “Remember that movie we watched last week, where the woman got her head shaved?” “Yeah.” he answered. “Did it do anything to you when you watched it?” I asked. “Like what?” he inquired. “You know, like make you feel something, turn you on.” I timidly said. Don was quiet for a few seconds and finally said, “It was different, I don’t know if I really felt anything about it. It was definitely different.” Before I could continue the thread he changed the subject and we didn’t get back to it. My physician friend, Mary, called me one day and asked if I wanted to meet her for lap swimming on the following Monday. The local YWCA had just opened an indoor pool, and while a member I hadn’t broken in the pool yet. I loved to swim, but until the Y pool was opened I only had access to public pools in the Summer months. I jumped at the invitation, and made arrangements to meet her on Monday. I went to get out my swim suit, and found it was a lot more worn looking than I had remembered it being. I decided I needed another one, and went out shopping for a new suit. I found one I liked, but it was a lot narrower in the crotch than my previous suit. It was time for the bikini line shave. Don has a beard and kept it trimmed with a pair of electric clippers. I dug them out of his bathroom drawer, plugged them in, took off the plastic comb, and began to trim back my pubic hair where it would hang out of the suit. Suddenly I was over come with an urge just to shave it all off. I plowed through the middle of my pubic hair and in a few minutes nothing remained but a small stubble. I spread on the shaving cream and began to carefully shave the stubble away. Gently pulling apart the lips of my labia, shaving away every hair I could find or see. It was a little awkward reaching all the crevices, but after a few trial and error attempts at angles and positions, I finally managed to give myself a fairly good pubic shave. I wiped away the remaining lather with a warm wash cloth and patted myself dry with a towel. I loved the way it looked, the smooth, cool feel. Afraid of a razor burn, I took some hand lotion and began to rub it into my skin over the freshly shaved area. I was very wet and very horny. I began to fantasize and masturbate, fantasize and masturbate… I spent most of the afternoon on the bed massaging my newly shaven pubic region. I got everything cleaned up and put away well before Don came home. I told him that I had bought a new swim suit and that Mary and I were meeting for lap swimming and breakfast on Monday, but nothing else. That night in bed, Don began to initiate sex. He reached his hand down between my legs to massage my pubic region. He gave a couple of strokes and su
ddenly stopped and almost bolted up. “Hey! What’s this? What did you do?” he asked shocked. “I shaved it off. My new suit has a very narrow crotch, I can’t have hair hanging out. What’s the matter, do you not like it?” I asked. “Uh, no. I was just surprised. No, I think its very nice. I like it. I like it a lot.” he chirped back. As I said, our sex had always been pretty ordinary and pretty conservative, but not that night. I had never had oral sex before. Don never attempted it. But he did that night, and for most of the night. It was great. I never remembered having sex that felt so good before. Don was very turned on by my shaven pubes, and I was turned on too. Monday Mary and I met for the swim and breakfast, she had Wednesday afternoons off from her practice, and we agreed to meet at noon for laps, and have lunch and an afternoon of girl talk, shopping, etc. Mary was my dearest and closest friend. We talked to each other about almost everything. We shared our intimate secrets together. While I never told her about my head shaving fantasies, I had breached the subject of women’s head shaving with her before and she had never turned me off. She also said she had at times wondered what it would be like to have a shaved head, and made me feel comfortable when I had talked about it. We came back to Mary’s house after lunch and shopping for some iced tea and girl talk. I revealed to Mary about my pubic shaving and Don’s reaction to it. She was very excited as we talked about it, and as I rattled away the next thing I knew I had told her about the movie, about my long standing desire to shave my head, and how badly I wanted it to be shaved but was afraid to tell Don about it. I’ve long been known for talking first and thinking later, this was no exception. I suddenly realized I had told Mary my deepest and darkest secret in the world, and was suddenly horrified about what she must think of me. But, Mary seemed neither shocked or offended. Instead she was very sympathetic and tried to suggest ways I might break the news to Don. “He liked the surprise of finding your pubes shaved, why don’t you just shave your head, and let him come home to the surprise.” she offered. “I couldn’t do that. What if he thought I was ugly, or was too shocked at something that strange. No, I can’t do that.” I protested. “Then just tell him you want to shave and see what he says about it.” she suggested. “I’ve tried a hundred times, I just can’t seem to get to the subject. It doesn’t work.” I complained. “Except in a stinking movie, I’ve never seen another woman with a shaved head. He will think I’m some kind of nut case. He’ll have me locked up. I guess I’m just crazy.” I was nearly in tears at this point, it seemed like years of fear and frustration had just piled up on me. I wanted to shave my head so bad. I loved my husband, his career could be ruined if people thought he had a kinky wife. I couldn’t do that to him. Our life together was worth much more than some fantasy I had. Mary let me sit there a minute trying to get my composure back. She reached over and put her hand on my wrist comforting me, and tried to reassure me I wasn’t crazy. “Just because you’ve never seen a woman with a shaved head, except in a movie doesn’t mean there aren’t women who shave their heads, or that you are crazy,” she consoled. “Hair on the head is a cultural thing in our part of the world. Women in other parts of the world shave their heads, and nothing is thought strange or crazy about it. Even shaved pubes aren’t all that uncommon. I see quite a few women in my practice who have shaved pubes. I saw a lot of them while I was a resident. Most just don’t go around putting it on display to the world.” “Most women don’t go around showing their private parts to the world anyway,” I countered. “Besides, that’s hidden under your clothes. No one would see it except your husband or your doctor, unless your an exhibitionist. I saw girls in college with it shaved. That’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about a bald head. You can’t hide that in your panties.” “You could hide it under a wig.” she said. “Wigs don’t look natural enough. People can tell when you are wearing one. I’ve got wigs, and I wear them from time to time, but people will get suspicious if I wear one all the time.” I said. “If you get a good wig, that is your own hair color, and your own hair style, they won’t notice unless you attract attention to it or tell them.” she offered back. “All wigs look like wigs,” I protested. “I can spot one clean across a room, and so can everyone else.” “Can you tell if I’m wearing a wig?” she asked. “Sure, when you wear one.” I answered. “Well?” she asked. “Well, what?” I said. “Am I wearing a wig now or am I not?” she asked somewhat emphatically. I started to immediately say not, but I thought better of it and took a second and closer look, satisfied with my examination I answered, “not.” Mary smiled, reached up to her hair, gave a tug, and off came a wig. But not just her wig come off, but underneath it there was hair along the sides and back of her head, but the top of her head was totally bald! “What happened!” I gasped. “Nothing happened.” she almost laughed back. It’s just shaved off, it will grow back. “Why did you shave it off?” I asked. “You’re asking me!” she mocked. “For the same reason you want to shave your head. I like it. It turns me on.” Mary went on to tell me that her husband had told her while they were still dating and things were getting serious that he had a fetish for women with shaved heads. He told her that before their relationship went any farther, that if she couldn’t live with that, and really felt like she couldn’t participate in that, that it was probably best if they split up. She said it took some thinking, but she finally decided that it was worth a try, and let him shave her head. Not only was he thrilled, but she found out it was really a turn on for her as well. They went on and got married, and had been shaving ever since. Right then they were playing with different types of shaved head styles, and shaving the top of her head, while leaving the sides and back growing was their current experiment. I couldn’t believe it, Mary, my best and closest friend, into the same shaving fantasy I was into and I never knew. Worse, she had actually been shaved and I never guessed. While it encouraged me, and even fortified me a little more towards telling Don, I was still a big chicken. I shopped around and finally found three wigs very close to my natural hair color, and was able to get them styled like my hair. The mistake I made was not consulting Mary about this. It would have saved me a lot of trouble later. About two weeks before our second anniversary, Don and I were driving back from a trip to visit some relatives. It was a long drive. We hadn’t said anything for a while. He finally broke the silence and said, “Our anniversary is in a couple of weeks, any hints as what you’d like for a gift?” I sat there a few seconds and finally said, “Do you love me?” “Yeah, I love you.” he said. “Do you really love me enough to give me what I ask for, whatever it is?” I almost whined. “Uh! Oh! sounds like this is going to be expensive.” he said have joking, half seriously. “It won’t be expensive, not as far as money. But, I really want it, and you might not be happy with it.” I timidly said. “Well quit beating around the bush and just tell me for heaven’s sake. What is so all fired important to you that you want that I have to really love you for?” he asked rather irritated. I paused again, took a deep breath and said, “I want you to shave my head.” “You want what!” he shouted, and nearly running us off the road. “I want you to shave my head. I can’t exactly explain it all, but I’ve wanted to do it for a long time. I won’t embarrass you, I’ll wear a wig. I’ll let it grow back. Just please, do this for me. I’ve wanted to tell you, but I’ve been afraid. Just do it for me. It means a lot to me. Please!” I rambled back. Don didn’t say anything for what was probably only 30 seconds or so, but seemed like an hour. “Are you sure that’s what you want?” he asked very unc
ertainly. “I’m sure.” I said quietly. “Well…O.K., if that’s what you really want.” he said. “It is.” I answered. We didn’t talk about much of anything for the rest of the trip. I wanted to tell him more, but never seemed to get the courage to bring it up. The two weeks to our anniversary slowly passed. The subject was never mentioned again. On the evening of our anniversary, he came home from work, and gave me the most lovely and dear card. He wrote in it at the end, “Your wish, no matter what it is, is always my command. With all my love, Don.” I had to fight back the tears. I gave him a great big hug and a kiss. I had truly married a wonderful, loving man. Don took me out to dinner, and the subject was not mentioned by either of us. When we came home, he went around the house checking the doors to see they were locked, and turning out lights. I went into the bathroom and got out his clippers, some disposable twin blade razors, and the shaving creme I used in shaving my legs and pubes. I put them on the end of the bed, and started to take off my clothes. I was nearly finished when Don came into the room. He looked a little uncomfortable as he looked down at the clippers and razors on the bed. He fidgeted a few seconds and said, “Uh, how do you want to do this?” I’ll pull the chair over and sit there. Just plug in the clippers and clip all my hair off. Then lather my head with the shaving creme and shave it like you do my pubes. With the grain of the hair growth, then against it, then side to side from each side…until it is completely smooth and bald. I went over and moved the chair to where we were near the electrical outlet. He picked up the clippers and plugged them in. I sat in the chair, shivering a little from being naked, and a little out of anxiety. My hair was light brown, and a little below half way between the nap of my neck and my shoulders. Don stepped around in front of me, turned on the clippers. He pushed my bangs back from my forehead with his left hand and placed the clippers on my forehead just below my hair line. I felt the vibration of the motor and the blades as they touched my skin. He slowly pushed the clippers back from the center of my forehead towards the crown of my head. I could feel the clippers cutting through my hair, a slight tug then a complete release. He moved slowly backwards and lifted the clippers as he reached the center of the crown of my head. The severed hair fell down from my head softly striking my shoulder as it fell to the floor. I felt a sudden shiver run though me. It was excitement, pleasure, and fear all rolled into one emotional burst. Don saw me shiver and asked if I was O.K., I assured him I was. He continued to clip the hair from the front of my head to the crown until all the hair on top of my head was sheared away. The wisps of severed hair were scattered around on the floor with a few stray locks clinging to my naked body. I had never masturbated in front of Don before, but I was hot, very hot. I didn’t care. I took my hand and started to massage my very wet clitoris. I closed my eyes, and enjoyed the feelings of pleasure and excitement. Don next clipped the hair along the sides of my head, and the locks dropped the floor as the clippers passed along over my hears towards the back of my head. Next he pushed my head forward, and lifted up my hair on the back of my head to expose the hair line at my neck. He pressed the clippers to the center and moved them slowly up the back of my head towards my shorn crown. I could feel the hair fall down my back as it was cut away. He made a few passes over my entire head from several directions, the turned the clippers off. He spewed shaving creme into his hand and began to massage it into my clipped scalp. It felt so different, so light. The roughness of the stubble on my head was so sensual. I began to masturbate again. After getting the shaving creme spread on my head, Don went into the bathroom to get a towel to wipe his hands, and to turn on the water to rinse the razor. I leaned forward in the chair to get a glimpse of what I looked like in my dresser mirror. I could see the shaving creme covering my head like a white short hair style. I began to orgasm again. Don came back, picked up a razor and put the fingers of his left hand on my forehead to steady it. He started from the crown of my head, shaving in short strokes forward towards my forehead, in the direction of the hair growth. The scraping of the razor on my scalp gave me waves of ecstasy. I couldn’t believe it. I had already masturbated and come twice, and I was still getting hornier. I was flush, and breathing deeply and uncontrollably. He finished shaving with the grain and lathered my head again, and began to shave against the grain. The short scraping motions of the razor, the smell of the shaving creme, and knowing my head was being shaved made me wild. I must have masturbated four or five more times while he shaved. I moaned, and groaned, and wiggled in the chair. It’s a miracle he could shave me at all. Finally he wiped my head with a hot wash cloth, it felt so good, so relaxing, and made me sooo horny. He patted my head dry with a towel, and dusted a few clinging locks of hair off my body. He took a step back and indicated he was finished. I got up and went and looked in my mirror. My head was beautifully shaped, where locks of hair had grown, there was now a soft brown skull cap effect where my head had been shaved. I had expected it to be pink, like my skin, but I realized it was the hair roots under the skin. I reached up and touched my beautiful bald head. It was soft, smooth, and so tight. I couldn’t control the flow of tears. I was so happy. I was more beautiful than I ever imagined I would be. I felt so free, so feminine. I turned around and looked at Don, he saw the tears in my eyes and looked worried. I smiled at him through my tears and said, “It’s so beautiful. I love it. Oh, thank you, honey, thank you. I went over to him and threw my arms around him and gave him a big kiss. Don gently pushed me back on the bed and began to make love to me. Passionate, very physical love. We both ran our hands repeatedly over my freshly shaven head. He kissed it, licked it, sucked it, and my shaven pubes as well. We had sex, and a lot of it that night. Don was a totally different man. Much more physical with his love making, much more unconventional than he had ever been before. We had vaginal sex in almost every position imaginable. We had mutual oral sex, and he ejaculated on my bald head, which sent me through the roof. I couldn’t believe how very wonderful it all felt. My dreams, years of them suddenly all real, all true. It was only the beginning of a whole new life for both of us. Sex which had been only conservative and almost taboo to talk about was now much discussed. He shared his fantasies with me, and I shared mine with him. I think I could have stayed shaved forever at that point, except that I should have had a talk with Mary before actually plunging in. What I didn’t know about maintaining a smooth shaved head, and about wearing wigs could have filled a library. My scalp became irritated because I didn’t know how to moisturize it properly. My wigs had caps that irritated my shaved scalp. I tried to shave my head too frequently and use too much pressure on the razors. I still had a lot to learn, and the pain of scalp irritation was making my fetish much less desirable. Then came the consequence of all that sex we were having. I got pregnant with our first child. So I began to let my hair grow back, as I did with each of our three children. But it was not the end of my shaving, only the beginning. But those are other stories.

The Second Time Around

After our first child was born everything became very hectic in our lives as we shuffled to reschedule our every waking moment around this being that came into our home and made loud 24 hour a day demands on us. Our daughter was about 5 months old before we even had time to breathe. From the time I found out I was pregnant with her (about the second month) until now, my hair was allowed to grow. After a
bout 5 months it was long enough to trim a little and stop wearing the wigs. Everyone just thought I got a short haircut. It had grown about a year when things had settled down, and was pretty well back to it’s pre shaved length and style. I made a big mistake in not talking with Mary, an experienced shaver and physician, about wig purchase and skin care before my first shave. About a month into it, I had a very irritated scalp. Fortunately, she was able to prescribe a creme that I could treat my irritation with and it improved greatly, but I had to scrap my original wig purchases, and learn how to shave in order to maintain a shaved head, and not get an irritated scalp. Most mass manufactured wigs (actually probably all) are designed to be worn over hair, not over a bald head. The materials that the caps are made of are synthetic fibers and elastic and are very rough in texture and have sharp edges. These caps when worn for a prolonged period over a bald head are very irritating to the scalp. Caps are also designed to be tightened and adjusted over a head with hair growth, and not a bald head. By not consulting Mary, who already knew all this, I ended up wearing wigs with caps that only made my head sore and scraped. She sent me to a wig shop in Las Vegas, Nevada, which manufactured wigs for show girls, and also specialized in manufacture of wigs for “medical problems” ( chemotherapy, alopecia, etc.) They also custom made wigs. Besides a trip to Las Vegas, I was able to get 5 nice wigs, in my exact style and color, which did not have too much hair (most commercial produced wigs have much more hair than most women naturally have, it is one of the things that makes them say “wig”), and had caps made of a softer material, with no sharp edges, and was somewhat absorbent. I can’t begin to tell you the difference in fit and comfort. I also can’t begin to tell you the difference in price. (Gambling was cheaper!) But, if you are going to wear wigs over a bald head, you should be prepared to pay the price. Since Mary is a physician, she was able to give me a verification of medical necessity, and the shop gave me a discount. They are under the impression that I suffer from Lupus (Mary’s idea), and from time to time have to have Chemo therapy as treatment. Of course my hair will thin and fall out during Chemo therapy, so I shave my head until it can begin to grow back, and grow back evenly in length. This all fits in quite nicely with other customers they service, and allows me over the years to return for more wigs, or to continue to catalog order them. I also had to learn how to shave my head to keep it bald, without further irritation. Mary’s suggestions, and my general practice since is as follows: Don’t use cheap clippers from a department store (Wahl or Oster brand) to cut your hair when it has been in growth. Go to a barber supply and get good commercial grade clippers, with a higher blade and motor speed. Lubricate the blades with oil immediately prior to use. We use either WD-40 or Duralube spray. Turn on the clippers, give the head a good spray, turn them off, and wipe off surface excess. Clip my head in sections, approximately 1/4 at a time. When my hair is at full growth length (shoulder length) we use the smallest comb on the clippers to first remove hair, then go to the blades only. When my hair is shorter from a partial regrowth (usually less than 2″ in length) we just use the blades. Longer hair is slower to cut, and the blades get hot. The hot blades burn and irritate the scalp. Generally we clip a section, clean, re-oil and let the blades cool, then do the next section likewise until all is clipped to short stubble. At short stubble, I treat my scalp with a pre-electric shave preparation (lectric shave), and using two triple head rotary electric shavers (norelco), and only as much pressure as the shaver will cause from it’s own weight; I begin to shave my head in small circular motions. I alternate razors to keep the heads cool, and to permit cleaning of the stubble from the blades. Cleaning the stubble out frequently helps prevent blade heat up. When my entire head has been shaved in this fashion, I get into the shower and shampoo off the lectric shave solution (if left on for a long period of time I find it irritates my skin) and get off all loose hair that has collected on me during the haircut. This also softens the hair shafts for blade shaving. Next I have my head lathered with a shaving lotion, not creme, I prefer one called Soft Shave. It goes on like a thick lotion, and not foam. It is much more moisturizing. My head is shaved first in the direction of the grain of the hair growth. Care has to be taken not to use too much pressure, and to use short strokes. The razor (twin edged disposable) has to be rinsed frequently in cold or lukewarm water. Hot water cleans it faster, but heats the razor too much both dulling the blade and irritating the skin. Since the Soft Shave can dry out before getting to a part of my head, additional lotion has to be applied so that a visible liquid surface is always present over the area being shaved. A warm wet wash cloth is used to wipe my head gently (no real rubbing) after the first blade shave. I do not dry my scalp between blade shaves, but leave it wet. Moisture, Moisture, Moisture is the key. My head is lathered and shaved next against the grain of hair growth, then from left to right, then right to left. After this and a light wiping with the warm wash cloth, I wrap my head for a few minutes in a warm (not hot) wet towel. Removing the towel, I pat it dry (don’t rub). If sex is to follow the shaving (and it usually does) I massage in either vegetable oil or olive oil onto my shaved surface areas. Two reasons: 1) It does not have a bad taste as do most body and hand lotions, and my husband likes to lick and suck on my bald head during sex, and I like it when he does. So no bad tastes to discourage him. 2) The licking and sucking can cause further irritation and drying of the scalp as the saliva dries. The heavier oil of vegetable or olive oil gives a good protective barrier. I keep a bottle at bedside for those times one of us gets unexpectedly amorous. I always give my shaved surfaces (head and pubic region) a quick massage with this oil before the fun begins as a protection against irritation. After the fun is over, I shower off the vegetable or olive oil, it is too heavy to leave on for a prolonged time. It usually takes a couple of shampooings to get most of it off. The skin will still feel oily, but it won’t be as heavy. I then massage in a good hand or body lotion, for a long time I used lubraderm as it moisturized best for me, now I use a customized lotion that is scented with my favorite perfume scent, but any type that moisturizes well for you will do. I frequently mix it about half and half with an Aloe Vera gel. Make sure the gel is not alcohol based (burns like crazy in places where you don’t want to burn). After an initial shave and most blade shaves I massage in, and let dry about 3 times. On following days, I shave my head every morning with the electric shaver and electric shave prep before showering. Make sure and keep pressure light. The idea is to keep stubble under control, avoid ingrown hairs, and keep your head relatively smooth, not glass smooth. After the shower, I pat dry and massage in the hand lotion / aloe Vera mix. Let it dry before putting on your wig. If you sweat around your head a lot (and you may not notice that you do until after you shave your head) a light dusting of talcum powder (actually corn starch works better) over the shaved surface before putting on your wig. For the first couple of weeks after the initial shave, I try to take off my wig about mid day for at least 30 minutes and give another moisturizing treatment. In the evening either before bed, or about mid evening (8:00 P.M.), another electric shave, and moisturizing. If just before bed, and sex is anticipated, use vegetable or olive oil, and remember to shampoo it off and moisturize with hand lotion following the fun and games. My head is blade shaved following one of the electric sh
aves, four directions, just like the initial shave, once a week for the first month, then it is moved to twice a week. If you both work, and the weekends is the time of most frolic activity, save the blade shave for the weekend. Never blade shave closer than two days apart. Pubic shaving is much the same, except I find that I can blade shave as much as three times a week (never on consecutive days), and only need one electric shaving a day. Eyebrows really don’t seem to get irritated. When I have them shaved, I give a pass over them with the electric razor each morning, and a pass with the blade at each blade shave. Don’t really need to moisturize. Now that we have covered the technical manual of shaving and maintaining, (a lot of readers have asked), we will return to our story. After 5 months confined to the house with the baby, I finally felt secure enough to let a good friend baby sit her one night, while Don and I finally got to go out for the evening. After we got home, I sat down at my dresser and was looking at myself in the mirror, when Don came in and seeing my pensive gaze asked me what I was thinking. “I’m thinking of shaving again, would you mind?” I asked. “Heck, no!” he answered, “Want to do it tonight?” “I’m a little tired, I was thinking maybe this weekend.” I responded.

“Any time your ready, I’m ready.” he encouraged. “I was thinking of maybe trying some sort of shaved head style, like a Mohawk or something this time, then later maybe shave it completely.” I suggested. “That sounds interesting, any other ideas?” he asked , very interested. “I don’t know, I’m sure I can come up with a few others. You have any preference?” I asked. “Didn’t know I was going to be offered a menu,” he joked. “I’ll have to think on it a little, let the old imagination run wild.” We agreed we would think on the possibilities and discuss it on Saturday. In the interim, I talked to Mary. She was into experimenting with different shaved styles, and maybe she could give me a few ideas. She was very excited at the prospect of our entering into the same experimenting that she and her husband had been into. At this point, while we knew about each other’s shaving, our husbands did not know we knew the other was into shaving. Mary suggested that I tell Don about her shaving, and how she and her husband had done some experimenting and some of their results. Don was very surprised, almost unbelieving when I told him that Mary also shaved, and in fact had shaved longer than I had. I told him the whole story of how I found out about her shaving, and how it encouraged me to finally bring the subject up with him before my first shave. He suddenly got very concerned, when he realized that meant Mary also knew about my shaving. But, with a little talk I convinced him that Mary knowing or her husband knowing, really wasn’t a threat to us. He was a little uncomfortable, but finally agreed. On the same day, Mary broke the same news to her husband, and got largely the same reaction I got. We met again on Saturday morning for breakfast and lap swimming, and decided that we all needed to get together sometime. That afternoon Don and I began to compare lists of possible partial shaving styles. We both wrote out a list. While there were quite a few duplications on the two lists, we had about a dozen possible shaved head styles. The problem was which one. Neither of us had a particular preference. The only thing for sure was that we could not do them all at once. This was going to be a project over time. We decided to make one list, cut up the styles in little strips, fold them up and put them in a little jewelry box I had, and just draw one out. The next problem was how long to stay in any style? We finally agreed that any style would last at least two weeks, longer if I wanted it to. At the end of two weeks if I chose to change it we would either 1) let it grow back for another shave style 2) if possible, shave off more to another shave style on the list, or 3) shave it completely. We also agreed that we would keep a master list, and mark off different styles, and add any new ones we came up with along the way. Well, the moment of truth had arrived, and I shook the jewelry box, and drew out a slip of paper. “Shave the right half of your head.” it said. That had to be one of Don’s late additions, I hadn’t thought of that, and it did not come up in our discussion of the original list. Well, what the hey, I thought. I stripped, Don got the instruments of the craft and we proceeded to shave exactly 1/2 of my head on the right side. It really felt weird. I almost wanted to lean to one side. I never knew how heavy my hair could be until it was shaved on one side, and full length on the other. I looked in the mirror and couldn’t help giggling. The first thing that popped into my mind was the old ads for Grecian Formula, where the man had half his hair dark and half grey, and it said “put your hand over the grey half and see how much younger I look.” I could move from one side of the mirror to the other, viewing only half my head and go from seeing how I looked bald as compared to how I looked with hair. Bald was better. Don was getting a little irritated at my playing in the mirror, it was clear he had other forms of play in mind and was anxious to get with it. While I thought it was funny, he was very obviously turned on by it. He shoved me onto the bed and literally pounced on me. What a night! He would toss my hair over on to the shaved side, and rub it over the bald area, then pull it back, grab a handful of hair, pulling my head to one side, then lick, kiss, and suck my shaved half. Then he’d do it all over again. About a week after my first shave, Don began to tell me about his fantasies. Until then, I never really knew he had any, he never talked about it before. He told me two things. First, he wanted to have anal sex. While I knew what it was, and had a few girlfriends who said they had it before, their reports were mixed as to whether or not they found it pleasurable or down right uncomfortable. I was really unsure of whether or not I wanted to even try. But, he had fulfilled my fantasy of shaving my head, and I felt obliged to at least give it a try. I told him I’d let him try, but I wouldn’t guarantee I’d do it more than a couple of times. The whole week since my first head shave, Don was always eager to help me shave any part of my body which I felt needed shaving. My pubic region was less irritated, but my head was already quite sore. Don showed such an interest in shaving something, I let him shave my pubic area. While I couldn’t take the crotch shave every night, he showed a real interest in keeping my rectal hairs shaved clean. Every night I had indulged him and let him shave my rectal area. He took a great deal of delight in this, and massaged my anal sphincter a lot during and after the shave, so his desire for anal sex really shouldn’t have been a surprise. When the first time for anal sex arrived, Don began with a shave of my anal area, he also lathered and shaved my entire buttocks twice. I was leaning over the edge of the bed for the shaving. He took a jar of vaseline and began to smear it all over my buttocks, using almost half a jar. He then began to coat my anal sphincter, shoving globs of vaseline up my rectum with his finger. At first I found his finger quite uncomfortable, and couldn’t imagine how much worse his rather large penis was going to feel. I almost called a halt to the proceedings at that point. I had to concentrate to relax as much as I could, and his finger was no longer painful, but the vaseline being shoved up my rear felt really weird. He rubbed his stiff shaft up and down the crease of my behind several times, and I found myself tightening up with anticipation. I concentrated real hard on relaxing and breathing slowly and deeply. I felt him ease the head of his penis up to the opening of my rear. I felt the pressure increase against my hole as he started slowly forward. As the head began to separate the sphincter muscle and pierce into my rectum, I felt an intense pressure and sudden blast of pain, I tightened instinctive
ly, and he immediately told me to relax. I took a couple of deep breaths, and focused on relaxing as much as I could. He eased forward again and the pain increased until the head of his penis cleared the sphincter muscle, and then it subsided. He slowly continued to move forward until the entire shaft of his penis was up my butt. I felt like I had a telephone pole up my ass, it felt like it reached all the way to the top of my bald head. I was really having to concentrate on relaxation, felt so full I couldn’t take deep breaths, and was starting to sweat pretty heavily. Don began to rub my shaved head, and stroke my shaved pubes with his hands, giving considerable attention to my clitoris. This certainly was pleasurable and was distracting from the great fullness and pressure I felt up my butt, but not totally. He made only a few slow thrusts, when he finally shot off an ejaculation that I could feel blasting inside of me, and his penis throbbing in my but like an explosion. In a few minutes his erection began to subside and I could feel the pressure in my butt going down, and finally he removed his penis from my rear. He was very obviously pleased, and I was very much of the opinion that it had been a very uncomfortable experience. I decided I had lived through it, so I’d give him a week, and if I still felt the same way, make it clear that this was not going to be a regular thing. At the end of a week, it was still uncomfortable, but I was finding it much easier to take. By the end of a month, I was actually getting a great deal of pleasure from it. His second fantasy involved smoking. Neither of us smoked. In fact with his profession, either one of us smoking would not have been acceptable. He told me that he really got turned on by watching women smoke. He was fascinated with it, couldn’t get enough of it. He watched them when he drove, he watched them in restaurants, he watched them where ever he could find them. That actually explained a lot. I had always thought he was just a spaced out bad driver. He nearly got us into a lot of wrecks, and always seemed to be looking somewhere else rather than at the road. He was looking at women smoking in other cars either in the rear view mirror, or out of the side of his eyes as we drove along next to them. A few times when he seemed to pass right by where we should be turning, either following another car with a woman smoking, or leading in front of another car with the same, I thought he just wasn’t really paying attention to where he was. (and he wasn’t) In restaurants he was always looking at other women, literally staring at them. I was both hurt and a little jealous because I thought he thought they were more interesting than me. I never noticed that all the women he was staring at were smoking. I actually felt much better when he explained it all to me. While I had smoked an occasional cigarette in High School or College when out with girlfriends who smoked, I really never developed a taste for it, and never have. But if that is what he wanted, I agreed to occasionally smoke for him during sex, or when we were away on a vacation. But, in town, especially, it had to be behind closed doors, and then only occasionally. I also wouldn’t smoke when I was pregnant. After the baby, and when we could start having sex again, the cigarettes came back. He would point out women smoking in movies, in restaurants, or in cars, and tell me what they were doing that he liked. How they held the cigarette, how they inhaled and how they exhaled. I actually had to make notes and practice in front of the mirror from time to time to get it where he was satisfied.

But, he wasn’t too demanding. I was smoking less than a pack a month, so I didn’t mind, as long as it pleased him. So how does all of this fit into a half head shave? Well, the next day after the half shave, he came home and wanted me to fix my hair on the growth side, put on my nicest dress, full evening makeup, and smoke for him. He would sit and watch me smoke, looking deeply at me, rubbing my shaved half of my head, kissing it. Giving me deep kisses between drags, and licking my head in long slow strokes. After three cigarettes, he sat in his chair, greased up my rear, and had me sit in his lap with his penis up my butt, dress hiked up, smoking, while he rubbed my shaved half, and ran his hands through my hair on the other half. This continued for the two weeks my head stayed half shaved. I found having to mess with my hair on the growth half, and keeping the shaved half bald to be too much trouble. When the two week period was up, I was ready for a different style, if not a complete shave. Don wasn’t mad that I was going to change hairstyles, but had expressed no desire in assisting me with it. I had lunch with Mary the next day, and told her that I wanted to cut the hair off, but Don didn’t seem too interested in helping. She had not seen my half shaved head, and wanted to see it, so she came by that evening after work to see it. Don had not seen Mary since finding out she shaved. When he came in from work, I was in the den with Mary, with my wig off, and Mary was admiring my half shave. We were discussing some possibilities. Don came in and seemed a little shocked to see Mary there, and me bald in front of her, but didn’t say anything. Mary and I continued to discuss possibilities. “You know, it’s not exactly shaved to the center, its a little right of midline. I think you could shave it like I have mine right now.” Mary offered. “How’s that I asked?” Mary pulled off her wig, and she was totally shaved except for a little narrow short mohawk that went from her front hairline to the center of the crown of her head in a taper from both sides. The hair was cut short between 1/4 and 1/2 inch long. I turned around to Don to ask him what he thought, and saw him staring at Mary with his jaw hanging down and his eyes as big as saucers. While I told him Mary also shaved, I don’t guess the reality of it didn’t hit him until she pulled off her wig in front of him. “What do you think?” I asked. “Don…Don… earth to Don…” “Huh!” he finally answered starting back to reality. “What do you think?” I asked again. “Uh! About what?” he asked still a little dazed. “How do you think I would look with my head shaved into a mohawk like Mary’s?” I asked a little impatiently. “Oh, great! I think you’d look just great! Do it!” he nearly shouted. “Do you want to shave me now or later?” I asked him. ” Uh, I’m not too sure I can get it exactly like hers.” he said. Mary chimed in, “Why don’t you let me shave it, I think I can get it exactly like mine.” ” Yeah!” Don jumped in, “I’ll go get you the clippers, Mary.” He bolted off like a schoolboy with a new toy to the bathroom and returned with the clippers and shaving supplies. “We’ll need a towel or a cape of some kind to keep the hair off her cloths.” Mary said, noticing none was brought. Don stood there dumbfounded for a few seconds. I realized the puzzled look on his face meant he had expected me to take off my cloths like I had done when he shaved me. While Mary had seen my intimate body parts naked before, after all she was my doctor, it didn’t occur to Don that she might not be comfortable shaving his wife, stripped nude, in front of him. “A towel, Don. Get a towel to put around my shoulders.” I said. He looked at me like he was going to ask why when I said, “Please get Mary a towel, honey!” and motioned with my eyes towards the bathroom. He finally figured it out, and brought us a towel. Mary began to cut and shave my head into the mohawk. Don was watching in fascination, almost drooling. He was really getting turned on by watching Mary, with her head shaved into a short mohawk, shaving my head into the same style. She finished the job in about 20 minutes, and I got up, took off the towel, and went over to a mirror on the wall to check it out. Mary came over for a side to side comparison. We almost looked like twins. We were both talking and giggling about it, and neither of noticed Don coming up behind us. Suddenly he was standing there behind the two of us, eyes as big as saucers, and had reached up and
was rubbing both of our heads. Mary was a little surprised, but didn’t act offended at Don being so presumptuous with her, she even laughed it off. I could see Don was almost in a trance, and not really registering that only one of these women was going to have sex with him, and it wasn’t the doctor. I took him by the arm and asked him to go get the vacuum to clean up the cut hair on the floor. He kind of snapped back to reality and went to get the vacuum. When he left, Mary laughed and said, “Is he ever turned on, I better get out of here before he has us both tied to the bed post.” She slipped her wig back on, got her purse, said good bye and made a hasty retreat as Don came back into the room with vacuum. He begged her not to be in such a hurry to leave, but she told him she had to make early rounds in the morning and had things to do at the house before bedtime, and slipped out. Don cleaned up the hair from the den, and I took the shaving gear back to the bedroom, and checked on the baby. When he came into the bedroom, I was on the bed watching the T.V. He looked a little shocked as I think he expected to find me nude. “Isn’t it time we shaved the other end?” he asked looking for an excuse to get me naked. “Yeah, I guess we can.” I answered intentionally nonchalantly. I could see that my teasing of being uninterested was really turning him on more. This was a surprise. Don brought in the shaving gear to shave my pubes and anal area, and looked a little irritated when I still was there with my cloths on. “I can’t shave it with your cloths still on!” he protested. “Huh? Oh, yea, I guess that means I have to get undressed.” I said acting like I wasn’t really all that interested in what he was doing. Don was obviously getting quickly frustrated and very turned on. I slowly got up, almost grudgingly, and began to slowly undress, paying a lot of attention to the television. I could see he was about to burst. Finally, I got undressed and laid back with my legs spread for the shaving. As he shaved, I pretended to be disinterested in his handiwork, and absorbed in the T.V. program. He was getting hotter and hotter. I thought he was a steam kettle about to blow. He finally got me to role over for the anal shaving, which I did slowly, grudgingly, and with disinterest. He shaved my rear, and began to shove vaseline up my behind. We now used a 50cc syringe which we packed with vaseline to shove the lubricant up inside of my rear, and then he carefully greased the exterior of my anal sphincter surface. When I was expecting the usual plunge, I realized he was across the room in my closet. He came back carrying my formal evening gown. “Here put this on.” he said quickly. “But, don’t wear any underwear.” He dug out my elbow length gloves, and told me to wear them too. He also wanted me to go put on makeup, just like I did for our usual game. I realized he wanted to play the anal sex game with me sitting on him, with the dress hiked up, and smoking. I put on the dress, makeup, gloves, and went and got my cigarettes and lighter. When I came back in the room, he had out a wig I had that was long and very high fashion styled, like a hairdo for the opera. In fact that is exactly what I had bought it for, to wear on formal occasions with my formal evening gown. He wanted me to put it on, so I did. I started to pick up my cigarettes and light one and then to follow him to the chair in the den. As I picked up the pack he said, “No, not those tonight.” He went to his dresser drawer, rummaged around and came out with a long panatela type cigar. “Smoke this instead,” he said almost mesmerized. I followed him into the den, expecting him to stop at the chair, but he continued on around the bar in the kitchen. “Over here.” he panted. “Now light the cigar.” I lit the cigar and took a long drag, like he liked to watch and gave a long slow thin exhale. It was much stronger than the cigarettes I had smoked, and made me feel a little dizzy. He seemed to like that so I did another long inhale, held it a second and another slow long exhale. “Now turn around and lean over the counter.” He directed. “Now smoke the cigar, watch the television, and act like you aren’t even aware I’m here.” As I smoked and watched the television, he lifted my dress and plunged deep up my ass. He was moaning and thrusting deeply. I was giving an academy award winning performance trying to pretend I didn’t realize anything was going on. The pumping up my ass was going on quite longer than usual, he usually ejaculated fairly quickly with anal sex, seldom more than a minute or two. He finally reached up and jerked my wig off, started to rub my head and shouted, “Your bald! Your bald!” The thrusting increased and finally I could feel the hot ejaculation inside me and his penis throbbing in my ass. He was silent and almost totally exhausted when he finished. I went to the bathroom, and cleaned up, came back and he wanted me to strip, and finish the cigar. After a couple of cigarettes, he was ready to go again, and it was a wild and passionate night. This became his favorite game to play. We’ve done from 4 to 6 times a month since, except for a few breaks during my other two pregnancies. I really don’t have too many occasions to wear them out on the town, but now I have nearly a closet full of formal evening gowns. I really liked the short mohawk. I kept it shaved that way until we decided to try to get pregnant again. It was the way I first went out in public shaved on a vacation to San Francisco. About a week after we decided to try for another child, I shaved the mohawk strip off, and began to let my hair grow again.

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