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Setting: a college dorm, late stages of a party. only a handful of people left. One of them is a very drunk redhead named JJ. She is a gorgeous, perky and sassy girl who is stumbling around the party flirting with guys and mocking the other girls. JJ has a beautiful mane of red hair, about which she is so justifiably proud. She spends all of her waking moments playing with it and calling people’s attention to it.

The action begins with JJ encountering a mousy, brown-haired girl named Giselle. JJ has been flirting with a quiet, shy guy, in whom Giselle is obviously interested.

Giselle: Hi JJ. Aren’t you a little too out of it to be stumbling around this party, acting like you own the place.

JJ: What do you care, little mousy girl? You don’t have any chance here. When I’m drunk, I’m all the more attractive to the guys. When you’re stone cold sober, you’re still just a mousy little girl. You should just go home!

Giselle: Screw you, JJ

JJ: Oh, you’re so clever, mouse girl.

Giselle: Get over yourself.

Giselle retreats to a small band of girls on the other side of the room. Alyssa is a tall brunette, Alison is a cute Asian girl, and Shannon is a classically beautiful blonde.

Alyssa: JJ is in rare form tonight, isn’t she?

Giselle: She is such an arrogant bitch. Just look at how she is flopping that hair around.

Alison: Wearing those skimpy outfits, like a tramp. The guys all seem to be into her, though.

Shannon: She *is* a tramp; that’s why the guys like her so much.

Giselle: Look at her. I’m surprised she hasn’t puked by now. She barely can stand on her own two feet.

Shot of JJ stumbling around in her little black dress, which is riding up. She obviously likes the fact that guys are looking up her dress and is exaggerating the effect.

Quiet guy: Are you ok, JJ?

JJ: ah hah? Yeah, I’m oook. Why do you ask? Look at me! I’m spinning? (she spins around)

Quiet guy: You should be careful, JJ.

JJ: Why is that?

Quiet guy: You’re turning a little green. I can tell you’re dizzy.

JJ: Hey! I feel fine. Go to hell.

Giselle goes back to the cooler to get another beer. She starts flirting with a tall, athletic looking guy. She is touching him and pressing her breasts into his stomach.

The girls consult with one another.

Shannon: She can’t hold her alcohol. I have an idea. Follow me.

The girls all amble over to JJ, who is sipping her beer.

Shannon: Hi JJ. Want to play a little game?

JJ: Sure, and I’ll beat your ass!

Alyssa: OK. Let’s play fuzzy duck.

JJ: Wha’s that?

Alison: That’s where you have to say “fuzzy duck” until someone says “duzzy?” and then if it is your turn, you have to say “ducky fuzz” Got it?

JJ: Huh?

Shannon: OK. let’s start “ducky fuzz”

JJ: Huh?

Alyssa: Oh no! YOu have to chug that beer now

JJ dutifully chugs her beer and gets another one.

Giselle: fuzzy duck!

JJ: huh?

Alison: Gotta chug again, JJ. [JJ complies]

Athletic guy, obviously enjoying himself: Gotta chuck that one, too. You’re really funny, JJ. Wanna do a tequila shot?

Girls in unison: Yeah! Tequila! Tequila!

JJ: Yeah. I’ll do that. Give me that bottle. [She chugs straight from the bottle, then waves her hair about extravagantly, running her fingers through it.]

Athletic guy: Well alright! Love to see that.

Giselle: Yeah, drink it down, JJ. [Under her breath — “bitch”]

JJ: I’ll show you wimps how to do tequila shots!!! Drinks some more.

Athletic guy, softly: It’s only a matter of time now. [chuckles softly]

JJ: Only a matter of time till you’ll be trying to get into my pants, hah!

Giselle: What an arrogant little brat!

JJ: Screw you, mouse girl!

Shannon: Hey, take it easy, JJ.

JJ: Don’t tell me how to act. None of you have this kind of gorgeous hair. None of you is going to get any tonight. You’re all just jealous.

Alyssa: She’s right girls. Just let her drink and flirt. She knows what she is doing.

Giselle: What? Why are you taking her side?

Alyssa: Just giving her enough rope to hang herself, k?

Giselle: What do you mean?

Alyssa: Just wait. It won’t be long now.

JJ: OK everyone. Let me tell you something about me. I’m hotter than any of you, sexier than any of you. I’m going to get laid tonight. None of you are. Hah! MMMMMM [she clutches her forehead and stumbles around]

Quiet guy: You ok JJ?

JJ: Shut up! You already had your chance. Go to helllll!

Quiet guy? OK

JJ: I’m going to sit down now. Hmm. Mmmmm. [Falls to the floor, her dress far up her thighs, hair splayed out like a mane]

Quiet guy: Oh no! But wow.

Athletic guy: I saw that coming from 100 yards!

Shannon: [sidles up to athletic guy, getting a little close] She looks pretty silly, doesn’t she?

Alyssa: [also sidling up next to the athletic guy] Yeah, what a loser.

Giselle: [sidling up next to the quiet guy] Serves her right. She has been ruining this party from the moment she arrived.

Quiet guy: I guess, yeah. I hope that she’s ok, though.

Athletic guy: This is the opportunity of a lifetime. We’ve got to take advantage.

Shannon: You mean really humiliate her? Give her what she’s had coming all along?

Athletic guy: Yeah. Damn straight.

Alison: Ohh. I’m going to like this.

Giselle: So will I. What can we do to her?

Athletic guy: Let’s strip her down to her underwear!

Shannon: What? Oh come on. That’s so juvenile.

Athletic guy: What are you talking about? She’ll wake up, practically nude. It’ll be cool. She’ll be really embarrassed. C’mon man, help me out, k?

Quiet guy: Huh? hmm. Well, ok, as long as we don’t hurt her or anything.

Giselle: Oh, please. Oh this is great. Stupid men just want to see flesh. Sheesh!

Alyssa: Figures. We’ll have to wait until they’re done with her, and then take our own turn. We’ll figure something out.

Athletic guy: OK. Oh man, she is perfect carrying size. Just a small sexy bundle.

Quiet guy: Yeah. [The two lift JJ into the air — athletic guy holding her shoulders and head, quiet guy holding her legs.]

The two guys lift and carry JJ to the nearest couch. The quiet guy steadies JJ’s legs, as the athletic guy slips off the little black dress she is wearing. She is now wearing only bra and panties.

Athletic guy: Sweet! awesome

Quiet guy: She does look pretty nice. I have to admit

Giselle: [approaching the quiet guy]. She looks like a slutty drunk.

Shannon: [approaching the athletic guy]. Yeah, just an alcoholic tramp.

Alison: OK, girls. It’s time for us to take matters into our own hands. These dumb guys aren’t going to know how to humiliate her. She’ll just wake up and see that the guys have been enjoying her bod. That’s no good.

Alyssa: Yep. Step aside boys. Let the smart people take over.

All four girls lift JJ back up into the air and carry her limp body into another room, where they lie her on a bed. One of her legs is draped over the side of the couch. Her head lies limply on one of the armrests. She looks very peaceful, limp, and vulnerable.

Giselle: I hate her!

Shannon: Me too. We should draw on her or something. Draw a big “SLUT” across her breasts.

Alyssa: Truth in advertising. hah

Alison: No No. That’s not much better than what the guys wanted to do. She’ll like that too. We can do much better than that?

Giselle: What? Could we do something that will make her look worse than she already does?

Alison: That’s more what I’m thinking. Something more permanent.

Alyssa: Like what? Give her a tatoo or something?

Giselle: Tattoo a big fat cow across her ass.

Shannon: Or brand her. Brand her with a branding iron.

Alyssa: That would give her a nice big scar. I’m kind of liking that idea.

Alison: No, no. We don’t want to do anything that would get us arrested. Use your heads. What could we do that would
be permanent, or semi-permanent and that would really humiliate her?

Giselle: We could color her hair. She’s always talking about that red hair of hers. We could bleach it.

Alyssa: Make her a brunette, or better yet, make her turn grey.

Alison: That’s a more promising direction. Let’s think about this some more. If she doesn’t like the hair color, she could just go to a salon and get it changed, or get it cut to hide most of the problem.

Giselle: Yeah. She could just cut it all off, really. And the problem would disappear.

Alison: Hey, wait a minute! That’s it! Let’s eliminate the middle man. We could just cut it all off ourselves!

Alyssa: Interesting

Shannon: Yeah, that’s actually perfect.

Giselle: Yeah, it would clip her wings, so to speak, wouldn’t it? heh heh. It would take her months to grow all that hair back. And the look on her face when she wakes up and tries to run her fingers through her hair. That would be delicious to see.

Alyssa: She’s such an arrogant little witch. I’d love to see her turned into a cue ball. She’d be so humiliated.

Shannon: Anyone have some scissors? I’d like to be the first to have at it.

The quiet guy steps into the room and clears his throat.

Giselle: What is it? We told you guys you couldn’t lust over her body any more. Got it?

Quiet guy: Well, I’ve sort of been hiding out here, couldn’t help hearing what you were talking about.

Alison: You sneaky bastard. You really should leave, unless you plan to play along with us.

Quiet guy: Well, that’s why I chose to reveal myself. I do want to play along. I’m actually really liking what you’re planning to do.

Alyssa: Mister shy boy has more balls than we all realized.

Shannon: Yeah, come here, you little softy. What do you have to contribute?

Quiet guy: Well, see, I have a pretty good shearing kit, and I live in this dorm, so I could just go get it for you.

Giselle: You are a sneaky bastard. If you’re really into humiliating this bitch, go ahead.

Quiet guy: Just one thing.

Alison: What’s that?

Quiet guy: I want to be able to help out. Not with the cutting. That’s all yours. I just want to be able to hold her, position her head and body. Stuff like that.

Giselle: [a little jealous] I don’t know. You seem to be enjoying this too much.

Shannon: No, that’s cool. The more the merrier. Go get your shearing kit.

Quiet guy runs off.

Alison: This is so cool! I can hardly wait

Giselle: Let’s put her into a position where the cutting will be easy. Starts to lift JJ’s limp body into a sitting position

Alyssa: No! We promised shy boy he could do that. [Pushes Giselle aside. JJ’s body limply falls back into a lying position.]

Alison: Just relax everybody. Look how unconscious and out of it she is. [closeup on JJ’s now vulnerable face. scanning down to her breasts, tummy, and legs]

Shannon: I am just so pleased to be seeing this. She has had this coming for so long. She’ll wake up bald, and she’ll just freak!

Alyssa: I couldn’t have planned this any better. She literally just plopped into our arms.

Quiet guy returns with a shearing kit.

Quiet guy: Here you go. What do you need me to do?

Alison: We saved the job of propping her up just for you. Put her into a sitting position now. K?

Quiet guy: With pleasure. [Really getting into it now]

The quiet guy slowly props JJ’s limp body into a sitting position. He tries crossing her legs. When that doesn’t really seem to work, he bunches her thighs close together. He places his hands on her cheeks.

Quiet guy: OK. I’ll hold her head steady now.

Giselle: [under her breath] Perv.

Alyssa: Come on everyone. Let’s all stay on the same page. Who wants to go first?

Shannon: OK. Alyssa, you start cutting on the right side of her head. I’ll do the left. Alison, you can finish off the top. And Giselle, we’ll let you do the actual shaving, once we have most of her hair cropped off.

Alyssa: Awesome! I get to go first. [She takes a big pair of scissors from the box.] You hold her steady, shy boy. I want to enjoy this.

Quiet guy: You bet.

Alyssa: [Looking at JJ’s slumbering face.] Here you go, bitch. [Snip]. I’m going to so enjoy watching you scream when you see what we’ve done to you. [Snip]

Giselle: We’re actually doing it! This is so cool. Look at those clumps of hair falling to the floor!

Alison: Told you we could do something great if we just tried to be smart about it.

Shannon: The jocks sure aren’t going to enjoy looking at old JJ anymore, are they?

Giselle: She already looks ridiculous. Imagine how silly she’ll look when we’re done.

Alyssa: Hey, this is so much fun. You cannot believe it. [Snip] She is going to look so ridiculous and ugly when we’re done. [Snip]

Shannon: Cut it nice and close, girl.

Alyssa: You got it. [Snip.] Yep. That ought to do it for the right side of her head. Nice work, shy boy.

Quiet guy: Thanks

Alyssa hands the scissors to Shannon.

Shannon: Oh yeah. My turn. [She gives JJ a mock kiss on the forehead.] Pretty soon your entire head will be as bare and smooth as your forehead, you arrogant bitch.

Giselle: She’s looking a little ragged right now. Like an old Raggedy Ann doll. This is so cool!

Shannon: Yeah. [Snip] I have never had so much fun at a party in all my life. [Snip]. She’ll never ever live this one down. Won’t you, JJ? Suddenly you’re not all that, are you? You can’t even squirm. Just lying there all limp. Gotta take it and realize what has happened later. Hah! [Snip]

Quiet guy: I have to admit. This is pretty cool. She’s looking pretty silly now.

Giselle: Yeah, I’ll bet you’re enjoying this pretty well. I can see your hands feeling up her legs every 30 seconds.

Quiet guy: Hard to help myself. She looks ridiculous, but she does have a great little body.

Giselle: Yeah, well a lot of good that will do her, once we’re done and she’s an ugly bald girl and the whole campus knows about this.

Alison: Yeah. This will definitely be the end of JJ as we knew her. She’s toast.

Shannon: I can’t believe how cool this is. [Snip] It’s a shame we can’t do this every night.

Alyssa: [laughs]. Yeah. She’s always so proud of all that hair, but she doesn’t have nearly enough to keep us working on her all week.

Shannon: Just about done with the left side here. [Snip] That ought to do it. Look how silly that is. Someone take a picture! Just a little tuft of red on top and all that stubble all over her head.

Alison: Wait, yeah. [Pulls a camera out of her purse.] Shy boy, make her smile for the picture.

Quiet guy: OK! [Pulls JJ’s mouth into a fake smile]

Alison: [Snap] There we go. That’s one for the yearbook.

Alison: Putting the camera away. OK. My turn. Give me those scissors. [Takes scissors from Shannon.] I want to sing like an Italian barber. Figaro! Figaro! [laughs]

Giselle: She won’t be too happy with her latest hair dressers. She should have known better than to drink too much around a group of accomplished hair dressers like ourselves.

Alyssa: Yeah. She has had her most valuable possession in the world taken from her. And it just keeps on getting worse for her.

Shannon. She’s looking really butch now, isn’t she. [Shot of JJ’s now stubbly head.]

Alison: Yeah. [Snip]. This is going pretty well. She’s so nice and docile. The perfect customer. [Snip]

Giselle: Ohhh. I can’t wait. I just gotta do this.

Alison: She’s just about ready for you, Giselle. I know that this means more to you than anyone else.

Shannon: Yeah. She’s always been so mean to you, in particular. She’ll just freak out when she sees that it is you who got to finish her off.

Alison: I’m just about done. [Snip]. Yeah. That’s it. [Snip]. Ok. She is all yours, Giselle.

Giselle: Sweet! I’m so pleased about this. [pulls shaving cream from kit]. I’m going to milk this for all it’s worth. [shoots some cream into her hands a
nd begins lathering up JJ’s scalp]

Alison: Picture time again! [pulls out her camera] Shy boy. You know what to do.

Quiet guy: Sure do! [He positions her mouth in another absurd smile. The flash goes off.] Let’s position her head a little differently. It’ll be easier to shave if it’s hanging off the end of the couch.

Giselle: [sighs] Yeah, you’re really enjoying molesting this passed out chick, aren’t you. But you’re right, unfortunately. Lie her down and hang her head over the armrest. I’m done lathering her up now.

Quiet guy: Will do. [He gently and slowly pulls JJ’s limp body into a lying position, cradling her head so as not to disturb the cream on her scalp. He lies her kneck on the armrest so that her head hangs limply over the side.] There you go.

Giselle: Yeah. That’s perfect. Thanks. I wouldn’t let you do that if I didn’t know that this is going to absolutely destroy JJ’s social and dating life.

Shannon: This is the absolute end of her dating career. It got off to such a promising start, but now sadly it is finished.

Alyssa: Not sad at all. This is the greatest thing ever to happen to us or this school!

Giselle: Ohh, you are going to look so unpretty, you stupid little tramp. [sliding the razor slowly across JJ’s limp head]

Alison: Man, it’s really happening! Her scalp is so smooth now. Look at all that red hair disappear.

Alyssa: The lion’s mane has been clipped.

Giselle: Ohh yeah. She is going to be so humiliated when she wakes up. I’m going to be the one to wake her up. OK, girls? [Sliding the razor. Half of JJ’s head is now completely barren.]

Quiet guy: I can’t believe how much I’m enjoying this. This is going to be pretty humiliating for her. Let me stay for that, k?

Giselle: It’s nice to see you finally getting into the spirit of this, shy boy. I was a little worried about you at first.

Quiet guy: Hey, I’ve had my share of abuse from JJ, too. I just never said anything about it. She’s always teasing me. She’ll press her breasts into me or something like that, and then just ditch me once a jock comes by. She even called me a loser, once. I am really going to enjoy watching her get to be treated like a loser now.

Alison: We’ve put together a great alliance here, girls. The humiliate JJ while she is passed out alliance.

Alyssa: A nobler alliance never existed.

Shannon: She’s toast. We’re going to get the guys now. She’s just an ugly cue ball now.

Giselle: Ohh yeah. She’s so bald now. [Running her hand across JJ’s bald patch, which now spans almost her entire scalp.]

Alison: Now we know what she looks like bald. Completely ridiculous.

Giselle: Just a couple more strokes. [Sliding the razor along] No more proud lioness any more. She’s like a little bald rodent now.

Alison: Another time for a pic. Tell me when you’re done, Giselle.

Giselle: Just a sec… Yeah, that ought to do it. She’s perfect. Or should I say, perfectly humiliated.

Alison: Pose her again, shy boy.

Quiet Guy: As you wish! [He pulls JJ back into a sitting position, again pulling her lips into a simulation of a smile] Say cheese, JJ. [Ventriloquizes “cheese” in a a ridiculous high-pitched voice.]

Alison: Perfect. [Snaps the photo.] Ok, Giselle. You do the honors again.

Giselle: You bet. [Starts gently slapping JJ’s cheeks] Hey, girl. You passed out, you ridiculous alchoholic tramp. Get up!

The girls all together: Hey wake up! Wake up JJ!

Giselle: [patting JJ’s cheeks more forcefully] You gotta get up, girl. You have to see this.

JJ: [her eyes fluttering open] Wha. Wha? [Trying unsuccessfully to wave Giselle away.] Huh? Wha’s happenin’ [Her eyes now mostly open. She is squinting]. Hey. Wha?

Giselle: You need to wake up. Party’s over.

JJ: Huh? No no no. The party’s not over. I’m still here. The party ends when JJ leaves.

Giselle: Well you’ve been “gone” for quite some time. So the party’s over.

JJ: Nah. Where are the boys. [She stands up]. Where are the boys? Hey guys, come take a look. [She looks at her body and notices for the first time that she is nearly naked.] Hah! They love my bod so much that they stripped me down. You couldn’t help yourselves, could you guys? Hah!

Alison: And the girls couldn’t help themselves either, JJ.

JJ: That’s right. I’m so gorgeous, even the girls lust over me. Hah! [Struts about] Where are the boys. I wanna dance! [Starts doing a sexy dance that now looks ridiculous.] You wanted to see my body? Well, boys and girls, here it is!

Alyssa: Oh my god. This is too perfect.

Shannon: She’s oblivious. Hey, JJ. Take it off, k?

JJ: You read my mind, bitch. [Unclips her bra. Removes it and twirls it around in her finger.] I’m so damn hot!

Giselle: [stifling laughter] Oh my god. This is so awesome.

JJ: Damn straight it is, mouse girl!

Giselle: JJ, you can’t treat me like that anymore.

JJ: What do you mean, I can’t treat you like that. You mousy little geek. You’re such and embarrassment. Why did you even stay here so long. You’re not ever gonna get laid tonight, hun. Just go home, k?

Giselle: No way am I going home JJ. This is too good.

JJ: Your choice. But you can only look, mousy girl. I’m a stripper girl. Everyone wants my body. [She begins removing her panties]. Here I am boys and girls. Here’s all of me! [She is now dancing around completely naked.]

Alison: Well, not exactly all of you, JJ.

JJ: What do you mean? I’m all here, aren’t I? All my hot self.

Giselle: But you’re not really *all* here, JJ.

JJ: Shut up, ugly brown-haired mouse. You’re not making any sense.

Giselle: I’m making perfect sense. And don’t make fun of my hair.

JJ: I’ll say whatever I want about your hair, little rodent girl. You’re just jealous.

Giselle: And why is that?

JJ: You’re jealous because of my hot body. All the guys want it. And you’re also jealous of my hair. My gorgeous hair. All you have is that hideous brown stuff.

Giselle: Oh?

JJ: Yep. Ahh just go home. You’re pathetic!

Giselle: Oh, really? I’m pathetic?

JJ: Yeah. You’re pathetic. Just embarrassing.

Giselle: And you aren’t?

All the girls start laughing now. They can’t contain themselves any longer.

JJ: What are you girls all laughing about. Are you high or something.

Alison: No, honey. We’re laughing at you.

JJ: And why? Ahh. You’re all just jealous. Screw all of you.

Giselle: No, JJ. We’re not all just jealous. Do you notice anything at all different about yourself?

JJ: That I’m nude? hah! That the boys couldn’t resist my body when I was passed out. [Passes by the quiet guy and strokes his cheek patronizingly.] You wanted me so bad, didn’t you, shy boy?

Quiet Guy: Well, sure. But now… [Starts laughing]

JJ: Now I’m really pissed. I’m going to go find a real man.

Giselle: But JJ. I wouldn’t do that if I were you.

JJ: Why not?

Giselle: Because you look ridiculous.

JJ: What do you mean?

Giselle: Remember your hair? You were really proud of it.

JJ: I am proud of it, mouse girl.

Giselle: Well, where is it, then?

JJ: What? Shut up. [Tries to run her fingers through her hair. Her hand hits bare scalp]. Huh? [Screams] Oh my god!!!

Alison: That’s what we’ve been trying to tell you, honey. You’re as bald as a cue ball now.

Giselle: And you’re dating days are over! We have pictures and everything. Everyone is going to know. And it will take months for all that hair to grow back. You’ll never ever get another date at this school.

JJ: [Openly weeping]. Oh no! This is so awful. I can’t believe you did this to me. Why did you do this to me.

Quiet guy: You know the answer to that one, JJ. You haven’t been nice to any of us.

Giselle: Least of all to me.

Alyssa: We all agreed that you deserved this.

Shannon and Alyssa: Yep.

JJ: I’m through! I’m finished. What am I going to do? Oh my god. Shit. This is so awful.

Giselle: The arrogant gir
l gets her come-uppance. It’s only right and fair, JJ. You won’t be calling me mouse-girl anymore. From now on, I’m calling you Kojak.

All the girls and quiet guy start laughing hysterically.

JJ: This is so awful. I’m ruined! I can’t believe it. [Starts hyperventilating] I can’t believe you did this to me. To me. Unnhhhhhh. [She passes out and falls into Quiet Guy’s arms.]

Quiet Guy: Hey girls, look what I found! A humiliated JJ doll. Nice work girls. [He lifts her up and carries her around the room, displaying her bare head to everyone in the room.]

Alison: Congratulations girls.

Giselle: Happiest day of my life.

Shannon: I’m going to go get me a jock and get laid tonight.

Alyssa: High fives all around.

All of the girls exchange high fives, as JJ’s limp body is paraded out of the room.

The End.

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