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We hadn’t been getting along for quite a while now. The first few months of living together was fine; until she got jealous. The majority of our “friendship” had been consumed with fighting. It got to the point where she was finally moving out. Thank goodness.

It was Saturday morning; finally, a day I could sleep in! I opened my eyes and saw that it was only 8 o’clock, “Ah…a few more hours” I thought to myself. I shut my eyes and dozed off again.

Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz I awoke with a start and saw my roommate towering over my bed, clippers in hand. And they were on. Not only that, but her friends John and Katie were standing beside her. I was in shock. “What are you doing Michelle???” I asked in fear.

“I’m doing what you deserve. I hate you. I hate living with you. I came to get my stuff but figured I’d have some fun while I was at it” she replied.

She teased me a little bit with the clippers, bringing them close to my head and then back away, as her friends laughed at me. She wouldn’t dare, I thought to myself. I was thinking of ways I could fend her off of me but realized I was helpless. With John and Katie there, I was out of luck. I looked at Michelle, trying to hide the fear in my eyes.

“Calm down bitch. I’m not gonna shave your head.” Phew! I thought. But then what the hell is she doing with the clippers?? Probably just trying to scare me. “Not as long as you do whatever I say,” she added. “and I DO think you could use a little haircut….what do you think, guys?” Michelle asked her friends.

“Yeah, she needs a haircut alright. Everyone loves that thick shoulder length red hair of hers. She could use a little TRIM.” John sneered.

“Get over here bitch,” Michelle ordered me.

“You are NOT cutting my hair,” I retorted. I got a little more ballsy since she had turned off the clippers and stepped back some. All of a sudden John pounced on me, sitting on my hips as he grabbed a hold of my arms and pinned them down to the bed. Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Michelle flicked the clippers on and drew them near my forehead again. “It really would be a piece of cake to just shave it all off ya know” Michelle taunted.

“OK OK!!! Just don’t shave it please!!!” I complied.

“Good. Now come sit in this chair” Michelle ordered as she again turned off the clippers, and John released me. I cooperated and sat hastily in the chair that was in our dorm room. Michelle had placed the chair in front of a full length mirror. “Should we strap her down to the chair?” Katie asked. “Nah, she knows what’s good for her if she doesn’t do as we say,” Michelle replied, as she flicked the clippers on and waved them in front of my face, coming VERY close to the side of my head at one point. “Just be good and we won’t shave your head,” Michelle assured me.

Michelle began brushing my hair and getting a feel for the texture. She knew how to cut hair somewhat, as she had practiced since she wanted to go to hair design school. She pinned up my hair and sprayed the bottom section down with water. Schnick. She made the first cut. I watched in the mirror and to my surprise, only saw a 2 inch lock fall to the ground. She continued cutting my hair, and it wasn’t looking half bad. Before long, I had a one length haircut that was about 2 inches below my chin. I gave Michelle a curt smile and began to stand up.

“Oh no you don’t!” I felt a hand on my shoulder push me back into the chair. “This is just the beginning.” Michelle said. “I have to practice on you for hair design school. This hair cut might take a while.”

I wondered what else she was going to do. Perhaps dye my hair?? Style it? Maybe she was going to add some layers.

Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. I jumped at that sound. And looked in the mirror to see what was going on. That bitch better not shave my hair, she told me if I cooperated she wouldn’t shave my head.

“Haha, just joking” Michelle mused. “I love doing that to you.”

She combed my hair again and pinned up for the second time. She let down a back section and placed the scissors right at my hairline it felt like. Schnick. This felt very short for me. I looked in the mirror to try to see exactly how short this was. Luckily, as Michelle came around to the front with her scissors, she angled it down. The front pieces of my hair, when finished, hung just below my chin, framing my face. She added layers in my hair and then styled my hair with a curling iron. Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz I jumped again and Michelle said “Hold still this is just a trimmer, I have to clean up your neckline.” She buzzed just three areas on my neck that had hair leftover from my hairline. “OK now I have to take some pictures of my work. Sit right there and smile for me” I did not want to smile or give her any satisfaction whatsoever. I had felt the back of my hair and it was a lot shorter than I would have wanted. “I said SMILE,” she repeated, “or ELSE….” she reached for the clippers. I smiled a big fake smile as Katie took a picture on her digital camera. She moved around my head and got all different angles of my haircut, and after a couple minutes, she was finished.

“OK, now for the next phase.” Michelle whispered to herself. Next phase? What more could she do?? Wasn’t she finished? She re-pinned my hair, and this time began cutting the sides. I figured she was just doing some trimming up, but I looked in the mirror and saw that she had cut a lock of hair all the way up to my nose!!!

“WHAT are you DOING???” I uncontrollably yelled at her.

“Bitch, I told you if you dont’ cooperate, I’m shaving ALL of your hair. So you may as well just sit there and enjoy a free haircut.” Michelle snickered. She continued cutting the sides of my hair to nose-length; and the back was pinned up. Finally, she returned to the back and unpinned some hair. She forced my head down, chin to my chest.

Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. I tried to look up by my head was forced down by John’s hand. “Hold still!” Michelle said, rather excitedly. I fidgeted but found out quickly that I was confined to that position with John’s hand forcing my head down. BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ all of a sudden I felt the clippers at my neckline!!! I tried to look in the mirror but couldn’t see a thing. I just felt the clippers eating through my hair about three inches up. Michelle ran the clippers up different paths until the nape of my neck was shaved. I didnt’ know how short she shaved my nape, but hopefully she had a guard on the clippers. I felt tears stream down my cheeks. I was so mad at that bitch and I was helpless.

“There. Finished with that part,” Michelle said as she turned off the clippers and my head was released. I began to look up in the mirror but Michelle pushed my head back down “Not finished with the haircut yet though.” She combed what was left of my hair at the top part in back that wasn’t shaved, and wetted it down. This was a cool sensation over the freshly shaved nape, but it sent chills down my spine. How could that bitch do this to me? She cut the remaining hair to make it even with the sides.

“OK, now you can look” Michelle handed me a mirror and turned the chair so I could see the backview. My hair was short all around, and you could see my shaved nape in the back. I hated it. Luckily, the back part wasn’t shaved down to a stubble. It was about 3/8 inch. I was about to stand up, and Michelle said “OK, next phase.”

WHAT???????? “You bitch!” I yelled. “How can you do this to me??? What did I ever do to you?” I was so angry, and Michelle just looked at me and laughed as she flicked the clippers on and waved them in front of me again. I had to submit to more haircutting if I wanted to save ANY of my hair at all.

“I think I will angle this all up some more, so it’s shorter in the back. It will show off this nape of yours also.” Michelle told me as she rubbed the back of my head tauntingly. “Doesn’t that sound like a good idea to you?” she asked me. As if I thought ANY of this was a good idea. “I ASKED you a question,” she said, “D
oesn’t it sound like a good idea?”

“Y-y-yes.” I replied, subdued. “Ok, good. I’m glad we agree” Michelle said, as she combed my hair and repinned it. This time, she did not take too much off the side length, but she angled it up really high in the back. It was so high that I had extra hair hanging down that didn’t get cut. “Oh, I’ll take care of that in a minute.” Michelle finished angling my hair so that the front, and longest part, was to my nose, and the rest got shorter and shorter.

Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz I felt the clippers plunge into the back of my head, shaving off the long pieces that were not able to be angled up. It felt like she clipped my hair all the way up to the crown of my head. I was crying again, but subdued. At least it didnt’ look too bad in the front. Michelle turned off the clippers, and pinned up the top of my hair letting a lot of the underneath of the sides hang down. Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz she placed the clippers on my cheek by my sideburns, and clipped up the side of my head!!! She did this on both sides, and shaved it up as high as it was in the back. “This will keep you nice and cool,” she told me. I didn’t care! I wanted my hair!!! She told me she wouldn’t shave my head!!!

“Alright. Finishing touches.” I saw Michelle take the guard off teh clippers. Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz WHAT??? I had fear and anger in my eyes and she knew it. “John, will you hold her head down” Michelle asked. “No, just let her fidget. If you mess up you will just have to ‘FIX IT’ right?!” he said, laughingly. “Good point. Hold still Bitch,unless you want a headshave. I mean, you almost have one anyway.”

I felt the clippers dive into my hair again. I didn’t even think I had enough hair left to shave more off. She shaved around my entire head. It felt like the only hair I did have, was piled on the top of my head in a thick mohawk. The sides of my hair were shaved down to the skin. I could only imagine how this would look. I was crying and fuming with anger.

To rub it in, she clipped all over my head 3 times before admitting she was done. Finally she unpinned the top section and it covered up the shaved sides in front, but after my ears, you could see my skin through the close shave. The hair let down in back wasn’t even long enough to cover past my crown. It was an inch long and just lay there. I hated it.

“Aren’t you gonna thank me for your free haircut?” Michelle asked. I hated her. And I couldn’t even do anything about it. I knew she would shave the rest of my hair off if I was rude to her.

“Thank you.”

“Ok let’s take some pictures and we’ll be done for the day! Get ready to smile!” Michelle said. I could not bring myself to smile. How could I smile about this?? She took some pictures of me not smiling, but then ordered me to smile or else. I tried my best to smile, and luckily it satisfied her.

Michelle packed up her items and moved out. I’ve seen her on campus a few times, and it is humiliating with this haircut as she jeers when I walk past. “How is the cut?? Let me know when you need a trim or a touch up shave!” Are typical comments she makes. Just enough to make me want to seek revenge on her…..

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