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It is a Saturday night and you are going out with friends for some fun and hard partying. You dress up in a short dress for it is a very hot night and heels. After looking in the mirror to make sure everything looks right you think dam I look good. Two of your girlfriends arrive both are in slacks so you make a commit, “Well I guess we know who is going to get lucky and who is not.”

They give you the look and say nothing. You’re feeling very sassy tonight and ready to party. The club you are at is very busy and you are out on the floor dancing your ass off. You are out dancing having so much fun that you almost forgot your friends but they finally grab you as it is getting close to closing time. One of them tells you we’re going to the restaurant. Once there you fined two guys already there.

The place is closed and everyone is relaxing. The group is in a very joking mood and tricks are being played on each other. You bet one of the guys that he cannot put a funnel in the waist of his pants, put a quarter on his forehead and then put the coin in the funnel without using his hands. The bet is twenty dollars, as he leans his head back to put the quarter on his forehead you pour a glass of ice water in the funnel making him look like he peed his pants. Lets say the guy is pissed but did not say anything.

Now one of your girlfriends has a bet for you, she bets you cannot lick your elbow. With a laugh you say, “No problem and how much will you pay me?”

To which she tells you, “I will give you fifty but if you lose you are our slave for the rest of the night. Do we have a bet?”

“Yes.” And you try to lick your elbow.

Everyone laughs as you try and cannot do it. Then you hear, “I want a lap dance first.”

You look at the guy with a wet lap and say, “No way I’m going to be a slave for no one.”

He grabs your hair hard and tells you, “This was planned for a long time your friends here set this up and you cannot leave so you better do as we say.”

Looking at your two friends you see smiles on their faces and one goes over to turn on some music. So with head hung low you start to dance for the men. The wet lap guy is first and as you turn your back to him you feel his hands grabbing your ass playing with your panties as he pulls them down with a swift pull. So you move away from him and go to the next guy, as you get close his hand goes up your dress finding your bush, which he tells the group, “She may have hair for now.” Then you hear by one of your friends, “Don’t tell her all of her treats for tonight.” With everyone laughing but you.

“Come to momma you her from one of your friends so you dance that way not liking it but happy no one is playing with your pubic hair. You are happy you are away from the men and to be by one of your friends however it is short lived as you feel the zipper of your dress go down and your dress falls to the floor. You did not wear a bra so now you are naked with everyone else dressed. Now your last girlfriend calls your name and you move over that way. Teasingly you turn your ass to her and you feel the sting of a hand striking your ass.

You turn and say, “You bitch.”

“Take her boys. Tie her to the table over there.” She continues, “Bitch you have not seen me be a bitch yet.”

Soon you find yourself tied to a table your legs to each corner and your hands above your head.

Now you see your friend that you just called a bitch standing over you with a bucket of ice. “I think you need some cooling off.” Then you feel something very cooled being pushed in your pussy and asshole. You look down your body to see the two men shoving the ice inside you.

Your other friends adds, “The ice will remain in you tell it melts all away.”

Now all four of them take ice and run it all over your body paying most attention on your nipples and clit. By now you are shivering from all the cooled and you hear, “I think she is to cooled and needs some warming up.”

Then you feel a finger in your pussy looking down you see one of your friends. First one finger going in and out of your cold wet pussy and then a seconded finger followed by a third when you hear, “So are you feeling like our slave?” You say nothing then you feel a thumb on your clit.

I said, “Are you feeling like our slave?”

To which you reply, “Yes.”

They all laugh as you feel a forth finger and the thumb still on your clit. By now the ice has melted mostly but a hand is filling your pussy. Soon you are moaning very loud by now and you feel the thumb being tucked in the palm of the hands just before the final push and a fist is in you. You cum just as the fist goes in and with the thumb continuing rubbing your clit you keep cumming. As you get loader a pussy being pushed in to your face soon muffles you.

“She is not the only one to enjoy the ride” You hear from the woman sitting on your face. “She is a hand full.” You hear from your friend with her hand in you and they all laugh very loud, as you blackout.

As you wake you hear, “She back.”

Now a new face is looking over you. “Hi I am Master Patrick, your cyber Master that has been writing you all of those stories.”

You looked surprised and confused.

“I have planned this for months and now it is happening. I talked with your friends and they have helped me on this. What I am doing here is I am going to enslave you.”

Soon you feel my fingers running down your tummy and across what use to be your pubic hair, then to your sore pussy. “Yes I have shaved your pussy well I should say my pussy after all I now own you.” I say as you feel my finger goes in you. “Now I have one more place to shave you. You see your friends have told me you have been very sassy today and they have told me you must pay.”

“I think she has very nice hair and I have a friend that makes nice wigs he will pay good money for her hair.” The woman that slapped your ass tells the group.

Soon you feel scissors cutting away your hair and you see a video camera filming it all. Once all the hair is gone you feel shaving cream and see the straight razor that is about to shave you completely, then you feel cream on your eyebrows and zip they are gone.

Your friend ads, “I have been filming this all night long for I know I can make good money and do not worry you will sign your model release just like everyone else has or you will be punished more than this.”

Once you are shaved bald you are untied and forced to your knees. You rub your now baldhead. Then you hear “Sign this.” Which is a model release. Once signed a dick is shoved in your mouth. As you are sucking on it you feel something being put around your neck and you hear the click of the lock as the guy cums in your mouth.

Now you feel a pull coming form your neck area and you know a leash is attached to your collar, which makes you go on all fours. “My bald slave will be quit the odyssey and I am sure many of my customers will want to fuck a bald slave thank you ladies and gentlemen.” I say.

They all laugh and say all at once, “Your welcome.”

One ads, “Do not worry we will take care of all here possessions and we will tell her family she found the man of her dreams.”

Now you’re forced to crawl out of the front door of the restaurant naked on all four for anyone passing by to see and I open the back door of my car. You crawl in and cruel up in a ball. I get in the driver seat and off we go to your new life as my bald slave.

A loving Master

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