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As a new member of the hair enthusiast community, I really enjoy relating some past experiences along with a fantasy or two. I hope my stories will give someone else the same enjoyment that I’ve experienced related to beautiful female hair. I have a big time thing for two things….motorcycles (only Harleys) and beautiful girl’s hair( all kinds!)

Last year, I ran into an old friend who I hadn’t seen in some time. We had gone through basic training and later jump school together in the army about twenty five years and three thousand miles ago. As usual, we ended up in local bar doing shots and downing a few beers. After a few hours of this fun, Bob and I headed over to his place to see his new bike and let me meet his girlfriend. We both had a good buzz going when we got to his place, and I made a mad dash for the john as soon we arrived.

Upon exiting the bathroom, I beheld one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen. Bob handed me another cold one and introduced me to Vicki, his girlfriend.

The hell with his new bike, I thought, Where in the world did he find this babe?

Vicki was about five five and maybe a hundred pounds with huge blue eyes and dark brown hair falling softly around her face and shoulders. She looked like a twin of that actress Delta Burke. I shook hands with her trying to keep my eyes in my head, and we all went and sat down in the den. Bob began to tell Vicki all about me and the “good old days” as we had a couple of beers. After just a minute I couldn’t help but notice his hand slide up to her lovely hair as he began to absent mindedly play with her hair. I tried to keep my eyes off of what was going on, but was started to get that feeling stirring ever so slightly. Bob began to gently scratch the top of Vicki’s head as we all talked and again I tried to keep my eyes away and focus on the conversation. I started to get really turned. The longer he worked into that gorgeous hair, the harder it got. And the more he drank, the harder Bob scratched her scalp until finally she reached up and took his hand away and said “damn Bob” as she rubbed her sore head. Bob laughed and said how she must be part beagle because she loved having her head scratched so much, but she was starting to get a bad case of dandruff! I excused myself and went to crash but could not get over what I had seen and heard and was extremely turned on when I went to bed. The next morning, Bob knocked on my door and told me that he had a secret to tell me. It seems he had a secret desire to see Vicki with another man, and she had told him that night that she had found the guy she finally wanted to be with.

It seems I was the lucky guy! I could hardly believe what I was hearing, but I didn’t hesitate. I went into the kitchen where Vicki sat at the table. Now it was my turn to get into those thick dark tresses. I stood behind her and slid my hands into her hair and began to gently drag my nails across her scalp. Ummm she murmured as she open my zipper and took me in her mouth. It was fantastic as this goddess worked on me while I buried my hands in her hair and really got off on scratching her itch. Sure enough, after awhile her dark tresses were filled with white flakes from all the scratching, but she was so turned on she was groaning as she came with a loud scream. She looked up at me and smiled as she asked

“Do you want to feed me or condition my hair?” Without answering, I pulled out of her my mouth and grabbing handfuls of her hair, I exploded all over it, massaging it into her scalp as well. I was completely spent but one satisfied dude.

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