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I must admit, I had never experienced anything quite like the encounter with my buddy’s girlfriend Vicki and her “itch”. After our little time together, I hit the road and went home and back to everyday life. I kept thinking about that night and how cool it was and I couldn’t help but think about getting my hands on Vicki’s hair again, except this time maybe with a surprise.

I ran into Bob again about a month ago and this time, it was my turn to invite him and Vicki over. The next night they arrived along with a case of beer and a bottle of tequila. Vicki had on a pair of leather pants that she must have been poured into, and she looked Hot! Her hair fell in thick fat curls to her mid back. I couldn’t wait to get my hands in it again.

Several hours , and several shots, later we were feeling pretty good, and Vicki went to use the restroom. I looked over at Bob and said “you’re not gonna believe this but…..” and told him about my hidden hair fetish. When I finally convinced him I was not kidding, he laughed and said “Hey man it’s cool with me if it’s cool with her.” At this moment I decided to find out. I waited til she returned, and sat down beside her. I smiled and asked “still got your itch?” She grinned and I slid my hand into her hair and gently scratched her scalp as she purred like a kitten.

“I have my own little itch if you want to help me scratch it.” With that, I pulled out a pair of scissors and held them in front of her as I played with her hair. I proceeded to lay it on the line and told Vicki that giving her a haircut would be the ultimate turn on for me. “OK but just a little bit off she smiled and went and got a chair which she placed in front of me. I picked up a brush and began to brush her hair over and over. I couldn’t help but lean over and take in the fragrance of it. Finally, I picked up the scissors and picking up one heavy lock, I slowly cut about two inches off. Vicki looked down and saw the cut hair on the floor. “Go ahead and cut it shorter …I can handle it.” With that, I picked up another long lock and this time slid the scissors down to within an inch of her scalp. She looked at me for a second then nodded and I didn’t hesitate. She reached up and tugged on the remaining hair and grinned. “Damn, you weren’t kidding!” I went back to work, cutting off section after section of her beautiful hair until she was left with a short cap about an inch long. About this time, I went for broke and pulled out the new hair clippers I had purchased “just in case”. “You’re not planning on shaving my head too are you?” I replied that I was just going to even it out. I used the longest attachment leaving her with about a half inch buzz cut. She ran her hand across her head over and over and I decided to go a little shorter and put the shortest attachment on. I placed the clippers at her forehead and pushed them back across the top of her head. The remaining hair was only about a quarter inch. Soon, I had reduced her hair to a quarter inch stubble. Again her hand went up to rub her head and this time I said ” I can scratch that itch with a razor if you like.” Without hesitating, she smiled and I went to it. I lathered her head and shaved it until it was smooth as an egg. I applied a generous amount of lotion and gave her a really slow massage.

All this time, Bob had been passed out from one too many shots, and when he finally woke up, his eyes almost popped out! With her white scalp contrasting with her tanned complexion, she looked very wild but very beautiful, and now He was the one who couldn’t keep his hands off of her head, as they made love right there on sofa.

Hopefully I will soon find my own little honey to help “scratch her itch”.

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