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I have always been extremely turned on by girls with beautiful hair. Like all red-blooded guys, I certainly appreciate all the features of women, but the first attraction is definitely the hair. The feel of its softness in my hands, and the smell of clean fragrant hair are both real turn-ons for me, but what really gets my motor running is the fantasy of a beautiful girl letting me cut or possibly even shave off her sexy hair! I have kept this desire to myself all of my life however, thinking it to be a strange fetish that others would find weird or even sick in some way.

My wife Angie is gorgeous with a great body, a beautiful face, big brown eyes, and a natural olive complexion. She looks great whether she is all made up to go out or just lounging around in jeans with no makeup at all. But, you guessed it, to me her most attractive feature is her thick mane of very dark brown hair reaching to the middle of her back. ( It had been waist length until a recent haircut) I’m drawn to it to the point of hardly being able to keep my hands out of it. I love to stand behind her while she’s at the computer and massage her scalp. Sometimes she will remark “that feels good.” If only she knew how good it felt! She is very proud of her mane and keeps it looking very healthy and shiny. I know the last thing she would think of is my fantasy of cutting it. I remained silent.

While Angie loved to “surf the web”, I used the computer only for work but deep inside I wondered if there were any sites relating to my hair fantasies. Finally one Friday night, I logged on and typed in “haircutting”. Good Lord! I was up half the night visiting site after site and was thrilled to find out just how many of us there are who share a hair fantasy. But at the same time, I was nervous because I knew that there was a possibility that Angie might find out the sites I had visited and then my big secret might become my big problem.

All weekend long she seemed normal but over the next couple of days, I would look over to see her looking at me with an impish smile that seemed to say she knew. Finally, the next day, she was brushing her hair and made this comment; “I can’t get my hair to do right. Maybe I’ll just shave it all off.” I about choked on my coffee and slowly turned to see her looking me square in the eye with that same smile on her face. I really didn’t know what to expect …I knew she knew my secret .

Angie was very cool about it. She had never known and while she was very shocked she didn’t think me to be weird at all. She did however make it clear that she did not share the same fantasies and I could forget about cutting off her hair. I did tell her that it was an ultimate fantasy and what would it hurt to dream? On one occasion, she let me trim a little but was very adamant “only about one inch” and I actually trimmed even less than that as I would never betray her trust.

That was the extent of our “hair relations” until one night I awoke after one of the most intense dreams I’ve ever had involving, you guessed it, Angie and her hair. I lay next to her for at least an hour before waking her and sharing the dream with her. We made early morning love fast and furious and I felt on top of the world as I left for work that day.

Once again the subject became quiet around the house and as time went by, I thought that the only way my hair cutting fantasy would ever be realized was in my imagination. One day however, Angie called me at work and said she had a surprise for me and to get home as soon as possible. I immediately began to think of what it could be hoping but not really believing that it would have anything to do with her hair as she had made it so clear that that was not even an option to think about. Nevertheless, when I walked in the door, I was almost short of breath from anticipation. Angie had lit candles throughout the house and had prepared a great meal. As we sat and enjoyed a couple of glasses of wine, I couldn’t help but notice how sexy she looked! She was wearing a beautiful gown and had obviously rolled her gorgeous hair as it fell in soft curls across her lovely shoulders and down her back. I was in a state of pure bliss! I wanted to carry her to bed and make hot love to her right then and there, but I was also dying to find out what my “surprise” was.

Angie leaned over and kissed me long and deliciously and then whispered in my ear “it’s time for your surprise”. She took me by the hand and led me upstairs to our bedroom where once again candles were glowing and right in the middle of the floor stood a chair. On a nearby dresser lay a large pair of shears along with a brush and and a home haircutting kit complete with several different length attachments.

My breath left me as I realized what the surprise was! Angie sat down in the chair and asked me if I still remembered my dream? Oh hell yes ! was my response as I leaned over kiss her long and hot. I looked her right in the eye and asked her “are you sure about this?” The smile on her face and the look in her eye told me everything I needed to know and I knew that this would be a night to forever remember. Standing behind her, I reached down and buried my hands in her mass of beautiful hair. I gently massaged her scalp as I enjoyed the warmth and the softness of her hair caressing my hands. This went on for what seemed like hours as I savored every second of this wonderful gift that Angie was giving me. I picked up the brush and slowly drew it through her silky mane as I brushed it over and over until it shone in the candlelight. Angie murmured how good it felt. I’ll say!

Finally, I put down the brush and picked up the large pair of shears. This time I heard Angie’s breath catch as I slowly moved the shears up and into her hair. I slowly started cutting until a foot long section of hair fell to the floor. The hair was about chin length. God what a feeling after all this time! I slowly moved the shears back up and into her tresses. I continued slowly cutting a section at a time until her hair was chin length all the way around. I put down the shears and picked up the brush again and brushed her new shorter hair. I was so turned on that I had to stop right there and make love to her. I kissed her all over as I was totally excited . I buried my hands again in her hair as we made love hot and heavy until we both came at the exact same time in a crashing orgasm.

After a brief rest and a little more wine, Angie asked me if I was ready to continue. I didn’t hesitate and once again she sat down in the chair. Picking up the shears again, I grabbed a section and snipped it off about three inches from her scalp. I continued this until her hair was now about three inches all over. I picked up the clippers and once again asked her if she was sure. ” Go for it ” was her reply and I slowly placed the clippers at her forehead and ran them straight back across the top of her head. The longest gaurd was in place so that she still had about 3/4 of an inch of hair. Angie commented on how good the vibration felt on her scalp as I continued to work. Soon all of her beautiful dark mane had been reduced to a very short but very sexy buzz cut. Once again I massaged her scalp as I stayed so turned on I almost couldn’t handle it. I next repeated the process with the clippers but with a slightly shorter gaurd in place. Now Angie had a super short hairdo with the white of her scalp just showing through. We both decided that this was short enough and I put all the tools away and cleaned up all of the beautiful hair. We again made love as I simply couldn’t keep my hands off of her until finally we both collasped from sheer exhaustion. Or …was it shear exhaustion?

I’ll never forget the night my long secret fantasy came to reality. Angie has now once again grown her hair long and I certainly respect her wishes to keep it that way…I still love to bury my hands in it. I have got to be the luckiest guy in the world to be married to this beautiful girl who let me have some “shear pleasure”.

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