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John, smiling, watches the girl serving. The opaque condom colored latex dress she has to wear tonight compliments her baldhead well. You can see her nipples and when she leans over, the dress hikes up high enough to see how cleanly shaved she is. “Bare below as well as above”, he muses to himself. The black leather collar is thick and impressive even from this distance. The high-heeled boots she wears makes her tower over the tables and some of the customers. If the word “slave” wasn’t written on her forehead, she could be mistaken for a Dominatrix. Sometimes she wears the condom mini-dress other time she serves topless wearing only a pair of leather shorts. Other times, she wears a corset with a black g-string. Then there is the latex bikini. The orders change accordingly to the terms of her contract.

She only serves one table and one table only. The special VIP table in the back near the dungeon room. At the table sits the city’s best Dominants. Tough and experts in humiliation, they eye her for any fault and find them easily enough. Eye contact, failure to bring the right drink, slow service, or bad attitude, she suffers through them all and it isn’t coincidence that she is close to the dungeon room. Instead of punishing her by withholding a tip, she is punished through whatever means they feel is necessary. She is taken to the room and becomes the show for anyone and everyone. John started to notice people hanging around eyeing the VIP table to see who was going to be punishing the girl, JJ.

The punishers are men, women, local or visiting. A celebrity within BDSM circles renowned around the world took one look at JJ and immediately took her to the dungeon room where she proceeded to tie her up using the most intricate of Japanese bondage. It took two hours, yards of white rope, and much spanking, before JJ was naked and suspended above for all to see. Unable to move anything, JJ tears could be seen rolling down her face on the televisions around the club. The whole scene emoted the cruel laugh from the woman. She made many comments that made JJ turn red with humiliation.

The night the two men punished her made for another memorable night. They were wondering who was better with a cane. JJ was tied over the padded leather bench and the contest began. A friend rolled two die to see what the severity of the blow would be from each man. One through six, with one being the softest and six being the hardest and ten rolls of the dice being the number of blows, JJ’s vulnerable ass was striped. Not many sixes were rolled. JJ took the blows well and thanked both men properly.

Her punishments are becoming known throughout the city. Pictures taken are on the website homepage, which has become quite the attraction. John is certain to check the punishment page for suggestions. He copies them for her and gives them to her to read. The blush appears followed by the shallowness of breath. A look of panic and surprise with an arching eyebrows as she reads what the horny net geeks writes. He notices her eyebrows more than ever and is glad that they were left untouched. They indicate so much about JJ’s mood and arousal to such suggestions. Most of all, it is the shaking hands that give it away. The fear almost overtakes her, as she reads the punishment devised by a stranger and never knowing if such a punishment was in store for her.

John smiled as he watch the change in her. The brat in her was alive and well, but disappeared whenever she arrived at the club. If the VIP table was empty, she was allowed to party and dance until they arrived. Sometimes, the VIP’s would make her give them a tour of the club. One time, she was ordered to crawl around the club with a plastic bucket clenched in her teeth. Club goers were to drop money into the bucket if they felt she had begged them properly. All the money going to charity, JJ was ordered to raise a certain amount. The bouncer walked her like a dog throughout the club to make certain of the money’s safety, not hers. She was not worthy of protection. JJ raised a large amount that night by barking like a dog, boot worship, taking a few spanks, and kissing men and women passionately. Some paid to rub her baldhead, which always made her shudder with embarrassment as the hands caressed her head.

JJ was bending over and giving everyone who watched her a nice view of her ass and sex as she took an order from the VIP table. The man giving her the order reprimanded her for something. She apologized but that did no good. He was already fingering the riding crop he brought with him. The couple with him, watched with smirks on their faces. A few comments from them as JJ’s eyes widen. She was in for an intense session. It never ceased to amaze him that she always thought she could get through the night without one. Didn’t she know that the contract she had signed would never allow for a respite? The VIP guests were all invited and picked ahead of time. He knew them all and made certain that they understood the rules for punishing JJ. She was the star of the show and the show must go on. Silly girl didn’t understand anything. The tip money she received should been obvious. No server or waitress makes that kind of green in this place.

Maybe John would ask her once her punishment was over.

JJ is being led to the Dungeon room by a leash attached to her collar. The man with the crop jerks it to make her walk faster. Those in the know heads turn to watch. JJ, eyes downward, follows meekly as he tugs faster on the leash to move her along. She is like a naughty little girl being hauled to the principal’s office for a spanking. There are no friendly faces to appeal for mercy or clemency. She is in it now.

A few taunts from the people make her blush as more heads twisted to take a look. “Baldy is going to get her ass stripped,” says a heavyset woman with glee.

“The slut is going to get her pussy cropped,” asks a tourist with an obvious hard-on.

“Don’t forget her tits,” shouts a voice.

“Look at her now,” declares wickedly by a girl who was present at the beginning of all of this.

“I hope she remembers to thank him,” some guy mentions sarcastically.

Everyone is watching as her hands are tied behind her back and then is made to lie over the bench. She is the show and the show is going to begin. Punishment.

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