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Mistress Melissa and I had just settled at our table with our drinks to casually survey the scene at Berbati’s Fetish Night when a small group of young and very attractive girls came in. They looked to be college students and likely first-timers at Fetish Night inasmuch as they were dressed normally and seemed somewhat put-off by the leather-clad crowd that filled the dark club.

There were four of them huddled together and as they stood at the entrance allowing their eyes to adjust to the dark they started pointing and giggling at the sights of Doms, Dominas, slaves, subs, and other fetishists in the club, a strict no-no but, because they were newbies no one said anything. One girl in particular caught my eye, mainly because she was the prettiest but also because she was the most demonstrative and vocal while also being the smallest physically. She seemed to be the “leader” of this coltish group of MTV’ers. Her small angelic face was delicately featured and the lush mane of wildly curly red hair that framed her face made the milky whiteness of her skin glow under the purple lights. I found her very attractive in that fresh-faced girl-next-door way and I noticed this wild-haired fair young maiden had also caught the attentions of Mistress Melissa who wordlessly watched the small group make their way to the bar growing bolder – and louder – by the minute.

Mistress Melissa and I turned our attentions to the performance on stage; a caged head-to-toe rubber clad female slave was attempting to escape her bonds while her Master “absent mindedly” left her unattended.

Periodically Mistress Melissa and I would sneak peeks at the girls at the bar, particularly the little redhead who seemed to be growing bolder with each sip of her drink. A table next to ours opened up and the girls made their way to it, laughing and obviously having a good time. As they neared the redheaded girl and I made, and held, eye contact for a moment and in that instant she separated herself even further from her friends in my mind. There was a brazen curiosity about her that seemed to embolded her to her surroundings; she was getting cockier by the minute and as they approached the empty table, the little redhead bumped Mistress Melissa as she raised her glass to drink but instead of apologizing the redheaded girl simply eyed the much taller girl up and down and said “Nice outfit. Is it Halloween already?”. Naturally her group of friends giggled hysterically as they pushed their way past.

I found the encounter funny as hell, particularly with the look Mistress Melissa now had on her face and as she slowly and deliberately wiped the spilled drink from her vinyl corset her steel blue eyes were fixed squarely on the redheaded girl who met Mistress Melissa’s gaze without flinching.

“Uh oh” I thought smiling to myself.

The red-haired girl then tossed her head around towards the dance floor flipping her thick red hair in our direction thereby dismissing Mistress Melissa and thus, sealing her own fate. I turned to my evening’s companion and teased, “You’re just going to take that?”. Mistress Melissa drew a deep calming breath and without looking at me coldly said “No”.

Just then the sassy red-haired girl got up and headed toward the ladies room. Mistress Melissa slowly stood to her full 6-foot high-heeled height with eyes fixed on her prey and followed the hair-flouncing little girl into the restroom. I just shook my head chuckling to myself as I finished my drink. Suddenly the door flew open with Mistress Melissa half dragging her capture behind her by her curly red hair. Mistress marched the girl right up on stage while the girl flailed and clawed wildly at her. I had to admit that I admired the little redhead’s fire which also aroused me a great deal I must admit. Mistress Melissa’s superior size and strength finally allowed her to subdue the much smaller girl and with a final open-handed slap to the face Mistress forced her tormentor into the chair in the middle of the stage. The crowd murmured their approval at what they naturally thought was another staged performance.

Mistress straddled the small girl long enough to quickly and expertly bind her captive’s hands behind her back. Exhausted, the red-haired girl’s head went limp while Mistress Melissa spread the girls legs wide and secured each to the chair’s back legs. The crowd’s full attention was now on Center Stage and they cheered wildly when Mistress Melissa stood back to catch her breath after tying the girl’s feet. The tall Domina then went back stage and came back wheeling a metal surgical tray whose contents were hidden beneath a drape of white cloth. Kneeling beside the sweating and prone girl Mistress grabbed a handful of the girl’s gorgeous thick hair and yanked her head straight back. As the girl let out a gasp Mistress quickly silenced her with a large rubber ball gag which she securely fastened in place by tethering the back of the gag’s harness to the chair’s back rung thereby forcing the girl’s head back, her long red hair now hung helplessly nearly touching the floor and as the crowd gathered closer to the stage roaring their approval Mistress again straddled the poor girl with her full weight and violently tore the girl’s white blouse open exposing the small girl’s pert and flawless breasts. Buttons seemed to fly everywhere as Mistress allowed the torn garment to hang limply off the girl’s delicate shoulders. Neither the crowd nor Mistress Melissa were satisfied so the Domina, now egged on by the her audience, tore the girl’s skirt off. By now the little redhead was trying in vain to fight back but Mistress is an expert at restraint and her captive’s sleek, toned body soon was bathed in a thin layer of sweat which only accentuated her every curve. With one hand Mistress snatched the girl’s white silky thong leaving the helpless girl clad only in a pair of sandals which of course were next to go.

Mistress then stood back admiring her handiwork as the crowd grew more and more fevered. Mistress then unbuckled something from her hip and very cat-like sauntered over to her captive. She turned and raised one gloved fist into the air to reveal a leather collar. The crowd roared its approval and Mistress Melissa snapped the collar around the girl’s small throat thereby pronouncing the girl owned.

With small firm glistened breasts heaving the girl’s helpless and exposed nipples grew fully erect and rock hard from either fear or arousal…or both. Mistress Melissa then addressed the crowd for the first time, “So, what shall I do next to this poor little slave girl?!” and the crowd responded instantly with a variety of suggestions for the little red-haired girl’s punishment and torture. At first Mistress Melissa ignored the crowd and proceeded to torment her new slave with a variety of implements, first she took a riding crop to the soles of her slave girl’s sexy bare feet. The ball gag which filled her pretty mouth silenced the slave’s cries of pain which of course only encouraged Mistress Melissa to torture her slave even more. Nipple clamps, ice cubes, hot wax, paddles, and slappers of every kind soon followed in rapid succession culminating in Mistress whipping the little redheaded slave girl’s bare breasts with a velvet cat-o-nine tails.

Sweating now herself, Mistress stood back to see her slave girl’s body, now weak with pain, dripping sweat and heaving for breath. The slave girl’s long lush hair, now hanging in tangles, became the focus of Mistress Melissa who hadn’t forgotten how just an hour before the cocky and arrogant red-haired girl had disrespectfully flipped her magnificent mane in Mistress’s direction.

Mistress then turned to the crowd and an evil little smile crept across her pretty face. Turning back to the surgical tray, she gave me a quick wink. Even I was surprised at what came next. Whirling back toward her admiring audience Mistress now held aloft a pair of stainless steel scissors which glinted menacingly in the light. The crowd chanted in unison “Cut it off! Cut it off! Cut it off!” and agai
n, Mistress cat-walked to the helpless slave girl, grabbed another handful of hair and in quick, random thusts, half cut and half hacked the sweat-drenched auburn hair right off until it formed a pile on the stage floor! The crowd grew louder and louder as each clump fell to the floor until the once wild-haired, sexy girl-next-door sat crying and whimpering still barefoot, bound and gagged in front of hundreds of wildly screaming fetishists.

The entire scene was incredibly erotic. My leather-clad bulge growing larger by the second and when Mistress Melissa asked the crowd if she should shave her new slave girl bald I thought the walls would cave in! By now even the bartenders and cocktail waitresses were witnessing this incredible event. From somewhere a large stainless bowl with hot steaming water appeared, it’s ethereal mist curling seductively in the black light. As the newly enlisted assistant my job was to lather up the slave girl’s head in preparation and as I did so I could now hear individual voices erupt from the audience: “Shave her! Shave the little slut bald!”, “Make her pay!”, “I want a turn!”, “Teach the little bitch-whore a lesson!”. On and on it went and as I slowly and deliberately stroked the hot creamy lather on the down-covered and perfectly shaped head of the helpless girl our eyes met for the first time since she first arrived at the club. Her green eyes had a calmness about them, almost a sense of belonging and, oddly, contentment. I sensed she was resigned to her fate in a way. I leaned in close to her ear and whispered “Mistress and I are going to enjoy having you as our barefoot and bald little slave girl”. Her eyes closed softly, a single tear escaping down her porcelain skin and her body flexed one last time in a feeble attempt at freedom. Mistress once again straddled the helpless little girl and as she toyed with her still fully erect nipples whispered, “That’s a good slavegirl. I like one with some fight in her”. “Yes”, I agreed. “This one will be tough to tame I expect”, and we both laughed as the slave girl, now wide-eyed shot hateful glances back and forth between Mistress and myself which only delighted Mistress even more so that now she kissed fully the girl’s gagged mouth, tweaked her nipples once more than stood to retrieve the overly large and threatening single edge blade which glimmered with evil intent for all to see.

Making herself comfortable on the girl’s tiny lap once again, Mistress Melissa commanded the girl to open her eyes and look at her Mistress. The soon-to-be-bald slave complied and Mistress made the first long and effortless stroke. The crowd erupted!

“SHAVE! SHAVE! SHAVE!” they chanted!

Mistress took her own sweet time but soon enough the pretty redhead was shaved bald. I toweled off the remaining lather and massaged warmed baby oil into her scalp. The virgin skin was like silk and the urge to have this clean-shaven little slave rub her newly bald scalp allover my oiled body was almost overwhelming but, we had plenty of time for that.

With the girl’s freshly shaved head glowing white lavender the crowd applauded and whistled wildly. Those who were seated now stood cheering and taunting. The taming of this once fiery redhead had only just begun. I leaned in close once more to her soft ear and breathed:

“Your little pussy is next, slave”.


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