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“Look…it’ll be perfect! It’ll leave a lasting impression AND get me the recognition I deserve!” Bambi Weaver said excitedly to her best girlfriend.

“I dunno…isn’t it kind of…risky? What if we get caught? What if the call the cops?” said an apprehensive Rachel.

“Oh we’re not gonna get caught. Are you with me or not? You ARE the best hidden camera person I know. We’ll be famous! They LOVE reality shows! Think of this as a pilot episode you’ll be shooting!”

It took a little more convincing, but Rachel was soon on board with Bambi’s clever little scheme. Crashing a huge Hollywood event she knew would be packed with big shot producers. With her stunning good looks, legs that wouldn’t quit, ample breasts, and glorious flowing blonde mane, she could get away with anything. She had in the past and learned fast that her good looks could take her places. She’d appeared in Playboy’s College Girls, done a few ads locally, won some beauty pageants, but she craved so much more. Bambi wanted to be the next Jenny McCarthy.

“This is SO gonna rock!” she said as the two sauntered up the long driveway of the lavish estate. Rachel dressed as a caterer to better blend in.

But Bambi…she was dressed so sexily that only a blind folded idiot in the ballast tank of a Soviet sub under the arctic circle could miss her. Hot pink short shorts that appeared to be more paint than fabric showed off every curve in her crotch. Her stiff nipples pressed against the fabric of her tank top, tastefully and immodestly emblazoned with one word-HOTTIE! Saying she stood out in a crowd was putting it mildly.

“I would have figured there’d have been more security. Did you see the one they had? What was he…like 90?” Bambi giggled as they walked up. She and Rachel parted ways so not to look together.

As soon as she walked out onto the lawn of the big event, all eyes were on her. A waiter carrying a tray of champagne tripped over a chair looking at her sending the glasses crashing down. Oddly, no one seemed to notice.

“Hiiiii! How’s everybody doing? Having a good time? Wooooo! This is some party!” she announced loudly and giddily,

“Hey gorgeous! How are you?” Bambi said approaching an older gentleman she thought she recognized.

“I..I..uhhh..I..” he stammered at the sudden attention. She the jiggled across the lawn to a slightly younger looking couple she also recognized. Jeb Truman had produced a number of comedy films and Bambi thought she’d be perfect for his next work. She’d heard he was producing a film with Jim Carrey and she HAD to get in on that.

“Well hello there, Mr. Truman! Long time no see!” she said in her sultriest voice. In reality, the closest they’d ever come to meeting was in the pages of People. Dumbfounded at her appearance and not wanting to look like he was senile, he played along politely. Bambi acted like his wife Janie was invisible. After a while, the older woman got disgusted and wandered off.

An hour later, she and some of the other wives had congregated near a large fountain. Word got around quickly that the uninvited guest had be hitting on A LOT of married men. One of the ladies even noticed that a strange caterer was also present where ever the big titted bimbo went. It didn’t take long to see they were being filmed.

“Please…they think they’re clever? I was doing this crap for Candid Camera long before this bitch oozed onto the scene!” said an angry Helen Saunders. Bambi had practically jammed her cleavage into her husbands face as he sat by the pool.

“Well fun is fun..but fact remains, she was NOT invited and I think it’s time she was asked to leave.” Janie said.

“Uhmmm…which way to the girls room?” Bambi asked jumping up and down. A shaky hand pointed in the direction of the guest house. Bambi winked a signal at Rachel to let her know she’d be right back and bounced off towards the restroom.

As she came out, she decided to have a look around. She wanted a souvenir. She didn’t find much worth taking, but took out her digital camera and took a few snap shots.

Then she rounded a corner of the elaborate garden and stumbled onto all the women. A turn of events she hadn’t counted on.

“Hello, ladies…having a little hen party?” she said stupidly. They were in no mood for her antics.

“Look…I don’t know who you are or what you think you’re pulling here, but we think it’s time you left.” said Janie in a serious tone. Bambi just giggled playfully.

“Pulling? Why…I’m not pulling anything you haven’t! Oops! Did I say that?” she laughed, “I think I’ll leave when I’m good and ready. Or when your husband thinks I’m ready. Hey…we might even leave together!” She was pressing it.

“Now SEE here!” said an obviously offended Joan Thorn, wife of a director Bambi had been rubbing against.

“Oh lighten up, ladies. I mean that literally. Face it. You’re fat and old and I’m not. Do the math, will ya? I’m gorgeous! Every man out there wants me! Don’t believe me? Why don’t we ask them? One of you aged whales wanna come with me?”

That was the last straw. Bambi felt a light tap on her shoulder. As the grinning blonde turned to see who it was, she was greeted with Janie’s fist! In a combination of shock and force, Bambi went down. She was out like a light!

“That was too easy. Shall we take out the trash?” Joan said as she lightly kicked at Bambi’s crotch. They all gathered around and glared at the unconscious bimbo with contempt.

“I got a better idea. One of you want to go find her friend? She wants a movie? She wants exposure? I say we give it to her!” Jaanie said with a grin.

“Get her out of that silly little outfit. Floozy wants to flash her stuff? Why stop her?” said one older woman.

“Yeah. She must WANT to show off her silicone investment!” The older women converged on the sleeping beauty and literally ripped Bambi’s clothes off her hot little body. Her gravity defying tits left no doubt as to whether they were real or not. Bambi groaned and started to roll over.

“Quick! I’m not done with her!” Janie said, “Tie her to this chair! Tie the bitch and gag her. I’ll be right back!”

Three women picked the jiggly nude blonde up and sat her down. Several lengths of rope left over from a tent set up was used to secure her there. A piece of her shorts was stuffed in her mouth to keep her quite as she came to. Bambi shook her head trying to grasp her situation. Suddenly realizing she was tied up nude in front of several leering women, she tried desperately to escape. It was no use! Her muffled pleas only amused her captors.

Janie came back holding a small black bag. “I see you found her friend. Good work!” she said. Then she approached Rachel, who knew they’d been busted royally. Seeing what they did with Bambi, she wanted no part of it and began spilling the beans.

“Ok, ok…we get it. She wanted to be in the movies and thought this was the best way to go. Fantastic. Is your camera still working? Still charged and loaded with film?” Janie asked.

“Yes ma’am? Why?” asked a curious Rachel.

“Because we’re going to want you to film this. Ladies? If we let this little tramp go like this, our husbands would scurry off to the nearest bimbo they could find. However, if they see how we deal with such shameless sluts…well, that might be another story.” Janie announced. Bambi was now fully terrified and wished she listened to Rachel’s argument against this.

“So the way I see it, this little bimbo and those like her need to be taught a valuable lesson. What’s her name, dearie?”

“uhh…it’s Bambi, ma’am.” Rachel answered dutifully.

“Bambi…how utterly charming and original.” Janie chuckled. “Well, Bambi…I’ve decided on a fitting punishment for your barging in here and flirting so brazenly with our husbands. One that will have them NOT looking in your direction with lust or want, but with disgust and perhaps even…dare I say, amusement! This is such a lovely head of platinum blonde hair you have here. Mmmmmm…and it smells so nice
. It’s such a shame that I have to…shave it ALL off!”

Bambi tried to scream as Janie pulled out a fully charged razor! Rachel gasped in disbelief. The other women laughed and clapped at the prospect. Janie turned to Rachel menacingly and said “And you…I suggest that if you want to keep YOUR hair, you do a damn good job of filming this! There might even be a reward in it for you.” Rachel, not wanting the same treatment, fully complied. “Sorry Bambi…but I warned you something might happen here!” she shrugged.

Her eyes were as big as saucers as she felt Janie running her hand thru her lush mane. “Bet the boys loved playing with your hair while they fucked you, ehh, Bambi? Well you better cherish those memories.” (click-bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz) “Because when I’m thru with you, that’s all they’ll be…fading memories. Kiss it good-bye, WHORE!” Janie said as she put the horrified model in a head lock and planted the clippers at the nape of her neck and mowed the first wide path across the top of her head! Bambi tried to scream and escape the path of the buzzing clippers, but it was no use. A steady rain of detached locks fell quietly onto her giant tits and littered the ground around the chair. Her screaming turned to a weakened whimpering as the last bits of her once full head of hair was buzzed from behind her ears. With her thorough bleach job, she looked practically bald as it was. But Janie had other ideas. The others cheered and taunted the buzzed beauty as the next and final step was readied.

“Check out the ears on Dumbo here!” smirked Helen

“Miss, you certainly have a well rounded career ahead of you. Oh I’m sorry. Did I say career? I meant DOME!” said the wife of one producer.

“Her head’s gonna match her big fake boobs!” chirped aa aging redhead.

“Yeah, but what man is gonna be driven to distraction over her naked noggin? You know? Suddenly, I WANT my husband to see her nude!” said another.

“Oh, he will. In fact, they ALL will! But not before I finish her precious hair! You see, Bambi…as moronic as you are, I’m sure you consider yourself to be bald. No, no, my dear sweet plucked chicken. Why if I stopped now, your hair would eventually grow back. Possibly thicker and more beautiful than before. And then, of course, you’d go back to your old tricks.” Janie explained. Bambi shook her head ‘no’, as if that might stop what was coming next!

The expression on her gagged face was priceless as a hot lather machine was brought out by an aging maid. “Oh yes, baby….you’re gonna be smooooooth!”

Janie produced a large dollop of hot lather and carefully applied it to Bambi’s bristly scalp. Her pitiful muffled pleas were drowned out by the murmurs, giggles, and outright laughter of her audience. Then came the real horror. After she was fully lathered up (and looking quite ridiculous) Janie pulled out a straight razor.

“You hold still, sweetie. I don’t want to nick that pretty dome and spoil your perfection!” she smirked as she carefully began scraping away the white lather, taking the last of Bambi’s tresses with it. The smooth pale skin of her scalp was soon shining through! Two complete shaves later, and Bambi Weaver had been rendered-

“Bald as a fucking light bulb! Hahahahahahahahah! Whatta ya think girls? Think the little slut is still such a hotty? Shit…she looks like Kojak with tits!” Janie chuckled as she caressed and polished the would be starlet’s baren well rounded dome! Bambi couldn’t see herself yet, but already felt even more naked than she ever had!

“She’s hideous!” said a woman as she examined Janie’s work.

“Young lady, I’ll have you know my husband prefers long hair on women! Not silly looking bald-heads like yours!”

“Imagine all the money you’ll save on hair care, Baldy! You can wash your scalp with a damp rag! Hahahahahahahahahah!!!!”

“Yes, she does look delightful, doesn’t she?” Janie smiled, “And before you get any ideas about your hair growing back from a simple shave, Chrome Dome….I’m happy to inform you that that was a very special lather I had on your scalp. A perfect combination of simple shaving cream and 5 different types of hair removers! How’d your head feel? Warm? Tingly? Hahahahahaha! That was your precious hair being destroyed at the ROOTS! It’s not growing back, Bambi! You’re PERMANENTLY hairless, slut! Imagine that! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!”

Her audience was delighted! They were all pointing and laughing. Lining up to have their pictures taken with the naked bald bimbo. Rachel was sweating bullets as Janie glanced over at her.

“Did you get all that?” she asked of the camera wielding co-intruder.

“Y-y-yes, ma’am.” she stammered. Janie motioned for her to hand over the camera, which she did with out question.

“Good. Ladies? Remove our guest from the premises. See to it that she gets a copy. She might need a good laugh after this! Consider yourself lucky that we didn’t shave you too!”

Rachel didn’t need an escort as she ran from the scene!

“As for our bald headed fun girl. Ready to go show off your new look? Hmmm? Let’s get that gag off you.”

“(gasssp)…oh my GOD! Wh-what’ve you done to me? To..to..to my precious h-h-h-hair?! I..I’m BALD! I’m completely BALD! How could you?!” Bambi whined breathing hard. Her ample chest heaving up and down.

“Oh hush, Miss Clean! Let’s get you out there! Here…let’s wrap your head. Make you look nice and pretty…” Janie said as she wrapped the girl’s shiny bald head in a thick red towel. “There we go! Aren’t you sexy! Now get your ass up and lets go!”

Bambi was released from her binds. A set of cheap metal hand cuffs were used to secure her hands behind her back. “Can’t have you trying to hide anything, Boobra!”

Minutes later, all attention was again on Bambi as the grinning wives escorted her back out to the party. Jaws dropped at the fact that she was now stark raving nude.

“We had a little pow wow with Bambi, here. She wants to know if she can be in the movies. She said she’s willing to do b-movies. Think she looks good enough?” announced Janie with a hint of laughter. The dumbfounded males muttered and stammered at what exactly to say.

“Well? Maybe you’d like to see her TOPLESS!” Janie reached up and yanked the towel off Bambi’s totally bald head! Bambi screamed at the sudden exposure! She desperately wanted to cover up, but with her hands behind her back, that was impossible!

“Like her? You still think Miss Baldy is a hottie?! Look at her! If the ‘b’ in ‘b-movies’ stands for BALDY, she’s your girl! HahahhahahahahHHAHAHAHAH!!! Bring us another slut! We’d be glad to do HER hair, too!”

Bambi was eventually released with her hands still cuffed behind her back. Her massive jiggling tits and naked dome made her run back to her apartment one that was not soon forgotten. The attention hog got what she wanted. Film of her shaving became a cult classic!

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