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Farrah Fawcett. The name that brought visions of a glorious mane and a flashy smile. She was THE poster girl. But Farrah had a devious side and didn’t get to where she was with out stepping on a few toes or resulting to unsavory tactics.

Enter Tasha. Tasha was a tall Russian girl who Farrah had hired. Her job was to discredit any of Farrah’s rivals by any means necessary. She was promised $10,000 for her services and in a matter of weeks, she’d accomplished her ‘mission’. It was as cheesey as an episode of Charlie’s Angels, but effectively put Farrah on top. The details weren’t important. Only that Farrah came out smelling like a rose. Her rivals Cheryl Tiegs and a few others, decisively less so. Tasha had obtained photos of Cheryl in some rather compromising positions. She turned them over to Farrah and waited for payment.

“While I appreciate you giving me these. I’m slightly confused as to why you think I was going to pay you..heehee… Now unless you’d like me to have you deported, I suggest you get out of my sight and I never see you again. Ta Ta, sweety!” Farrah giggled as she buzzed security. Tasha was escorted from the property screaming something in Russian. Farrah just laughed, “Foreigners. Sighhhhhh…”

She didn’t know it, but crossing this woman was a huge and costly mistake! Before coming to the U.S., Tasha had been a major in the Russian Army. She could have easily taken Farrah’s security guards down, but she had enough forsite to take care of the problem at the source. “You will get yours, Blondie!” she muttered as she climbed into her car and drove away. She knew Farrah’s routine.

Every Saturday, Farrah woke up early, brushed her famous mane, and went for a 3 mile jog through the hills behind her house…alone. Bad idea.

The following Satuday was no different. Still smiling at how clever she was, threaten-ing Cheryl with the release of certain photos unless she backed off and all the other dirt she had on her rivals, she occasionally laughed out loud as she ran. Then, just as she was rounding a corner near a large tree, she saw a white cloth coming at her face. It was the last thing she saw before going out like a light! Tasha grinned as she gently let the actress fall to the grass. “I do so love chloroform!” she laughed.

“Paybacks are…how do you say..a bitch? Eh, Miss Fawcett?” said the brunette as she lifted Farrah and put her into a waiting van.

A couple hours later, Farrah groaned as she came around. “ohhhh my head…” she moaned as she slowly opened her eyes. “Where..where am I? Oh SHIT! WHERE ARE MY CLOTHES!? I..I’m NAKED!” she screamed. It was also apparent that she was tied firmly to a chair! She struggled violently, but who ever placed her there made sure she wasn’t going anywhere!

“Yes, you are, aren’t you?” Tasha said as she stepped from the shadows and coldly snuffed out her cigarette with her boot. “And what lovely teats you have. The last time I saw nipples like that was outside Moscow….and they were being milked!”

“How DARE you!” Farrah said as she continued to struggle, “Get me loose, you… you PERVERT! What did you do with my clothes!? You fuckin’ BITCH! GET ME LOOSE, DAMNIT!”

“Hmmmm…no. You’ll be staying put. For now, anyway. You see, Farrah. You are here to repay a little debt…with interest!” Tasha sneered. Farrah didn’t like the sound of that at all!

“Look..” she said trying to reason with the woman, “Just..just get me loose and get me some clothes…and..I’ll go get your money. Okay?”

Tasha smiled and burst out laughing. “Really, Miss Fawcett. Do I appear that stupid to you? And I suppose you would not just run to the authorities, no?” She circled around the naked actress menacingly. “No. You stay put for the moment.”

Farrah moaned and whined and kept trying to get free. It was clearly a lost cause. “What the hell do you want from me?!” she yelled in frustration.

“Farrah, dahling…I am suprised you haven’t noticed what kind of chair it is that you are sitting!” giggled Tasha.

“What? The chair? So what it’s just an old barber’s…oh no…OH NO NO NO!! NO!!! You wouldn’t DARE!” screamed Farrah as she suddenly noticed some of the other items in the room. Electric clippers, shaving cream, razors…NAIR! A strategicly placed camera trained right on her! “You..YOU’RE NOT SERIOUS!”

“Can you guess how I plan on collecting that debt, Miss Fawcett? Hmmm? And what interest I will be taking?” Tasha grinned as she picked up the clippers and stroked them lovingly.

“NO!” Farrah said flatly, “I..I WON’T LET YOU!”

“I am sorry, Farrah. Perhaps you will think twice before you screw someone over. And besides…I have a buyer who desires a certain lady’s flowing blonde mane. Shall we begin?”

Farrah screamed and pleaded for her not to do it as the clippers buzzed to life. “YOU CAN’T DO THIS!” she screamed as Tasha twirled the chair around so Farrah was facing a mirror.

She raised the clippers to Farrah’s forehead. “Let’s see if blondes really are more fun!” Tasha said as she quickly mowed a path over the top and down to the back of her neck! She lifted the detached locks and placed them in a box on a near by table. Farrah screamed in horror as Tasha repeated the process over and over again! Farrah begged and pleaded as she tried desperately to avoid looking at the mirror. Like it or not, she was getting her head shaved! Her hair collected and neatly tucked away.

In less than 10 minutes, the clippers went silent. Farrah’s once luxurious mane, her trademark, the one item that made her really stand out and garnered her thousands of fans, had been reduced to mere nubs! Tasha smiled and rubbed her rough scalp. Perfectly rounded with ears that now appeared huge!

“Look at yourself, dear. Look and see what a lovely job I did! Come. Don’t be shy!” she said as she lifted Farrah by the chin. “LOOK I SAID!!”

Farrah opened her eyes and screamed! “ohmyGOD! Wh..what’ve you..I’m BALD! Ohhhhh…my HAIR! MY CROWNING GLORY! I…I’m..I’m totally BALD! I’M RUINED!”

“Oh, that is a common misconception. You are NOT bald…yet.” said Tasha as she smiled and picked up the shaving cream and proceeded to lather up Farrah’s scalp. All Farrah could do was stare wide eyed in resignation. There was nothing she could do to stop what was coming next.

“Now you hold still. I make you look nice. Like cue ball!” Tasha said as she flipped open an old straight razor. “Maybe I let you keep eyebrows!”

Using slow deliberate strokes, she carefully removed the white lather…as well as the last traces of Farrah’s hair! Pale unadorned skin showed through as more and more lather was removed. Once she had it all removed, she lathered her up and shaved her one more time. “For good measure!” giggled Tasha.

As she finished the 2nd shave, Tasha flipped open the bottle of Nair. Farrah hung her hairless head in pure embarrassment and didn’t see it coming.

Farrah bolted upright as she felt the sticky pink gel being poured onto her naked dome. She sniffed nervously.

“Is…is that…oh no..oh NO! PLEASE! That will leave me per..per..”

“Permanently BALD, my dear!” said Tasha as she burst out laughing. The caustic gel massaged all around Farrah’s head, destroying her hair care whoas for ever! She then applied a coating of lotion and buffed Miss Fawcett’s head to a brilliant shine!

“There! You look PERFECT! You see? You were not bald before! Now? You are a fucking cue ball with ears! I’m sure you legions of fans will be simply delighted! Oh how I would LOVE to seen your famous bikini poster with you looking like THIS! Can you imagine..well what have we here?” said Tasha as she pulled a little red bikini from a sack.

“Wh..what are you..but..I’m totally BALD! Surely you can’t expect me to..to..to pose for you?! Are you out of your MIND?!” Farrah pleaded. She’d just been shorn bald as a melon and now she was expected to pose for this woman!?

“You can’t make me! I..I WON’T!” Farrah shouted, “Haven’t you humiliated me enough?!”

well. I suppose you don’t want this for when I release you.” said Tasha as she pulled out an expensive ‘Farrah Fawcett’ wig. “I suppose you’ll be comfortable enough with your look to go with out, eh BALDY?”

Farrah glanced at herself in the mirror. She kept telling herself it was all a dream. That she wasn’t really bald headed. But the prospect of going out in public like this?

“okay…” she said weakly, “I’ll do as you say.”

Tasha clapped her hands giddily. “Now..for your own good, when I release you.. do not try anything. I am a martial arts master. I WILL knock that perfect smile off your face. Understood?”

“Yes, ma’am.” Farrah agreed.

The first thing she did as she was released from her binds was throw her hands onto her bare scalp. She was completely bald, alright! Tasha escorted her to another room where the photo shoot was to take place. She did her homework. It looked exactly like the set where the original poster was shot.

“First…the NUDE version!” Tasha announced. Farrah was suddenly very compliant. She took her position and mimicked her pose exactly. The same phoney smile on her face, same back drop, it all looked perfect. She was allowed to place the wig on her head and removed it on cue. Then the whole sequence was repeated with her in the bikini. Wigged and unwigged. Her bald head continued gleaming as the camera’s flash lit her up over and over. Farrah suspected nothing as she slowly lifted the wig off time and time again. All the while, smiling away like it was nothing.

“Okay. We have enough of you, Miss Kojak. Give me the bikini.” Tasha finally announced. Farrah did as she was told. She was allowed to keep the wig on this time. Farrah’s mind was racing about how she could get the film somehow ruined as Tasha threw her a towel. “Put this on.” she was told as she was handed a blindfold. Farrah put it on. She’d have to get at the film later. Through one of her contacts at several of the labs she knew. Tasha wasted no time in hustling her out to the van.

After a 30 minute drive, the van pulled to a stop.

“Well this has been fun, Baldy. I do hope this has no effect on your career!” Tasha chuckled as she slid the door open and came up behind Farrah, who was still blindfolded and wrapped in a towel. “Let this serve as a reminder that you should not fuck with the wrong people!”

Grasping the back of the blindfold and the towel, she pushed Farrah out-taking the wig and the towel off at the same time! Farrah fell onto the sand completely exposed! The door slammed shut and Tasha sped off. Looking up from her position, Farrah found herself near the center of a very crowded public beach! She shrieked and tried in vain to cover up something! Her tits, her ass, her pussy, or her slick bald head! With only two hands, she was always leaving something showing! A torrent of derisive laughter met her as she scrambled to her feet and ran off screaming. Tasha wasn’t the only one to get pictures of a bald-headed Farrah Fawcett that day!

Her reports that she had her head shaved by ‘a crazy Russian woman’ were later discredited whe photos of her taken at her bikini shoot years ago showed up. There she was, all smiles as she held her fake hair up over her totally bald head!

Tasha just laughed at the news coverage!

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