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This is a work of fiction. It never happened, but it would have certainly made the show more entertaining for some of us! It’s pure fantasy, nothing more!

Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie signed on for it. Two spoiled rich girls spending a month with an average farm family. After the 1st day of filming, Nicole had had enough and promptly bailed. Fox producers threatened legal actions, Nicole simply paid them off. They would just edit the footage they had of her to make it look like she stayed the time.

Paris, having to deal with the sudden release of her home made sex tapes, opted to stay, effectively dodging the press in NYC and LA. “I just need to clear my head.” she announced, “And if that means living with these hicks for a month, so be it!”

From day one she did nothing but look down at her host family. Shirking her duties as being benieth her and ‘too gross’, she meandered through the days on her cell phone or working on her tan. At nights she frequented the towns bar and hit on the locals. She signed autographs, danced, got loaded, and went home well passed her designated curfew. She didn’t care if she was breaking the rules, she simply threw cash around to pay anyone and everyone off. The women of her host family were quickly growing tired of her antics. They sensed she was going to be trouble from the moment she showed up in her skimpy outfit and started complaining.

“Someone oughta teach that little girl a lesson. She’s got absolutely no shame!” Janet said of their free loading ‘guest. She and some of the other women from the town were sick of her.

“Well,” Janet added, “At least we only have to put up with her for another week. As many rules as she’s broken we’ll have a pretty good pay off.” Paris was to pay up for every rule she broke during her stay. As far as that went, she hadn’t adhered to any of them at all.

Two days before the show’s completion, Janet overheard Paris talking on a cell phone (which she wasn’t supposed to have). The giggling blonde model/socialite told who ever she was talking to that it was “all taken care of” and that “these hicks wouldn’t see a dime of her money.” She also assured them that she’d be long gone before they figured out they’d been scammed. Paris saw it all as a huge joke and was rather proud of herself for taking advantage of these people..on television no less! She couldn’t wait to get back and show off her new all over tan!

Janet was furious. But knowing her husband or any of the other males wouldn’t know how to handle this situation, she called up some of her girl friends. Women of the town who were also not that thrilled with their ‘guest’.

The next night while Paris was out partying one last time, the women gathered at Janet’s. Paris would be getting a little going away party. Something to remind her of her time spent on the farm.

They heard her pull into the driveway around 3 a.m. Before she could get to the house, Janet met her.

“Kind of late, aren’t ya, Paris? Curfew is midnight. Remember?” she said.

“I’m an adult. I can stay out as late as I want. Besides, it’s my last night in this….place… what does it matter?” Paris giggled. It was obvious she was half drunk. Wearing a brightly colored mini-skirt and a tube top, she teetered as she kicked off one of her high heels.

Janet looked her up and dowm. “No matter, really, sweety. Infact, some of us ladies got together and got a little going away present for ya. Wanna come with me?” she said motioning her towards the barn.

Paris laughed and followed along. Here was a girl who had everything. What could they possibly have that she would want? She lost her other show as she staggered along behind her host, occasionally brushing her long bleach blonde hair out of her face.

Inside the barn sat a heavy old chair. Several smiling women stood around as the guest of honor was escorted in and told “Have a seat.”

Paris sat. With her legs spread slightly, it was obvious she wasn’t wearing any panties. She giggled as she looked around at the women. “Well?” she said “What do you have for me?”

“Paris? You’ve been a pain in our asses. Apparently you’ve viewed this whole thing as a joke. Why you haven’t lifted a finger or done one thing we’ve asked of you.” Janet said sternly. Paris giggled mindlessly and simply shrugged.

“And Paris? I know how you plan on not living up to your end of the agreement.”

Suddenly sobering up a little, the look on Paris’s face went from giddy to serious.

“That’s right,” Janet said, “and that’s just fine. Still…we think we think you deserve a little reminder of your time here. Ladies?” Snapping her fingers, the women converged on Paris before she could get up and tied her to the chair!

“Wh-what are you doing?! No!” she screamed as they furthered her humiliation by stripping off her clothes as she sat immobilized! Off came her skirt, revieling her shaven pussy. A quick rip of her top set her modest 34B tits free! No tan lines on either!

“What the FUCK!?” Paris screamed, “You..you can’t do this! What are you doing?!!” She struggled to get loose, but that wasn’t going to happen. They had her secured too good.

“Gag this tramp. I think we heard about enough of her mouth!” Janet said. A piece of her own skirt was shoved into Paris’s poubting mouth.

“Now then, little lady..and I use that term loosely..it’s high time you got a little payback. You see…You think you can get away with anything you want just cause you’re rich and pretty. While we can’t do anything about your financial situation, Doris here came up with a nice plan to deal with your looks. She used to be a hairdresser and she saw your weakness a mile away. Doris? Wanna show her?” Janet said with a smirk.

Doris, a heavy set woman of about 45, waved a pair of electric clippers in front of Paris’s widened eyes. The stunned model only shook her head and let out a muffled ‘Oh nooo!’

“Oh yeah, honey.” Doris said, “Y’all have lovely hair. Too bad you don’t deserve any of it! It’s also too bad for you we found someone who’ll pay a fortune for it!”

Paris tried to scream as Doris moved around behind her and began brushing her long blonde locks. The clippers were plugged in and flipped on. Paris desperately tried to plead through her gag as the other women took up positions with cameras!

Janet, standing by holding a silk pillow case told Doris “Do it. Shave her like a pretty l’il sheep!”

Paris let out her loudest scream of the night as Doris raised the buzzing clippers to her fore-head and mowed a path across the top and down to the nape of her neck! A 2 inch wide path of bristles left in it’s wake. She handed the detached tresses to Janet who tucked them carefully away in the pillow case. The buzzing got louder and louder as the process was repeated again and again. Each pass getting closer and closer to her ears. The whole time, Paris pleaded into her gag as the group of women laughed and took pictures of her humiliating ordeal! In practic-ally no time at all, Paris’s once lovely mane of hair had been reduced to mere nubs! Her ears sticking out from her well rounded head giving the ladies more than a little chuckle. They gathered around the horrified young woman and took turns rubbing her rough scalp.

“Remember them chickens you refused to pluck? You look just like one of ’em now!” said one older woman.

“Feels like sand paper!” said another.

“Get a good feel of it girls. Cause it’ll be gone for good here in a few minutes!” said Janet as she carefully stashed away the pillow case full of Paris’s hair. Paris groaned into her gag as if saying “Now what?!”

Doris was busy running an old straight razor on a leather strop as a younger red head proceeded to lather up Paris’s shaven scalp. “Ever had your head shaved smooth, sweety?” Doris taunted, “You’re about to!”

With a practiced skill, Doris took the razor and warned Paris “Now you hold real still!” as she began scraping off the foamy white lather…along with the last of Paris
‘s hair! Not wanting to get cut in the process, she held very still as the shaving (and the photo sesssion!) continued! The lather and bits of hair slathered off the razor and onto the floor. A bowl of water used to occasionally rinse off some of the mess. Another 15 minutes later, after a quick touch up to make sure she didn’t miss anything and Doris was vigorously rubbing Paris’s head with a towel.

“Ladies? Say hello to Miss BALDY!” Doris said as she whipped the towel off revieling Pais Hilton’s completely bald head! They all burst into uproarious laughter at her new tan line!

“Why, this girl is as bald as an egg!” one of the women laughed.

“Serves you right, Chrome Dome! Betcha can’t wait to get home and show off your new look!” said another.

“You wanted simple, Paris? This oughta be simple enough for you to take care of!” Janet said as she approached holding a spray bottle. Wide eyed in horror, Paris shook her head. She couldn’t feel ANY hair moving around! This couldn’t be happening to her, she thought as she gazed around at her mocking tormentors!

Janet took a rag and held it over Paris’s eyes as she began spraying something all over the naked scalp before her. The sudden tingling set Paris to struggling once again.

“Hold still! I’m just making sure you stay nice and hairless PERMANENTLY! This way you’ll think about it before you go trying to screw someone over!” Janet said as she coated her entire scalp. The mixture of several types of hair removers would indeed render her permantly bald-headed! Janet then buffed the model’s head to a glossy shine!

“There we go! Bald as a cue ball! How you like that, sweety?” she said as she held up a mirror and yanked the gag from her mouth.

“(Gasp) ohmyGOD! Look what you’ve DONE to me! How COULD you?! I..I’m BALD! I’m completely BALD!” Paris screamed upon seeing her reflection in the mirror! Her head looked so tiny now that it was no longer covered with hair!

“What’s wrong?” Doris said, “Slut like you didn’t have any trouble shaving herself down below? Looks like the rug definetly match the drapes now! Hahahahaaa!”

The bald-headed bimbo was untied and made to pose for their amateur cameras for the next few hours. Though she’d resisted doing as they told her for the duration of her stay, Paris now did exactly as she was told! Her home sex tape would look like nothing compared to this! Several hundred shots were had of her in her naked hairless glory!

Just as the sun was about to come up, Janet hand cuffed Paris’s hands behind her back. Still naked, she was escorted out of the barn and into a van. Her smallish tits jiggling with every step.

“Wh-where are you taking me?!” Paris whined.

“Be quiet, Baldy! You’ll see!” Janet said as she caressed the woman’s hairless scalp.

About 20 minutes later the van pulled to a stop. “Well,” Janet said, “This has been fun.. at least last night sure was. You be sure to stop on back and tell your friend Nicole we’re sorry she had to leave. Woulda been fun shaving both of you trollops!”

The door to the van slid open and Paris was shoved out still cuffed! Right onto a red carpet leading to her private jet home AND right in front of a stunned Fox camera crew! Naked and bald with no way of covering up, the shocked Paris screamed and scrambled to her feet! Running as fast as she could she ran into the plane crying “Get me out of here!!!” Her new look wouldn’t be much of a secret. She’d forgotten about how she agreed to film her departure live!

Janet sold the hair, recouping the money Paris wasn’t about to pay. The other women sold pictures of of her haircut to tabloids and skin mags, cleaning up nicely. And Paris? She went on with her life as she’d known it, now being called the ‘Hairless Heiress of Hollywood’ and frequent subject of many public dewiggings!

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