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She was on a major tear, very unhappy with the performance and overly casual attitude of her staff. She was determined that it was going to end and being the boss, she had every right to implement and demand immediate change. And that was her purpose. Of course she knew there would be some resistance from some of the departments and she could not expect change in dress in the case of people who worked in the plant. But changes would effect everyone and it was her purpose to put it into play as quickly as possible. She had confronted a number of departments and warned them about their casual attitude toward dress, hours, lunch breaks, and the staff room but it was not improving. Now she was going to do it her way. It was time to fight fire with fire. Every department would be given one week to make the changes. Any resistance would be dealt with, with one warning and if the changes were not corrected within one week, then the second warning would be a pink slip and immediate dismissal.

She called an immediate meeting of all staff to be held in the staff room in exactly twenty minutes. She walked over to her bookcase and pulled out a number of folders and journals. She pulled on her red blazer and she walked confidently to the meeting room. She walked into the staff room and took the podium. She looked out over the employees and as she cleared her throat, a silence came over the room. “For those of you who have never seen me before, let me tell you who I am. I am the person who signs your pay cheques. You work for me. I am tired with the absenteeism, the lack of professionalism, the taking of long extended lunches. A number of departments are not towing the line. Well changes are going to be implemented starting today,” she said as she looked over the audience.

Standing infront of 150 employees, she held up records, attendance sheets, company standards that the employees signed before they started their employment and finally she held up a package of pink slips. “Everyone of you signed a company standards sheet when you joined this company and previous managers have not worked hard on making these standards stick. Well guess what? I am going to make them stick. Every department has one week to make changes in attendance, staff conduct, lunch room behavior, and dress. This is a Fortune 500 company and I am disappointed in how the managers of each department have let you people have free reign. Well, the slacking off ends as of today. There will be NO exceptions to the rule. I don’t care who you are or what you do for this business. Everyone’s job is on the line. No one is safe,” she said. “By the end of next week, I expect to see professional attire on each and every employee. Hair cuts short on men and styled on women. Shoes on every employee except those in the factory but even there, no ratty sneakers. No jeans; uniforms on all factory employees. I will be checking each and every department starting early next Monday. I will be doing random checks and you will not know when I am coming. So you all have exactly 9 days to clean up.”

He was away on company business when she had called the staff meeting so he had no idea what had happened while he was away but when he returned on the Wednesday, he could hardly believe his eyes. Everything in his department was changed. He tried to ask what had happened but she had heard through the intercom that he had returned and she intended to catch him the moment he stepped through the doors of the office. She was not going to give him a chance to ask anyone what was going on and why all the men were dressed in business attire and the women all in skirts and blouses. Even the receptionist looked different. He actually tried to ask her why the change but his question was interrupted by a page for him to come to her office immediately. Thinking that she wanted to be filled in on the progress he had made on the business trip, he walked briskly to his office, looked at his staff and noticed the changes in the attire of his department. Again he tried to ask questions but he was reminded of her wanting him as his phone rang.

“I want you in my office, now!” she demanded.

“What is wrong with her?” he said to his staff. “It is as if she does not want me to talk with you. And what is with all the suits, ties, blouses and skirts? Come on guys. Talk to me. Why is everyone so hush hush. Even Mrs. Hopkins, out front would not talk to me.” “Mr. Warren!” a page went out over the intercom.

He turned and looked at the box on the wall. He squeezed his fist together and made an imaginary punch and pretended her face was on the box. He put his coat down on his desk, opened his case, grabbed some files and walked to her office.

She was standing there waiting for him. No one was exempt from the changes she had implemented. Even if they were sick on the day of the staff meeting. then the manager had the responsibility of informing the employee of the changes. So the fact that he had been away on company business, well it was her responsibility to tell him and to make the change herself and she was determined to make an example out of him.

He was one she could always count on and it was her determination to promote him to senior management for his faithful service but she would have to bring him up to her new standards. And that would mean a major change. Most of all, a major haircut that she was determined to give him. To finally chop off that long unkempt ponytail that he was so attached to and that for which he was known for. Then to get him dressed in some professional attire.

And she even knew his sizes. That was the advantage of having him as her lover. She knew what he looked good in, especially when she demanded that he wear a suit out to dinner. But now, he was going to be wearing a suit all the time for her. And she knew he was not going to quit his job. He liked being with her as much as he was. She did things to make him happy and he did things to make her happy. Now she would test him and see how far he was willing to go to keep her in his arms and in his heart. She had placed a chair in the center of her office and beside it was a small table. On the table was a black purse and inside the purse were her tools.

He knocked on her door and she answered. “Come in, Mr. Warren.” She was standing infront of the window with her back to him. He took in a deep breathe as he looked at her. She looked so fine, dressed as she was. Red business jacket, tailored to fit ever curve of her body. A white blouse and black leather skirt with black stocking and red pumps. Yes, she did look fine. He wanted to go over and just hug her but he did not dare. The air was too thick in the room. Something was definitely wrong. “Take a seat, Mr. Warren.” “What is with all the professionalism, Andrea?” he asked. “There have been some things I have noticed over the past two weeks that have concerned me, Mr. Warren,” she said. She continued looking out of the window at the skyline. “Andrea, stop calling me Mr. Warren. We are past that,” he said. “From now on, Mr. Warren, we will be acting as a professional Fortune 500 business and with that comes certain responsibilities and expectations,” she said as she threw a folder of notes at him. “I am sure you noticed as you walked into your department, a number of changes already implemented. As I am the owner of the company, the last decision stands with me as to how I want my employees to present themselves in the field, in the office and before me. You represent me, your department carries my reputation. I fired fifteen people while you were away because they did not agree to the terms of the employee standards and rules of conduct they signed when they were hired. You also signed a conduct sheet and I have been very lax in implementing it.” He stood at attention as she continued to stare out at the skyline. “Now, Mr. Warren you are being considered for a post in senior management. You know that. We have discussed before where I would like to see you. Now, Mr. Warren before we can promote you, you must prove your loyalty to me and to the business. Prove to me that you are a Fortune 500 player. If you choose not to, then, Mr. Warren, even someone with your credentials is expendable. I would be sorry to see you leave but I am hoping it will not come to that. I think you should sit down now, Mr. Warren.” He walked toward the leather chair infront of her desk but she shook her head. “No. Mr. Warren. The chair beside the small table,” she said. He looked at the chair and the small table. “Andrea, what is going on here? I don’t understand. If I did something wrong I wish you……………………………………..” he said. “From now on, Mr. Warren, it is Miss Baxter. While you are in the office, I am Miss Baxter to you. You will address me as that. That is step one of your transformation. Step two is to bring you up to speed with the changes in your department,” she said as she walked over to him. She stood behind him. Her hands were touching his long brown ponytail. “As you noticed, every person in the office looks professional. The men have been cleaned up and the women have been styled to reflect the attitude of a Fortune 500 company. Now, Mr. Warren, as I said, you are being considered for a position in senior management. But even you, with your credentials, are not safe. Everyone is expected to tow the line.” She let his ponytail drop to his shoulders. “I can have you replaced but I would hope that you would choose to stay with us and be a part of the new future of this company,” she said. She walked over to her clock room and opened it. He tried to turn around to see what she was doing. “No, Mr. Warren, eyes forward,” she demanded. He knew better then to make her mad. She reached into the closet and withdrew a white barber’s cape. She wrapped it over her arm and she closed the door. She walked over to the chair where he was sitting. “You are not going to disappoint me now, are you?” she demanded. “No, Miss Baxter, I will not,” he said. “Good! Wise choice,” she said as she threw the cape out and let it float down over his shoulders. She pulled the ends together and fastened it together at the side of his neck. “What are you going to do to me?” he asked as she undid the elastic band that held his ponytail together. His long brown hair was spread out over his shoulders. She picked up a brush and stroked it through his hair, picking up sections of hair and under stroking it and over stroking. “You are not going to cut it off, are you? I thought you loved me for my long hair.” “I do. No one is exempt, Mr. Warren. No longer,” she said as she put the brush down and reached into the black purse. She removed a comb and a pair of scissors. “Tell me now, Mr. Warren, do you want to remain a part of the future or do I give you your pink slip right now?” she said as she walked around to her desk. She opened the top drawer and reached inside the drawer. She withdrew a white business envelope and held it up to him. She held it before him. He reached for it and opened it. “On what grounds?” he asked as he looked inside the envelope. Inside was a pink slip and a check buying out the remainder of his contract. “I don’t have to answer that, do I?” she said. He shook his head. He knew what she was going to say. “So Mr. Warren, are you going to take it and leave or do I carry on?” she said as she combed up his bangs and held them between her fingers. He looked up at her and took in a deep breath. “I did not think you would be willing to leave,” she said. She opened the blades of her scissors and she cut off his bangs. His bangs dropped to the cape and slid down to his lap. He looked at the hair and he gulped again. She combed back more hair and held it up. She cut more of it and a larger clump of hair hit his shoulder and slid down into his lap. She was cutting with purpose. It was all going to be reduced to a professional look. If he was going to be considered as senior management, she was going to make sure he looked the part. Pulling up more hair from his crown, she made another cut into the length. It did not take her long to work to the back of his crown.

She now stood aside from him and started combing forward his sides. She made the first cut and a mass of brown hair hit his shoulder and spilled to his lap and half of it dropped to the floor. She had cut off his length. She walked around and did the opposite side, cutting it fine to the middle of his ear. Then standing behind him, she pushed his head down and she pulled the comb through the back of his hair. Parting the hair in two sections and draping them over his shoulder, she cut the undergrown to his neck-line. Then combing back one section, she cut off his length. His brown hair just dropped in clumps to the floor. She did the second section as she took all of it off.

“Head remaining down,” she ordered as she placed the comb and scissors on the table. She reached into the black purse and she took out a pair of clippers. She plugged them into an outlet and flicked the switch on the clippers. He recognized the sound and he raised his hands to protect his hair. She reached for the envelope and held it up to him. “It is your call,” she said. “I have someone emptying your desk right now and I am ready to start interviewing tomorrow. If you choose to move on, you can remove your belonging from my home too.”

He lowered his hands and placed them under the cape. “Wise choice,” she said. “I don’t want you to leave. Now, just to make sure, I want you to ask me to clipper your hair.” “What?” he said.

“Ask me to finish the cut and tell me that you want to stay,” she said as she stood beside him. “Tell me that you want to be at my side.”

“I want to stay and be at your side,” he said.

“Good,” she said. “I want you to stay. I have big plans for you, Mr. Warren. Your things are already being moved up to your new office on the executive floor.”

She put the clippers down for a moment and she undid her blazer and placed it over her leather chair. She returned to the chair and picked up the clippers. She placed her hand on the back of his head and she pushed it down so that he was looking at his chest. She touched his neck with the teeth of the clippers and she made a pass into his locks. His hair toppled down onto the floor as she pushed the blades further and further up his nape. Making pass over pass, his hair fell quickly. She was making a serious statement. Short hair was going to be the order of the day when it came to him.

“I will be clipping you every month, Mr. Warren and I will be monitoring your progress, to see if you are serious about your new status in the company. I want team players but I also want to see aggressiveness in my senior managers,” she said. “And if I see any deficiency, I will not let it go without addressing it. Do I make myself clear?"” He nodded his head. “Very good,” she said.

She now stood at his side and she combed back the hair from around his ears. She buzzed the sides short and his brown hair toppled down over his shoulders. The pile in his lap was massive. All long locks of brown hair, his hair. His appearance was beginning to look corporate. Nice and short, tailored around the ears and short. She was enjoying it as she pushed his head to the side and she buzzed him close and he was not resisting her demands and her actions.

She shaved him close and to the middle of his ears. She then did the opposite side and then she placed the clippers down, picking up a pair of thinning scissors. She started on his crown removing the length from the top of his head, cutting it short and blending it with the sides and back. She slapped the comb against the side of his head a couple of times as she pulled length forward and cut into it. After ten minutes with the thinning scissors, she announced him almost finished.

She reached into the black purse and removed a smaller pair of clippers. She buzzed his sideburns and his neckline. She stood back as she admired the finished product. She held up a mirror so he could see his new look. “I think you look good with short hair,” she said as she stepped back and walked to her leather chair. She put her red blazer back on and returned to the chair where he was sitting.

“This is the end of part two of your transformation,” she said as she undid the cape and pulled it off of him. She gathered the ends together and pulled it off of his body. She walked to a garbage can and dumped his long locks into the plastic bag inside the container.

He stood up and raised his hand to his head. He ran his fingers through his hair, his short clipped hair. He touched his sideburns and a smile came over his face. He turned to her and smiled as he whispered: “Thank you. I like it,” he said.

“You will keep it like this,” she said, “and you will promote this within your department. They are answerable to you and you are answerable to me. You represent me.”

She folded up the cape and walked with it to her closet. She placed the cape on the top shelf. “Now for part three of your transformation,” she said. “I want you in a suit and tie, everyday. When you come in in the morning, business attire and a briefcase. Not that canvas bag you are always carrying. One of the advantages of having you as my lover is that I know what looks good on you and I am disappointed in myself that I never made you wear suits before, but now, I require it.” She reached into the closet and withdrew two suits, one black pin-strip suit and a navy blue suit with vest. Two white shirts, one grey shirt and one baby blue shirt. Also she have him four ties and two pairs of shoes. She walked over and placed her hands on his shoulders as she removed his old blazer and watched as it dropped to the floor. “Undress Mr. Warren. It is not like I have never seem you before in your boxers,” she said as she walked back to her desk and sat down.

It did not take him long to strip down to his boxers and completely embrace the third part of his transformation, by getting into the black pin-strip suit. She nodded her head as he turned and modeled his new look. He stood infront of her and she smiled. “Welcome aboard, Mr. Warren,” she said as she walked over and kissed him on the cheek.

“Thank you, Miss Baxter. I won’t let you down,” he said as he kissed her back.

“I am looking forward to some big things from your department,” she said.

He reached over to retrieve the folder he had brought in with him but she placed her hand on it. “No, that stays with me. You take this folder and start working on the changes I have written down for your department,” she said as she reached into the drawer a second time and took out a key to his new office.

“Will I still be able to come to you, as your lover?” he said.

“Would you still want to?’ she asked. “I am still you boss. And who I want to keep, I will. Whoever does not impress me, well, I have no need for them. Now what do you think, Mr. Warren? Will I ever have to get rid of you?”

He shook his head and smiled. She smiled back. “I think you better go and report to your department that you are moving upstairs and then you need to get busy on your new projects. Welcome to the corporate ladder of success,” she said as she slapped him on his derriere and watched as he grabbed his new briefcase and walked toward the door of her office. “Oh, one last thing,” she said as he stepped toward the hallway, “you will be taking me out to dinner tonight and we will discuss your report. So, suit and tie.” He turned the knob and exited the office to the hallway.

“Welcome to the executive floor,” he said to himself as he rounded the corner and entered the hallway back to his old office.

As he walked down the hallway, her voice came over the public address system and she spoke: “Attention, all staff. This is to announce the immediate promotion of Mr. Martin Warren to the position of marketing director, effective immediately.”

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