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PART 1 – The Voyeur

Earlier this past summer, my best friend, Marlene and her husband Jay, asked me to stay at their house over the weekends when they occasionally went out of town to visit friends. I readily accepted their proposal in part because of our good friendship, and in part because of their beautiful, secluded house with an equally beautiful private pool. Marlene and I have been friends now for a couple of years. We are both in our middle twenties, with slim athletic builds. Although we are both nearly the same height, and weigh just over 100 lbs., there are very apparent differences. I have long, layered, blonde hair and the typical Southern Californian “look” … while Marlene has shoulder length auburn hair, slightly larger breasts and a rather mysterious presence. Her husband, Jay, is about 6 ft. tall, slender, with short brown hair, year round tan and a very friendly, outgoing personality. I have visited Marlene and Jay on numerous occasions to lounge by the their pool, or just to say hi, and had no forewarning of what surprises and adventure awaited all of us that summer.

The first weekend I stayed at their house I spent Friday night watching movies from their extensive, and extremely diverse collection. Before going to bed I jumped in the hot tub for a few minutes and relaxed in the warm, bubbling water. That night as I drifted off to sleep, I was very glad that I accepted my friends’ offer. Saturday, I spent most of the day tanning naked by the pool. After taking a quick shower to rinse off, I impulsively decided to stay naked for the duration of the weekend and take full advantage of the clothing optional dress code at their secluded property. After a light, late lunch, and a few glasses of wine, I decided to go exploring. For an hour or so, I just wandered from room to room looking at photos, artwork and other cool stuff, until I found myself in their master bedroom. Although I had been in their bedroom before, I was never naked at the time. My curiosity got the better of me almost immediately, and I found myself looking though Marlene’s clothes. At the far end of her closet I made the first, of many provocative discoveries that evening … a collection of extremely sexy, revealing outfits. The dresses were all very, very short. About half of them had strategically placed cutouts, or were semi-opaque, the other half were even more revealing … they were totally see through! Impulsively, I decided to try on one of the totally transparent dresses. It left little to one’s imagination. My nipples and small triangle of dark pubic hair were clearly visible through the almost invisible material. My pussy was noticeably wet upon pulling the dress over my head. My head was racing while imagining Marlene wearing these sexy outfits while with Jay. Next, I tried on an 8 inch black micro skirt with a small, black leather vest. The bottom of the skirt just covered my bare ass and pussy … and the vest, even when buttoned, allowed maximum exposure of my tanned breasts. I quickly tried on a few more of her outfits before carefully hanging them all back up. They all achieved the same overall effect … maximum exposure and an accelerated heart beat! I was so envious! One last look to make sure that I had put everything back in its place and I slowly walked back down the spiral stairs into the living room.

The late afternoon sun softly filtered in the large room through the vertical blinds. I decided to turn on the widescreen TV and watch a few music videos. While listening to the loud music, I looked through their DVD collection to pick out a movie to watch later that evening. After a brief search, I noticed another small cabinet with a few more DVD movies. This not so obvious, private collection of prerecorded movies was entirely X-rated, however, a few had hand written titles. The first one was simply labeled, “Weekend at Home” and was dated just a few weeks ago. I immediately put the DVD into their player and pushed the play button. What I saw next was even more surprising, and revealing, than Marlene’s sexy clothes. To say that it was a very intimate home movie would be a real understatement. The “movie” started out innocently enough, with Marlene washing their Jeep Wrangler in front of their carport in the sun. She was wearing a brief halter-top and a very revealing pair of cut-off jeans. Every time she bent over the slightest, the micro jean shorts exposed her tanned, bare ass cheeks. The more she lathered up the Jeep with soapy water, the wetter her skimpy outfit became. Soon, she was finished with the soap, and turned to face the camera. Very slowly, and seductively, Marlene stripped off her skimpy top and casually tossed it aside, exposing her naked breasts and erect nipples to the camera and anyone who might happen to drive by and glance her direction.

Next, she picked up the water hose and began to rinse the soapy water off the Jeep. Again, Marlene almost intentionally accomplished getting herself soaked in the process. After turning off the water, she faced the Jeep for a brief moment with her back to the camera. In an instant, it was obvious that she had unfastened her shorts … and as she slowly pushed them down her slender legs, she bent over as far as possible in order for the camera to get a close-up of her almost totally bare ass. The only clothing now left on her deliciously exposed body was a white micro g-string bottom. The next few moments showed her seductively drying off the wet Jeep with a soft cloth. As she finished, and tossed the cloth aside, she faced the camera and began to slowly bend over towards the camera while pushing the small g-string off her legs. After stepping out of her g-string, Marlene provocatively spread her legs a little wider before slowly standing up straight. As she stood up, she coyly covered up her bare breasts with one hand and her naked pussy with the other. Her attempt to “cover up” was merely a tease … and perhaps, a preview of things to come as the fingers of one hand lightly brushed over her erect nipples, while the fingers of the other hand explored the soft, bare skin beneath a small, dark triangle of pubic hair. As unexpected, and sexy, as this entire scene had already been, what happened next was even more interesting and outrageous. Marlene turned around, hopped up into the seat of the open Jeep and turned it on. After taking time to put on her sunglasses, she swiftly turned the Jeep around and began to slowly drive towards the camera. As she passed by the camera, the black, shiny Jeep quickly accelerated out the driveway, turned abruptly, and in an instant was gone. Totally naked in an open Jeep … and casually driving down the country road in front of their home towards the nearby lake!

As the DVD automatically paused for a moment on a preview menu, I tried to catch my breath from all the excitement. I mean, there I was sitting naked on my best friend’s sofa, watching private movies of her and her husband! My heart was pounding from the anticipation of what I might see next. There were two more scenes on the DVD menu. The next one was simply titled, “Fun at the Pool”. The scene started with a panoramic opening shot of Jay and Marlene’s backyard pool. Soon, Marlene entered the picture, wearing her white g-string suit and carrying a towel and a bottle of suntan oil. After pausing to set both items down on a small nearby table she turned to face the camera. She pretended to be completely oblivious to the presence of the camera as she once again began to strip naked. First, she casually reached up behind her neck and untied the top of her micro suit, then quickly the back string. As her top fell off, revealing her naked breasts, she quickly untied the side strings to her g-string. A moment later she was standing completely naked in front of the camera. Next, she reached for the suntan oil, and began to squirt it over her arms and shoulders. While Marlene continued to pour oil over her naked, glistening body, the camera made slow, complete circles around her … showing her slim, sexy body from every angle. After sensuously massaging her breasts with oil, she bent over slightly, now with her back towards the camera, and poured a generous amount of oil down the crack of her tanned ass. While still bent over, Marlene reached through her open legs with one hand and as the camera lens slowly zoomed in closer on her ass, her fingers began to message the oil in-between the cheeks of her tanned ass and lower, over her totally exposed, swollen pussy lips. Occasionally, a finger would briefly disappear into her oil drenched, slick pussy and the microphone on the camera began to pick up her now audible sighs of self-pleasure. A moment later, she briefly paused, and turned around again to face the camera. “Follow me”, she seductively instructed as she stood up and walked slowly towards the deep end of the pool. The camera followed her every move as she approached the diving board. Next, she sat down on the edge of the diving board and once again reached for the suntan oil. The camera was now positioned slightly above Marlene and directly between her open legs. After covering her tan legs with the glistening oil, she leaned back and spread her legs further apart before squirting more oil over her smooth pussy. Her fingers continued to softly glide over her slippery pussy as her breathing became noticeably quicker and her sighs even louder. As if totally oblivious to the presence of the camera, Marlene continued to stroke her wet pussy with one hand and enthusiastically tweak her erect, oiled nipples with the other. A moment later her taunt body shuddered with multiple convulsions as she cried out loud, occasionally gasping for her breath. It was simply incredible, I thought, as I continued to watch the conclusion of the scene.

The camera was strategically repositioned slightly off to the side just before Jay, also completely naked, entered the picture and stood directly in front of Marlene. His cock was already hard and fully erect from watching his wife strip naked and masturbate to orgasm in front of the camera. Equally as noticeable was the fact that his slender, athletic body was also completely smooth and hairless, except for a small, dark, perfectly shaped triangle of pubic hair. He was absolutely too perfect for words! Their beautiful, smooth, oiled bodies glistened in the hot afternoon sun. As Marlene leaned forward and enthusiastically swallowed Jay’s hard cock, I spread my legs a little further apart and began to slowly caress my wet pussy. Marlene continued to suck and lick Jay’s smooth cock and balls as I concentrated equally between the hot action on the TV screen and my own aching nipples and pussy. Just as Jay was about to cum, Marlene purposefully took his enlarged cock out of her delicate mouth and continued pumping his cock with her hands. A brief moment later, gobs of warm, white cum exploded out of his hard cock all over Marlene’s face, breasts and beautiful hair. She licked what she could off her face and hands while Jay quickly leaned forward and began to lick his own cum off her breasts. What a sex scene!

Just when I thought it was over, Marlene leaned forward and swallowed Jay’s cock in an attempt to get him hard again. Perhaps it was the excitement of the moment, or perhaps it was Marlene’s considerable experience and frantic sucking technique … the result was that a few moments later, Jay’s cock was hard, and once again fully erect. Taking immediate advantage of the opportunity, Marlene quickly leaned back onto the diving board and guided Jay’s cock in-between her spread legs and into her smooth, wet pussy. The next few moments were the best yet, with Marlene crying out for Jay to pump her pussy faster and harder, and Jay eagerly responding by holding Marlene’s legs high in the air by her ankles as he continued to rhythmically stroke his hard cock in and out of her wet, glistening pussy. A few wild moments later, as Marlene cried out in orgasm for the second time, Jay withdrew his cock just in time to spurt more white cum … this time directly over her pussy. Marlene reached down with both hands and began to message Jay’s cum into her short pubic hair. Meanwhile Jay had knelt down in-between her legs and lowered his tongue to her cum drenched pussy. After licking her pussy clean, Jay continued to enthusiastically lick and suck Marlene’s wet pussy. While Jay concentrated on her pussy, Marlene focused her attention on her breasts and erect nipples … stretching and pinching them in an effort to heighten her sexual enjoyment. As Jay began to nibble and suck on her slippery clit, Marlene cried out again, “Yes, yes! Faster! Suck my clit and make my pussy cum!” A moment later she got her wish as her body once again convulsed and shuddered in orgasm. The scene then faded to black and returned to the main menu. I was simply exhausted! My heart was pounding from the voyeuristic thrills provided by my best friend, and her husband. And my own body was close to orgasm from all the attention it received while I curiously watched Marlene and Jay’s X-rated home movie. I felt so sexy and naughty … sitting there in their living room, completely naked, watching their intimate adventures. Quickly, I pushed the play button one last time to finish watching the video. The final scene was entitled, “Bath Time”. The camera was focused on the large Jacuzzi style bath off the master bedroom. The tub was filled with soapy, bubbly hot water. First Marlene entered the bath, immediately followed by Jay. After taking a few sips of wine from the glasses waiting for them on a nearby ledge, they lovingly embraced while still standing. After Jay set down his wine glass, he picked up another small object in his right hand. It was a cordless set of hair clippers! As he lightly kissed Marlene’s slightly parted lips, he switched on the clippers. The muffled buzzing of the clippers filled the air in their gorgeous bathroom with anticipation and excitement. Slowly, Jay guided the vibrating clippers down Marlene’s tan stomach towards their ultimate destination. Marlene responded by taking another sip from her glass of wine and spreading her legs a little wider. At first, Jay seemed to just be giving her neatly groomed triangle of pubic hair a routine trim. However, a moment later Marlene’s other hand helped guide the buzzing clippers through the middle of her pubic triangle, leaving behind a narrow patch of almost hairless skin. While I continued to watch this sensuous shearing, I briefly glanced down at my own public hair and fantasized what it might feel like, and look like, to have it completely shaved! Meanwhile, Jay had made another couple of passes over Marlene’s pubic mound, one more path and the last of her pubic hair drifted down her smooth legs into the bubbling water.

I am not sure whether, or not, the next part was in the original script. Marlene set down her glass of wine and grabbed the clippers out of Jay’s hand. “Time to return the favor, lover” she said as she lowered the clippers towards Jay’s pubic hair. His cock was already hard and fully erect from the excitement of completely trimming Marlene’s small patch of dark, pubic hair. His smooth, hairless balls and cock looked so beautiful and inviting. Jay offered no resistance as Marlene skillfully pushed the still vibrating clippers across the top of his pubic mound. “Should we leave it like that, or should we take off a little more?” she teased. Not waiting for an answer, or reaction from Jay, Marlene placed the clippers at the right side of his pubic triangle and trimmed an inch off the side. Then she quickly repeated the process on the left side. “That looks so sexy!” she said as she once again placed the clippers near the remaining small triangle of pubic hair. “But then you know how much I love a clean shaved man” she quickly added. A moment later and the last of Jay’s dark pubic hair disappeared into the bubbling water! As they embraced and kissed, they lowered their bodies briefly into the bubbling hot water. Marlene, while still kneeling in the tub, instructed Jay to stand up. She then proceeded to quickly lather up the remaining stubble that the clippers left behind before reaching for a razor. Fascinated, I continued to watch Marlene shave Jay’s pubic mound completely smooth and hairless! After she rinsed off his smooth, tan skin, Marlene quickly stood up and handed Jay the razor. “My turn” she seductively said as she turned her head slightly and winked into the camera. A few moments later both their attractive, tanned bodies were totally hairless and smooth. They looked so sexy and hot!

Impulsively, without even taking the time to pause the last scene, I jumped off the sofa and headed back upstairs towards Jay and Marlene’s bedroom. I quickly entered the bathroom and took a quick glance around the counter. The clippers were plugged into an electrical wall outlet, recharging! Without a moment’s hesitation, I unplugged the clippers and walked outside onto the bedroom balcony. There was still plenty of light before sunset, as I tentatively walked out onto the deck. As I walked across the deck towards the stairs on the far side, I could hear the sound of boat engines on the lake. I sat down on the top step, directly facing the setting sun, and spread my legs. I quickly switched on the clippers and heard their familiar buzzing sound. The cool breeze on my naked body only served to heighten the erotic experience as I placed the clippers near the top of my public mound. I gently pushed them across the top of my pubic triangle, delightfully amazed at how easily they reduced my soft, curly pubic hair to an almost completely hairless look. I quickly repositioned the clipper blades a little lower and pushed them forward again. A few moments later and all my pubic hair had been reduced to peach fuzz. The next thing I knew, I was back in their bathroom, turning on the water in the Jacuzzi tub. After covering my pussy with a thick, white lather of shaving foam, I carefully began to shave away the remaining fuzz, in-between my shaking legs, my wet pussy lips and pubic mound. Finally, I was finished, and quickly rinsed off. The first thing I did was stand in front of the nearest full-length mirror to model my new smooth, hairless look. I loved it! My pussy lips were now totally exposed, and smooth, for the first time since pre-puberty. After a quick clean up of the bathroom, I walked back downstairs towards the living room … anxious to explore the other X-rated video featuring my friends Marlene and Jay.

The second DVD was titled, “San Antonio” and the date was the previous weekend. Similar to the first DVD, this one had three chapters on the menu. The first scene was simply titled, “The Hotel”. It started with Marlene standing in front of a luxurious hotel room window at night. Marlene, dressed in one of her sexiest silk blouses and micro skirts, had her back to the window and was facing the camera. As the volume of the music in the room increased, Marlene began to seductively strip. Considering that all the lights in the hotel room were on, anyone glancing up at their window was in for quite a show. First the blouse, then the skirt, lace bra and finally the matching thong … leaving her totally naked except for her white 5” heel shoes, ankle bracelet, wristwatch and delicate gold necklace. She looked stunning! While the camera continued to record Marlene caressing her naked breasts and bald pussy, she slowly moved closer and closer to the large hotel room window. Once she reached the window, she turned her back to the camera, spread her legs wide open, braced herself against the window with one hand and began to explore her smooth pussy with the other. What an incredible view it must have been for anyone fortunate enough to have stared up at their hotel room window at the time! I was getting so excited watching Marlene’s exhibitionistic striptease and erotic performance … she was so sexy and daring. As I glanced down at my freshly shaved, bald pussy, I briefly fantasized that it was me in their hotel room. First, stripping naked to reveal my smooth, hairless pussy to Jay and Marlene … and then slowly masturbating in front of the window while the camera recorded the entire event. As I looked up again at the screen, Marlene was slowly, if not hesitantly, walking across the hotel room towards the door. Just as she reached the door and put one hand on the doorknob, Marlene turned her head slightly and winked at the camera. I watched in amazement as she slowly opened the door and walked out into the hotel hallway, still completely naked! The camera followed Marlene out into the hallway, as she walked towards the elevator. Once at the elevator, Marlene again turned slightly and smiled into the camera as she pressed the elevator button. A moment later the elevator doors opened and Marlene stepped inside and seductively turned around to face the camera. She then quickly reached forward and pressed one of the buttons on the inside control panel. As the elevator doors began to close, Marlene winked one last time and coyly smiled at the camera lens. The elevator doors closed as a familiar chime sounded and the camera was tilted up to the blinking lights directly above the elevator. One by one the lights blinked on and then off, signaling the decent of the elevator. The last light to blink was marked “L” for lobby. The scene slowly faded, as the screen went to black.

How deliciously sexy and surprisingly kinky, I thought to myself, as the main menu once again offered its choices on the large screen. I wondered what happened when the elevator doors opened in the lobby? This was so hot! My best friend, Marlene, walking around totally naked in a luxury hotel in San Antonio! And until just a few hours ago, I had no idea that she was so sexually wild and into such daring exhibitionist exploits! The second scene was titled “Night Out on the Town”. This scene, like the previous one, was filmed at night. The camera was focused on the middle set of gas pumps at a large, well-lit self-service gas station. The gas station was fairly busy at the time the scene was filmed. Even though I guessed what might happen next, it still caught me by off guard as I watched Marlene pull up in their black, convertible Mustang. As she slowly maneuvered their sports car along side the middle set of pumps, it was obvious that Marlene was already naked. The camera was perfectly positioned to capture all the action as Marlene opened up the car door and stepped up to the nearest pump, wearing only a pair of black, 5” heels. Nonchalantly, she inserted a credit card into the slot on the front of the pump, pushed a button to select the type of fuel and reached for the gas hose nozzle. The surprised looks and stares from her unsuspecting audience were priceless. As she stood by her Mustang, a few more cars drove into the gas station and pulled up to the pumps. One of the cars closest to Marlene contained two teenage couples. The screaming and whistling started immediately! Even the girls were excited about showing their appreciation of Marlene’s naked body and her boldness to display it in public. The two young girls ran over to Marlene just as she finished hanging the nozzle back on gas pump and closing the gas tank on the driver’s side of the Mustang. Noticing the camera, slightly off to the side and almost directly behind the Mustang, the girls quickly positioned themselves at Marlene’s side, giggling and smiling the entire time. They put on quite a show briefly posing with Marlene, while hugging and squeezing her naked body! Their boyfriends’ attention was quickly switching from Marlene, to encouraging the girls to also strip naked! The two girls, both extremely cute and noticeably playful, pretended not to hear their boyfriends’ requests. Then to everyone’s surprise and obvious delight, including Marlene, both the girls pulled their tops over their heads exposing their naked breasts to the camera and everyone at the gas station! Marlene whispered something to one of the girls and then reopened her car door. The girls quickly leaned forward and gave Marlene a quick kiss goodbye before grabbing their tops and running back over to their boyfriends’ car. Marlene closed the car door and started the engine. A wave goodbye to the camera, and the Mustang cautiously pulled out of the station and into the flow of traffic on the busy street.

I loved it! These scenes were great! It was far more exciting than watching prerecorded X-rated movies for two reasons; first … I personally knew the stars, and second … all the action was real! I was so anxious to view the last scene to see what outrageous private fantasy Marlene and Jay had chosen to end this DVD. The last scene was titled, “On the Beach”. My pussy was wet with anticipation of whatever was about to happen next! The scene opened with the camera taking a panoramic view of a large lake with a crowded boat dock in the foreground. It was obviously a very sunny, and hot day. Most of the people at the boat dock were dressed either in swimsuits, or shorts and tank tops. Jay continued walking down the dock until he came to a white speedboat with red accent trim. Once inside the boat, Jay repositioned and focused the camera lens back up the dock towards the full parking lot. A moment later Marlene appeared from between all the cars and began walking out onto the dock. She was, to no surprise, completely naked, except for a red visor on her head and her favorite pair of sunglasses! Her smooth body and bald pussy glistened from the sun reflecting off her oiled drenched skin! Heads were turning everywhere as she continued to casually walk closer to the camera while weaving in-between all the other boaters. Talk about making an entrance! She was simply incredible. Just as she approached the boat with Jay, the scene faded to black, as I tried to imagine Marlene climbing down into the boat naked, and then speeding off with Jay. The scene was continued a moment later with the camera focused on a small, secluded beach. A large, white beach towel was spread out on the sand directly in front of the camera. Next, both Marlene and Jay entered the scene. They were both naked, with Jay still completely shaved and as well oiled as Marlene. The sex scene that followed was simply stunning. They began with a tender, opening kiss, while pressing their oiled, slippery bodies close together … and ended about fifteen or twenty minutes later in a mutual climax!

Wow! What great videos … daring exhibitionism, mutual shaving and really hot sex in public places! That night, I had such wild fantasies, I barely got any sleep at all. I kept having flashbacks of Marlene and Jay’s videos … and wishing that it were I getting naked in public and having wild, insatiable sex with Jay. I wanted to suck Jay’s s smooth cock and balls … and feel his smooth, hard pubic mound against my own shaved skin as we deliriously fucked for the camera, in front of Marlene! A few times, I even awoke while dreaming of sexual, and particularly exhibitionistic, adventures with Marlene! I fantasized often that night about how if the opportunity presented itself, I would take advantage of the moment, and explore my sexual desires.

PART 2 – The Exhibitionist

I awoke very early Sunday morning, even though I didn’t get much sleep the night before. I was intent on doing something naughty before the day was over, and decided to get an early start. I figured, what’s the sense of having a shaved pussy, if you don’t show it off! After sitting around the pool for a while, trying to think of a daring plan in which ultimately I would get caught, I decided to take a short walk (completely naked, of course) down to the path that led to the nearby lake. My heart was pounding with excitement as I reached the narrow path. I was both extremely excited and very hesitant about actually walking down to the lake naked. Anything could happen! After a brief pause to momentarily reconsider, I started walking down the path away from the house and my clothes. The short walk down to lake proved uneventful. However, once at the water, my nakedness was no longer concealed by the thick growth of trees. I was totally exposed to anyone who might happen by in a boat, or be taking a casual early morning walk around the lake. As I stood there on the narrow strip of sand at the water’s edge, I looked out over the calm surface of sparkling blue water, wondering what adventures my curiosity and exhibitionistic daring might lead to. A moment later, the lake’s silence was interrupted by the sound of a boat engine. It was a speedboat, towing an early morning water skier! A girl in a red bikini was driving the small boat, while her boyfriend (or husband) was being towed. My first inclination was to quickly run back up the nearby path and into the woods, out of their view. Instead, I found myself walking closer, and then actually into the warm water. I don’t think the girl, cautiously steering the boat, saw me. However, her boyfriend definitely saw my naked body. He enthusiastically waved my direction as he and the boat quickly passed by. Even though I wasn’t close enough to see his face and his reaction to seeing me naked, I was confident that I pleasantly surprised him during his early morning exercise. What a rush! A few seconds later the lake was silent again, and the water was calm. I decided to continue walking a little further up the shore before turning back.

The sun was starting to warm my bare skin as I continued around a curve in the lake. Just ahead, I saw a short boat dock extending out into the water. There were no boats docked, and as I got closer, it was apparent that it was attached to a piece of property with “For Sale” signs posted. Almost forgetting that I was naked, I decided to explore further. I tentatively walked up a steep set of old steps leading to the small, vacant house. I walked up through the attached carport and around the side of the house towards the front. It was obvious that no one had lived there for quite some time. The street in front of the old house was as deserted looking as the house itself. I boldly continued up the short driveway, walking in and out of the shade of the nearby trees. Finally, I reached an old gravel road, and paused briefly before turning around and walking back towards the house. Although I was immensely enjoying my naked exploration of the lake, the initial excitement and thrill of wondering around naked outdoors was beginning to wear off. I slowly walked back around the side of the house and down the steps towards the boat dock. I continued walking out onto the weathered dock to the end and decided to sit down on the far end, dangling my feet in the water. A few minutes later, just as I was about to leave, I heard the sound of an approaching boat … it was the same small speedboat from earlier, now returning from the opposite direction. This time, however, the girl was on the skis while her boyfriend piloted the boat. As they got closer, I noticed he was steering closer to this side of the lake. He obviously wanted a closer look! I impulsively decided to play along and stood up in order to give both of them a closer look. This time as they passed by, I could actually see their faces and smiles as we again waved to each other. I was so excited that I actually got ”caught” while on my exhibitionist walk! Not wishing to push my good luck any further, I began walking back along the shore of the lake towards my friend’s house. About five or ten minutes later, I was back on the short, shady path leading to the house. Soon, I was walking back up the familiar steps to their deck overlooking the pool and into the cool house. I spent the next couple of hours simply enjoying the sun by the pool and fantasizing about more opportunities to get naked in public. I also thought a lot about Jay and Marlene’s provocative videos and what might happen if I was ever invited to “act” in one of their productions!

Later that afternoon, I impulsively decided to place the few casual clothes I brought with me for the weekend in my car … except for my favorite oversized t-shirt. It was washed out red, with an extra large opening at the neck and huge sleeves. It also just barely covered my ass and shaved pussy! If I bent over at all, my breasts would be exposed in the front and my bare ass would be revealed from behind. I couldn’t wait for Jay and Marlene to return home. The question was, would I have enough nerve to stay dressed only in my t-shirt once they arrived, or would I run back out to the car and pull out a pair of shorts at the last minute. I kept changing my mind all afternoon. One minute I would tell myself that I really wanted to be totally naked when they came home … after all they did film their own X-rated videos, shave their bodies completely hairless and get naked in public! Then, the next minute I would remind myself that if I did something that daring … it might make them extremely curious as to why I might think they would be receptive to my obvious sexual advances and desire for exhibitionist adventure. While I was still trying to decide what to wear, or not wear, I heard their car pull in the driveway! Having no other choice, I greeted Jay and Marlene at their front door, wearing only the red t-shirt. As always, they seemed very glad to see me and to be back home. And neither of them even seemed to notice, let alone act surprised to see me dressed only in my faded, short t-shirt.

Once inside the house, Marlene quickly fixed us all a drink, while Jay finished bringing in their few bags of luggage. I found myself wondering what wild adventures they experienced this weekend while they both made themselves comfortable and asked whether I enjoyed myself while at their house. I told them that I just lay out by the pool during the day and watched music videos and a few movies at night. Jay enthusiastically commented how dark my tan was getting, while Marlene fixed us all another drink. I confided to both of them how much I liked the opportunity to work on my all-over tan, as Marlene handed me another drink. “We know exactly how you feel”, Marlene responded. “Jay and I both love to get naked every chance we get, and living in this secluded house by the lake is just perfect for our lifestyle”, she added as she walked over to Jay and handed him his drink. “I’ll be right back”, she said as she picked up a small overnight case and slowly walked towards the bedroom. While Marlene was momentarily gone, Jay and I talked about some of the places they had recently visited on weekend trips. A moment later, when Marlene returned, she was completely naked!

“Who wants to join me at the pool?” she asked as she walked over to me and motioned for me to stand up. “Lisa, why don’t you join us for a swim … it’s so hot out right now, it would really feel great!” she said as she reached forward and grabbed hold of the bottom of my t-shirt. Slowly, she began to pull it up past my narrow hips, exposing my freshly shaved pussy to her obvious delight. Offering no resistance to Marlene’s actions, I simply raised my arms in an effort to make it easy for her to finish pulling my t-shirt over my naked breasts and completely over my head. Marlene casually tossed my t-shirt aside, and turned around to face Jay. She motioned for me to follow her as she walked over to him. While Marlene quickly unfastened his shorts and began to pull them down his tan legs, I reached out and unbuttoned his thin, cotton shirt before gently pushing it off his broad shoulders. Marlene stood back up next to myself as Jay stepped out of his shorts, exposing his smooth, naked body to both of us. His cock was already hard and fully erect, a perfectly natural reaction to seeing his beautiful, naked wife strip her best friend completely naked! The next thing I knew, all three of us were splashing around in the pool naked. This was absolutely great, I thought. As much fun as I already had by myself that weekend, this was even better … having the unique, and perfectly naughty, opportunity to be a voyeur and exhibitionist at the same time! An hour or so later, we were all exhausted, and headed back into the house to dry off. Not sure of what to say or do next, I suggested that it was getting late and that I should start back into the city and give them the chance to unwind from their recent trip. Marlene then suggested that I come back out to their house for dinner on Friday night. I agreed and kissed them both goodbye as I grabbed my car keys. I’m sure I surprised both Marlene and Jay when I didn’t bother to slip back into my t-shirt before walking outside to my car. Actually, I was surprised as well, but the desire to remain naked, and the thrill of driving back home naked was too great a temptation to resist! Wow, what a weekend!

The next five days went by so, so slowly. I could barely sleep at night, recalling all the new experiences from this past weekend. I was really looking forward to visiting again with Marlene and Jay and exploring new adventures in voyeurism and exhibitionism. I even took off a few hours early from work Friday afternoon to allow plenty of time to fix my hair and shave my pussy smooth. Again, I surprised myself by doing something totally unexpected, if not rather kinky. I had just stepped out of the tub and finished applying body lotion to my entire body. I looked in the mirror at my thick, dark eyebrows in contrast to my light blonde hair and impulsively picked up the can of shaving gel and razor. A few moments, and several strokes of the razor later, my dark eyebrows were completely gone! Next, I carefully penciled in much lighter, and finely sculpted eyebrows. I absolutely loved my new look! My “penciled in” eyebrows blended in much better with my sun lightened, blonde hair … and created the rather pleasant illusion that my blue eyes were even a little larger and more attractive. Finished with my make-up, it was time to get dressed. I decided on wearing a rather simple, yet sexy, short white cotton dress that buttoned all the way up the front. The fabric was just shear enough that from close-up it would be obvious that I was not wearing a bra or panties. I was finally ready to go!

Marlene greeted me at the door dressed in a white cut off top and a very short, black skirt. I immediately recognized the outfit as being part of her “sexy clothes” collection. She made a comment about how cute my summer dress looked as we walked through their house towards the outside deck. Jay greeted me warmly and immediately handed me a drink. They both noticed that I looked a little different somehow, but couldn’t figure out exactly how. I told them to keep guessing as we went inside to eat dinner. I sat directly opposite of Marlene, with Jay between us at the end of the dining table. It didn’t take Marlene very long to notice that it was my eyebrows that looked different. She was simply fascinated with the details of how I impulsively shaved them completely off. After a few more drinks, and at Marlene’s request, I removed the penciled in brows to reveal the smooth, hairless skin above my blue eyes. Marlene quickly commented that without any eyebrows, my blue eyes were even more captivating. She added that if I ever changed my hairstyle to a shorter length that the effect would even be more dramatic. Jay enthusiastically agreed with Marlene’s observation, and quickly offered to film the “event” if I ever decided to complete the bold transformation. I immediately responded to his offer by saying, “That sounds interesting, if not slightly kinky. And actually, it sounds like it could be fun!”

After we finished our drinks, Marlene and Jay said they had something to show me. I enthusiastically followed them upstairs to their home office. They invited me to sit down in front of the computer, as Marlene leaned over my shoulder and clicked on a favorite place. The web site that appeared on the screen was a Voyeur/Exhibitionist site. The main menu had options like Private Shots, Freestyle, Nude-in-Public, Highlights of the Day and Global Top 100! Marlene instructed me to click on the Private Shots section. Once on the Private Shots menu, she told me to scroll down to a date from earlier this month. There were about twelve or fifteen entries for that specific date. Jay told me to click on the one titled, “Poolside Striptease”. The introduction, and comments, that preceded the actual photos listed Jay as the photographer and Marlene as the model! I quickly scrolled down to first photo of Marlene, standing by the side of their pool, wearing her white micro g-string bikini. These still photos were obviously from their private video I watched just a few days ago … only now they were posted on an Internet web site! The next photo showed Marlene untying her top … the next one with her naked breasts exposed … the next one untying the sides of her g-string and the following one showed her totally naked. The next few showed Marlene pouring oil over her tan breasts and naked body, including close-up shots of her bent over pouring the oil down the crack off her tan ass and over her shaved pussy lips. The next one showed her from the back as she walked towards the diving board and the last one showed her spread-eagled on the edge of the diving board!

“Would you like to see a few more of our entries?” Marlene coyly asked. I quickly agreed and was instructed to scroll up to another date in the Private Shots section and click on one titled, “No Tan Lines, No Pubic Hair … No Problem”. This entire photo submission was filmed down at the lake on the deserted boat dock, and was obviously taken after Jay and Marlene had shaved off each other’s pubic hair. She looked absolutely stunning posing naked, and shaved, with the sun reflecting off her tan, smooth body. Their next two photo submissions were listed in the “Nude-in-Public” section. The first showed Marlene exposing her naked body at various locations inside a familiar looking luxury hotel in San Antonio. The last one was the best of all, it was simply titled, “Naked”. It consisted of a series of extremely provocative, totally naked photos of Marlene, each taken at extremely public places during the light of day! On the crowded boat dock, in the boat while out on the lake, in a lingerie store, in a book store, on the outside deck of a restaurant, in her convertible Mustang while driving through the city … and the last few, showing her casually walking past the camera in the middle of a city park! At this point I was really getting turned on, and wet, by viewing Marlene’s naked photos posted on the Internet! And, I was also feeling more than just a little “high” from the effects of all the drinks.

As I glanced up from the screen, Marlene seductively whispered in my ear, “Follow me”. I noticed that Jay had already left the room as I got up and followed Marlene into their master bedroom. Jay was standing behind a tripod mounted with a video camera positioned directly in front of their bed. He also had a somewhat smaller digital camera in his hand. Without anyone saying another word, I continued to follow Marlene directly in front of the camera. The main bedroom light on the ceiling softly illuminated the delicate white sheets on their oversized bed. The bedroom windows were all wide-open, inviting the cool evening breeze into their bedroom. As the volume of the soft music in their bedroom was turned up a notch, Marlene slowly leaned forward and lightly kissed me on the cheek. She reached forward and placed my hands near the bottom edge of her top and raised her arms up over her head. Following her lead, I grabbed hold of her cut-off top and slowly pulled it up over her naked breasts and then completely off. My nervous hands slowly drifted down her petite, sexy body stopping when they reached the back of her skirt. First, I released the clasp and then slowly pulled down the zipper. One gentle tug over her slender hips and Marlene’s micro skirt fell silently to the floor. Again, she leaned forward to kiss me, this time on the lips. It felt like she was thanking me for stripping her clothes off in front of Jay and the cameras. I responded by slightly parting my moist lips and embracing her naked body. A moment later I felt Marlene’s hands start to unbutton my short cotton dress. She winked at me as the last button was released and my dress fell open, exposing my naked breasts and freshly shaved pussy to her delight. Next, she placed her soft hands on my shoulders and slowly pushed the white cotton dress off my tan, naked body. This time, it was me that kissed Marlene! Our naked bodies pressed together for the first time as both of us began to feel the excitement of the moment. As we embraced and slowly explored each other’s naked bodies, the volume of the almost hypnotic “mood” music increased, further heightening the entire erotic experience!

“Follow me”, Marlene whispered again as she climbed up on the bed. Without hesitating, I climbed up on the bed and knelt down in front of Marlene while Jay zoomed in the lens on the video camera. Marlene immediately leaned forward and lowered her lips to one of my erect nipples. I closed my eyes and leaned back slightly, while Marlene continued to lick and suck on my sensitive nipples. The few times I briefly opened my eyes I noticed Jay repositioning himself every few moments to photograph his wife caressing my breasts from every possible angle. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, Marlene gently pushed me back further and began to kiss and lick her way down my smooth stomach. As she reached the top of my smooth pubic mound I raised my legs slightly, in order to give her maximum access to my wet pussy. I began to message my own breasts as Marlene gently licked my pussy lips from bottom to top. Soon I was moaning and moving my hips up and down in rhythm with Marlene’s inspired licking! As loud as the pulsating music was, I still heard myself crying out loud as Marlene first probed deeper in-between my pussy lips with her talented tongue and then began to concentrate on my responsive clit! Moments later my body convulsed in an explosive, totally out of control orgasm.

Before I even had time to catch my breath, Marlene jumped off the bed and quickly pulled my limp, exhausted body over to the corner of the bed and helped me to sit up. My head was spinning, not only from the effects of the drinks, but from all the excitement … viewing their exhibitionist photos, being stripped naked and having wild, uninhibited sex with Marlene in front of Jay and the cameras. When I opened my eyes again, Marlene’s breasts were only a few inches away from my lips. Soon I had my arms wrapped around her slender body and was busy licking and sucking her erect nipples. I was totally absorbed with simply responding to a multitude of new sexual sensations. I barely noticed, or felt, Marlene playing with my hair, and slightly repositioning my dizzy head every few moments. I just continued to enthusiastically lick and suck her wet nipples. At some point I vaguely remembered her whispering for me to briefly hold my head still, and then a few moments later, the faint, familiar buzzing sound stopped. I must have thought I was dreaming when I felt Marlene messaging warm, thick foam over my sensitive scalp. It felt so intoxicating; I loved every second of all the attention! For the next few moments, her hands seemed to effortlessly glide across my head while she slowly removed the foam. Then, after a brief pause, more warm foam was applied and gently messaged over my head by Marlene’s soft hands. A few, short moments later and I felt a completely new sensation … the cool night breeze blowing in through their bedroom windows on my hyper sensitive scalp. This new, erotic sensation was simply exhilarating! I was not sure at that exact moment what was real, what was dream, or simply a spectacular sexual fantasy. I heard Marlene say “Finished!” and woke up from my “dream”. Not knowing exactly what to expect, I slowly raised my hands to my head. I was bald! I was not dreaming, or fantasizing. I was, in fact, bald. My head was completely smooth and hairless! The only hair left on my entire body was my eyelashes! “Lisa, you look incredible!” Marlene said as she softly caressed my bald head. “Your head is so smooth and sexy,” she continued as she helped me stand up. “Does it feel as fantastic as it looks?” Marlene asked. “Yes”, I softly whispered back into her ear, before reaching for the nearby clippers. I switched on the clippers and seductively smiled at her.

Without saying another word, Marlene stepped around me and sat down on the corner of the bed. She fluffed her hands through her long auburn hair one last time and then tilted her head down. Quickly responding to her desires, I positioned them at the base of her delicate neck. I carefully pushed the buzzing clippers up her neck and then over the top of her head, leaving behind a white, almost hairless path. I quickly repositioned the clippers at the base of her neck and pushed the clippers forward again. And again. And again. Auburn hair was flying everywhere! Soon I was almost finished, and tilted her head back so I could finish shaving the front portion of her head. Before I switched off the clippers, I whispered to Marlene, “Hold still for one more second and close your eyes”. A moment later, both her finely sculpted eyebrows were reduced to the same almost hairless look as her beautifully shaved head. “You’re going to love this!” I told Marlene as I began to apply the heated shaving foam to her head. The fresh razor easily glided over the surface of her skin while removing the last trace of auburn hair. I slowly repeated the entire process in order to make sure that Marlene’s head was as smooth as mine. Then, I gently tilted her head back again and messaged a small amount of shaving foam directly above each eye before shaving what remained of her eyebrows as smooth, and as perfectly hairless, as her head. Jay, now completely naked, joined us as I climbed back onto the bed next to Marlene. Jay quickly positioned Marlene on her hands and knees directly in front of his smooth, hard cock. As she lowered her experienced lips to his erect cock, I crawled in-between her legs, on my back, and gently pulled her wet pussy closer to my tongue. While Marlene enthusiastically sucked Jay’s cock, I began to slowly lick her sexy, bald pussy from one end to the other. Although I had never been with another woman sexually until that night, it felt so natural, and exciting, to be naked … and having incredibly wild, uninhibited sex with my friend Marlene. A few minutes later, my face was as wet as Marlene’s pussy, as I continued to lick and tease her exposed clit. Just as she was nearing orgasm, Marlene stopped sucking Jay’s cock and leaned back so they could both view my bald head in-between her smooth legs. Marlene’s cries of pleasure continued to increase in volume and intensity as I began to suck directly on her slippery clit. I felt the muscles in her body tighten in anticipation of an exciting, explosive orgasm. Seconds later, her petite body shuddered with multiple convulsions … and then her body went limp.

Jay, now standing by the side of the bed, wasted no time in flipping his wife over on her back, pulling her body over to the edge of the bed and spreading her legs wide open. Next, he grabbed hold of her ankles and held her legs high up in the air. As he began to tease Marlene’s exhausted pussy with his still hard cock, I knelt directly above her head … facing Jay. I watched as Jay continued to tease Marlene’s exposed pussy by slowly sliding his smooth cock up and down in-between her parted, wet pussy lips. Each time his cock would slide forward, the tip of his cock brushed over Marlene’s clit. Meanwhile, I felt Marlene’s tongue begin to explore my smooth pussy for the second time that evening. I honestly don’t know which was more mesmerizing … watching Jay’s smooth cock tease and pleasure his wife’s shaved pussy, or glancing directly down at Marlene’s bald head in-between my legs. Occasionally, I felt her tongue tentatively probing my shaved ass, which further heightened the entire erotic experience! As my hips began to involuntarily respond, and move up and down over Marlene’s face, I watched Jay’s cock totally disappear into her slippery pussy. Slowly at first, then faster and faster, Jay fucked Marlene’s bald pussy until he was unable to control the inevitable. At the last second, Jay pulled his throbbing cock out of Marlene’s pussy and squirted his warm, white cum all over her stomach and tan breasts. Immediately, I leaned forward and lowered my bald head closer to Marlene’s breasts and began to lick Jay’s cum off her smooth skin. I quickly continued licking further down her stomach until my head was only a few inches away from Jay’s semi-erect cock. Impulsively, I lifted my head and extended my tongue out to lick the last of his cum off the tip of his cock. Within seconds, his cock responded to my lips and was almost fully erect again. While I continued to lick his stiff cock, Marlene crawled out from beneath my body, jumped off the bed and grabbed the digital camera. For the next few moments I frantically sucked Jay’s erect cock, while Marlene clicked off photos of her husband having sex with her bald girlfriend. Then, as if reading my mind, Jay pulled his cock out of my warm mouth and gently pushed me backwards onto the bed. Next, he pulled my body closer to the edge of the bed and grabbed hold of my ankles. Seconds later, my legs were spread wide and lifted high in the air. Marlene continued to take more photos as Jay positioned his hard cock over my bald pussy. After a few brief moments of teasing my slippery lips and clit, Jay finally pushed his cock deep inside my pussy. I leaned back and closed my eyes as he began to thrust harder and deeper. My body began to tense up as I heard myself cry out loud. The cool breeze off the lake softly caressed my naked body as I gasped for breath in-between my body’s involuntary spasms. Finally, my body convulsed one last time as Jay pulled his cock out of my bald pussy and squirted his cum over my body. Next, I felt both Jay and Marlene messaging his warm, sticky cum over my sensitive breasts and pussy. That was the last thing I remembered from Friday night, before passing out a moment later from total exhaustion.

Saturday morning, I woke up next to Jay and Marlene … naked and completely hairless, curious to begin exploring more new and exciting sexual adventures!

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