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I get into my deep green van after my last day of seventh grade. "Oh, Jessica, you have so many split ends!" cried my mother. "I think when we get home I’ll cut it for you."

"If I have to get it cut, why can’t I get it cut in a salon, like NORMAL people do?"

"Because this way we can save money, and I am trained to cut hair, it’s just that I don’t do it for a living" my mom replied angrily, so I knew that conversation was over.

Our van pulled into the driveway, and my mom told me to go downstairs into the basement. That’s where my moms hair stuff is set up. "Hmmmm, what will we do with you today?" said my mother. " I think something shorter will be nice"

"NO mom!" I exclaimed!

"Be quiet Jessica, or I will shave it ALL off!"

Not wanting to lose all of my waist length hair, I shut my mouth. My mother then put my hair into a pony tail at the base of my neck. I wondered why, but not for long. She then took BIG shears, and hacked it off. I looked in horror at my hair. It was now in a rough chin length bob, shorter then it had EVER been before. " Come to the sink Jessica, and I will wash it for you." my mom ordered.

I walked to the sink. The shampooing felt SO good, and my head felt a lot lighter. I then walked back to the chair, where my mom combed out my hair, she then went to get something. I heard a POP hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm noise. I almost jumped out of the chair. "Don’t worry Jessica, I’m not going to save your head." said my mom at the look of shock on my face.

She then fitted a guard over the clippers, and ran them all over my head. It felt nice, but at the same time I was horrified at losing so much hair. Now my hair was about 1 inch all over. My mom fitted a smaller guard onto the clippers, and blended hair in. She continued this process until the cut was complete. "There. A nice short pixie cut for the summer!" She exclaimed as she shook out the cape.

"Mom, WHY did you do this to me?"

"Well Jessica, now it’s nice and short for the summer, and you ARE almost thirteen, I thought a change would be nice, and now it is way easier to manage, why don’t you take a look in the mirror?

I glanced up at the mirror, and I did NOT like what I saw. The longest pieces of hair were 1 inch, And the rest got shorter from there. I look like a guy! Tears ran down my cheeks. "Now Jessica, don’t you go crying, or I will just shave it all off. I think it looks lovely." my mom said.

I nodded and blinked back tears. Who knows what other haircuts I will have to suffer through.

. . . . . . . . . . to be continued

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