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It was a hot, humid day and I was out on the road making sales calls.

On that particular day, I was hot and sweaty; I decided it was definitely time for a change. That morning, I had spent 30 minutes on my medium length hair just to get it to look good. Putting in the styling gel, blowing it dry, using a curling iron. Now it looked flat and unattractive. I have always worn my hair mid length and often have longed to cut it really short. My boyfriend, Mike, has always tried to persuade me to try a buzz cut. I have sometimes let him trim it and the sex afterwards is amazing. It is such a turn on for both of us. It is definitely time for a change.

I put the call into Mike at his office and told him that I was ready to go super short. I ask him if he will help me find a place to go, knowing the usual salon I visit will try and talk me out of it. Mike tells me that I won?t regret it and asks me to meet him at his office at 5:30. When I meet Mike outside his office, he runs his hand over my hair and asks me if I am sure. I tell him I am so ready. He then takes my hand and leads me to a barbershop on his same block. As we walk, I ask Mike to talk to the barber and tell him what to do as I am unsure of what to ask for.

We walk into the barber shop and there is a man in his mid 50s. Mike tells him that I am the woman he spoke to him about. The barber asks me to get up in the chair. I take off my jacket and climb into the big red chair. Mike tells the barber that I want it cut very short. He instructs the barber to use a #2 clipper on the back and sides and #4 on the top. I hear the buzz of the clippers come to life and the barber pushes my head down. I feel the buzz on the clippers going up the back of my head, feel the air on my scalp, and see the hair falling down on the cape. It is the most erotic thing I have ever felt. It is soothing and hypnotic. The barber continues to run the clippers up the sides and back. Hair continues to fall and I am starting to get extremely aroused. My nipples are hard and my pussy is so wet. I look at Mike and he is smiling and I can see he is also aroused.

The barber changes heads and starts down the top of my head, more hair begins to fall and suddenly I realize just how much this look opens up my face. Slowly but surely all the hair is going away and I am left with a short, clipper cut. By now, Mike is beside himself with lust. The barber finishes with the clippers, brushes off the hair and then proceeds to coat my neck and around my ears with shaving cream. As he draws the straight edge razor across my skin, I let out a slight moan. He tells me not to move. He continues to slowly remove the stubble from my neck and around my ears.

The barber smiles ? he finishes, wipes off the cream and brushes off the remaining hair. I look in the mirror ? no more gel, or blow drying. Mike runs his hands over my clipped head. He pays the barber and we walk out. Now the challenge is if we can get to Mike?s car, before he unzips his pants.

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