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Stacey desperately wanted layers in her hair, because it was what everyone was wearing, but since she was only 13, her mom had a full say in what was being done with her hair. All of her friends kept on asking if she was going to do something different with her hair, and teased her about it.

One night her mom said she was going out for a couple of hours, so Stacey decided to do something about her hair. She took a shower, then combed out her air and placed a towel under it. She carefully cut the top part of her hair until you could finally say it was layered. Satisfied, Stacey dried her hair, hoped her mother wouldn’t notice, and went to sleep.

The next morning however, Stacey’s mother couldn’t help but notice, because Stacey’s wore her hair down long, and even though she had thought she had only cut about a half an inch off of her shoulder length light brown bob, she had actually cut the layers so the they were about an inch above her chin!

Her mother did not say anything about it, however, but called down to their stylist, Janelle, to make a 10:30 appointment for that morning. When they got to the salon, Janelle told Stacey to have a seat in the chair while she talked to her mother. "The usual trim?" asked Janelle.

"No, Stacey has decided that she didn’t like her usual haircut, and tried to change it, so I want it done very short, with clippers."

"Okay, I’ll make sure it’s nice and short." Janelle said, and returned to her station where Stacey had made herself comfortable.

Janelle combed out Stacey’s hair to get rid of any knots, then pulled it back into a lose ponytail, and hacked it off. "There’s the bulk gone, don’t worry, your mom has told me exactly what you want done." Janelle told her, and smiled at her mom who was waiting in a chair.

Janelle then took the clippers, put on a number 5 guard, and mowed a path though the top of Stacey’s head. She did this all over, then put on a number 4 guard and blended in the back and sides, and then a number three guard to finish things off. She then went over to Stacey’s mother, who said, "Can you go any shorter?"

Janelle just smiled, went back over to Stacey, said, "I’ll just tidy things up a bit," to her. She then took off the guard, and mowed a path straight though the top of Stacey’s head.

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