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Eric had fallen in love with Ali in high school and for him, there had never been, nor would there ever be, another woman for him. She was smart, beautiful, full of life and not afraid to speak her mind, but always being respectful. She made his life complete! One of Ali?s best features was her hair. She had always worn it just below her shoulders and the thick waves complimented any way she wore it ? up, down, braided, twisted with a clip ? it always looked great. Even in her early thirties, when so many of her friends were trading in length for the practicality of short hair, she held out.

One of Eric?s college buddies was to be married on this particular weekend and several of the guys were going out to celebrate at a seedy bar just outside of town. It had been years since some of them had been in town and they all knew the night might get a little wild. But while Eric did notice other women, he never thought about becoming involved with another woman. But as the drinks kept arriving at the table, his steadfastness began to fade.

As the evening progressed, Eric found himself alone in a booth talking to a beautiful woman. There was just something about her that made him feel so comfortable that he told her of his love for his wife. She seemed to understand but still kept putting the moves on him. Before he realized what he was doing, he found himself in the back of a taxi on the way to a hotel. He kept trying to say no, but the smell of her skin, the taste of her lips and the way she knew how to touch him in all the right places, along with five vodka tonics, wore his resistance down.

When they got to the hotel, she already had a room. He thought she said something about being in town for a conference, but frankly, conversation was not at the top of his to do list at the moment. Upon arriving in the room, he flipped on the lights but she immediately turned them off and pushed him on the bed. She lit a few candles and started to undress. He was frustrated because he still had not really seen what she looked like. But in his drunken stupor, he really did not care. She seemed to read his thought. ?Look, I like you and I think you like me. I don?t want a commitment, I just want tonight. I don?t want to know you and I don?t want you to know me. I have been wanting to do something but I don?t have the guts to ask my guy to do it with me.?

Eric was having a hard time concentrating, so she got to the point. ?I have wanted to cut my hair for a long time, and I am afraid my guy would refuse my request. I find haircutting a seriously arousing experience and want someone to share the experience with me. Are you the man for me??

Eric was trying hard to comprehend what she was asking. Cut her hair? Seemed simple enough, and that was not really cheating?. ?Okay, I am your man!? With that, she took his hand, walked across the room and sat down in a chair. As he came closer, he saw a pair of scissors and clippers on the table. As he reached for the scissors, she put her hand out. ?Let?s face it, you are a little too drunk to handle sharp objects. Why don?t you sit there and watch and wait for your turn?? He fell to the bed and she reached to help him sit up. They were so close that he could smell the faint scent of whiskey on her breath. She backed away and said, ?Why don?t I get started before I chicken out??

With that, she picked up the scissors and pulled a lock of hair from the top of her head, all the while, keeping eye contact with him. He heard the scissors close on the hair, but could not see very well because of the darkness. She reached out and handed him a lock of hair 18 inches long. He started stroking it, feeling odd because there was no resistance because it was free of its scalp. She cut more locks and started a pile. Suddenly she reached over and put his hand on the top of her head and the other hand on her exposed breast. He never knew a simple haircut could be so erotic. As she pulled her head back, his fingers fell down her face and she caught them in her mouth, sucking on them ever so teasingly.

She continued cutting her hair until there was nothing left but a very uneven mound of .5 ? 1 inch locks of hair. She brushed the hair from his lap. ?Are you ready?? He reached to kiss her. ?Not yet ? you have to earn that!? Never loosing eye contact, she put the clippers in his hand and turned them on. The vibration startled him. But as if he were being controlled, he pushed them back over her head.

He sat back as he saw the white streak of skin in the candlelight. ?I wonder if I could ever get my wife to do this?? Suddenly, her hand came up and encouraged him to remove more. He took each streak just a little bit at a time, partly because he was still drunk, but partly because he did not want this once in a life lime experience to end. But as he finished her nape, he knew it was over. She reached for him, but this time it was he who stopped. ?I am sorry ? I am very attracted to you and am obviously quite turned on, but I love my wife and can?t go any further. I mean, I should not have??

With that, she covered his mouth. He could see the glow of the candlelight in her eyes as she winked at him. She uncovered his mouth and turned on the light. He was beginning to sober up but questioned what he saw.

There before him was Ali.

His Ali.

His beloved Ali.

His beloved bald Ali.

?I wasn?t sure if you would agree to this if I just asked you, so I had to show you how much fun this could be.? He pulled her to him and kissed her head. ?Now that you are sobering up, maybe you could finish the job.? It was then he saw the shaving cream on the counter across the room.

There never would be any other woman for him.

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