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Sitting in front of her vanity mirror dressed in cotton pink panties and a matching tank top, Maria reached for her brush. Picking it up, she began brushing her long dark hair black hair that reached just past the bottom of her nicely shaped breasts. Having just turned 33, recently divorced, and having won a considerable amount of money in the lotto she contemplated about what was ahead. Many new oppurtunities and adventures awaited her, starting tomorrow with her appointment at the salon. As she continued brushing she began to focus in more on her hair and how it different it might look after tomorrow morning. The thought of being a hair model for a stylist at a posh upscale salon was interesting when she first heard about it from her friend Maggie, and today Maria called the stylist and made arrangenments to do the modeling job the following morning at 10 AM With her schedule locked up Maria continued brushing her hair , excited and wondering at what lay ahead. Before she knew it was 8AM and the alarm was blaring, but that didn’t matter because she was already awake just finishing her treadmill workout. After a shower, Maria got dressed and fixed her face. She was wearing a short dark blue gray mini skirt and a yellow, blue, and gray patterned blouse with a collar which she preferred to wear all the way buttoned to the top,which is very in style now. completing the outfit were dark nylons and some very sexy high heels She had about 30 minutes left to get to the salon. She now started getting butterflies in her stomach and to her suprise the anticipation was really getting to her.

She had never even heard of the Desert Flower Salon before Maggie had mentioned it, but sooner than she realized she was there. Taking a deep breath, straightening her outfit, and checking her face one quick time in the rear view mirror she got out of her car and walked towards the salon entrance. After entering the salon she noticed how nice it was, much fancier than the chain salons where she had her long hair trimmed and shaped in the past. Maria was greeted by the receptionist as soon as she walked in the door. " Hi, I have an appointment with Bill. My name is Maria" she told the young perky receptionist. She was told that Bill would be with her in a few minutes and offered a cold beverage while she waited. From her seat in the waiting area, Maria got a good sense of the salon. It was rather large and busy about 15 chairs and many stylist working on different women. She noticed that many of the clients were sporting very short haircuts , but that didn’t suprise Maria because that is all the rage these days.

About ten minutes later a tall blond haired man came out and introduced himself. It was Bill, the stylist with whom Maria had agreed to be his hair model. Bill was very nice , and was immediately drawn to her beautiful almond shaped eyes, fine skin and amazing smile. Immediately she felt at ease with him. At this point he told her abit about himself and that his goal as a professional was to enhance the beauty of his female clients. "Maria" he said," You are a very attractive woman, but I can make you an unbelievably gorgeous woman. You have to trust me." With this Maria agreed to let bill do whatever he wanted just as long as the style she got was both sexy and elegant. Both agreed, and events were now going to move a full speed ahead.

Bill had Maria go over to his chair and have a seat. He then had her brush her hair out so he could really see what he was working with. Then he took out his camera and took quite a few pictures of her to put in his client portfolio. He the placed a cobalt blue cutting cape around her and shot a few more pictures to complete his before shots.

By this time Maria’s heart was beating a bit faster, still not knowing what Bill was going to do to with her hair.

" Maria, please come this way. " said Bill as he escorted her to the shampoo basin. There he washed and treated her hair. After doing this he placed a white towel about her shoulders which he used to dry the excess water from hair long black hair. He the escorted her over to his chair which sat in front a huge mirror which extended from the floor to the ceiling.

Bill rearranged the wite towel with which he had dried her hair abit so that it lay across the back of her shoulders creating a wonderful contrast between her hair and the white background of the towel. He then began to talk. " Maria, I hope you are excited because I have a major hairstyle change in mind for you today. I want to take it really really short and glamourous." With this he bagan to explain the type of style that she was going to receive. He was going cut her hair very very close at the sides and back using a technique called scissor over comb and leave the top a bit longer to give her some diifferent syling options. Maria finally just learning what was in store for her felt an excited pulse run down her spine make her quiver just a tiny bit. She smiled coyly and told Bill that she had complete confidence in him.

The next thing Maria knows Bill is sectioning off her hair taking a part all the way around her head at just above ear level. He then used two large clips to hold the hair on the top of her head in place. He then combed the rest of hair below the part straight down. At this point she could see him pick up a pair of scissors and a smaller comb from his table. She trembled excitedly while at the same time trying not to show her excitement and anticipation. She knew this was going to be big.

Without any hesitation Bill place his comb just at the back of the middle of her head and measured out a section of hair. He the cut one big strand of hair at ths point in efforts to establish a weight line for the cut. He handed her this first long piece of hair and said "There’s no backing out now, so sit back and enjoy the ride. " Maria was stunned at how much hair he had cut but also became even more stimulated. He the tilted his comb in an upside down manner and began cutting off long sections of long hair from the back of her head. All the time moving the comb upward, the scissors moving at a furious pace. She started to feel her head feel lighter, and saw a large pile of hair starting accumulate on the floor. Bill then turned the chair about 45 degrees so Maria could get a better idea of what was happening. To her suprise her hair at the neck was less than half an inch and got much much closer as it reached the skin at her neckline. She was starting to feel naked and that was good. Bill the moved the chair back so she was staring directly in the mirror again. He then repeated the same process on the left side of he head. After lifting much of the bulk of her long hair up with the comb he proceeded to shear off huge lengths off the side in one just a few snips of the scissors. long strands of cut black hair now rested on her shoulder with some sliding down the cape into her lap. Her jaw almost dropped. He the bent her ear a little and could feel the cold steel start to cut the hair from around it . At this point she was in heaven. Many short and much shorter cut strands of hair began to cover most of the cape and the towel that was still covering her shoulders. Bill commented, " Your ears are gorgeous, so tiny and petite. Its great that you will be showing them off for eveyone to enjoy now. I’m enjoying them now." He then repeated the same step on the other side. She was startled in a good way about what was happening. Never had she had a short haircut in her life, especially somthing so drastic.

Now that the sides and back had been cut, Bill let the hair down from the top of Maria’s head. The contrast was amazing. The very long black hair laying over the outline of the hair which had been just so closely cropped. With great efficiency hes sectioned it off in several parts and pinned some of it back on top again. He then combed the rest straight down and began cutting at the line above her ears which he had established earlier with the rest of the cut. It didnt take long. More and more long dark hair piled up on her shoulder, her lap, and the floor. He repeated the same step on the other sections which he had pinned up earlier. He was nearly done and Maria hardly recognized herself. She always knew she was beautiful but she knew now that she was going to be just about the sexiest thing around. She would have to beat the men off with a stick.

" We are almost done now" said Bill. "What do you think". Maria smiled satisfied and stated that she was impressed so far and that she never would have gotten such a short haircut on her own. After a little more cutting and fine tuning of the hair on top, Bill reached for his little hair clippers and began to clean up any stray hairs at her neck and around and in front of her ears. Maria found the sound and the feel of the clippers against her skin to be very soothing. defenitely a new experience that she enjoyed very much. She was drenched.

Haircut complete Bill the began to style Maria’s hair. He used a blow dryer and a curling iron to help create a lot of volume on top, making it kind of poofy while combing her bangs down to create a beautiful elegant fringe. A bit of hairspray and picking with a pointy afro pic type comb and her style was complete. He also explained to her how she could style it differently including slicking it back with different parts or blow drying it using her fingers to create a chunky bowlcut style look.

Bill then removed the towel from around her neck and carefully removed the cape from around her neck and shoulders beacuse it still was covered with lots and lots of Maria’s formerly amazing long dark Pantene hair. Finally he reached for his hand mirror, wiped it off with a clean towel and presented it to Maria so she could see the cut from all sides. She was delighted. It looked as if it had been cut by a mans barber as close as itwas at the back and sides , yet extremely femenine with the little bit of klength and versatility on the top. Maria felt so sensual when she first felt the texture of her hair on the back and sides of her head. She nearly lost it.

Bill helped Maria out of her chair and said" I have certainly outdone myself this time. Simply amazing. Not that it would matter what type of style hair that you choose to wear because you are a beautiful woman, but this amazing short cut accentuates your neck , your ears which are little gems, your great smile ,and of course your face, which only helps expose the true beauty you are both inside and out" This made Maria blush just a bit giving her a warm fuzzy. She felt on top of the world and realize that she was in love. Not only with this great new haircut but also the wonderful man who cut her long hair off and made her fabulous.

And of course Bill took many many great pictures of Maria with her new sexy short hairstyle for his portfolio. Oh and by the way, my name is Bill and Maria has made me the happiest man in the world. I have given her many great cuts since and well as some other special suprises, but I will leave that to all of your imaginations.

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