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Ms, Felina was the teacher of sixth grade language arts class she had beautiful dark brown hair. She was about 6 feet tall with a big ass and matching breasts. She had shoulder length hair. Earlier that day she had given Todd one of her students detention when he was supposed to meet his girlfriend that afternoon before his mistress left him forever. Since Todd had detention he missed meeting his girlfriend and he never got to say goodbye to her. Sadly he never saw her again.

Todd started to get angry as he was headed for detention so he risked being late for detention and stopped by a store and picked up a hair care set.

It was about 4p.m. in the afternoon when he got to detention he was only 10 minutes late as he walked in he spotted Ms. Felina sitting at her desk with her legs propped up. She was wearing a silk dress that emphasized her breast and rear. She was wearing black stockings.

?Hurry, I have a date with my boy friend? she snapped Todd said ok already she gave him is assignment he faked like he had a question and approached her as she sat reading black hair magazine. Todd looked over he shoulder as she pointed to a woman with long hair that went down to her feet and said I can?t wait tell my hair gets that long.

Infuriated he grabbed a pair of novelty handcuffs and forced his teacher?s hands to be looked around her office style chair. ?what are you doing ?she screamed at that moment Todd gagged her so she couldn?t scream and said ? your hair won?t get that long for a while as he pulled out the hair care set and revealed a pair of black scissors and hacked away her bangs . She was kicking him she kicked him in his knee and made him yelp. He said ok lets see how you like this he let the clippers roar an inch away from her fore head. Next he grabbed her hair and played with it a little bit then he grabbed a rubber band from her desk and placed it around her legs that were in stockings. So now she was helpless Buzz went the clippers as the roared down the middle of her head. Todd then shaved the rest of her head starting from the nape pushing all of her hair into her lap then he. Placed her over his lap and spanked her for 20 minutes he then rubbed her ass and she winced in pain over every stroke he bagged up all of her hair and placed in on her ass and said here is a cushion he then unlocked her and said have fun on you date.

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