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Amy had trouble getting up in the morning and getting ready for work. Due to her hour of hair maintenance she was late for work at least 2 times a week. Her father worked down the street from her and knew her boss well. After all her father was able to secure her a job at this establishment. So Friday morning her father decided to stop in and say hello to Mr. Jacobs. He walks in and is greeted by Mr. Jacobs but doesn’t see his Amy. Mr. Jacobs informed Amy’s dad that he had to send her home because of her tardiness. So her dad asks what is the reason for this? Mr. Jacobs tell (Mike) Amy’s dad I am not to sure but she is always fussing with her hair when she arrives. Mr. Jacobs tell Mike if she is late again I will have to let her go.

Mike assures Mr. Jacob that is will not happen again and leaves. Mike goes home and meets Amy there and asks her why she is late for work all the time. Amy replies that her hair takes a while to wash and style…and she can’t get up early enough to deal with this problem. Well Amy’s dad was furious. Amy he said you will not embarrass me like this. We will deal with this problem right now. Come with me and don’t give me a hard time. Okay she replies and they both get in the car. Where are we going? Amy asks. We are going to Marks barbershop and you are going to get that mop cut. Amy says I don’t want to dad please don’t make me. To bad Mike replies you do as your told. Now Mike was a good customer at Marks barbershop. He was always going there to get his flattop freshened up. So Mike pulls in front of the shop and says lets go young lady. You might want to run your hands through your mop one last time because when you get back in this car you will not have hair on that head. Amy started to get upset and he told her to shut up. Mike and Amy walk into the shop and Mike greets Mark. So what can I do for you today Mike? Well Mark my daughter here is late for work everyday because of her mop so I want a good short haircut for her. No problem Mark replies. Mark loved getting victims in the chair for a good degrading haircut. So Amy sat in the chair and Mark placed the cape and tissue around her neck. Mike what kind of cut? Mark asked. It is up to you Mark. Okay no problem sir. I will take care of this problem. Now Mark used to work in a boot camp barbershop so he had no problem giving a forced buzz cut.

Amy was petrified. She just looked in the mirror at her cascading long hair. Mark grabbed the back of her hair and twisted it in a pony tail. He turned on his clippers and buzzed it right off and threw it in her lap. He that placed the clippers at the nape of her neck with a #1 guard and dragged it up to her crown. He continued to do this around both sides up to the crown. Then he changed the guard to a #2 and placed the clippers in front of Amy’s forehead. Amy started to cry now. She couldn’t believe she was going to look like a soldier in the army. Mark dragged the clippers back over her head until all the hair on top was reduced to fuzz.

Mike walked over and rubbed the top of Amy’s head. Now that’s a haircut. he exclaimed. Mark took off the cape and said to Amy your dismissed. Mike paid Mark and walked out of the shop with Amy. All she could do is rub her head in disbelief.. Mike and Amy went home and she was instructed every weekend that he would run his clippers over her head to keep her buzz fresh. She is no longer allowed to have long hair. If she doesn’t comply with these rules she will be shaved bald. Also, since Mike was in the marines he was used to getting up at the crack of dawn. Starting his day off with his daily exercises and buzzing his head. Shaving his face was also important to him he must always be clean. He instructed Amy she will also do the same for the next 4 years. So the next morning is when her punishment began. Mike had camouflage tank and pants waiting for her. Her own can of shaving cream and a reminder of her long hair hanging up on the wall. She was trained to get up a 5am and shave, do 100 push ups, and she was taught to wear a strap on. Now Amy was gay and her father told her than you will perform. So, in her tank and green army pants she stood there with her strap on and crewcut. He was very forceful which made him a great trainer. Within a couple of weeks Amy was transformed from a long hair attractive female to a crewcut militant dyke. Mike brought home a couple of women for both him and his "son" and she fucked the women in the ass and they sucked her strap on cock while rubbing her fuzzy head. Every night she asks her dad if she will ever be able to grow her hair and his reply is when your 4 years are up in my core. She than replies "sir yes sir" while rubbing her fuzz on her head with erect nipples saluting her dad.

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