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Ester, the Head of Department B, was headed to her office when coming at her was a young girl in her Early twenty’s. She was of dark skin and had the loveliest Raven hair that hung to her waist. Ester followed the girl as she past as as the girl past her hair hung like a carpet from her head to her waist where it danced and moved with the thickness it possessed. She had short bangs and wore conservative blouses and skirt that were below knee length or pants.

Now, Ester had two office assistants; Reva and Diva. She asked them about the new girl and was told that the girl was the new receptionist in Department C and that her name was Suzie and was of Sioux Indian Heritage. Now Ester had short cropped hair and so did her two office assistants. Short hair was an unspoken requirement to work in Department B. There was also a rumor that Ester was a Lesbian or at least Bisexual. Ester kept an eye out for Suzie and the more she saw of her the more she wanted her in her department. Then one day Ester said to Riva and Diva " I bet Suzie would be a great addition to our department. I bet she would look great with short hair." That was the inferred instructions for Reva and Diva to make it happen.

First they invited Suzie to their Friday after work office Happy Hour. Reva approached Suzie and said " You certainly have lovely hair. Do you mind if I touch it? " Suzie said " No" and Reva caressed the soft thick mane.Diva came up and said " Have you ever cut it short or considered cutting it short?" Suzie replied " Oh, no the shortest I’ve ever had it is mid-back. I really like it long and would never consider cutting it. I don’t think I’d look good with short hair anyway." Reva and Diva looked at each other and knew that Suzie could never be talked into voluntarily cutting her hair. Ester came by and introduced herself to Suzie but had a different opinion. She knew that with Suzie’s petite features that she would look great with short hair. Reva and Diva later told Ester about their conversation with Suzie. Ester spoke " Looks like we will have to go to Plan D with Suzie.Let’s get it into operation ASAP."

Diva made a phone call and Suzie was put under surveillance. They learned where she lived and shopped and what she did after hours. They found out that every Friday night after work she went to the Lucky 7 Club for a few hours. Friends Ted and Jed were contacted and told of Plan D. It was to take place this Friday night.

Friday night came and Ted and Jed saw Suzie at the Lucky 7 Club. She had just ordered her drink when Ted distracted her and Jed slipped a "Mickey" or was it a "roofie" into her drink. They kept close but not too close to Suzie and watched her. Soon the Mickey took effect and Suzie started to fall. Jed and Ted caught her and rushed her out the door into a waiting car driven by Ester. They placed a knocked out Suzie into the back seat that was occupied by Reva and Diva. It was like having a bobble head manikin with long hair between them. Ester drove and Reva found Suzie’s apartment keys in her purse. They knew they had to act quickly before the drug wore off.

When they got to Suzie’s apartment they sat Suzie in a straight chair. A belt was tied around her waist and another around her chest area to hold her in place in the chair. A cape was placed around her neck. Diva took out a brush and brushed the long thick raven hair. It was so soft and so thick. Reva, Diva, and Ester looked at each other with a devilish look. They were going to have fun tonight. Course with Suzie being knocked out her head was still like a bobble head to Ester held it.

Ester opened the black bag she had brought in and told the girls to set up the video camera’s and it was time to get to work. Reva and Diva each took a comb and scissor from the bag. Reva would work the left side and Diva the left side both under the direction of Ester at the front. Ester knew the haircut she wanted Suzie to have and she was going to get it whether she wanted it or not and she was going to get it now. So, starting at the top front the girls combed up the long thirty inch section of thick black hair and then moved the scissor down toward the roots till Ester said " CUT". That CUT line was near three inches on top and an inch or so on the sides. So, up went the hair in the comb and then Snip, snip, sch nick went the scissors. It was quiet in the room except for the snip, snip, snip, and the word " Cut" being said by Ester. Hair of great length was combed out from the sides and cut short along the head. The hair was placed off to the side and a great pile was beginning to amass. It grew with every cut. The reverse was true on Suzie’s head. The great mass of hair that once hung to her waist was now being cut so that it barely covered her ear. The real change came in the back. Ester had the girls remove the bulk of the hair in the back. There was no longer this carpet of black shiny locks going down toward Suzie’s waist. Then Reva was told to hold Suzie’s head and Ester took out a pair of clippers and using a comb and a razor shortened up the back and shaved Suzie’s neck. She also went over Suzie’s head finishing up the haircut.Suzie just sat there in an ununconscioustate. Locks of hair some up to 38 inches long were cut off and placed aside. What Suzie had grown out for years and taken such great care with was being " chopped Off" in a matter of minutes. What was left was a short haircut that would make the best Scissor happy beautician proud. Hair that once reached a waist now barely touched the neckline. Reva, Diva and Ester went over to the mass of hair and each created for themselves a nice sosouvenironytail from it. The rest was going to be left as a surprise for Suzie.

When finished they pulled off the cape and swept up the small clippings. Now, like it was mentioned earlier Suzie was a conservative dresser and these ladies wanted to see what was underneath those conservative cloths. Ester told Reva and Diva to lie Suzie on some blankets on the floor. They slowly unundresseduzie. When her panties came off it revealed what Ester expected to find. A full bushy pussy that needed attention. Ester spread Suzie’s legs and Reva and Diva took turns shaving smooth Suzie’s pubic area. Soon it was as smooth as a new boBorn’sottom. Now, as Suzie lay there in her lovely brown skinned nudity they took turns touching and cacaressinger soft skin and female features. Her small but plump breast were of interest and as they rolled her over so was her cute rear. Picture’s and video was taken of her every part. However, time was coming up and they had to conclude totonight’sun. They found a night gown and put Suzie in it. They gently placed her in it like a sleeping beauty and left the remaining mass of cut hair on the dresser at the end of the bed. They made sure that no trace of their presence was left in the room. They went off to celebrate their achievement. Plan D had worked to perfection.

Saturday around noon Suzie woke up. Instantly she knew something was terrible wrong. She touched her head " My God!! Someones, cut off my hair!! But Who and Why!" She looks over to the dresser and seSee’she pile of her hair just laying there. She rushes to it and hold it." My hair, my beautiful hair" she cries. Then she notices something else is different. She places her hand on her pussy and raises up her nightgown and looks down. " I’ve been shaved too!" She dashes into the bathroom to look in the mirror. What she seSee’shocks her. Her raven hair that once flowed down her back doesn’t even reach her neck and now barely covers her ears when hanging straight. She takes her brush and realizes that 95% of her " Crowning Glory" has been removed. She runs back into the bedroom and holding her cut off locks of hair cries hysterically. " Why, why, why, and why me" she cries softly to herself. She calms down and looks around the apartment. She takes inventory. The only thing missing is the hair on her head and the hair on her pubic area. She’d call the police but would be too embarrassed to admit was missing. The last thing she can remember is getting off work on Friday afternoon. Nothing is in the memory bank till when she woke up at noon. She doesn’t have a clue who would want to do such a thing to her. It is going to be a long weekend for Suzie.

Monday morning she goes to work and is grgreetedith mixed reviews. There are those who support her new look and says she looks real cute. The negative ones just ask how she could cut off such beautiful hair. She explains that it was a bad mimix upith a new hahairdresserut won’t give name and location. She is some what comforted in the fact that overall she doesn’t look too ugly like a girl looking like a boy. When she runs into Ester, Diva and Reva they give her a glowing review of her new hairdo. They ask her devilishly where she got it cut. She doesn’t tell them of course. Wednesday, Ester approaches Suzie and offers her a job in her department with a good pay raise to go with it. Suzie accepts and Ester casually mentions that she would like her to keep her new short hairdo as to blend in better with the other department ladies.

That Friday after the ususualappy Hour office session they go to Ester’s place and look at the video and pictures taken of Suzie’s experience. They cheer and hold up their sosouvenirair pony tails as they see Suzie’s long locks being chopped off by themselves. They marvel at Suzie’s body and only hope to experience her sometime in the future when she is fully awake. They also agree that giving another girl an involuntary haircut or doing another " Plan D " in the future would be interesting.

Hope you liked the " Fantasy" Story Mr.Snips

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