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Sariha had only recently moved to St. Louis. She was 20 and on her own for the first time. She was a very attractive young woman. She stood 5′ 6" and had a very nice lean figure, with small pouty breasts. Not an once of fat on her body. Her legs were long, well shaped, nicely tanned, and made her look taller then her actual height. She had a smallish face which made her look younger then 20. Her hair was straight and blonde and cut just above her shoulders. The same length all over. But her blonde hair was not an everyday blonde. It was baby fine and was the color of corn silk. It might even remind you of golden silk.

Sariha, had worn her hair in many different styles and lengths in her life. But, she had never worn it short. She seemed to have a fear of short hair.

After being in town for about two weeks, Sariha had met Alex. Alex was 30 and a hairstylist by trade. The two just seemed to really hit it off, despite their age difference.

Being a hairstylist, Alex seemed to enjoy teasing Sariha about letting him trim her tresses sometime. But, Sariha always seemed to say no. She wanted to let her hair grow out again to at least mid back length. But, Alex was persistent about it and just would not take no for an answer.

One night after dinner and a show, Sariha agreed to go over to Alex’s condo. She was quite surprised to see an old fashion style barbers chair in his living room in front of a large wall length mirror.

Sariha was totally fascinated by the chair. After a few drinks and some more teasing by Alex, she agreed to let him trim her tresses. But, only the split ends and not more then an inch at most, "you know how I feel about short hairstyles," Sariha said. Alex agreed to her terms. But, little did Sariha realize that Alex had something else in mind for her and her silken locks.

Alex went into another room and returned a few minutes later with a black bag. He pulled some leather restraints from the bag and proceeded to tie Sahira’s hand to the arms of the chair and her feet and legs to the foot rest and lower frame of the chair. This did not alarm Sariha, as both her and Alex were into bondage and he had tied her up before when they made love. Alex then place a red and white barbers cape around Sariha.

Alex then turned around and returned to the bag, on the floor. He took an object from the bag and plugged its cord into the wall. Alex turn and faced Sariha. Sariha could now see what Alex had in his hands, a pair of electric clippers, with no guard on them.

Alex now announced that Sariha was to receive the "ultimate haircut!" And with that he turned the clippers on and headed towards her. Sariha started to shake in fear and was just getting ready to scream when Alex placed his large strong free hand over her mouth. Alex told Sariha to be silent or she would live to regret it if she screamed.

With his warning taken as real, Alex place the clippers in the middle of Sariha’s forehead and pushed them through her silk like hair. He ran the clipper all the way to the back of the top of her head, taking all her hair off and leaving only blonde fuzz and hints of pink skin. Four more time Alex ran the clippers over the top of Sariha’s head, taking all her hair off. The hair was piling up on the floor like fallen silken treads. All Sahirha could do was watch her reflection in the mirror as Alex went about his business.

After finishing the top, Alex now took the clippers and place them in front of Sariha’s right ear. He then ran them to the bare spot on the top. He did this all the way down the right side of her head. Then he started on the back and in four quick passes that hair to had met it’s fate as it fell slowly to the floor.

Now the left side of Sariha’s head was all that was left for Alex to do. Sariha was now cry uncontrollably but was not making a sound louder then a whimper. With five more quick passes Alex was done as he finished with the last few strands of Sariha’s hair in front of her left ear. In less then ten minutes Alex had reduced Sariha’s golden silken main to mere fuzz.

Sariha was hoping that Alex was finish and she could get out of there. But, Alex did not release her from her bonds. He instead place a hot steaming towel around her head covering all the fuzz up. Sariha could not figure out what Alex was planning next. But, she knew she would not like it.

After about five minutes, Alex removed the towel and produces a can of shaving cream and a straight razor from the bag on the floor. Alex covered Sariha’s head with the white cream from the can and started to remove it skill and precision from her head.

Each stroke of the razor revealed another patch of smooth pink skin, on Sariha’s head. In about five minutes the deed was done. Sariha’s head now was completely bare. Nothing was left, but the cleanly shaven pink skin.

All Sariha could do now was stare her now totally bald and bare head, sticking out from under the barbers cape. Tears rolled down her face. They were warm as they rolled down her cheeks. Sariha mumbled very softly and in somewhat of a sob, "I’ve been scalped!" Over and over she kept repeating this. The thought running through Sariha’s head was that she looked like a baby!

Alex left Sariha bound in the chair as he cleaned up. He then left the room for a few minutes. Sariha was now alone, sitting there staring in disbelief that her golden tresses were gone. All my beautiful hair gone, why, was all that Sariha could think. And the thought of looking like a baby reentered her mind from time to time as well.

When Alex came back into the room he approach Sariha from behind. He breathed his warm breath on her bald head. Sariha liked the feel and was starting to get hot. Alex then started to kiss her head. She grew hotter. Then he took warm baby oil and slowly messaged it into her head. Sariha lost it right there. She felt her panties becoming moist then totally wet and soaking. Alex now knew he could release Sariha from her bondage.

After Alex released Sariha, he started to tell her how beautiful she looked. How small and graceful her shell like ears were. How her eyes looked so much bluer. How young, sweet, and innocent her faced now looked. Alex also explained now how easy it would be to care for.

Alex, agreed to buy Sariha some nice wigs of varying colors and lengths. He also bought her some very colorful bandannas to also cover her head with. And Alex also bought Sariha many hats as well.

It has been almost a year since Sariha was first "scalped!" But, ever two to three days she gladly sits in the chair and has Alex shave her clean. Sariha has also found another benefit of getting shaved by Alex, the love making afterwards is unbelievable!

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