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“Hello, is that Paul? It’s Susan Hill.” For a moment he couldn’t place her and then suddenly his stomach gave a little lurch – of course, Susan of the fabulous long hair! “Oh hello “ he replied. “How are you after all this time?” They exchanged brief pleasantries and then she said. “I hope you won’t think this is rude of me but I have phoned to ask you a big favour” Feeling intrigued he replied. “I will help if I can.” Her words came out in a nervous torrent. “I have decided to have my long hair cut and I remember you saying to me years ago that if I ever decided to have it cut you wanted to do it. I know you are not working as a hairdresser anymore but I understand that you still do some as a favour for friends.”

He was throbbing with excitement and as she paused for breath he said. “Of course I would love to do it for you. You know your hair always fascinated me.” He heard a little sigh of relief come down the phone and she said. “Oh that’s marvellous. I am so nervous about having it cut but I have made up my mind that I must have a new image but I will probably burst into tears when I have it done so I need a friendly person who won’t mind!” He gave a little laugh and said. “No I don’t mind but it won’t be as bad as all that. It’s the thought that is the worst thing. Now when did you want it done?” “As soon as possible please.” He thought quickly, it was Friday evening now, Saturday would be difficult. “What about Sunday afternoon, my flat at about 4 o’clock?” “Oh thank you. That will be great. Bye” Before he could say any more she hung up and he put his phone down still feeling very excited and not able to fully believe it! The beautiful Susan was going to part with her wonderful much admired sensational long hair and he was the one who would be wielding the scissors!

He had first met her about 7 years ago and had been totally besotted by her, and in particular, her very beautiful long hair. She wore it in a centre parting to a breathtaking silken fall three quarters of the way down her back. The condition and appearance of her hair was simply magnificent and he lusted after both her and her fabulous hair. He had been hairdressing for about 5 years when he had met her, and for him, cutting hair was an obsession and the longer and more beautiful the hair the more he wanted to cut it. He was a very skilled cutter and enjoyed it greatly and when he had seen Susan and her magnificent hair he simply longed to sit her in a chair and use his scissors on her glorious mane. Susan was a friend of a casual girlfriend and she had come to a party ay his flat. When he had asked her out she had reluctantly refused saying that she was in a long term relationship and when he had offered to do her hair for her she had refused that offer as well saying she only ever allowed her mother to trim the ends occasionally as she had a fear of hairdressers and never went to a hair salon. He persisted with both invitations and eventually she did come to his salon a couple of times and he had dressed her hair for her but she never allowed him to bring scissors near her hair. He had experienced great pleasure though in handling her hair and felt it was the most beautiful he had ever seen. At this time she insisted she would always wear her hair long when he tried to persuade her to let him cut it but he had extracted the promise from her that if she ever changed her mind he could cut it. Soon after that he heard that she had moved away and he had not seen her since. He had pursued his career and after heading a chain of salons had been promoted into retailing but because of his love of hairdressing and in particular cutting he still did girlfriend’s hair and friends of friends. He kept up to date withal the latest styles and trends and still experienced a tremendous thrill from cutting off a lot of hair, perversely, the longer or more beautiful the hair, the greater the thrill. He wondered if her hair was still as long and beautiful as it had been 6 years ago and also if she had any preconceived idea of how she wanted it or would she allow him to decide on her new image. It would be very disappointing if, as was quite possible, that she might only want her hair cut to shoulder length . He would then have to be at his persuasive best to try to cut as much off as he could to satisfy his cutting urge. He recalled her lovely face and began to imagine how he would cut her hair if she gave him a free hand. Definitely a bob shape, about jaw level or even shorter, possibly a full fringe would suit her high cheekbones, and a cropped nape. Then with a thrill of excitement he knew what he wanted to do to her hair. A Clipper Cut!

During his hairdressing career electric clippers had not been used on women’s hair, the scissor over comb method had been used to cut hair really short but the last few years many styles featured cropped hair including very short napes which looked superb when clipper cut. Although he had never used clippers he was confident he would be able to handle them and the thought of using them on Susan was mind blowing! Tomorrow he would buy clippers in case Susan would surrender her hair totally to him. Oh! How fantastic that would be! Then another exciting thought came to him. He would practice with them on Janet’s hair first – it was time it was cut. For 6 months or so he had been taking her out on a regular basis but was tiring of the relationship. When they had first met, her hair was about shoulder length with soft blonde curls about her face. He had suggested cutting it short but she wanted to grow it longer so he then encouraged her to do so, occasionally trimming the ends for her, but knowing that one day he would persuade her to let him restyle her hair and then he would have plenty of hair to cut and he would crop her hair really short! Those pretty curls would be scissored off before she knew what was happening. Now though when he cut her hair he would use the clippers on her as well and once he had started on her hair she would have to allow him to complete whether she liked it or not. He usually took her out to dinner on Saturday nights and then she spent the night with him so she came to his flat about 7.30 to leave her car before they went out. He hoped she would come a little early and then he could restyle her hair before they went out. He could say it looked untidy and he needed to do something to it before their night out and he was sure she would let him work on it but of course not know what he wanted to do.

He spent a restless night thinking about the two haircuts he planned to do during the weekend. Next morning he purchased the latest and best set of clippers he could find and then on his way home he stopped for a drink in his local and met John and Pat and as he sat chatting to them he recalled that Pat had been quite friendly with Susan and he casually brought up her name. “Yes I heard she was coming back to stay with her mother but I haven’t seen her” said Pat. “ Who is Susan?” asked her husband. “Oh you must remember her. That girl with the most sensational hair. All the men drooled over it and all the women would have died for it!” He smiled and said “Of course I remember now. Yes, she did have gorgeous hair. I wonder if she still has it long?” Paul smiled inwardly and thought to himself that it was long at the moment but that was soon to change and if he could have his own way it would be cropped! He realised the impact that this would have on everyone that knew her and this thought made it even more exciting to look forward to her haircut.

When he got home he spent a long time looking at the clippers and even trimme
d his own hair a little and his excitement began building as the time approached when Janet usually arrived. He hoped she would arrive early to give him plenty of time to work on her hair and he grew increasingly impatient as 8 o’clock approached and she still hadn’t arrived but finally about 8.15 he heard the doorbell and he gave a sigh of relief. When he opened the door he almost gasped with surprise. It was Clare and she looked sensational! She had been to the hairdressers obviously that afternoon and her hair had been very skilfully highlighted with very fine streaks and then beautifully dressed her newly blonded hair foaming in masses of soft silken curls about her face and shoulders.

She laughed in delight at his obvious surprise and said, “Well do you like it? You said some time ago my hair would look good highlighted so I have been saving up to be able to have them done at a good salon.” He was cursing inwardly that she had chosen today to have her hair done as it did look fabulous and he couldn’t possibly now suggest that he should work on her hair. “Yes it looks lovely Janet,” he said, and then he had the idea of a plan that yet still might enable him to cut her hair. “Did you have your hair trimmed?” he asked casually. Oh no, of course not. You know I like you to do my hair. I only went to the salon for the highlights as you said it was difficult for you to do them for me outside of the salon.” He realised he would not have time to do anything now but would certainly be trying later. “Come on then, let’s go. I am starving”

All evening whilst they were out he could not keep his eyes from her gleaming bouncing curls and knew although it would be very cruel he wanted desperately to cut her hair. She was conscious of him looking at her hair and she was obviously delighted with the impact its appearance had on him and several times she said how pleased she was that he liked her hair. During the evening he made sure that her glass was never empty whilst drinking little himself so that by the time they got back to his flat she was quite tipsy. Feeling very excited and just a little nervous he watched her undress and then said, indicating the dressing table stool, “Come and sit over here. I want to brush your hair.” She gave a kittle groan and said, “Oh no it’s far too late. I’m tired and anyway I like my curls as they are, I don’t want them all brushed out.” “ Janet,” he said firmly. “Come and sit here” She pouted but then reluctantly walked over and sat down.

His heart was beating faster as he took a brush and began very gently to brush the silken hair. He fondled the silken curls and she closed her eyes in pleasure as her hair was touched. “The highlights have been extremely well done,” he said “but I wish you had told me you were going as your hair should have been a bit shorter before having highlights.” “Well I wanted to surprise you and I don’t suppose it makes that much difference, I can always have it cut another time.” “Well it does make a difference and should have been done.” He swiftly put down the brush and picked up his scissors and comb and said, “In fact I want to do it now!” “Oh no Paul, stop messing about. I don’t want my hair done now.” He was throbbing with excitement and before she realised what was about to happen he seized a bunch of the gleaming silken curls and began forcing his into her hair an inch or so from the roots! She gave a horrified squeal of protest as she felt the pull of the blades in her hair and tried to jerk her head away from the shearing blades but with a triumphant smile and a great throb of excitement he severed the hair from her head.

“Oh you bastard!” She shrieked, as she saw the handful of hair he was holding, and leapt to her feet and struck him hard across the face “Oh I hate you,” she sobbed and ran across to her clothes, sobbing and moaning pathetically. “Oh my hair. What have you done to my hair.” Paul felt a little stunned by her violent reaction and he said soothingly. “Don’t be silly Janet. It will be alright. Let me finish cutting your hair, it will look great I promise.” She glared angrily at him and said, “I will never let you touch my hair again, and in fact I never want to see you again! You were jealous how nicely my hair was done and just wanted to ruin it.” She had hurriedly pulled her clothes on and sobbing bitterly she rushed out of his flat slamming the door behind her. His last sight of her still gave him a little thrill of excitement as he watched the remainder of her silken curls bouncing around her shoulders as she left and he felt very disappointed that he had not been able to cut off more of the fascinating locks. His plan had failed and he had not had the opportunity to have his practice session with the clippers. He was still holding the bunch of gleaming curls he had managed to sever and he looked at it for a moment and then in frustration he snipped and hacked at the silken hair cutting it to smaller and smaller pieces as though he was still cutting hair from her head. He let the last remnants of hair drop to the floor and then put down his scissors and went to bed.

He lay awake for a long time thinking about Susan and her long hair and he hoped that his frustrating experience with Janet would not be repeated. Eventually he did sleep and then got up early and spent a long time cleaning and tidying his flat and then he went shopping for a tasty selection of food and drink in case he could persuade her to spend the evening with him. The time dragged interminably and he found himself constantly glancing at his watch. He had his lunch and then sat down in the lounge to try and compose himself and think about how he would actually go about cutting her hair off. He hopefully assumed that her hair would still be at least as long as the last time he had seen her and also, of course, that she would give him a free hand to restyle it. If that was the case then he had a number of options in the way he could firstly remove her long hair before the final shaping. It was the removal of a mane of long hair, which always gave him the greatest thrill and he had used different methods on the fortunate occasions when a girl had been willing to submit her long hair to be removed 1 Take all the hair back sleekly from the face and secure at the nape and plait or leave in ponytail and then cut across at nape level. 2 Bring all the hair forward from the nape in front of face with head bent forward and cut straight across. 3 Brush hair straight down over shoulders, position head upright and cut across fall of hair as though cutting material. 4 Position head upright and starting at side grasp hair in large sections and remove. 5 Take very small sections with bulk of hair pinned out of way and cut hair immediately to required length so no further shaping required. Method 1 was the most dramatic and probably gave the greatest thrill and of course was pretty traumatic for the recipient to have so much hair removed atone time. Method 2 was similar except the bulk of the hair was cut off from the front instead of the back but was not so suitable if the hair was really long. Method 3 was very exciting and dramatic if the hair was long and straight. It required a very sharp pair of scissors as the hair was cut without tension and simply allowed to drop away. Method 4 simply required large amounts of hair to be hacked away as quickly as possible – again, very traumatic for the nervous. Method 5 was a slower more controlled way of removing long hair and certainly not so dramatic or exciting. He had more or less decided if Susan were to let him totally decide on her new hairstyle t
hen he would probably use Method 1 as it was so very exciting to cut a lot of hair off in one fell swoop, whilst the alternative Method 3 was equally exciting. Both methods would allow him to spend a long time shaping her hair afterwards when hopefully he would persuade her to let him use the clippers and really crop her hair. Oh what a fantastically exciting thought! From hopefully waist length hair to a shaven nape!

As the time of her due arrival approached he made sure his flat was really warm as ideally her back and shoulders should be bared for the cutting. He decided he would do her hair in the lounge where she could sit on a low stool and he could crouch or kneel beside her as he cut her hair. He placed his sharpest scissors, comb and his favourite hairbrush in a nearby drawer and then collected the clippers from his bedroom. As he placed them in the drawer together with the other tools he gazed at them for a few moments and wondered if he should use them if he had the opportunity and risked creating a poor haircut, but as he placed them out of sight he knew that he would not be able to resist using them if Susan made no protest. Now everything was ready and all he had to do was await the arrival of Susan and her wonderful hair. By 4 o’clock he was glancing at his watch every minute or so and by 4.15 he was feeling very tense. Oh no! She just had to come now after all his anticipation and excitement. What a let down it would be if she had changed her mind which he knew from past experiences was more than a possibility – long haired girls often panicked at the last moment at the thought of parting with their long tresses.

Suddenly the telephone rang and his stomach gave a lurch of disappointment, feeling certain it would be her to cancel her planned haircut. “Oh hello Paul. It’s Susan.” He groaned inwardly at the sound of her voice and felt his worst fears were about to be confirmed. “I’m sorry I have been delayed but I am on my way and should be with you in about 20 minutes.” His spirits soared – she was coming! He put the phone down throbbing with excitement and anticipation. Fantastic! She really sounded positive which meant that she probably would give him a free hand with her hair and that would mean that she would be having the Clipper Cut! He could barely contain himself for the next 15 minutes or so as he waited for her to arrive and felt almost breathless with excitement. At last his doorbell rang and he opened the door to the lovely Susan.

His stomach gave an enormous lurch as he saw her standing there, smiling a little shyly at him. Oh she looked so beautiful especially her hair which was simply breathtaking. Far longer than when he had last seen her, the lovely hair fell from a parting, cascading softly down in a silken swoop to reach her waist. The gleaming blonde hair was in wondrous condition, heavy, thick and shining. He could hardly believe his eyes as he stared at her sensational appearance. “Hello,” she said softly, “well here I am at last.” He ushered her in and was delighted when she gave him a soft kiss of greeting on his cheek as he led her into the lounge. He could not keep his eyes from her softly swaying mane of gleaming hair and she gave him a little smile as she saw the intensity of his gaze. She gave the wondrous hair a little toss and pushed back a long strand provocatively from her face. “Thank you for offering to cut my hair. I knew once I had made the decision to cut it that I wanted you to do it.” She paused and then added with a little smile, “I am truly terrified but I know you will be sympathetic.”

He gazed with total fascination at her wonderful hair and then could not resist asking the question, which he was sure that everyone who knew Susan would want to know the answer. “What has decided you to have your hair cut?” She gave a little shrug and a slightly sad smile and then said, “I feel I need to have a total change. My marriage is over. I have moved house and I am starting a new job and it just seems time that I get myself a new image as well. My hair has been long all my life so it is time for me to have a complete change. It is a sacrifice I feel I must make although I am petrified about it!” He smiled at her and said, “You will look great however you have your hair. It is just the thought that can be upsetting.” She smiled gratefully at him and touched his hand and he felt more excited and tense than he had ever been. “Would you like a cup of tea or a drink before I start?” She nodded and said, “Yes please. I think I had better have a stiff drink to give me some Dutch courage before I panic and change my mind. You wouldn’t believe what torture I have been going through since I telephoned you.” He gave her an encouraging smile, trying to help her relax, as she was more nervous than any other girl he had seen about to have her hair cut, although, of course, with the length and beauty of her hair plus the fact that it had always been long, made it understandable.

He poured her a large brandy and said, “Right, come and sit over here and I can get started.” He indicated the stool he had readied and she smiled nervously, took a long swig of her brandy, and moved to the stool and sat down. Once again he almost drooled at the sight of her glorious long hair swaying with her movement as she walked past him. He stepped behind her and said softly, “I am going to brush your hair first and I would like your back and shoulders clear if possible.” She gave him a little smile and then slipped off her jacket and then without hesitating she undid the buttons on her blouse and removed that as well. She sat down again and flicked her mane of gleaming blonde hair behind her and it flowed down over her naked shoulders and back to her waist. She seemed completely un-self conscious about being half naked in front of him, although she was still wearing her bra. This act of course aroused him even more and his mind was spinning as he moved to the drawer and took out the hairbrush. His gaze lingered for a moment on the clippers and once again he wondered if he would be using them later on.

He stepped back behind her and then for the first time in nearly 7 years he touched her wonderful hair again. His fingers thrilled to the feel of the glorious silken material and slowly without speaking he began to brush her magnificent hair. She gave a little sigh of pleasure as she felt the brush being slowly and carefully through her long hair and closed her eyes in ecstasy He was sure that he was getting as much pleasure from brushing her hair as she was and then to his amazement she lifted up her hands and with a swift movement she undid her bra and tossed it to the floor! “It will make it easier for you to brush my hair,” she murmured. “I love having my hair brushed and you are so expert. Please give a good last brushing before you start cutting it.” Hardly daring to breathe now because he was so excited, he slavishly worked with the brush on the most beautiful head of hair he had ever handled. She had an intense look of pleasure on her face and he could see her nipples hardening. He knew also, that his erection was enormous but he had to stay in control. He worked in silence for several minutes on her magnificent hair so that it gleamed and shone even more as it fell in its silken blanket to her waist.

He paused in his brushing and said softly, “I think I had better begin your hair cut now,” She opened her eyes and nervously swallowed and then gave a slow nod. “Do you have any idea on what style you want?” He waited in agony for her response and then breathed an enormous sigh of relief and couldn’t prevent a triumphant smile as she said, “No, not really. I have looked
at hundreds of styles since I decided to have my hair cut but I can’t imagine myself with any of them so I will leave it to you.” Wonderful! Now he could make his fantasy a reality and do a Clipper Cut on this magnificent head of hair He gave her shoulder a little squeeze and said, “Good. Now just try to relax and I will get started.” She swallowed hard again and he could see the tears welling up in her eyes and knew he now had to start on her haircut before she panicked, as long haired girls facing the chop, sometimes did. He moved quickly to the drawer and took out his scissors and comb, a quick glance at the clippers, and then he returned to Susan. He knelt down alongside her and she gave him a quick tearful glance, took another gulp of brandy, and then closed her eyes.

He gazed at her wonderful hair for a moment, knowing that it was almost an act of sacrilege to remove such beauty, but she was willing and he could not resist the temptation of shearing off such beautiful hair. It was a strange fact that most hairdressers always took great pleasure in cutting off long hair and the longer or more beautiful it was then the greater the pleasure. He put one hand under her chin and positioned her head level and then conscious that his hands were sweating and his heart pounding he caught hold of a great silken tress which was covering her ear and then with a great feeling of exultation he brought the scissors up and began cutting through the hair at about chin level. Her body gave a convulsive jerk and a loud gasp of terror came from Susan as she felt the scissors scrunching through her hair, but he ignored this and forced the scissors through the luscious hair as quickly as possible.

As the great lock of hair came away from her head, Susan swung around and stared at it with horror and her hand went up to her head and felt for the short ends of the severed hair. “ Oh my god!” she exclaimed in a shocked and tearful voice. “I didn’t realise you were going to cut off so much hair.” She gazed at the great lock of hair, which still dangled from his fingers and took another gulp of her brandy and then said in a shaky voice, “ Oh I am sorry, I know I am being silly.” She took a deep breath and then said, “It’s just a shock seeing all that hair.” She took the silken tress from him and fingered it gently and then to his immense relief and excitement she said, “ I knew I would get upset, but don’t take any notice and just carry on.” Without a moment’s hesitation he grasped a thick sheaf of the glorious hair, which streamed down over her naked shoulder and began forcing the new sharp blades through the silken hair.

The gleaming strands parted reluctantly as the scissors sliced into the hair and another gasp and half sob came from Susan as she felt the great lock coming away from her head but this time she made no movement. He severed the lock and allowed it to drop from his fingers and again he watched it roll down her naked back and then spread out as it hit the floor. He grabbed another handful of the luscious silken hair and hacked it ruthlessly away from her head as rapidly as he could. She had her eyes wide open in shock and little panting gasps came from her which excited him even more as he let the hair fall when the strands were finally severed.

He moved slightly behind her and felt the rich carpet of hair under his knees as he changed position and then pushed her head right forward so that her chin was resting on her naked chest and then he gathered up another great sheaf of her wonderful hair. More moans came from her as he savagely forced the scissors into her rich hair at the roots but this time they seemed to be of pleasure rather than distress and this aroused him even more. As the great tress was severed he allowed it to slip forward over her naked shoulder and tumble down into her lap but she ignored it, and to his amazement she turned her head towards him and gasped, “Oh, give me the scissors. It is just the most fantastic sensation, let me cut some off myself!”

Wordlessly he passed her the scissors and almost exploded with excitement as he watched her grab a great sheaf of her gleaming blonde hair and began forcing the scissors deep into her hair almost at the roots. Savagely she hacked away at her hair and the great tress she was holding came away from her head and she tossed it down to the floor. Again she reached out her hand and grabbed the remaining long locks and she was panting as she severed the last remaining traces of her long blonde hair. She tossed it down to join the great piles of hair that surrounded her and said, “Oh I was so frightened at the beginning but it is an unbelievable experience to feel all that hair coming off.” She handed him back the scissors and said, “Come on, finish my haircut now. I can’t wait to see how I look with short hair.”

He was certain now that he would be able to use clippers on her and swiftly moved to the drawer, took them out and plugged them in and turned back towards her. Her eyes widened as she saw them and then she gave a little smile and his stomach lurched, as he knew his dream would be fulfilled. He grabbed the water spray and soaked her hair and then positioned her head and with a wonderful feeling of exhilaration he switched them on and began running them up the back of her bowed head. He had earlier put on a Number 3 guard although he intended to take her hair much shorter than that. Her body gave a little jerk as he began running the buzzing clippers up the back of her head and great chunks of hair began rolling down over her naked shoulders and breasts. Originally, he had only thought at most that he would be able to use the clippers on the nape hair, but now as she moaned softly and willingly moved her head into the clippers he knew he need not stop there.

He firstly ran them up to the crown and then stepped to the side of her and twisted her head towards him, and holding the buzzing clippers over her ear, he looked down at her questioningly. “Oh yes, yes!” she gasped and louder moans came from her as he repeatedly drove the clippers through her roughly cropped hair taking it down to a half inch stubble. All over her head now he ran the clippers whilst she writhed in ecstasy, which excited him even more. He managed to almost complete running them all over her head before they stripped off their clothes and made frantic love on the carpet of her long shorn blonde tresses.

When they had both recovered he was able to complete her haircut, using smaller heads to create a superb closely cropped style on her beautifully shaped head. Although her long blonde hair had been outstanding, her new style was very dramatic and she looked fantastic. She was delighted with her new look and Paul felt certain that this certainly wouldn’t be the first and only time he would be cutting her hair, although nothing would ever come close to giving so much excitement and pleasure to both of them.

The End

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