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She watched him closely through he mirror as he began fashioning her long gleaming blonde hair into an intricate woven plait and said, “I really feel like a change Tom, why won’t you cut my hair?” He continued to work on her silken tresses and said, “Your hair is far too beautiful to be thinking of cutting it and you know how much I love arranging it in different styles.” She pouted and said, “But it is my hair after all and I would like to cut it a lot shorter.” “Forget it Jane. I want you to keep your hair long.” he replied and carried on arranging her hair.

It was a similar conversation they had had several times before over the 3 months they had been together. She had first met Tom when she had gone to his salon intending to have her waist length hair cut off. Her hair had been long for years and although it was in beautiful condition and much admired, she had grown tired of it and had decided it was time for a change and her long hair should go. To her surprise, as she thought that most hairdressers were scissor happy and eager to cut off long hair, Tom had persuaded her that she should keep her hair long.

She had found him very attractive and was delighted when he had asked her out and within a few weeks she had moved into his flat, which was above the salon. Every time they went out, Tom would spend an age dressing her hair in superb styles. At first Jane had found this very flattering and loved having her hair made look so good, but after a while she did tire of it as she felt as though she had become a walking advert for Tom and his undoubted skills. She loved the odd occasions when she was able to go out with her long hair loose and flowing and still had the urge to have her hair cut short.

He smiled at her through the mirror as he made a final adjustment to her hair and positioned a hand mirror behind her so she could see the result of his efforts. As usual her hair did look superb and he said smugly, “There, your hair looks wonderful! It is a big party tonight and I am sure everyone will be admiring your hair and want to know who did it. I could gain quite a few new customers.” Jane felt very cross; he had no consideration for her feelings at all and was just using her to show off his skills.

He pulled off the cape from around her shoulders and said, “Right, we are ready to go now, I just must go upstairs and pick up my wallet.” She watched him go; still seething with anger, and then her eyes suddenly alighted on a large black object that was lying on the shelf in front of her. She felt her stomach give a little lurch and then tentatively she reached out and picked it up. She took a deep breath and then with her left hand, she drew forward over her shoulder, the splendid long intricately fashioned plait of long gleaming blonde hair. She stared at herself in the mirror and then switched the clippers on. They buzzed menacingly in front of her face and slowly she moved them closer to the great plait of hair she was holding. She slipped off the plastic guard and stared at the buzzing blades for a moment, and then with a look of determination on her face she drove the clippers deep into her hair. The note deepened as they sliced into her hair and she watched with fascination as the silken strands parted so easily and within seconds she was holding the severed plait of hair.

She stared at her reflection in the mirror; angry sprouts of hair were sticking out at jaw level but she suddenly felt a great sense of relief that she finally had short hair. She switched the clippers off and placed them back on the shelf and then tossed her own great silken plait of hair alongside it. Then she heard the door open as Tom returned and she gave a little smile to herself as she awaited his reaction. “Ok, lets…..” His voice tailed off and then he gasped, “My god, Jane your hair!” He rushed over to her, his face red with shock and anger and shouted, “Oh why have you done that to your hair?”

She turned towards him and said calmly, “Because I wanted to. Now do you think you could finish cutting it for me.” He hesitated, and then his eyes alighted on the same object that lay in front of her. He snatched up the clippers and snapped on the guard Jane had earlier removed. “I certainly will,” he said with a snarl, “if you want short hair that is what you will soon have.” He roughly twisted her head back to face the mirror and then pushed it right forward. Jane heard the low growl of the clippers as he turned them on and then felt them being run up the back of her bowed head.

She could feel the great clumps of hair coming away and they tumbled on to her bare shoulders and then down on to her clenched hands in her lap. She gave a little gasp and felt her body quiver. He twisted her head again as he ran the clippers up the back of her head a second time and said, “ It is no good getting upset now. You knew I wanted you to keep your hair long so now I am going to enjoy cropping it off instead.” She screwed up her face as the clippers were run once again up the back of her head but it was in ecstasy not anguish.

Oh, the feeling of the clippers was sensational and she loved every second of the experience, and he thought she was upset! She squirmed in the chair and could feel herself getting very wet. He moved round in front of her and held the buzzing clippers above her forehead and looked down at her with a cruel but excited expression on his face. She looked up at him imploringly; she could hardly wait for him to continue. She gave a gasping sob of pleasure as he slowly began running the clippers back down the centre of her head and saw the great mounds of hair cascading down in front of her eyes. She could see that he still thought she was upset at what he was doing to her hair and she moaned softly but it was purely with pleasure.

This seemed to excite him even more and he gave a grunt of pleasure as he stripped all the crown hair away. As he moved to the side to clear the remaining longish hair she could see that he had an enormous erection and of course this excited her even more. She moved her head eagerly into the blades as he now clippered off the hair on the other side and then grasped his throbbing penis. They made frantic love on the hair-covered floor of the salon and for both of them it was the most fantastic experience ever.

Afterwards he used the clippers more carefully on her hair and when he had finished she looked sensational. Her hair was less than half an inch all over the top of her head and cropped almost skin tight over her ears and at the nape. The severe cut showed off beautifully the fine shape of her head and emphasised the beauty of her eyes and her delicate features that had been not quite so obvious when her hair had been long. When they eventually arrived at the party her new hairstyle caused much comment and of course Tom received a lot of praise for his work. One girl commented to Jane that she had been very brave to allow him to cut off so much of her hair and she just smilingly replied, “Oh no, it was all very exciting!”

The End

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