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The party is over and bodies are lying everywhere. Everyone is drunk and asleep from a night of drinking, fun, and general mayhem. It’s not unlike most parties that are held year around, but this one would be costly for the pretty girl lying helpless before her enemy. Identity disguised, the enemy sees the opportunity that they have been waiting for since meeting the girl. In the enemy’s hands are the tools of revenge. It is a revenge that the girl will never forget. The thought of what is going to happen will be infamy and talked for years to come. The girl will always be the victim in everybody’s eyes. She will never live it down, which is why this is perfect.

The enemy helps the drunken girl to her feet. They had been pouring one drink after another and typical of her, she didn’t know when to say when. Her girlfriend had left earlier. The girl refused to leave. She was waiting for some guy or other friends to show. The girl looked at the enemy but seemed unable to recognize who it was. The enemy grabbed her around the waist and led her to the room, which was prepared for the revenge.

The girl laughed and stumbled. Her weight made the enemies knees buckle and almost fall. She uttered some slurred sentences. The enemy kept her level until they got to the room. Closing the door behind them, the enemy guided the girl to the bed. Making her stand, the enemy quickly pulled off the girl’s blouse. She didn’t mind that or when her skirt followed. The girl started to protest when the enemy’s hands went to her bra. A quick hug and heavy kiss made her quiet. The enemy pulled out a large hunting knife and cut off the bra in a quick moment. Alarmed, the girl started to cover herself and began to loudly protest. A hand covered her mouth. She swayed and become disoriented as the knife cut away her panties.

The girl felt herself being pushed backwards into a chair and heard the sound of duct tape. Looking down, she saw the enemy taping her hands to the arms of the chair, then her legs, and finally her mouth. It never occurred to her to scream or fight. Instead she felt herself go limp. Nothing made sense. Why was this happening and what was happening? She was being violated, but they had done nothing sexual to her except strip and kiss her. She had done nothing and there were people all over the place. One of them could walk in the room at any moment. Then she felt herself weak and defenseless. At least she was sitting, which made her safe in some ways. Maybe being left tied up was all that would happen.

The enemy saw her dazed expression and vacant look in her eyes. She would be unable to identify them. The girl’s beautiful face expressed confusion. She should have never given the enemy cause to seek revenge. Her beautiful body and creamy skin made the enemy stare. Nice tits, flat ass and stomach, and red shoulder length hair, made for a girl everyone wanted to be or date. Her reputation wasn’t slutty. She was a tease. Always flirting and coy, the girl stole boyfriends and teased them with promises of sex only to drop them for the next guy. She had many who wished her ill and now her enemy was going to give everyone what they wanted.

The girl’s eyes widen and she screamed as the scissors clipped away her beautiful hair. She twisted her head to avoid them, but the enemy grabbed a handful and pulling it before sound of the scissor snipped. The enemy repeated and yanked hard to make her yell. The tape kept it to a muffle. The girl began to cry as the enemy stepped away for a moment. The sound of electric clippers made her jerk and she felt them run across the center of her head. The enemy brushed her shorn hair away; repeating the process again and again. She soon felt a hand rub her head and felt that she had little if no hair. The enemy stepped back and laughed a cruel laugh.

Picking up her clothes, the enemy gave her the finger before leaving. Throwing the clothes in the bushes, a smile of satisfaction. Taking off the disguise and throwing away all the evidence in a dumpster many miles away, the enemy waited for the next day to hear the news. Vengeance was theirs and many would take delight in the girl’s deserved fate.

The story made the local newspaper. No names were mentioned and police were investigating. The enemy was confident that they would never find anything. And even if they did, the enemy would do the time. She came in the salon and asked for help. It would take a few months before her hair would grow out. Until then, she was advised to come in every other week to manage the growth. She looked up at the enemy, with a wan smile. The humiliation made the enemy smile reassuringly. Don’t worry. I don’t mind helping you growing it back, said the enemy. There would be a few set backs and the girl’s hair would remain short longer than it would normally take, but the girl didn’t know that. The enemy would have their revenge for quite some time.

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