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Amy was getting sick of adjusting her hair. It was hot and humid, one of the worst summers she had known. She shuddered to think of it, but at least if she went to work there was air conditioning. Her smallish apartment though didn’t have it. The electricity was too old. Still it was cheap. And Amy wasn’t rolling in so much cash to be able to afford a better place.

Instead, she would take baths and cool showers. It seemed much more refreshing somehow to slip out of her wet, sticky clothes and let the water run over her. She wore her hair about medium length and it was a pleasant shade of honey brown. She never really thought much about cutting it, she would always go into to town and get `a trim’ or something. If it were especially hot, she might get 1 or 2 inches cut off, but that was as radical as she got. She even once got bangs as well, but she let them grow back out. She spent her working days on the phone, so she only her coworkers really got to see her.

During this particular heat wave, she kept teasing her hair. I can only take so many showers, she thought. She sat on her small couch and looked through a fashion magazine. She idly turned the pages and barely concentrated on the articles. She flipped around, the heat distracting her concentration. She sighed and thought about yet another shower.

Suddenly, she looked down and her attention was grabbed by something. She saw a picture of a woman who was completely shaved bald. “Now, that is the kind of haircut I need in this weather,” she exclaimed. “How cool would that feel?”

She looked up at the clock. It was only the early afternoon with many more hours of oppressive heat to continue. She suddenly made up her mind. She grabbed the magazine and headed to the door. She was going to try it out. What was the worst that could happen? She could let it grow out again.

Still, a nagging self-doubt took hold of her as she slid into her hot car. Do women, ordinary women, get shaved heads? Maybe if you had a fetish or something. Then she thought about Lisa, a girl she worked with. She had undergone chemo and her hair started to fall out. Rather than let that make her unhappy, Lisa had grabbed a razor and shaved her scalp. She looked stunning, Amy recalled. She had rubbed Lisa’s head along with others at the office. It was different. It was radical. And damn it, it felt great! Amy never gave it another thought after Lisa left the office. Still, she was sure it was time for her to try it.

She drove downtown and pulled up to a beauty salon. She walked in, still clutching the magazine. The girl behind the counter looked up and smiled. She asked Amy if she could help her.

“Yes,” said Amy, licking her dry lips. She proffered the magazine and pointed to the picture of the shaved lady. “Can I get a head shave?”

The girl looked aghast. “Why would you want to, honey? You have a beautiful head of hair! What about just a trim?”

Amy shook her head. “No, thanks. I want a head shave.”

The girl simply stared at her, as if she had lost her marbles. “I think you want to think about doing that,” was all she could think of to say. Amy shrugged and left.

As she pulled away, she thought about it. Maybe she should think about it a little more, rather than just rushing into it. She was, after all, thinking about a big change to her life! Was she just throwing what the girl told her away? As she drove around the bright streets, she wondered if she was quite right in the head.


As she thought about turning around and going home and throwing the magazine away a sign caught her eye. `Jolene’s Style Shop: Haircuts, body piercing, hair coloring, unisex salon.’ Amy felt the impulse grab her again and she pulled in. She walked into the shop, which was small and decorated mostly in dark purple and black curtains. She looked around and saw the familiar barber chairs and sinks of a conventional salon.

“Hey,” said a female voice and Amy turned. A girl with an extremely short buzz cut and a small silver hoop though her left nostril smiled at her. “Can I help you?”

Amy nodded. “Can I get my head shaved here?”

“Sure! If that’s what you want.”

Amy moved closer to the girl. “Can I feel your hair? It looks so cool.”

The girl nodded. “Sure, feel it. It’s great when it’s this hot out.” Amy started to rub her hand on the girl’s bristly scalp. It felt so cool!

“Do you keep it this short all the time?”

The girl shrugged. “For about a year, I guess. Sometimes it’s longer; sometimes I go all out and shave it. Like you want.”

Amy remembered why she was there. She could feel herself getting aroused rubbing the girl’s head. “And what about. maybe getting my nostril pierced like yours?”

The girl smiled. “You like the Goth look? Sure, I can pierce your nose if you want.”

Amy nodded and she convinced herself she needed a radical change. “Yes, please. A head shave and a please pierce my nose.”

The girl led her to a chair and told her to take a seat. Amy sat in the cool leather and felt herself beginning to sink into something like ecstasy. She brought over a metal implement. The girl put on a pair of rubber gloves and then removed the paper wrapper from a needle. “You sure you want to pierce your nose?”

Amy smiled. “Yes, I think so.” She thought her voice ringed hollow and untrue. But the girl didn’t seem to notice. She fitted the needle into the metal gun-like implement. With a final snap, the girl seemed satisfied it was in place and moved close.

“Are you Jolene?” Amy asked.

The girl shook her beautiful, buzzed head. “No, I’m Denise. Jolene’s off today.” Amy grinned. “Thanks Denise, for doing this for me.”

Denise smiled. “You bet! Now, which nostril do you want pierced? Left, right or both?”

Amy considered for a moment. “Well, I guess like yours. On the left side.” Denise nodded. “This will sting a little.” She pressed the tube of the piercing gun to Amy’s left nostril. Amy took a deep breath. The gun popped as Denise pressed the trigger of the gun. Amy felt a sharp, cold sting as the needle popped through the cartilage in her nose. She grimaced.

“Yeah, it sucks,” Denise said. “But there’s only that one time, then the pains gone. It’ll be a little uncomfortable for about a day or two. Try not to rub it.” Denise took another small package and opened it. “A gold stud. Keep this in for about three weeks, until the piercing takes hold, then you can remove it and put whatever you want in.”

“Can I buy a loop like you have here?” Amy held still as the girl slid the gold stud into her nostril. Then Denise pushed one finger inside her nostril to secure the nostril stud in place. “Yeah, you can buy a silver loop if you want. We don’t have much of a selection, I’m afraid.”

Amy giggled. “That’s OK.”

“If you change your mind, you can always take the stud out, but the longer you wait, the longer it will take to return to `normal’. There will always be a mark there, I’m afraid.”

Amy turned her head and the girl applied a swab of some cloth soaked in alcohol. She saw the glint of the gold stud. It was just the beginning of her transformation.

Denise had her go to a sink where she would wash Amy’s hair.

“What made you decide to shave it,” Denise asked. Amy told her about her hot apartment and how she had felt when she’d rubbed Lisa’s bald head. “It felt so cool and awesome,” Amy concluded. “What about you? Why did you do it?” Amy rose and followed Denise back to the chair.

“I gave mine to Locks for Love. You can donate yours too, if you want. They give the hair to companies that make wigs for little kids with cancer free of charge. It’s a great charity.”

Amy smiled. “That’s so awesome. I’ll do it!”

“You want me to donate your hair?”

Amy nodded. She thought if she could change her life and someone else’s, wasn’t that worth it? As Denise picked up a pair of electric hair trimmers and put on a plastic attachment, Amy felt a shiver of fear go through. Though
her nose was already pierced, her hair was still her own. She could chicken out. She clenched a fist, trying not to cry out and leap from the chair. She would go through with it!

Denise came around behind her and with a snap the trimmers turned on. She grasped Amy’s hair in the back and put the trimmers to the nape of her neck. Amy felt a chill run up and down her spine. She knew how pleasurable it would end up being. The trimmers cut with a rhythmic chirping that seemed to settle Amy’s frazzled nerves. She began to smile as they pushed further and further, getting closer to the top of her head. Denise did not waste time.

“What did, like your mom and dad think,” Amy asked as Denise repositioned herself to begin working the side. Denise smiled.

“My mom loved it. In fact, she shaved her head for the charity right after. The nose ring she wasn’t that crazy about though.”

“I know. I wonder how mine will react,” said Amy. She felt a lump grow in her throat. “How often do you see your mom?”

Denise laughed. “She owns this place. She’s Jolene.”

Amy laughed. “So you get good benefits, then,” she joked.

Denise nodded and stooped to look closer at the swaths of hair she was mowing away. For the first time, Amy saw her hair falling to the floor in great clumps. Almost unconsciously her hand moved to her crotch, gently massaging herself. Denise didn’t seem to notice.

Denise worked quickly on Amy’s head cutting successive layers of hair away leaving short bristle. Denise did both sides and then began to clipper over the top of Amy’s head. In a very short time, she had reduced Amy’s head to just short stubble, slightly longer than Denise’s own scalp was.

“Wow, you work fast!” exclaimed Amy.

Denise grinned. “It prevents second thoughts. I used to ask people and they chickened out. I lost money that way. Now I just start clipping.”

Denise pulled out a smaller set of trimmers with very short metal blades. “Now, I am going to buzz it ultra-fine. Then I will give you a hot lather and a shave.”

She noticed Amy’s hand gently massaging her jeans. “You think you have a bit of a fetish? I mean, about cutting hair?”

Amy nodded, feeling the cool air moving over her scalp. Her hair had never been cut so short. And it was still too long. Amy’s other hand felt the short bristle on her head. Denise smiled. “I always get hot when it’s cut. That’s why I got into cutting hair. You ought to take some classes at the beauty college and get a certification. You can make pretty good money and do something you love.”

Amy smiled as Denise pushed her head forward and turned on the fine trimmers. She felt the cold metal blades press against her bare neck. She suddenly felt a thrill run from her belly button and up her spine. She did have a fetish about cutting hair. She’d never had a pair of clippers on her neck- like many guys did. Boy, she was getting the best of that world now! Denise pushed the clippers up the back of her head and she could hear the teeth chattering and buzzing her head. Denise, again, worked methodically and quickly. She didn’t seem to go over and spots. Denise knew what she was doing as she had done this before.

Amy felt Denise raise her head and move the clippers over the top of her head. Amy grinned. She knew it would be a shocker when people saw her, being used to her having the long brown hair and no nose-stud. She had been transformed!

“Do you get a lot of business here?” Amy asked.

Denise shrugged. “Every day’s something different. Piercing isn’t especially popular around here. You’re the first one I’ve done since I gave a little girl a second piercing of her ear. I think she was afraid of what her parents would say about a second earring. I told her she was master of her own destiny. She seemed OK with that.”

Denise finished clipping her head. Amy could definitely feel her panties were wet with excitement. Then Denise dispensed some white foam into her hand and then spread it over her hands and moved to Amy. She began to rub the warm, white salve over Amy’s head. “Oooh,” Amy said. “That feels awesome!”

Denise smiled. “Yeah, it does! Glad you like it!”

Amy sat back to enjoy the rest of the ride, conscious that it was almost over. Great clumps of hair lay strewn about her, remnants of her old self. She was about to complete her transformation! She knew that it was too hot for hair, but she felt she was now too hot to have hair! “Do you have something to keep it smooth longer?”

Denise nodded. “I can put some gel on that will keep it from growing as quickly for about a month. You will still need to shave it on a regular basis though.” As Denise spoke, she picked up a hand razor and snapped a new blade on it. “That is, if you decide you like it and want to keep it.”

Amy thought about it for a moment. “I think I’ve decided I’d like to keep it, for the time being anyway.” Denise pulled the razor over Amy’s bare head and Amy could feel the blades skim and cleanse the surface of her scalp of its last vestige’s of hair. Denise worked a little more carefully as a woman with a blond mane walked in. She nodded to Denise and Amy. “I’m gonna get me one of those next,” the new woman drawled. “It’s too damn hot for hair!”

Denise smiled and Amy grinned. “It feels unbelievable,” Amy said. “It’s so wonderful!”

The woman nodded, but said nothing. Amy asked Denise about a school to go to to learn to cut hair. “The beauty college, next town over. Once you get your certification, you can come talk to my mom, she’s looking for a new assistant. You love haircuts. You have a fetish about it. You’ll fit in great here!”

“You have that much business?” Amy asked. Denise nodded. “More every day,” she added.

Denise continued to push the blade over Amy’s scalp, rubbing it over all the parts covered in white. Denise would use her fingers to make sure the scalp was as smooth as she could make it. The white vanished and a pale, glistening head emerged, shorn to the scalp. Amy loved it like she never thought she would. Denise finished up rubbing the razor over her neck. “This is the part that turns most people on, the neck,” Denise murmured, rubbing it with extra fine strokes.

Amy sighed. “Yeah,” she whispered. “It turns me on too.” Denise grinned. Once she had satisfied herself that she had given Amy a completely smooth scalp she rubbed a towel on it to dry it. “Next, “Denise said aloud, “I will rub that growth inhibiting gel on. Then you can feel it.” She put a blob of a greenish-blue gel in her hand and began to massage it into Amy’s scalp. “I’ll give you a bottle to take home. Shave it and then rub the gel in.”

“How often should I shave it?”

Denise smiled. “Every other day if you like. No more than that, you stand the chance of irritating the scalp. And use this gel sparingly, about same frequency as you shave it.” Amy nodded and Denise pulled the cape away. “I will donate your hair to Locks for Love. Next time you come in you can get the `Thank You’ card.”

Amy nodded and she held out some money. She also picked out a silver hoop for her nose ring and took the bottle of hair growth inhibitor. She gave Denise a generous tip. As she prepared to leave she leaned over and gave Denise a quick kiss on the lips. “Thank you,” Amy breathed. “You are the best!”

Denise smiled and rubbed Amy’s head once more. “You’re right,” Amy told the new woman, who rose to get her head shaved while Amy paused at the door. “It is too hot for hair!” Denise laughed and Amy walked out into the sunshine. It didn’t feel nearly so hot and the little bit of a breeze she could feel lavishing and caressing her bare scalp. She loved it. She wanted to rush home to complete her yearning for an orgasm. People gave her odd looks, but she no longer cared. She was totally happy and she was in love with her new hairstyle. She also knew she wanted to work with Denise in the salon and made a note to call the beauty college as soon as she could. Her life had been changed, and she rejoiced. Simply because it was r
eally just too hot to have hair anymore!

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