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After a long days work, Tom was driving home. It was mid May, the sky was clear, and it was a beautiful day. Calmly making his way through town, he took a quick look at himself through the rear-view mirror.

"Hmmm… I’m getting scruffy.. what time is it?" His watch indicated 5h28…he didn’t have any plans for tonight he thought to himself. So he decided to make a detour back to the salon where he usually got his hair cut.

Tom parked his car behind the building and entered the shop. He was immediately greeted by the receptionist, a good looking one at that. She must have been new. Probably so, he hadnt gotten his hair cut in more than 2 months.

"Hi sir, do you have an appointment?"

"Uhhh no. I was hoping to slip in for a quick cut, if that’s possible. Any stylist will do."

"Let me check our schedule…. Yes, Tammy can take you now if you wish."

"Of course, that will do. Thanks."

The receptionist disappeared in the back room, and Tom was stuck starring at her nicely shaped… well you know. She later came out with a very impressive, tall woman with short brown hair cut very short around the back and sides. He couldn’t tell if it was buzzed or scissored, but he licked it. She was gorgeous, in her mid twenties. Her brown eyes pierced through him with a smile to die for. She must have also been new, he had never seen her here before.

"Hello! I’m Tammy, I’ll be cutting your hair. Your name?"

"Tom, pleasure to meet you." He couldn’t have given her a bigger smile, the joy he felt at the thought of this beauty cutting his hair was just too much.

She spun the chair around for him to sit and threw the cape over his shoulders, fastening it behind him.

"You must be new, this is the first time I’ve seen you working here." asked tom.

"Yeah.. the shop was sold, so the new bosses had a huge staff change. I started 2 weeks ago. Who use to cut your hair?"


"Oh.. sorry, she left."

"That’s ok, I think you’ll do a good job replacing her." They exchanged smiles.

"So.. Tom… what are we doing here?"

"Well, I haven’t had a cut in a while. Something short."

"How long has it been since your last cut?" Tammy asked him, staring at the top of his head ruffling his hair with both her hands.

"At least 2 months."

"Oh my! You really are due! Well your hair isn’t that long, I’ll take it you like your hair cut quite short.. that’s good. I like using my clippers.." She smiled a teasing grin at him.

"I can see you enjoy short hair yourself!" He answered back, gazing at her short crop.

Tammy rubbed the back of her head, "Yeah… I’m getting on the long side too.. I’m due for a trim. I do enjoy keeping it short, suits me better and its easier to take care of."

"I completely agree. How do you usually cut it?"

"Well… you want me to show you? I can give you one of the short cuts I like to go back to from time to time.. Summer’s coming soon, you’ll get something short…"

"Hmmm… and what exactly would that be?"

"Do you trust me?"

"Yeah sure, I could do with shorter hair."

"Great! Just relax and I’ll get you ready for summer…" She had a huge grin, obviously the best woman Tom had ever had cutting his hair. She was beaming as she picked up her Wahls and placed a guide on them.

SNAP! She turned on the clippers and held them up in the air, ready to push them down the middle… "Now Tom… I’m warning you this is gonna be short, you’ll see how I like mine cut…" Without giving him time to object, or say anything for the matter. She drew the clippers back over his head. Short 1/4 inch hair flicked behind the clippers as she continued her swipe down the middle of his entire head.

"How’s that?"

"Well, you sure like it short…. how long is that?"

"A number 2, I buzz it short for the summer. You’ll love it, trust me.." She rubbed her delicate fingers over the buzzed patch with delight, and smiled at him. Tom wasn’t sure who was enjoying this cut the most, she or himself.

"Is this your first time getting a crewcut?" She asked, tracing a second pass next to the first over his head.

"Yes, yes it is. But I’m quite sure I’ll like it. I can’t believe you cut yours this short!"

"Oh I couldn’t live without it! Of course there’s the downside that most men think you’re a dike or that women should always have long hair.. screw them. But occasionally I get a guy that goes crazy for it. One of my last boyfriends, a few years ago, there wasn’t a day he kept his hand off my head…"

"Have you ever went all the way?" Tom asked her, watching his scalp slowly emerging under the short hair.

"You mean Bald? Oh sometimes… last summer I did. Ok… so let me just finish around your right side and your length will be even all over…"

They stopped speaking for a few moments as she made the last few passes over his ear. Thinking she was finished, Tom watched her dust off a few hairs over his head with her free hand.

"Let me just get a few strays off you, I’ll run these all over a few more times to make sure its all even…"

She became allot more furious this time around, swipping the clippers in every direction with the occasional rasp sound as strays were cut off.

"I think you went over that spot like 5 times now, I can see you enjoy using clippers.."

"Hmm.. you have no Idea. I love em… So how’s this look?" She turned her clippers off and let him stare at his reflection.

"Well its short, but I like it. He moved his head from side to side, Tammy brought her hands over his head.

"OK, let me bring you over to the shower basin. There’s one thing I know that’s annoying after a good buzz, its those tiny hairs tickling everywhere.. let me wash your hair.. well whats left of it"

She led him to the back and placed his head over a towel into the basin and started washing his head.

"I love washing my hair when its just been cut, Its always a surprise for my hands to touch that short fuzz.."

She wet his head with warm water and started rubbing in a great smelling shampoo. After a few minutes of rubbing and then rinsing, she proclaimed him finished as he finally got to his feet.

"Wow… I can’t believe I’ve been buzzed." He exclaimed, rubbing a hand over the back of his head, rubbing the short hair which was coarse one way, soft the other.

"Well, you wanted to see how short mine went for the summer… I didn’t even shave it, I didn’t want to scare you on our first time!" She said as she playfully rubbed a finger over the top of his head, clearly amused with her work.

They walked back to the front of the shop.

"Wow, she didn’t go easy on you, now did she!" Said the receptionist, smiling at the site of the shorn man standing infront of her.

"She sure didn’t, I like her taste though."

"So when do you want to book our next appointment?" Asked Tammy as she bent down next to the receptionist, flicking through the schedule.

"I’m not sure/ How often should I come back to keep it fresh looking?"

"Oh short haircuts like that need clipping often. I’d say at least every 2 weeks."

"Ok, book me for the next Friday in 2 weeks. Will you have your summer special by then?" He asked, starring at her head.

"Hmm.. you’ll just have to see!!"

With that, Tom paid her and gave a generous tip. Rubbing his head, he couldn’t wait for his next trim.


If you liked the story, I’m thinking about making it sort of a series. E-mail me at headbuzzer@hotmail.com, and tell me which kind of haircut Tammy should have the next time Tom is in, for example.. a)bald b)buzzed 1/4 inch all over c) a short pixie d) the same or any other ideas you’ve got.

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