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I was the only male in beauty school at my college. I had hair about the same length as most of the females in my class. Today was test day. The only way you got a 100 was to let one of your classmates cut your hair.

Leah my best friend was called to the chair. I was then called to cut her hair. I fastened the cape around her neck, and then I grabbed the scissors. She gulped hard right before I started cutting. I gave her a wonderful bob. She loved it, gave me a hug, a then went and took her seat.

I was then told to get into the chair, so I did. our teacher then called on Nicole, an enemy of mine. She was to cut my hair. I gulped. she walked over and fastened the cape around my neck. I herd a pop and a humming noise. She had turned on the clippers. At the time I had hair down to my shoulders. I loved my hair being that long. That would all change in a couple of minutes. She put the 1 and a half comb on the clippers. I was thinking ok I can deal with a 1 and a half on sides and back and a 2 or 3 on top, but she didn’t think that way. I nearly cried when she drove the clippers rite down the center of my head. She buzzed the top down to 1 inch. I was fighting back tears as she put the 0000 blade on and started on the sides. She finished the cut with one last strip of hair on the back. She tuned the clippers off and gelled up the top of my head. I thought she was done, but then she lathered up my head and shaved my back and sides. I went and took my seat.

If you thought my haircut was bad, you’re wrong. Nicole got a bowl cut!!!

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