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Maria in her early 20?s had been dating Jeremy for many months. They were obviously falling in Love. One Friday evening Jeremy had Maria over for dinner with his folks and family. Maria dressed up in a nice strapless flowered dress and her mid back length black hair had been put into loose curls that dance around her body. Jeremy introduced her to everyone including his sister Freda. Now, Freda was the family hairstylist and worked in a salon in town. She had gotten a good reputation as someone who made people look good. Now, as the evening wore on Maria noted that Jeremy was talking to Freda and they were looking at her. Later as things were winding up Freda came over to Maria and told her that Jeremy wanted her and Maria to get together soon to discuss something important. They decided to set up a time on Monday morning at 10 am.

Monday morning came and up came Maria dressed in t-shirts and jeans up to Freda?s home. Her long black shiny hair hung straight and parted in the middle. Freda sat Maria in the living room and went and got them coffee. When a few minutes of small talk had lapsed Freda got to the point. ? Maria, Jeremy wants to see your hair in a short style before he proposes to you. He wants me to cut it. ? Maria spoke excitedly ? You mean he is ready to ask me to Marry him? I thought he liked my hair long though.? Couldn?t I just put on a wig for him?? Freda responded ? Jeremy wants to see you with your real hair cut short so he can see how you look in the future when you cut it. He won?t propose to you till you get your hair cut. It is sort of a ? Test of Love? to him.? ? I do love him and if cutting my hair short will get him to marry me then I guess it is worth the price. When can you cut it ?? said Maria as she looks at her long locks. ? Right Now, I?m all set up in the kitchen as Monday the salon is closed.

Freda led Maria into the kitchen and sat her in a chair and put a cape tightly around Maria?s neck. ? You?ll have to trust me on the style as I know what my brother likes.? said Freda as she pulled Maria?s thick mane out from under the cape and began brushing it. She then took out a spray bottle and wetted Maria?s shiny black hair down. Then she took clips and put it up into several sections. She took the bottom section and after combing it out she took the scissors and snip, snip, snip, they went cutting easily through the wet hair at the base of Maria?s neck. She took the section of severed hair and laid it on the counter. She then went to the next section. Snip, snip went the scissors removing 16 inch pieces of Maria?s hair. She continued cutting Maria?s formerly long hair that had been to mid back to mid ear. A nice pile of hair accumulated on the counter. She then took out a straight razor and began cutting layers along the sides of the hairstyle. Then she went in front of Maria and gave her light bangs and layers on the sides of her face. She then told Maria to tilt her head down. She pulled the cape down exposing Maria?s neck. She then took warm soft shaving cream and spread it over Maria?s neck. She then took the straight razor and shaved the neck smooth. The floor area was covered in short black pieces of Maria?s hair. Freda then blow dried and brushed out Maria?s hair and handed her a mirror. ? Holy Monday! Wait till Jeremy sees me tonight? exclaimed Maria as she felt and touched her hair for the first time. She felt her shaved neck line over and over. ? Well, Maria, if that doesn?t make my brother propose I don?t? know what will. You look fantastic like I thought you would.? said Freda as Maria left.

Freda gathered up the long hair and put them in a ponytail to give to Jeremy later. A month later after more intimate dating Jeremy did propose. Maria had passed ? The test of Love?.

The End..

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