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Nina sat watching Erica give a young boy, about twelve, a crewcut.

Her mind still back to that day she got her hair cut, by Erica, the way she wanted. Her dad, her mom, nor her brother was with her. But, her mind was still speaking the words her brother told her as she walked out the house that morning, "why not shave your head".

It was still there as she walked to Erica’s chair. Erica was smiling as if she knew something was up.

As she sat in the chair Erica looked at her, "So, what will it be today"?

Nina looked at her, her heart slowly climbing into her throat. They looked at each other …..

"Did my parents talk with you", she asked Erica, "I mean about me ….. "!

Erica pulled the cape around her neck, "You mean about you deciding what you want …..

"Yes, you mom said it was all up to you from now on ….. So, what are we going to do"?

Nina became relaxed as a smile came to her face.

"Well, I was thinking about a Crewcut", she said as she turned her head side to side looking in the large mirror over the waiting chairs. "But, I think ….. (her heart now in her throat)

"I think I might want to try a High-N-Tight ….."!

Erica patted her on the right shoulder, then stepped behind the chair, "ONE HIGH-N-TIGHT coming up".

Nina took a deep breath and let it out slowly. Her body started becoming nervous, her breathing quick and shallow.

Before she could think twice, she felt Erica’s left hand on the top of her head, "Tilt downward a little for me".

Nina tilted her head downward, then she felt the coolness of the metal attachment touch her back below her hair line. She did hear the clippers come to life, nor the soft humming it was making.

Her eyes caught site of strands of hair, just about three inches long, tumble, slid, roll, down the cape as they came to rest in her lap. She felt the clippers climb higher than they had ever done before. She felt coolness touch where the clippers had moved over.

She felt the clippers climb up the back of her head four more times. Then, her head was lifted so she was looking at herself in the mirror. Erica was standing on the right side of the chair …..

"Too, late to change your mind", she told Nina as she begin moving the clippers up the side of her head in front of her head. Just as she saw the strands of hair fall down into her lap, she watched more strands fall, not touching the cape, into her lap.

When the clippers reached the top of her head, Erica begin moving the clippers back over her ear. Two quick passes and she was walking around to the left side of the chair where she did the same thing.

Nina watched as Erica stood behind the chair, slowly moving the buzzing clippers over the top of her head, then placing it in the center of her head, "How about a nice short Crew Cut with high sides and back"!

Before, she could ask what that was, Erica moved the clippers back over her head. Four more quick movements and her hair on her head was a quarter of an inch long. Nine looked at herself and smiled.

As Erica removed the quarter inch attachment Nina wondered what she meant by ‘Crew Cut with high sides and back’!

"Isn’t that a High-N-Tight", she thought to herself. Just as she wanted to ask she saw Erica turn with the clippers still humming away, there was no attachment on it. Just it’s cutting head.

Erica stood behind the chair, tilted Nina’s head a little downward and to the left then begin buzzing up her neck behind her right ear. Nina eyes caught clippings of hair slowly tumble down into her lap. She felt more coolness as Erica buzzed her neck from the right to the left.

Then, Erica made two quick buzzes above her left ear, the last buzzing was in front of her left ear. She looked at herself in the mirror. "Had it not been for her dark hair", Nina thought to herself, "she would looked as if she had no hair there".

Before she could reflect to what was happening Erica was buzzing the right side of her head in the same matter. Soon she was looking at herself …..

The hair on the top of her head was a quarter of an inch long but the sides and back were buzzed almost to nothing ….. almost shaved. Erica took her comb and scissors and begin blending the top and sides and back together. After a few minutes she was undoing the cape and letting it fall across Nina’s arms.

Nina knew what was next ….. she watched as Erica lather her hair line, then shave that thin line along the edge. Going for in front of the right ear to in front of the left ear.

She remembers walking into her house ….. Her brother, Stan, was the first to see her.

"Wow, sis", was his first words. "So, you didn’t take my up on what I told you"!

She just looked at him ….. then gave him a wicket smile and walked toward the kitchen.

There her mom was fixing lunch. Before she could say anything her mom turned around. They stood looking at each other. Nina begin to get a strange feeling ….. a feeling that was telling her she should have not gotten her hair cut so short.

Her mom walked towards her, placing an empty plate on the table as she did. She stood in front of her daughter and looked her hair cut over. She looked at both sides, "I think it looks good".

Nina turned around so show her the back, as she brushed her finger tips up it.

"Erica calls it a Crew Cut with high back and sides", she told her mom as she turned to face her. "But, I think it’s a High-N-tight".

Her mom smiled, "No, a High-N-Tight is flat on top, not rounded over the top of the head, like yours is.

"Still looks good. SO, what to you think"!

"I think it looks good on her, too", came her dad’s voice from behind her. "Stan was betting you would come home with your head shaved".

"NINA", came a soft voice she knew. "Nina, your turn".

Nina blinked her eyes and shook her head, "Sorry, my mind was wondering".

She followed Erica to the chair and sat in it.

"So, what was it that had you thinking like that", Erica asked as she caped Nina.

"Just a few times I remember being here when you did some really great hair cut", she told Erica.

"So, what’s it going to be this summer", Erica asked as she pumped the chair up a little. "And, what had your thoughts", Erica asked as she stopped pumping the chair.

"O’ …… nothing much", Nina replied as she thought about the hair cut she wanted. "Just the time you shaved my brother’s face ….. the day you gave me that Crew Cut with the high back and sides …..

"Did you know that Stan bet my dad that I would come home with my head shaved"!

"Really", Erica said as she oiled the clippers. "How much did he lose ….."

Erica walked to the right side of the chair, the big black clippers in hand as she fitted it with a quarter inch head. Nina eyes caught site of the clippers as they watch Erica change the head.

Then, her eyes moved up to met Erica’s. They looked at each other.

"So, what did you think of Stan getting his face shaved that day", Erica asked her as she watched Nina’s body react to the question. Her body begin to react by rising, her eyes reacted by widening. Erica sensed something ….. a reaction of adventure.

"Why do you think he bet your dad you would come home with your head shaved", Erica asked as she changed the head of the clippers from quarter of an inch to the .00000 head. Her eyes raised to see Nina’s eyes staring at the clippers and what she had done.

"Now, how do you think you would look with your head shaved", Erica asked as she clicked the clippers to life. Nina looked at her, she took one deep breath and let it out quickly, then turned her head so she was facing the large mirror over the waiting chair.

"I think I am going to find out today", she replied. Just as she finished saying that Erica placed the clippers in the middle of her head and begin buzzing her head.

Nina watched as Erica buzzed her head from front to back, up the sides and back. She buzzed her head not once but three times. Then, she turned the clippers off and hung it under the shelf.

She undid the cape, "We will not need this any more".

Removing a large white towel from the cabinet, Erica tucked into her collar and spread it over her shoulders. Then, she tuned on the facet and let the warm water flow. Another larger towel was tossed into the sink to get wet. Only to be wrapped around her buzzed head.

But, Nina watched as Erica removed another towel and place it next to the sink. There eyes met in the mirrors. Erica smiled …..

Nina sat as Erica wrapped the warm towel around her buzzed head. She watched as Erica filled her left hand with warm lather, then spread it over her head. It was allowed to sit while Erica wet the towel again, then wrapped around her lathered buzzed head.

Her head was lathered again …..

Erica choose a straight razor and stropped it over the leather strap as Nina watched her. Their eyes met ….. Erica raised the straight razor …..

"READY", she asked Nina, who just closed her eyes. Erica placed the sharp edge of the razor in the center of her head and shaved downward. Nina’s body reacted with a deep breath and a soft "aaaaa" sound.

Nina kept her eyes closed as Erica shaved her head. Slowly each stroke was taken removing what stubbles were left. Leaving behind soft wet smooth skin. Nina never opened her eyes, not even when her head was tilted downward as Erica shaved across the back of her head.

With her head shaved Nina watched as Erica wiped the excess lather from her head. Then, to her surprise she saw Erica toss the other towel into the sink of running water. When Erica turned around she reached for something behind the chair.

It was long and had a pillow like shape, which Erica fitted into the chair. She stepped to the right side of the chair and pushed on the handle with her right hand while her left hand pushed the back of the chair causing it to lower. Her body followed until she was in a laying position.

She heard the water being turned off, then saw the white towel hanging over her face. It was then lowered and her face was wrapped with it. It was wrapped so only her nose was visible. Then, she heard the winding of the shaving dispenser.

Erica removed the towel and begin lathering her face, like she had her brothers that day.

With her face lathered Nina just stared up at the ceiling of the barber shop. She saw Erica standing next to the chair, she was holding a straight razor. Nina watched as she stropped the open blade over the leather strap. She watched as she let the strap go and head it hit the chair.

Erica lowered the razor to her face, Nina closed her eyes again.

As if it was nothing unusual Erica shaved Nina’s face as she had the faces of many men and boys. She wondered what Nina was thinking ….. what she thought.

Nina moved her head when she felt Erica’s finger motioning it to. The left side, her neck, then the right side. Soon Erica was wiping the excess lather away. Another warm towel was wrapped around her face, then a dry towel to wipe it clean and dry.

Erica massaged a lotion in her face, then she dusted it with the same powder she did her head.

The back of the chair was raised, the head rest removed. The chair turned forward and was lowered to it’s fullest.

Nina felt her face with her fingers, then she stepped from the chair.

As she walked to the waiting chair where her purse was Erica told her, "Hope you found out how your brother enjoyed his facial shave"!

She picked up her purse, opened it and took out some money. She turned and walked towards Erica, who was sweeping around the chair.

"I think I would have like my head being shaved back then", she told Erica as she handed her the money. "This is your tip …..".

Erica smiled at her, "Yes, the hair cut and shavings were on me".

Nina walked out the shop for a few steps, then returned and opened the door.

"Just tell me", Erica told her, "just tell me".

Nina turned and walked away from the barber shop, as she thought to herself, "Yes, I will Erica. Yes, I will".

The End ….. Copyright (c) January 2005

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