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Mark had a few side jobs. One of the ones he liked the least was a repoman for one of the big furniture stores in town.

Repossessing of peoples furniture and appliances was not fun. This morning he was outside an apartment to pickup a TV set from a lady with the first name of Lynne. He knocked on the door and showed his identification plus the letter stating that the lady was five months behind in payments. He took a closer look at the young lady who looked to be in her middle 30?s. She was average height and slender and had an incredible mane of Irish red hair that hung down near her waist which looked liked it had been freshly shampooed and curled. He had brought his appliance dolly with him to take it back. Lynne pleaded with him ? Please don?t take my TV. I have money coming in soon and can make a payment. I?ll do anything to keep my credit good.? Mark took another look at the long Irish red hair that was hanging over Lynne?s shoulder. Mark spoke ? Now , if you really mean you?ll do anything I have a deal for you. I couldn?t help notice your long hair. Now, I have a friend that buys hair for wigs and hair extensions. He will buy your hair from me and I will the money over and it should cover so that you will only be one month behind. Now, I?ve got a hair cutting kit in my truck so I?m going to go get it. When I come back up it will be your red hair or the TV that I take back down to the truck.?

Lynne took a long look at her long red hair. She had had it for a long time and had never even thought about cutting it. Still she was in a desperate situation.

Mark back up and Lynne told him that he could cut her hair but please don?t make her bald. Mark promised he wouldn?t. He led her into the kitchen and sat her down in a chair. He had Lynne brush out her long thick soft red hair one last time before he cut it off. Mark sectioned Lynne?s hair into six sections or ponytails. He held the soft hair in his hands and it smelled like raspberry shampoo. He combed out each section and then grabbed his clippers. Buzzz, buzz, the clippers slowly ate through the thick base of the hair. He had measured the ponytails and each measure at least three feet give or take a few inches. He placed each tail as it was severed from it?s long time home on the counter. He buzzed through each of the six sections. He left Lynne with short but not ugly hair. He then took out his scissors and evened up the hair taking off the rough edges. He gave Lynne $10 to go to a nearby salon to get a bit more style after he left. He put the six ponytails into a brown bag.

?Now, I will take your hair to my friend who will give me money which I will give to my boss. You can call later today and it will show you?ve paid down but still a month behind.? said Mark as he grabbed his appliance dolly, clipper kit and the bag of Lynne?s locks and headed to the truck.

Mark went to his friend who was delighted with the hair Mark presented to him. He gave Mark enough money that he could make Lynn?s payments as promised and still have a bit of money left over for himself. He also told Mark that if he ever again came across a chance to get hair pieces like those to bring them to him and he would give him top dollar.

Mark made sure he kept his haircutting kit in the pickup when he went out. He never knew when he would again have to make a deal as the ? Repoman?.

The End.

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