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This is a true story.

I was sitting in my stylist chair waiting for my 2:00 pm to show up.

In came this lovely woman with hair half way down her back she came to my station and asked if she could get her hair cut. I said sure just sit down and we will get started.

I asked her what she wanted and she said I want a very short hair cut. I asked her how short she said she wanted it cut over her ears and short in the back 1 in long and 1 and half inch on top. I said are you sure she had so beautiful hair that I didn’t want to cut it that short.

So what I did was cut the top to the length she wanted and I asked her wanting to go all the way with it she said go for it. So I put her hair in a pony tail and started at the base and hack off this most beautiful pony tail I have seen in long time because most of my clients are retired blue haired women it was nice to see hair that looks that good for a change. It only took me only seconds too take off the pony tail the length was about 20 inch’s long.

I started cutting her back and sides to the length she wanted In the back I cut it to her shit Collier and I went to right side cut it over her ear and shaped it to her face and I did the same to the left side. I took out my small clippers to shave her neck and around her ears it was all over and she looked in the mirror and loved her new look and she made a appointment for next week for highlights. The end.

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