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Naomi was on her way to Someplace and stopped to visit her Uncle Tony and Aunt Lisa for a day and a night. She had arrived about 11am in the morning. Now Naomi was Uncle Tony’s favorite Niece. She was cute having just turned 21 years old and had small features. However, when she came in her Uncle Tony couldn’t take his eyes off of her jet black hair. Now Tony and others thought Naomi looked best with short hair and now her hair had grown to mid-back length. Tony came up and touched it and ran his fingers along the soft ponytail. Now after things settled down Tony went and talked in private with his wife Lisa. Lisa had noticed the same thing and agreed that something must be done with Naomi’s hair and ASAP.

Naomi’s hair was brought up during lunch conversation and she said that with her new baby that her finances were stretched thin. She had been wanting to get a haircut but couldn’t find the funds. Lisa went in the other room and called her stylist friend Julie. Lisa explained Naomi’s hair and the position she was in. Julie told her to bring Naomi down in an hour and she would take care of her. Now, Julie hated long hair. She really liked to make short work of long hair.

Lisa came back and took hold of Naomi’s thick soft ponytail. She told Naomi that she and Uncle Tony would pay for her new haircut and it would be done in an hour. She could leave her baby with the neighbor as it wouldn’t take long for Julie to style it. Lisa gave her husband a smile and a thumbs up.

They got to Julies Salon with plenty of time. Julie directed Naomi into her styling chair. She told Lisa that she had been right about Naomi having too much hair for her little features. That she had a lovely neck that shouldn’t be covered up. She caped up Naomi and pulled the ponytail out from under the cape. She then pulled the ponytail tighter against Naomi’s head. Now before Naomi could even begin to grasp what was happening Julie grabbed her clippers and placed them at the base of the tied off ponytail. Buzzzz, Buzzs went the clippers and in the blink of an eye Julie held up the severed twenty inch ponytail and tossed it to a smiling Uncle Tony. Lisa looked at a shocked Naomi and commented that she already looked better. Wasting no time Julie put a two inch guard on the clippers and pushed Naomi’s head down and went from the base of the neck upward over her head. A nice mass of hair was released by the hungry clippers and severed hair tumbled down over the cape and onto the floor. Julie then using clipper over comb shortened up and blended in the sides. She then shaved the base of Naomi’s skinny neck. Naomi could only sit and wonder as the long hair she had walked in with was 95% gone. The clock had barely turned half past when Julie announced while brushing Naomi off that she was finished. Naomi barely recognized the girl in the mirror with the short, short , hair. However, she new she didn’t have time to fuzz with a lot of hair with her new baby. The cut did bring out her facial features and her husband liked girls with short hair. She took her hands and couldn’t help but feeling her new haircut. It was one of the shortest she had ever had. Uncle Tony kept the long shiny ponytail as if it was from his own daughter. Naomi had a great time the rest of the visit and everyone oohed and ahhed over not only her new haircut but her new baby. She left the next day on the way to Someplace. She gave Uncle Tony and Aunt Lisa a big hug and Thank You for everything before she left. They were her favorites too.

The End

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