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It has been three weeks since my last haircut appointment and I am feeling the normal excitement as my appointment time approaches. It is almost a year ago since I first met my beautiful barber at a salon I went to on a recommendation from a coworker and I remember the first time like it was yesterday. As I approached the door I thought to myself ?Oh my God it?s a beauty salon what am I doing here?? Boy am I glad I went inside. I nervously entered and took a seat-shortly after she appeared and asked me if she could help me-What a question!!! In about ten different ways I could think of ? she was so HOT!! And everything he has said she was and more. I told her I had an appointment with Marianna and she said ? Well that?s me and you must be Tim?? I nodded and she said ?great well let?s get started then.? And she motioned for me to follow her towards the back of the salon to her station and to my surprise instead of a regular chair she had a barber chair-cool I thought at least I will be a little more comfortable in this female atmosphere. She told me to make myself comfortable and asked ? So what are we doing today??

The moment of truth was here-it was August and very hot and I had been tossing around the idea of a flattop for a while-now I had to make the commitment to it. I had let my hair get longer and it was reaching my collar now and was very shaggy-I definitely need to cut it shorter for my career but also I was ready for a change. I heard myself say ?well I think I would like to try a flattop-what do you think?? She then asked me if I had ever had one before to which I replied ?No?. She began to run her fingers threw my hair and looked at my reflection in the mirror with those beautiful baby blue eyes and she said ? I think you can carry this cut off but with your hair texture it will need to be very short to stand well-are you ready for very short and this type of haircut requires a lot of maintenance if you intend to keep it looking sharp-can you handle that?? Very short were the words running threw my head right then was I ready for that-I thought for a moment and then said ?What the hell go for it!? ?Alright then just sit back and relax.? She said. I sat back but I was no where near relaxed-I wasn?t sure if it was the anticipation of the haircut or her that made me feel nervous or a bit of both. She started by massaging my head, neck and finally my shoulders-this was nice I thought-never had anyone do that before a haircut before. ?Oh that feels good? I said and I could see her smile in the reflection in the mirror. All too soon she was done and ready to get down to business.

She put the cape on me and away she went. The next thing I knew she was guiding my head down to my chest and asking me to look down. I heard the clippers start up and knew there was no turning back now. I felt them on my neck and travel up the back of my head over and over again for what seemed an eternity and I could feel clumps of hair hit my shoulders and then my lap. Finally, she told me I could lift my head and from the front it looked the same but that was short lived as she went to the right side of my head and gently pushed my head to the side and off came my sideburn and everything above it and back over my ear then pushed my head the other way to do the left side-with both sides and the back bare it looked really funny with the top hair so long. The clippers went off for a second as she was changing attachments and then they were on again. This time she was right at my forehead and was pushing the clippers back across the top of my head-clumps of hair were falling everywhere and my head felt so light and cool. I thought to myself but must have said out loud ?I?m really going to like this? because she said ?I?m glad to hear it.? Then I said ? hey it really doesn?t seem that short? and she replied ? well hang on to that thought cause I?m not quite finished yet.? At this point I knew this was going to be the shortest haircut I ever had and yet I was really enjoying it. The clippers went off once again as she changed attachments and she was guiding my head forward once again-?Once more around and it should be just about right-all the bulk is off and now so I can just shape it up. Next she brushed all the cut hairs away and put some what I later found out was called ?butch wax? in her hands and rubbed it in the top of my head to make the hair stand up. She took the attachment off of the clippers and with a big comb started working her way back from the front my forehead to the back.

It seemed like forever as she kept going over and over the top of my head making sure every hair was cut perfect and finally she turned off the clippers. She looked over her work and picked up a comb and scissors and was at it again. ?Oh my God ?, I thought ?what else can she possibly cut?? but I sat still and watched her work which was easy to do-she has a great body and a beautiful face with silky blonde hair and large, round breasts that she always displays in revealing clothes. Finally she said, "I think that will do it-what do you think?? ?I like it? I said ?It will take some getting used to but I like it. Then she motioned me to the shampoo area and said ?Great then let?s get you shampooed and finished up.? The sensation of the water on my nearly bare head was incredible, but not compared to the view I got of her with my head back and her breasts right in my view. All too soon she was done and we were back at her chair. She toweled my hair off and put some more of the wax on the top and started brushing it up instructing me how to make it stand up and by this time my hair wasn?t the only thing standing up. Next she applied some shave cream around my neck line and over my ears that?s when things got scary-next thing I know she has a straight razor in her hand and she is asking me to sit very still and she begins to shave around my ears and across the back of my neckline-I had never had this done before so this was another new sensation for me. She wiped off the remaining cream and released the cape from around me. ?All done-that will be $45 and would you like to make an appointment for a touch up in about three weeks or so?? I paid her and tipped her well and I have been going back ever since. She is amazing and she also gives great face shaves which I experienced a few visits later and I often treat myself to and it is truly an exhilarating experience-I never have such a close shave as when she does it and NEVER has she ever even nicked me. When she shaves you she sits on a stool next to your face so of course she affords you a wonderful view of two of her many assets.

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