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We woke up that morning as we always did. I made the coffee and Gina made the eggs and bacon. It was a Saturday and neither of us had to go to work.

I was very exited that morning ,because I was planning a transformation for Gina that she could have never foreseen.

Gina had stick-strait, brown hair almost down to her (unbelievable perfect) butt and I planned to chop it short.

We had discussed the possibility of getting her long hair cut to a shorter length on occasion but the discussion always ended with “we’ll see” or maybe more accurately “yah sure when hell freezes over”

The thing that made this morning different was that I was sure that this thing was going to happen. I was going to make sure that this thing happened.

The first step in my plan was to drag Gina to the local mall where I new there was a little barbershop that catered mostly to lesbians (or so we all thought). The one thing I was pretty sure of, is that the chances of us going by there and seeing a Women getting her hair cut almost off was pretty great. As luck would have there she was, right in the front of the shop. This dark haired women getting a major buzz. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect model. She was going from mid-back one length hair to bangs with the back buzzed short. This was a really short cut this women was getting.

This brings me to my plan. I would drag Gina past this shop, suggest that she get her hair cut supper short like that and when she refused (like I new she would), the cut I was then going to recommend wouldn’t seem so unreasonable.

So as we watched the lesbo chick getting her hair chopped off. I said to Gina, “hey babe maybe you would look good with your hair cut like that”. Gina said in response “no way, that haircut would make me look like a boy”. I reassured her that with a body like hers no haircut could ever make her look like a boy. With that said we finished our tour of the mall and headed for home.

I new at this point I had planted the idea of getting her haircut in her head and that any length I suggested would seam better than what she had seen at “lesbo central”.

My whole plan was working perfectly.

When we retuned home. I suggested that she let me “trim” her hair. I half expected her to say “no fucking way”. Instead of that she said “I guess so, as long as you don’t cut it as short as that bimbo we saw today at the mall”.

I couldn’t believe it. My plan had worked like a dream.

At first I said “what bimbo are you talking about?”. Then after I let her explain, I said, “don’t worry honey won’t cut it that short”.

Next thing we get to the cutting. Bangs, bangs bangs, I love bangs.

I take a spray bottle and wet down her hair. After that I comb it all strait down. Then without warning, I take a very sharp pair of shears and snip her bangs short and wide just above her eyebrows. That put her into shock and she winced and jerked her head around to get a look at herself in the mirror. She was so freaked out that she couldn’t speak. Her only show of emotion was an unstoppable flow of tears. She didn’t say a word. She just watched as I finished her cut.

Next thing I made sure her stick-strait waist length hair was combed out perfectly. With that, I snipped her hair strait across her head at the middle of her left ear, continued all the way around the back, and finished at the middle of the right ear. All I had to do to finish the cut was to buzz the hair below the blunt cut to a soft half inch.

She looked outstanding. Very sexy. She just kept crying, and saying that she looked like a 9 year old.

After a couple of hours she finally was able to embrace her new look and we had the best sex we had had in months.

If I have my way she will always have bangs.

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