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Rick sat in his apartment managers office near the end of the month. In walked one of his renters. Her name was Rebecca and she was a Native American girl in her early twenties. She was average height and skinny. Her best asset was her long shiny black hair that when down reached past her waist. She told Rick she was a little short of rent money and was wondering if he knew anyway she could make some cash quickly as rent would be due in a few days.

Rick just happen to know Valerie of Hair Expectations Salon. Valerie was always looking for ? Hair Models? as she made makeover DVD?s on the side. He asked Rebecca if she would be interested in being a ? Hair Model?? He was sure that with her natural assets ( Hair and Body) that Valerie would be glad to use her and pay her enough to make up the money she was short for rent. She shook her head yes and Rick made a phone call to Valerie. He explained Rebecca?s need for quick money to make the rent. Valerie asked Rick a few questions about Rebecca and Rick answered yes to questions of Rebecca?s ? Assets?. Valerie told Rick to have Rebecca stop by on Tuesday evening at 5:30pm and since the salon would be closed to ring the door bell. She must wash and condition her hair on Tuesday. That she must do whatever Valerie told her to do and not to question it otherwise the deal was void. Lastly, she was to bring a two piece bikini bathing suit of her choice. That she must understand that her hair would be cut. That she must come with her hair put up off her neck. Rick relayed the conditions of the deal to Rebecca and she said that she could meet them.

Tuesday evening came and at 5:30 pm Rebecca arrived with her thick black clean hair put up in a tight twist bun. In her purse was a two piece red bathing suit. The salon hours stated that it had closed at 5:00pm and the sign was out. She rang the door bell as she had been told to do. A moment later a lady with shoulder length red hair answered the door. She spoke ? Hi, you must be my new model Rebecca. I want you to follow me please.? Rebecca followed Valerie down a hall through a blue curtain that led into another room. Sitting in the middle was a red barbers chair and a mirror covered with cloth.

? Ok, Rebecca I assume you brought a bikini bathing suit. I want you to go into the changing room and put it on but leave your hair up. When you come out you will stand and do what I tell you. Understood.? Rebecca nodded yes and disappeared into the dressing room to change. When she came out the room was dark if except for a few bright lights that were on. Valerie spoke ? Ok, I want you to stand on the towel that I have placed on the floor. I want to take some before pictures of you. I want you to turn in a 360 degrees circle when I tell you. You have such a lovely brown skin and that red bathing suit really accents it.? Rebecca went to the towel and turned in a circle when Valerie told her. Then Valerie came up behind her and untied the bikini top and removed it. Rebecca?s hands quickly went to cover her bare breast. ? Now, now Rebecca. We all know that a little sexiness helps sell things. There is no one here but me and you and nobody you know will ever see the video trust me. I want you to take your hands away from your breast. Here drink this cup of brandy as it will help you settle down. ? Rebecca drank the brandy and then slowly turned around on the towel.

? Now, let me see your hair.? spoke Valerie as she reached up to the thick black bun on Rebecca?s head. She removed the pins and down, down, down cascaded Rebecca?s thick black Native American hair. ? My, my, you do have lovely long hair. I think I have seen you around town and always hoped that one day I would have you in my salon. What Indian tribe are your from? ? Navajo from northern Arizona ? Replied Rebecca. Valerie took a brush and brushed out and down the shiny thick mass of hair going down Rebecca?s back. She then had Rebecca turn around on the towel in a circle. Then she put into two quick braids and laid it down over Rebecca?s still exposed breast and told her to pose and then turn around. She then gave Rebecca back her bikini top which made Rebecca more comfortable. She then grabbed a white cape and put it tightly around Rebecca?s neck. Then she led Rebecca over to the barber?s chair and told her to sit down. She again brushed the long thick shiny black hair down the back of the chair. ? Are you going to cut much off?? asked a inquisitive Rebecca. ? I?m afraid so dear. You know the bigger the difference from start to finish the better the sell. I need to make sure you make enough money to make your rent. Don?t worry you will look fine.? Valerie sectioned off Rebecca?s thick hair right at the top of the ear. She then combed down the bottom part over and over. ? Ok, it is time to get down to business? and with that Rebecca heard the schnick, schnick , of scissors cutting her black hair at the base of her neck. Valerie removed the long pieces of black hair and laid them on the counter. ? You have a lovely neck Rebecca so I?m going to shave it nice and smooth.? spoke Valerie. Clippers came to life and the buzzing sound startled Rebecca. She had never felt clippers on her neck area before. Then Rebecca felt shaving cream being applied to her neck and soon the feeling of a straight razor removing the remaining stubble on her neck area. Then Valerie took the scissors up the the bottom of Rebecca?s ear and cut the bottom hair in an nice line left to right. The smaller chunks of hair fell down into Rebecca?s lap. Then the clipped part of hair that was on top of her head was let down. This time Valerie didn?t use scissors but again Rebecca heard the sound of clippers buzzing and eating into her thick mass of hair. Thick sections of her hair were removed and placed on the counter. What had once been a bit past her waist was now to the bottom of her ears. Valerie took a tape and as she measured the shorn locks they equaled near 28 inches. ? I think you will look great with bangs? said Valerie as she came around front she combed down Rebecca?s hair and removed the mass in front of her eyes so she had nice just above the eyebrow bangs. Valerie using scissors over comb fine tuned Rebecca?s new look. She brushed off Rebecca and removed the cape.

Finally, Valerie spoke; ? Ok, all done. Are you ready to see the ? New Rebecca?. Valerie then went over to the mirror and removed the cloth so Rebecca could see herself for the first time and spoke. ? Wow! I never thought I?d look good with short hair. I?ve never had it this short as she felt her newly shaved neckline. I think I want the top side parted instead of down the middle though.? Valerie took a brush and did as Rebecca wanted and for sure she did look nice. She led Rebecca to the door and then spoke again reaching out with an envelope. ? You have been a very good model. I think you will find the money in the envelope enough to help you make your rent. Should you know any other girls who might want to make some quick money send them my way. Tell Rick to give me a call when you pay the rent.? Rebecca took a quick look at the hundred dollar bills placed in the envelope and knew it was enough to cover the rent and a little more.?

Rebecca left and in the next few days paid the rent. Rick went over to see Valerie and in a private showing saw a topless Rebecca and gave money to Valerie for the long locks of shiny black hair that was now rubber banded and placed in a white box. He saw his lovely young Navajo renter get her hair cut short. Something he had been wishing for ever since she moved in. Everyone came out nicely in this deal. The End.

Hope you liked Story..Mr. Snips.

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