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Kay and Gia were friends who went to a strict boarding High School. The school Principal was a Mrs. Hass who was a stickler for the rules. One of the rules was that no hair was to show below the shoulders during school hours. Now Kay was 5 foot tall and had soft shiny black hair that was near the middle of her back in length. Her friend Gia was also five feet tall but hang long luscious thick red hair. She was a skinny girl but had nice size D breast. Kay had a secret wish to see Gia with short hair but all her attempts to convince Gia to cut her long locks had been for not. Kay decided it was time to make a desperate move.

One day as the Principal was walking down the hall Kay reached up and took the hair clip loose from Gia?s hair. It tumbled down in a thick shiny mass and before she could put it up there stood Mrs. Hass. She reminded Gia of the rule?s and warned that next time action would be taken. Gia scolded Kay but Kay told her not to worry about it as the Principal was probably bluffing. A week later Kay saw the Principal coming from around the corner. She quickly reached up and yanked the hairpins from Gia?s twist and the long red hair came tumbling down to her waist. Mrs. Hass came around the corner and there stood Gia with her crowning glory hanging around her waist.

? Come with me young lady! I?m going to take care of your hair problem!? Said Mrs. Hass as she dragged Gia down the hall to her office. She told Kay to follow behind. She took Gia into her office and sat her down on a chair and closed the door. She looked over Gia?s mass of hair and spoke. ? No wonder you have such a hard time keeping it up. It is so thick and long. Well, I?m going to fix that right now.? She took a trash can liner from her desk and cut a hole for Gia to put her head through and two for her arms. She lifts the mass of red hair up and dividing it at the ears made two long and thick ponytails. She reached into her drawer and came out with a pair of large cutting shears. ? Now, let?s make this hair easy to keep within school rules!?. She pulled tight on the top ponytail and placed the shears at the base. Scrunch, scrunch, snip, snip, went the shears as they cut through the thick red hair. It didn?t take long for the thick 19? ponytail to come lose. She then pushed Gia?s head forward and the lower 18? ponytail was removed with snip, snip, scrunch sound. She then grabbed smaller scissors and with a comb evened up Gia?s new haircut. It was now above the shoulders and layered a bit. ? Now, that wasn?t too painful. I?ll donate these long ponytails to locks of love. It will be easy for you to stay within the rules now.? A forceful Mrs. Hass said to a now crying Gia.

Gia finally spoke ? But Mrs. Hass I was within the rules. It was Kay who kept pulling my hair loose. Take a look at the hall security camera tape and you will see!? Well, Mrs. Hass went into a small room and looked at the security tape footage and found out that Gia was telling the truth. ? It seems that I rushed to judgment but don?t worry dear justice will be done. Gia walked out of the office and screamed at Kay ? See what you?ve done to me. She chopped off my long hair and now I look awful. I hate you!?

Mrs. Hass called Kay into her office and told her to sit in the same chair just vacated by Gia. Locks of red hair littered the floor. Kay was told to put on the trash liner cape and let down her shiny black hair. It tumbled down to the middle of her back. Mrs. Hass spoke ? It seems you caused and innocent person to be punished. Don?t argue with me I have it on the security camera tape. It is only fair that I punish you too for your action. Mrs. Hass divided Kay?s soft hair into two 15 inch ponytails and using the same large shears she proceed to slowly cut her way through the thick hair with the familiar snick,shnick, snip sound. First the top one and then the bottom ponytail were cut loose from their long homes. Then Mrs. Hass took a pair of clippers and put a two inch guard on them and turned them on. She told Kay to sit still and lean her head forward. She pushed them up the back of Kay?s? head and over the top to the front. She repeated the process and Kay sat helpless as four to five inch locks of black hair tumbled down to the floor joining the red locks of her friend Gia?s. Mrs. Hass ran the clippers over Kay?s head at different angles till she was satisfied with the look. Still in a strange way the shearing of her hair excited Kay in a way she hadn?t felt before. The clippers on the neck and the shaving of it with the clippers toward the end made it a pleasurable experience. Finally, Mrs. Hass spoke ? Ok, Kay I think Justice has been done for today.?

Kay went down the hall knowing that her friend Gia no longer had her long red hair. Kay had accomplished her wish but it had cost her too. It would be six months before Kay and Gia spoke to each other and both their parents had bad reactions to the new haircuts. Still rules are rules as Mrs. Hass often said.

Hope you liked Story..Mr. Snips

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