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Barbara had an opening in her department and had decided to give it to Lisa. She called Lisa in and told her ? I?ve decided to move you up in my department but you have to agree in writing to make a donation to my favorite charity in writing when I ask you to with no questions asked. Can you agree to do that?? Now Lisa didn?t have to think long. She had been with the department five years and really needed the extra money that came with the new position. She responded ? I don?t see any problem in donating to your favorite Charity.? Barbara put out a piece of paper and Lisa signed it. Now Barbara had been watching Lisa for a couple of years. Lisa was 45 years old and had waist length dark chocolate brown hair. She took care of it with trims and all but Barbara new it was time that Lisa made a change. Barbara had noticed that in the summer time the sun turned Lisa?s chocolate mane into a light golden brown color. Lisa was a good worker but Barbara really wanted to see her with a new hairstyle.

Months went by and Lisa was working out fine. July came and July 4th was just a few days away. Lisa?s hair had turned the light golden brown that Barbara wanted. It was early July 3rd when Barbara came up to Lisa and said; ? remember, when you agreed to make a donation to my favorite charity. Well, today?s the day. Lisa had worn her long soft brown hair down with curls on the ends. It cascaded down her back like a soft brown carpet. ?I?ll stop by in an hour and pick you up? a smiling Barbara said to Lisa.

Barbara came by and they both got in her car and went downtown. They came to a place called ? Cute Cuts Salon? ? Ok , let?s go in and I?ll tell you what is up.? Spoke Barbara. She followed Lisa in watching her long hair with curls dance along her waist. She led Lisa to a style chair and sat her down and spoke ? Lisa, my favorite charity is Locks of Love and as per our agreement your going to make a donation to it today. Now, since Independence Day is tomorrow I also figured that it was time you gained your Independence from your long hair. I mean at 45 years of age don?t you think the long hair look on you is getting old. This is Carmen and she is going to give you a new style.? Lisa sat there shocked as a cape was placed around her neck and the thick hair pulled up from under it. ? I never thought that the donation would be my silky hair?! I thought you meant money?! ? Well, you should have asked before you signed the line. Don?t worry you will look good.? Barbara said with a forcefulness in her voice.

Carmen a short lady in her early 50?s took command. Lisa?s top hair was light golden brown but the underneath hair was the same dark chocolate. She brushed out Lisa?s long soft tresses. I?m going to give you an inverted bob since you haven?t had short hair before. I think it will really look good on you. She then divided Lisa?s hair at ear level and pinned the massive mane up on top of her head with clips. She combed down the bottom section and then held a section of hair tight in her fingers. Lisa heard the snip, snip, snipping sound of scissors as they cut the hair at the neckline. The tension was released when the 17-inch section of hair came loose. Carmen held it up so Lisa could see and then set it aside. She then combed out another section and again pulling tight let the scissors remove the long brown hair with curls on the end. Lisa could only watch as her long hair was severed and placed on the counter. Then Lisa heard a sound that made her shiver. It was a click and buzz sound as Carmen placed a #3 guard and pushed them from Lisa?s neck up toward the ear line. Short pieces of brown hair tumbled down the cape and onto the floor. Carmen repeated the process from ear to ear. Carmen then reached up and released the top section of Carmen?s hair. She combed it down and then starting at the chin the sound of snip, snip, snip was heard as thick sections of Lisa?s golden brown hair were cut loose. She worked herself around the back of Lisa?s head and once as she held up the 18-inch lock of hair she said to Carmen ? This hair will certainly make a nice donation to your Charity won?t it?? Lisa just sat there in stunned silence. She had never had hair shorter than breast length but now she could feel the air on her neck. She could only wonder how she looked as there was no mirror for her to at herself in. Carmen continued with scissors over comb and scissor over fingers as she worked her magic on Lisa?s head. Lisa saw more shorter lengths of hair tumble down the cape onto the floor. She wetted down Lisa?s short hair and did the finishing touches. She then took a blow dryer and finished up the look by shaving Lisa?s neck smooth and clean. Carmen spoke ? Well; you made a nice donation. I think you look fantastic. You?re free from under all that hair. Go see for yourself.? She removed the cape and pointed Lisa to the mirror.

?Wow, what a change!? Said Lisa as she moved her head back and forth and feeling her new exposed neckline.. ? It will take a few days for you to get use to but you have the July 4th Holiday to adjust to it. I think you look a lot more professional than you did an hour ago.? Said a smiling Barbara. Barbara opened her car and then told Lisa she had forgotten to give Carmen a tip. When she got inside Carmen gave Barbara a shirt gift box that inside held the soft long chocolate tresses that just a bit ago were hanging down from Lisa?s head. Lisa had unknowingly donated her 18-inch hair with curls on it to Barbara?s Private collection. Barbara gave Carmen her usual big tip for doing her ? Special Customers?. Barbara took the box out to her car without saying a word.

When they got back to the office and Lisa was back situated in her cubicle numerous ladies came up and said; ? I see you?ve made your donation to Barbara?s Favorite Charity. You look nice with your new haircut.? It was then that she really felt a member of the department. When she was leaving the building many of them came up to wish her a ? Happy Independence Day? . She reached up and felt her new hairstyle and felt Independent in more than one way.

The End.

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