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Brian liked watching, and getting perms, and female head shaving. He never made his hair fetish a secret to Stacy; in fact she was a willing participant. On many occasions she wrapped his hair in perm rods, and gave him tight curly perms every two months. She didn’t want to get perms very often and was opposed to the idea of shaving her head. When she did decide to get a perm it was very loose. She did use hot rollers on her hair every morning, which was some consolation. Sometimes they made love while he was in perm rods and she was on hot rollers. They fantasized about giving each other perms on the mini red perm rods available and shaving each other’s heads afterwards while making love. The longer they were together, the more she resented his hair fetish and started to believe he thought only about his hair fetish when they were making love. This was not true; Stacy was a beautiful woman, and excited Brian very much. She began to put restrictions on when they made love, and didn’t want to participate or hear about it during lovemaking. Their work schedules conflicted so it wasn’t often that they had a chance to make love anymore.

She started to act different and Brian became suspicious, he checked her cell phone one day and she had received a voicemail, Brian was curious and listed to it. He found out she was having an affair and decided to get revenge. He waited until the next night when she got home from work and when she sat down for dinner, he overpowered her and tied her to the chair. He explained to her that he knew what she was having an affair, and that he was going to punish her for it. She was afraid and asked, ”What are you going to do to me?” Brian told her that he was going to make his fantasy come true. She knew exactly what he meant. He pulled up a tray of mini red perm rods, an extra firm perm kit, wrapping papers, a rat-tail comb, a pick, and an electric clipper, with attachments. He put the two-inch attachment onto the clippers and saw the fear in her eyes. Her hair was past shoulder length. She begged him not to do it but he started running the clippers over her head, making pass after pass until all her hair was two inches long. She started crying because she realized she was wrong and deserved this; she knew she wouldn’t leave this chair without an afro-tight perm, or a baldhead. Brian started deftly wrapping her hair in the perm rods as close as possible together, so he could get as many perm rods in her hair as he could. He started with neat row right down the center of her head from her forehead to the nape of her neck, and then he continued until her whole head was wrapped tightly in 160 perm rods. He prepared the perm solution and applied it to all the rods. While he was waiting for the perm to take, he pulled his rock hard penis out and forced it into her mouth and made her suck his cock. He ran his hands over her mini red perm rod filled head and forced himself in as deep as possible, until his orgasm exploded into her mouth. He checked a perm rod to see if it had taken yet, and it had, so he dragged her chair over to the sink and rinsed off the perm solution for ten minutes. He applied the neutralizer and waited until it was ready, and rinsed her hair again. He then started taking all the rods out of her hair, which was difficult since there were so many of them and the hair was so tightly curled around them. Finally he removed all of them and started to use the pick on her hair to separate all the tight curls. When he was finished she had an afro-tight perm, clinging tightly to her head. She still had rod marks from where all the perm rods were. I showed her how tight her new perm was in the mirror, she was shocked, her hair had never been that short and definitely not that curly.

Then he told her they would now go out to her favorite bar, where they knew everyone, to show off her new hairdo, she complained that she didn’t want to go out in public like this, but she knew it was useless. He drove there in the convertible with the top down, and when they arrived he walked in behind her. All their friends just stopped and stared. They almost didn’t recognize her until I walked in behind her, then they all started laughing. She looked funny with her light brown hair in a little old ladies style, and I found out she wasn’t liked very much there. It seems she had flirted with many of the women’s husbands. I told them that I had an electric clipper, shaving cream and mach 3 razors out in the car and that we could publicly shave her head as punishment, they all agreed. I sent one of them out for the supplies and then we all surrounded her, and told her that we were going to shave her head smooth for flirting with all the women’s husbands at the bar, she started to cry again, but once again knew that she deserved it and really had no choice in the matter. We took her up on the stage and sat her in a chair and took turns, running the clipper with no guard on it over her head in until there was only the faintest hint of stubble left on her head, then we lathered up her head with shaving cream and started shaving her head smooth, lathering and re-shaving until we were certain her head was completely smooth. Then I pulled a bottle of permanent hair removal cream out of my pocket, showed her what it was and applied it to her freshly shaven scalp while she screamed and told her it would hurt while it was burning out her hair follicles. The directions said to leave it on for 5 minutes, but we left it on for 10 minutes just to be sure. We wiped the cream and her burnt hair follicles off her head, revealing a smooth, shiny bald scalp that looked like it had never had hair on it.

Then I told her that we were going for a ride around town in the convertible, so everyone could see her permanently baldhead. People laughed at her as we slowly drove around our small town. She tried to cover her baldhead with her hands, so that people wouldn’t laugh anymore, but couldn’t cover it all. I told her that this is what she gets for cheating on me, and that she was now free to go, and I hoped she would enjoy being bald for life. She was completely humiliated.


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