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Prologue: This is actually a real story. My hair used to reach down to my mid-calves until just a few days ago. This is actually a post from my blog, but I got so into detail I figured I might as well have contributed it

My hair! It’s al… well, mostly, gone! omg it feels so weird and my head is like really light.

Okay. Let’s see. It was 2:00 and I was trimming like a half an inch off of it cuz I hadn’t trimmed it since like late April. Then my dog knocked over bunch of pans in my kitchen and accidentally, I ended up cutting off a piece of my hair. It resulted in this

No those aren’t my hair trimming scissors, they just happened to be in the pic lol. Those would be even more clumsy. And my hair looks darker than usual cuz cheap camera and scanner lol

The anger from that and the heat ended up making me say "okay, enough of this." Then I drove to the salon and ended up waiting like a hour (surprised I didn’t change my mind) and everyone who sat next to me while they were waiting to get their haircut was like "wow! what beautiful hair you have! Here for a trim?" and every time I was like "No, today is the day it all changes." They all basically said "good for you" or tried to convince me not to lol. So, finally, after what seemed to be forever, the stylist walked over to me and was like "wow… don’t worry, you can trust me with not taking off more than you ask for" and I said "No, don’t worry about it" and she led me to the chair. I sat down. I hadn’t been in a salon in soooooooo long and I was starting to feel kind of nervous. She told me to stand up so she could brush out my hair so I did and she started spraying the ends of my hair with a bottle of water. She asked me, "how much do you want taken off? 1-2 inches?" and I said "no, about 4 feet or so? If it’s not too much work?" She said "4 FEET OF THIS GORGEOUS HAIR?!?" really really loud and a few people turned around and looked at me. It was soooo embarrassing! I really wish she hadn’t done that. So I was like "yea… 4 feet… or something like that… up to my shoulders, okay?" She then tried to convince me not to and it almost worked but then I was like "no, come on Michelle, it’s way to hot outside and the a/c is still broken at home." So I just said that I was sure I wanted it done. Then came the moment of truth! She asked if I had any ponytail holders and I said yeah and I started putting my mid-calf length hair in a ponytail for the last time!!! Then when I was done, I sat down again. I really like couldn’t stand up. She asked me if I still wanted to go through with the cut and I swung my ponytail behind the chair (that’s why there’s random strands of blonde at the bottom of my ponytail, it slid across the hair that was cut before… now I realize it! DUH!) and I said "do it." I watched in the mirror as she slowly placed the scissors to the base of my ponytail. I was really starting to freak out and was about to change my mind. I was just waiting for her to ask me one last time before I changed my mind but instead of hearing her ask me, I heard a sound that made my heart skip a beat. It was a sound similar to the sound of when I trimmed my hair but it was so much louder and sounded so… rough? I don’t know. It’s hard to explain it. But I could have swore I could hear each strand being cut one-by-one because she was cutting through it so slowly. I couldn’t change my mind by then unless I wanted like really really dramatic layers lol. I didn’t think that such dramatic layers would work AT ALL with hair past my knees so I said nothing. I just kept listening to that sound. Over and over. I closed my eyes and covered my face with my hands. Then the sound finally ended. I kept my eyes closed though. I was so afraid to see the outcome. Then I felt something heavy land in my lap. I opened my eyes. IT WAS MY FICKIN PONYTAIL! Wow. That was really scary. But it was done. No more extremely-long hair for Michelle. Not for quite a while, at least.

Then she gave me a style book to look through and when I found the style I wanted she just like washed my hair and cut in the layers and took off a few more inches. My hair is really like poofy when there isn’t’ so much weight from the length keeping it down! It’s not like poofy like an afro, it’s poofy like lots of volume like in Pantene commercials! It’s perfect for this style! It’s exactly what I wanted!

I miss my long hair. And I feel terrible every time I look at my pony tail lying there on my bed for doing this to it. It’s almost like I think to myself that the hair is sad now and it was happy when it was long? It’s like I see my cut hair lying there and its talking to me saying "why’d you do this to me?! I was so happy!" haha I dunno. I’m a weirdo. I guess it was for the better though. Now I don’t have to put up with all the attention it got me (although it was good sometimes!) and no more "you’d be so much faster in track if you didn’t have so much extra weight!" I think I did the right thing. Kind of.

Now my hair is an inch or 2 above my shoulders with a whooooooole bunch of layers!

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